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This coin has a fully diluted market cap of almost $2,000,000,000

They must have a great team right? Let’s take a look at some of their most prominent employees.

Let’s start off with Nevin. He has founded three companies. What these companies are is yet to be determined. No record of previous employment of education. But hey, at least it’s something.

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>niggas name is Nevin
get out while you can

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Next up is John. John is one of the top businessmen in the entire crypto sector.

But instead of working on Wall Street he prefers to stay close to home where he opened one of the most successful convenience stores in his entire county, Big Moose Deli and Country store.

Check out more here: http://bigmoosegifts.com/

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Erika doesn’t have much in the way of technical knowledge but what she lacks in blockchain expertise she more than makes up for in softball skills.

Also she has worked for Nevins failed diploma, Er, I mean “academy”

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Now this is good FUD.

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I’m impressed by the quality of FUD. These are actual legit reasons to be skeptical, it makes me feel better about selling my bags last month

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Last but not least we have head of finances, Cathleen Killagen. Yet another former executive from Nevin’s illustrious paradigm academy.

She doesn’t have any formal education but don’t worry because your money is safe in her hands. Kathleen will be taking an extended vacation soon for her gender confirmation surgery.

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>ID says Jew

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Kek at the mobile website

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okay but seriously try to tell me that something like btc wouldn't have been more successful if it had a convenience store owner and a softball star behind it

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Does anyone know why Reserve's two goy founders left, leaving only Freeman?

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thanks anon this project is full of loosers.

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John is also taking the lead for the mobile application development. Let’s take a look at his recent projects.

Here is the website he designed all by himself for his “big moose” country store. As we can see he seems to almost have the basics of HTML down.

Just a few more years and maybe he will even learn CSS too!

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Fuck you for not believing Nigerians will be accepting rsv for their black market gasoline sold in plastic jugs

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Not just any convenience store owner.

He owns the highest rated convenience store in all of Rensselaer county.

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can't believe i was so naive and bought a bag. never would i trust this team my money. just saw coinbase invested into it and ran with it.

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>Literally worse than the WordPress site I built in 4 hours out of boredom

This is horrifying, how do I profit off of this?

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shill and sell

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Charlie is the head of business development. He has a long history in crypto and his biggest achievement is mining bitcoin one time in his basement.

Also he is a prominent journalist, one time the economist magazine even published one of his opinion pieces!


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Nobody understands the intricacies of international fruit logistics better than Charlie

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anon stop i still got some bags into that project

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Fucking kek

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Taylor is helping design the reserve protocol. Unfortunate no economists would risk their reputation on this coin so the team has to find alternative solutions.

But don’t worry because Taylor is great chemist who developed the secret recipe for the “impossible burger”

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look like fronts

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Credit Sesame.
T.former engineer who worked at Credit Karma before the Intuit acquisition. AMA.

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Pickle.finance BTFO RSR

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yeah, OP is doing some good work, I gotta say. I don't even hold this shit but I'm tired of seeing the fucking logo every day being shilled by poojeets and then quietness when it dumps.

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Sad to say I bought $400 worth of that shitcoin and hold 20,000 of it. I consider that money lost at this point.

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Wow, this is what everyone in /biz/ is always saying to invest in?

And meanwhile, they call NKN a 'chink scam' when its made by brilliant talented Chinese geniuses?

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I think the thing to remember here is that scams and bullshit projects always pump the hardest. Rsr is without a doubt a shit project with a very incompetent team but that doesn't mean it won't pump x100

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i dumb all rsr for sta at this point fuck that shit, sta is going 2x at least in a few

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their search field is pointing at localhost
try this out - it doesn't fucking work and never was.
>Copyright © 2013
it's been 7 years, which is more than enough to become a senior webshit developer.

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Aren't a lot of the team members not working there anymore?

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and what have you accomplished, anon? have you 10x'ed my money? managed to get random faggots like yourself doing amateur detective work on your employees? nothing new here

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>263▶>>22472294 >>22472318 >>22472487 >>22472694 >>22472855 >>22473098
best page, pic related.

