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When will student loans be forgiving? This is insane

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probably because she is 38 years old and has been paying $150 a month

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I love how faggots defend this shit because they're so insecure about attacks on muh capitalism lmao

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>mfw zero interest on my student loan because I don't live in burger land

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Why are niggers going in to higher education to take race relation degrees?

Not everybody should be going to college specially if you don't have a brain to back it up, the world needs more Plummers and less gender experts.
I hope she fucking dies in debt and never owns god damn shit

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That's not why retard, its because we enjoy seeing normfags like you suffer

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I wish I got to live in a real first world country.

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We defend it because people who dont understand exponential growth deserve to get fucked on loans. Especially when they are taken out for useless degrees.

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wtf do people think it's a good idea to take out a loan for college? you are literally taking money so that you can get a job to then pay back that money. Just cut out the middle man and get a fucking job that doesn't require a degree

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>getting into student loans in the first place

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>blaming the anomalous "education system" and not "usury"

Reminder that student debt cucks are the same ones that demand diversity offices, assistants to assistants, counselors for classes, personal issues their pets, etc. They also raise the price of school by wanting "diversity" which means poor blacks that go to school for free and rich Chinese that pay triple their tuition with their stolen IP profits. For a comparable example, see: housing prices in California.

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>/biz/ hates j00 trickery until it’s used against people other than themselves

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This is a fake tweet.

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student loans have interest?
That's jewish, dude.

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>Fuck interest
People like this are the types who put 3% down on a 30 year mortgage and think they're 'throwing money away' paying interest,. but fail to understand they have 100% access to an asset while paying only 3% out of pocket.

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I live in the third world country and my tution for CS degree was negligible.
It’s not just first world country, just JewSA

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until your debt jubilee includes destroying the universities, I will laugh at student loan cucks

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>be me
>have $75,000 in student loans
>graduate this year
>have to start making payments starting in October
>COVID comes along
>0% interest and no payments until 2021
>have job making $70k/yr
>have been putting literally every single dollar into LINK while living with my parents
>going to file for bankruptcy next year and get my entire student loans cancelled
>tell them i lost all my "bitcoin money" to DeFi scams
>move to another country
>withdraw all my LINK money and live like a literal king

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So we're even shittier than a third world country?

Why is America such a shithole?

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this, I paid $2-$3k a month on mine and paid it off quickly

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except bankruptcy doesn't get rid of your student loans if your in the states.

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bullshit. the stupid should be protected, not preyed upon

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>Take out student loans
>Use as collateral to purchase SLABs

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>Be me
>Be 19 years old sheboon with no complex reasoning and with a highschool diploma thanks to afirmative action even tho I can't put 2+2 together
> Being a waitress should be the highlight of my existence but all the coo kids are going to cawlege
>Wanna go to cawlege too, to fuck it up and impose my whining about racism and zhit
>I ain't got no money tho
>Go talk to mister shekelsberg and he offers a loan and I sign it with out reading the fine print
> what do you mean my women studies degree ain't paying muh debt

So bad shanekua not only is stupid but financially ignorant too, you always pay the principle first and the debt pays it's self

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>going to file for bankruptcy next year and get my entire student loans cancelled

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because degrees can get you well paying jobs. although I agree you shouldn't take a loan out if your degree has no job opportunities

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Why are you on this board

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Our "leaders" are all a bunch of cunts who control the media to trick more cunts into voting for them causing a cycle of cuntery

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>he doesn't know bankruptcy doesn't erase student loan debt
Oh boy are you in for a surprise

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i've already looked into this a bunch, and it's what im doing.

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the only way you're getting out of student loans is death

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>mfw I paid just a little over 100 euros a year for college
>mfw I have free healthcare
>mfw I'm not at risk of getting shot by a pack of niggers every time I leave my house
God damn it feels good to be a europoor

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it doesn't work doofus - altho, few ppl trying to challenge it in court rn.
moving to another country would have the same effect as having your loans cancelled. Never look (or go) back, you good

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You think its that easy?

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>moving to another country would have the same effect as having your loans cancelled. Never look (or go) back, you good
i considered this, but wouldn't i have to move to a country with no extradition to the U.S.? this severely limits my options, and i'd rather not live in a third world country

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Tell me what country so I can make fun of it

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The real problem is the student loan scam was funded by the federal government giving out loans to everyone.

Now we have so many indentured servants who hate their country > Suddenly Communism becomes the salvation and the "way out".

