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Someone is trying really fucking hard to suppress link price right now

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>things stinky linkies tell themselves

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fuck off

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nice copium

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it's complete with them spamming this board with FUD posts, calling LINK marines names and trying to guilt-trip marines into selling.

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yes, there's a lot of institutional holders with tens of thousands of link tokens that join sergey on their scheduled dumps. They are supressing the regular market forces that would send the price to $3.

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3 years

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Are you making that conclusion off of sell order patterns or are you just saying it. Genuinely curious as a fellow marine
3 years faggot

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Until the exit scam.

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Entire market is kinda shit bro.

Everyone is scared shitless of king shitcoin.

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It's called people taking profit or cutting their loss on a small pump. It happens to every coin and everytime the community is sure the whales are after them particularly.
I've seen those complaints literally hundreds of times and it's cringe as fuck.

If whales wanted to suppress they could easily do it at 30 cents or even below, not 13$ lmao.

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>dopamine running low
>curtains closed
>vitamin d depleted
>feeling the depression coming on
>"w-we're going to be rich a-arent we??"
>breathe a sigh of relief
>other anons are reassuring you you're going to make it
>ten minutes pass
>the feeling has worn off
>time to make another thread
>"link price prediction thread"
>yeah that's nice... look at all those numbers
>put all the posted numbers and multiply them with your stack
>haha wow, thats a lot of money
>imagine what all you could do with that money
>maybe i'll finally have sex...
>sun peeks through the curtains
>you hear your parents waking up
>hehe, fucking wagies
>the depression comes back
>the dopamine rushes dont last as long as they used to
>time to make another thread
>"Someone is trying really fucking hard to suppress link price right now guys"

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>3 years! you had 3 years!!!!!
Daily reminder Band did in 3 months what link did in 3 years. You had 3 days to sell close to $20 faggots

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It's always the same
>there are many small orders, it's clearly manipulation and not an arbitrage bot I swear
>some guy on twitter said that a whale was accumulating

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Someone is trying really hard to help us make it.

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Good job falling for the chink scam loser.

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The funniest part is that the 3 years include the 2017 bull run where you could buy any coin and do x50 while link was dumping.
I made twice the % profit of link ico buyers in 13 days thanks to iota.

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these cheap prices wont last for long.. tick.. tock..

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Did the chinks finally researched how vrf works?

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Yeah like the last 3 months before shit came crashing down.

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it was $11.70 last night now it’s $12.30 what’s the problem? don’t tell me you didn’t buy that dip anon.

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notice these fags only speak in % and not actual dollars because in reality they made like $5k and then lost it all because they held through the dump

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Take your medication

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my bad

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I’m so excited to be rich from Link. Imagine how great it will be to have millions in the bank when the only place you can go out to spend your riches will be Walmart since half the country is now out of work and business everywhere are closing. And even that dream of buying a comfy ranch innawoods to play video games all day is now a pipe dream since the antifa nkggers are burning down all of rural America

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Time for your meds

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It's forming a cup and handle on the weekly and still looks bullish on the yearly

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It''s funny because I gave real numbers based on reality and you only have suppositions about me.
I made enough to quit my job early 2018 and still have enough for several years, calculate yourself how much 7 years of swiss wage are.

Still, I have more respect for someone turning 100$ into 500$ quick than a boomer making 30k a year because of his millions following an index.

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2 days

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nazarov mafia got too cokie got visited by big boys

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With what liquidity? How many sellers are there? Wouldn't that be true for every coin and every stock, then?

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>Band did in 3 months what link did in 3 years
The roulette table does it every night.

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Volume is dead. Nobody has to suppress shit. There's no interest & it'll slowly bleed until some worthwhile news hits or some corporate entity begins to accumulate again a la BSN.

Your problem is you're checking the price every 5 minutes. Try this exercise: Don't check the price of LINK more than once every 3 months. I bet your mental state will be far better.

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Yeah I was calling bullshit on the manipulation. But if you look at the charts now its fucking horsecrap.

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You’re a goober, any time antifa steps foot in small hick towns they’re met by every Corn fed farm strong good ol boy in the town with a shot gun. See BLM protests in Bethel Ohio. They know to keep their chimp outs in democratic city slums.

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Please don't post if you have no fucking clue what you're talking about

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>meme lines
>$.50 change
double digit IQ, Never selling

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These Chainlink cult idiots are the most emotionally invested people i have ever seen and emotionally attached to this piece of a shit token.. it was a pump and dump deal with it.

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Ah yes, the old right angle ruler formation.

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>n..noooooooo its the 4th industrial revolution I watched 42 schizo youtube videos about fractals and Nazarov sounds like nazareth how could this happen to me normies don't even know about Link im special noooooooooooooooo

linkmuhreens dug their own grave by attention whoring and 4chan posting on normie media to seem special.

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Friend, it may be the case that it's not someone who suppresses your coin of choice, but rather the demand for it isn't as big as it was before. Did you honestly keep your bags the whole time we created the meme pump? Fucking lol

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