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Many of them look white, is it a European project?

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it's just an obvious fact that crypto scene is full of literally whos
>programmer wonderkid who made ethereum
>fat PhD who made link
>literally who who made btc
and now
>entrepreneur who has co-founded three companies
that's really poor choice of words though. Co-founding three unnamed companies is not a fucking achievement by itself, and only raises a question is there actually any achievement he could put in his bio at all?

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Why did Peter Thiel and a bunch of other big names invest in RSR if it's a scam? Unless they've disavowed their support/sold their holdings?

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Is Josh a huge clueless nigger retard?

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reserve has to be the most reddit midwit project out there
it has this clean looking californian team that gives pro vibes and the project has good branding anda good concept on the surface but the more you dig the more you find red flags and realize how it's never gonna go anywhere

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Best thread of the day

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Yeah reddit talks about it a lot, take a search on r/cryptocurrency and you would think that its nano 2.0

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That’s too good

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I used to pass Big Moose Deli every weekend when I would drive with my girlfriend to her vacation house in Vermont. It's a local icon

If anything, this makes me more bullish on RSR

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>onions team
>"w-we are helping poor countries!.."
>"...w-with mobile app!!!"
>deadlines are already fucked BY A YEAR because they've spent 90% of time on their zen garden
>"we gonna use chainlink"
this is literally r*ddit except it's very quiet on r*ddit
NANO has a bit more talk than few threads with 10-15 comments

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After reading this thread I will be selling all of my RSR.

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Also, what the fuck are they doing right now?
They launched and app in Venezuela but what it actually does? RSV is 0.9 USDT on gate.io, and $1.05 worth of WETH on Uniswap.
Smartcontract tnxs are so fucking rare and yet are fucking retarded:
>$300 worth of working stablecoins
>h-here's your 298 RSV, $0.9 a piece sir...
>fucking 10 USD gas fee
>n-now you can d-do the arbitraging, r-right?
what do they solve here???

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Lmao I feel the same way but I am gonna hodl. Humans are irrational. You’re experiencing a rational thought but rationality doesn’t work in the real world and most of the time the opposite of rational happens. It literally means RSR will moon hard and keep mooning hard.

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>be Venezuelan
>every USD counts since it costs you literally a week worth of food
>"uh oh we akchually used our Smart Contract and did a fucky wacky - you're missing 2 dollars now but don't worry - it's bullish for crypto!"
>then it casually says you lost another 10 USD in gas fees
sure poor countries would use it en masse lmao

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if any of this is news to you, you didn't do your dd. you're an idiot.

>> No.22473949

imagine telling spics that cup of coffee costs 12 USD

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Adding to this.

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Hey, stop the fud

We’ve had three people buy RSV this week!

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>21 USD gas fee
arbitraging works as intended

>> No.22474078

>fucking 0.1 ETH gas fee for 20 USD of difference
jesus christ why would anyone try this lol

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All this FUD makes we want to buy more desu.
I wouldn't expect super successful people to be working on a project like this. Warren Buffet wouldn't waste his time as he's already rich. Who were the Google founders before Google? Nobodys.

>> No.22474127

>comparing softball coach and trannies to founders of google

>> No.22474143

lol I didn't work with him -- I worked at Credit karma. But Credit Sesame is a joke. We laughed at them constantly because they're unironically a #metoo/rocket internet style company. just ripping off credit karma all day. I'm sure this dude sucks and given the size of them "director of product" doesn't mean shit. it's probably a level 3 product manager at google equivalent.

>> No.22474190

the funniest thing about this is that he tried to add some a11y (accessibility) in here with this label, but unfortunately missed the entire fucking point since an html `for` tag is associated with an `id`, such that if you haven't wrapped your `<input>` in a label, you could potentially click onto the label and it would focus on the associated `id` (in this case `s`). just basic fucking webdev 101, lmfao.

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Dude larry page and sergey brin were grad students at stanford. This guy founded big moose deli.

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For me it's the Fartless Beans.

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For me, it's the fartless bean soup.

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And there is a reason why it is so, surface level fundamental analysis will get you nowhere.