Can insult people all you want about their poor decisions, but when the government is the one funding the scam that lead to people being filled with hopelessness and hatred running to Mommy Communism, this issue can't be treated lightly.

Hopelessness and despair cause the masses to cling to dangerous ideologies as salvation from their suffering.

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>>going to file for bankruptcy next year and get my entire student loans cancelled

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>yeah well, in your country you don't uhh....HAVE GUNS OR BIG TRUCKS! FUCK QUALITY OF LIFE, MAH GUNS!

reminder if Americans leave the shithole known as America they STILL have to pay income tax lmaooooo

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I don't even believe this shit is real lmao what is the interest on student loans like 0.5%

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extradition = criminal
skipping loans is a civil matter, unless obv. fraud. They can't extradite you for that shit, nor is it worth their time. The question would be, why bother studying at all if you're planning on living in a bar in Thailand, or up a tree in India or someshit

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>Ms. DeOliveira-Longinetti, who co-signed on the loans

Lol don't just read the headline. Even the dumbest nigger should know what cosigning means.

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>Be dumb 18 year olds
>Told by literally every authority figure around them to go to college
>Poorly educated on ramification of loans/interest
>"You made the stupid choice, you deserve to get fucked"

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>fullride to t30
couldve gone to t25 for like 8k/yr, fuck student loans tho

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>tfw university pays me to attend.

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I mean, yes, you have to take responsibility for the choices you made, but there's no denying the system is predatory

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Normalfags getting fucked over doesn't justify usury, Uncle Adolf would be ashamed of you.

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i fell for the college meme and i'm desperately trying to find a way out of my debt.
i got into shitcoin trading back in 2017 as a fun hobby, but then it quickly turned into an obsession, and then turned into a legitimately viable way for me to change the rest of my entire life.

technically i have the money to pay off my entire loans right now and still have a lot left over, but i refuse to do that.

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>i, as a consenting adult, signed up for a loan while knowing the terms of said loan, including the interest rate.
>i am mad

the absolute state of millennial's lmao.

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What happened in the university system was not free market capitalism and that you're intellect has the ability to vote kind of shows why we're in this rut.

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Anywhere between 3 and 15% ive seen

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this is fucked but the government just picking up the tab isn't the answer either

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>insulting someone's intelligence
>the absolute state

>> No.22471211

everyone has the right to grumble you know

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>you're intellect

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Banks loaned money to a dumb teenager with no assets. Shouldn't they lose money?

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Sadly this is pretty common. You think it's a coincidence that high school structured to funnel B and up students into college and C and below students in college athletics?
Shop classes and other life skills classes are all removed because god forbid the varsity athlete learn about trades. And you're out of your mind if the rest are even taught how mortgages work.

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Why wouldn't everyone with student loans just do that then, retard? It doesn't work

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>muh 0% interest
>pays 50% fed tax
>pays 20% "healthcare" tax

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The government created this problem by giving out loans to everyone who applied for them based on a tiny % chance someone will ever make enough to pay it back.

At the least they should freeze interest, have us pay back the principle balance and call it even.

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agreed, but grumbling over an agreement you signed while being fully cognizant of the terms of the agreement, is the equivalent of either of us grumbling that we are browsing 4chan right now. we came here knowing full well knowing 80% of threads would be bait and pajeets. IE; it's a situation of our making, and student loan debt is a situation of the person who took out the loan's making.

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I took out loans at 3.4% interest and went to a highly rated public school.

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don't forget VAT on everything lol.

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genuinely don't understand how this is possible unless you're a fucking idiot who goes to an out-of-state private school for a meme degree with zero financial aid and zero scholarships
>community college is close to if not free, taking care of the first two years
>transfer to a state school
>getting good grades at community college lines you up for a ton of scholarships, both at the community college and at the university
>file a fucking FAFSA holy shit, they will more than likely give you money, especially if your parents refuse to pay and you take like a year to live independently
>on top of all that you might end up at a better school than if you had just gone straight out of high school, the classes are a fucking joke and a 4.0 is easily achievable, and on top of that, living at home saves expenses and may even allow you to work part time, making even more money

>> No.22471289

>live independently for a year
>most people under 40
>pick one lol

>> No.22471293

Stuck on grammar when the premise is correct, how do I know your parents both worked and didn't spend a lot of time with you. Likely asian.

>> No.22471299

"independently", game the system dingus

>> No.22471304

>genuinely don't understand how this is possible unless you're a fucking idiot who goes to an out-of-state private school
Except you spend most of highschool being told that this is the way and community college/state schools are for losers. By the teaching staff no less.

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You can have your loan forgiven, but I should be paid for the fact I didnt take on any debt

>> No.22471312

student loans are fucking criminal

I'll probably never pay mine back.

>> No.22471326

I actually don't disagree with you, I just couldn't resist.

>> No.22471332

That would be amazing. If they get $50k forgiven the rest of us should get $50k toward a mortgage.

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shes a nigger so im inclined to believe her financial situation is 100% her fault

>> No.22471364

Isnt there a freeze for student loan interest? There was for my college

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Pol pea brain

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>15% interest on a 6-figure loan

>> No.22471373

but let's be real, the "government" paying it back, means that people that do not have those degrees will be helping pay for them
you should choose a degree that will help you compete in the marketplace
it is wrong to have people that do not have that advantage help pay
what should ideally happen is that students at individual institutions should strike and demand lower tuition

>> No.22471386

This. I personally have no debt because I knew it was predatory from the beginning but with the amount of indoctrination that happens it's understandable why shit like this happens, although girl in OP is a twitter nigress so she more than likely had it coming regardless but not everyone that gets screwed deserves it.

>> No.22471398

Fell for an extortion racket scam and now she's seething. Fuck the boomers for encouraging so many millenials to walk into it though.

>> No.22471408

OP likely got into a good school on a diveristy scholarship to meet the jew-quota. Then partied and fucked her first semester and failed to keep her GPA up, not knowing they revoke that shit. Second semester she got knocked up and dropped out. ONly way you can really explain $50k being the loan amount.

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>Minimum wage double of Burgerland's
lmao indeed, fattie

>> No.22471429

lol ur a retarded fag

>> No.22471430

>the stupid should be protected, not preyed upon
No, the stupid should be culled. Being preyed upon is just a substitute for what must really be done.

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>you have to take responsibility for the choices you made
Socialism for the jew, capitalism for you

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And also if a nigger is going to college and isnt getting 75-100% of their tuition paid through affirmative action scholarships they are literally fucking retarded and must have had failing grades through highschool and will end up being an uber driver for life or something

>> No.22471459

Just like I thought, won’t say it. You’re talking shit from the bench and can’t even get subbed into the game

>> No.22471462

>$50k toward a mortgage.
the housing market is the only thing worse than education in the US

>> No.22471464

And it is wrong to brainwash vulnerable high school and junior high school students into believing this is the only path in life, then call them idiots and morons for doing it.

Banks should write off the interest and collect the principle.

Would you rather have our entire country overthrown by hate filled Communist mobs who got tricked into the debt trap and never had a chance.

Why is it so hard to understand that the amount of people who were tricked into this scam is so high that you can't just laugh at them and think there'll be no consequences over this.

How many generations of lost hopeless people right now are being brainwashed into accepting Communist (Socialist) propaganda? Literally being preyed upon.

This problem is so much bigger than people realize and goes beyond, "Mah tax dollars".

>> No.22471484

I paid for college by joining the military and partying in Germany for 3 years. Was in an office the entire time.

>> No.22471485

You're kidding right?

>> No.22471488


>Get taxed
>Actually get some government services back that take care of me

Hard to comprehend isnt it? Im a burger/ausfag duel citizen, you couldnt pay me to move back to the USA

>> No.22471497

oh it's fucked everywhere don't get me wrong, but I thought this thread was about the US

>> No.22471502

>be retard
>get scammed out of tens of thousands of dollars
>scammers tell you it's someone else's fault

>> No.22471507

let the (((lenders))) take the hit

>> No.22471531

I don’r understand why people keep pushing the “oh yoh shouldn’t have studied women’s/race studies” when those are unbelievably uncommon majors that like 3,000 people graduate from a year in the whole USA

>> No.22471579

If usury got removed the kikes would lose almost all of their power.

>> No.22471580

I'm actually American, not the anon you replied to with the 1st post. I just know you're going to try to change the subject to talk about how x country is worse because of a, b, c, rather than addressing the fact that America is ran by fucking morons and patriotism in America means coping your way out of acknowledging it.

>> No.22471601

Good points.
also checked

>> No.22471604

so me and other people like me who managed to get a higher education without falling for the propaganda and made responsible choices should be subjected to a leveled playing field?
sorry, no

>> No.22471620

Chances are you're still 100% better off.