>> No.22474279


Jew id, no wonder the XRP kikes are trying to FUD this.

>> No.22474389

>several years of softball coaching
who gives a shit?

>> No.22474511

why would it? it's not being used yet

>> No.22474562

And what they do in Venezuela then?

>> No.22474645

arb is separate from app, keep fudding tho

>> No.22474736

>i have no idea what's the fuck app does
yeah exactly nigger

>> No.22474782

>reviews on play market are now hidden

>> No.22474788

Just buy u son of basterd

>> No.22474835

hmm. good FUD. knew a bunch, but not everything. should have done proper research, but got pulled in by Thiel.
not sure where to go from here, wanted to fill up 1mm, maybe gonna go with 200k instead.
anyone got needed positivity?

>> No.22474876

Just dumped my RSR for YFI.

Fartless bean soup. Wat. I thought Peter Thiel was attached to this?

>> No.22474896

He’s a virgin

>> No.22475020

why would you tell a lie people can check in 10 seconds?

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sold at 3 cents

>> No.22475275

just me being dumb and non-english, opening play market with cookies disabled shows reviews.
i blame google for this

>> No.22475401

goodbye rsr. You had good memes but it's about time you ended in the trashcan

>> No.22476005

All this fud makes me buy more.

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my sides desu

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best thread in a while im dying cheers frens

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What would you guys order from big moose deli? For me it’s the fartless beans.

>> No.22476205

LMAO. Stay poor. 250k stack sir

>> No.22476242

LOL. Peter Thiel and Sam Altman including Coinbase are still there.

>> No.22476305

Checked and kek'd. This thread is hilarious.

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>$10 gas fees @ .90 on the dollar
its 10x worse than what you imagine
ask yourself this basic question: if rsr is just a placeholder currently, then how is any of this working? how is the rsv peg being kept?
its such a shitshow

>> No.22476404

This is false, angel investors and VC investments are based of the team. The team is essential for startups. The idea needs to be good but without a team behind it the project will not go anywhere.
OP made a good post, protected some fools who might have invested, and gave baggers a way out without feeling bad about potentially missed gains. You should be more gratefull.

>> No.22476411

I just watched a video of karma credit. You must be a colossal wanker to of worked there.

>> No.22476600

>Total Supply 100,000,000,000 RSR

>> No.22476715

Poorfags cope. You had a year to accumulate.

>> No.22476761

so, this is considered white in america? cheers

>> No.22477000

It's not until mainnet

>> No.22477025

How does the Deli and fartless beans play into mainnet rollout?

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>> No.22477198


Truly the new bitbean

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Am I right fellow RSR rangers? \Comf/iest hold out there!
See you all at the $1 yacht party!
I will be dressing like the handsome man in the picture I have attached, see you there!

>> No.22477245

How is this shit even in the top 5000

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softball skills

>> No.22477383

>t. pajeet bagholder

>> No.22477405

Quality FUD. Keep it up. I am almost topped off to 1 million.

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See you at the deli party anon!

>> No.22477495

Nice fud OP
I can buy more at low price

>> No.22477665

800k rsr holder here. This thread was great. Because i know who is posting in this thread, it makes it even more hilarious. This person was on vacation when RSR dipped to .015 last week and they are desperately wanting to finish their 1mil stack. For any newfags in here questioning whether or not you should sell, just relax. This is called fud and its designed to make you sell in order for the person or group of people to buy in lower. I lost it with the fartless bean soup.

>> No.22477714

If 100k is a suicide stack and 1m is make it stack. How much will that suicide or make it stack be worth in future.

>> No.22477794

32,000 fartless bean soup bags and $4.7k worth of elite one on one softball coaching

>> No.22477812

$3 per token in the bullrun. Do that math anon

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>> No.22477912

Fartless bean soup is a fucking classic. RSR will forever be meme'd to death with it. Even when we're all on our yachts consuming Fartless bean soup inspired cocktails.

>> No.22477964

Brah I always look at the team. And trust me, outside of a few blue chip coins (Algo, Qnt, Xrp), the founding teams of most coins is dogshit.
Look at fucking AAVE. Shit tier UK univ grads. Or SXP. Literally Filipinos.

Fact is that elite tech people are not getting into Crypto anymore. I haven't seen any projects started by MIT or Stanford grads or people who worked at FAANG. It's 3rd world Pajeets or University of NSW tier grads

This is why I'm not bullish on crypto. The smart brains have a abandoned it

>> No.22477984

necesito más frijoles para mi sopa, señores

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Only $3? when will this bull run happen. What will trigger RSR run. Is it waiting for rsv to launch?

>> No.22478127


>> No.22478143

Jew id, and pnj means NPC in french

>> No.22478169

Why are you even still on the biz then? Fucking larp

>> No.22478194 [DELETED] 

Coinbase, Mainnet, RSV launch

>> No.22478215

Coinbase, Mainnet, RSV launch, Arbitrage

>> No.22478247

Is there any dates or quarters when we will see these happen? I'm guess some next year.

>> No.22478266

I am financially ruined

>> No.22478284

eh there's still money to be made by rug pulling retards and day trading shitcoins.

but it has no long term prospects

name me one coin - JUST ONE - that has elite credentials. Meanwhile every shitty "tech" company graduating from YC has Stanford/MIT/CMU grads

>> No.22478286

>Unless they've disavowed their support/sold their holdings?
Why do that? They knew the team from the start and they have enough money not to invest in quick pump and dump

>> No.22478304

Nice try to change photos from pajeeets to paid actors

>> No.22478307


>> No.22478345

this guy is the only funny RSR FUD poster
he gets the newfren-ese just right without being too heavy handed

>> No.22478355

nah, its just that idiots buying coin dont look at how many more coins are going to be added to circulation. when the coins get added, the price and market cap will go down. high diluted market cap is a big sign that its overpriced and will come down when they add the coins to circulation

>> No.22478389

Poorfag. Go and educated yourself and read the whitepaper. Most of those coins won't even be in circulation.

>> No.22478410


>> No.22478421

Ahahah my god thanks OP i won't spend a cent on RSR, I was fomoing into it for weeks.

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File: 15 KB, 300x184, good-shit-2-1-300x184.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.22478603

Who cares about credential you midwit? How much credential had Jeff Bezos? What about Zucc?

>> No.22478610

>not until mainnet
every other shitcoin in existence has actual working smartcontracts.
we cant do it "because"
ancient dinosaur dual-token model
"mainnet will happen 201...20...uh 21"

>> No.22478636

That's a very reddit humour

>> No.22478657

>"it doesnt matter that reserve world currency is run from a deli"

>> No.22478667

Jeff Bezos
> Graduated from Princeton
> VP of hedge fund with $50B AUM by age 30

You're legitimately retarded.

>> No.22478704

It's not only that
Retards don't realize how the world functions. Power works with power. The world's reserve currency isn't going to be handed over to a nobody. It will be handed to somebody from within the same power structure.

All the people harboring delusions of upending old financial structures are retarded and the /biz/ equivalent of antifa marxists.

>> No.22478756

So what assets are you invested into?

>> No.22478758

Thanks, just sold 100MM.

>> No.22478822

im a RSR whale but not this FUD made me sell 15% of my bags but the idea behind RSR, theyre literally trying to sell their coins to the 3rd worlders so they could use it against their inflated currency. very declamatory idea by some young startup developers.

thats why i sold my intial investment 2x and let the rest fly. if this succeedes it would definetly be worth 1$+ but they have alot to stuff to do.

>> No.22478906

When do you reckon would be a good time to pull out entirely? I'm thinking around 30-50 cents

>> No.22479431

im gonna sell small amount at 0,5$ more at 1$ maybe 3$... etc.... and gonna leave 100k if it moons to 56$ or some ridiculous numbers like that.

>> No.22479913

Why would you pull out entirely at .30 instead of keep 30% until $1?

>> No.22480159

Hahaha I’ve been to the Big Moose multiple times on the way to Vermont to ski. I didn’t realize I’d be buying his crypto currency in the near future. Life is strange.

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