>> No.22471621

Islam had the right idea by banning usury. Much of the 15th century world too

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>That you cannot declare bankruptcy on
Literal slavery

>> No.22471671

My point is, don’t talk shit if you’re not willing to reciprocate criticism. America has problems yeah and especially this year but there’s still people doing all kinds of VISA tricks and finagles to get over here. I know this from experience. So if you’re willing to criticize then stick your neck out too.

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Were your parents co-signers on your loans? This seems like absolute retard level strategy, you don't deserve a $70k/yr job if this is how you think.

>> No.22471714

Because more common and practical degrees have a better chance of paying off, especially at local state colleges. My BS was virtually free and my PhD paid me.

>> No.22471719

t. Jew

>> No.22471743

> going 50k in debt for a retard degree


>> No.22471745

You kikes will pay

>> No.22471775

okay hank hill, only inbred faggots go to CC and then state school, what are you a fucking boomer

>> No.22471794

>the absolute state of the average college student.
CC avoids having to pay $45k a semester for garbage required classes that have nothing to do with your focus of study.
Most degrees could easily be 2 or 3 years but universities pad them out with bullshit.

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Student loans have nothing to do with free-market capitalism, 92% of the student loans are loaned by the federal government.

>> No.22471827

I only criticize America because I want it to be better. I don't know why people blame students for getting brainwashed from ages 5-18 when it just means more debts and taxpayer problems later. Would you rather ever Laquisha has 75k of uncollected student debts (we'll be paying for that) or 10k of tuition covered? It's the same with throwing people into jail over pot. It's the same with blaming dumb fat people when they can't afford their 100k dialysis bill. Jews just shift the costs onto everyone else.

>> No.22471829

yeah, so? What do you think the fuck jannie threads are?

>> No.22471835

The one perk of being a Commiefornian is I'm at Berkeley, which is a fucking state school. You're a retard if you think there are no good state schools, enjoy your debt. Imagine paying tens of thousands of dollars for your mandatory diversity classes.

>> No.22471837

s t a y

p o o r

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god damn europeans and your functional government

>> No.22471850

>responds to intellectual post with some dumbass response that contains absolutely no merit or meaning

never change, biz

>> No.22471860

i went to MIT with no debt LOL

was poor growing up, got a fat scholarship, now rich. lick my asshole and have fun studying next to glue eating karen's with 3 kids hanging off her titties

>> No.22471869

Also Hitler.

>> No.22471871

must be nice

>> No.22471883

god damn europeans and their gigantic tax burdens for basic shit lmao. 'muh free healthcare' while paying 50% income tax and 70% Value Added Tax on everything lmao.

>> No.22471913

You're such a fucking idiot it is out of control

>> No.22471932

>for basic shit
like not getting declared bankrupt for breaking a toe? basic shit indeed
>oh say can yooo seeeee

>> No.22471945

i bet you're a mechanic or some shit

>> No.22471971

>I looked into it a bunch
>Does a 15 minute cursory google search
It was over before it started

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>yfw student loans can't be discharged in bankruptcy because greedy fucking law students in the 80s would file for it the second they graduated with six figure loans

>> No.22471978

>noooo you are not responsible you are just like a little baby at that age the real world should be nice to you like your middle school teachers


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>> No.22471994

You actually have a point here, the problem isn't just being told to go to college and take loans, people are also being told to buy houses at insane valuations on incredible leveraged loans. This hybrid socialism/capitalism mechanism is a complete monster and needs to be killed.


>> No.22472020

t. idiot who doesn't understand how interest works and is buttblasted beyond repair

>> No.22472033

I bet you went to MIT as the janitor.

>> No.22472037

it’s not the real world bro
it’s clown world

>> No.22472039

You really think thats the real reason?

>> No.22472058

It wouldn't have helped.

>> No.22472065

Im blessed to have had a rich grandfather who put 300 grand in a529 account for me my brothee and my sister. Thank you for watching over me granny n grandpa didnt habe to worry about jews fucking me over. Gonna do the same for my son.

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File: 501 KB, 2048x1536, fuckyou.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.22472112 [DELETED] 

did i do it right redditfags

>> No.22472130

>cockwaving on /biz/
>asking if it's correct
You need to be 18 and older to post here. Put your big brother's diploma back before he gets mad.

>> No.22472142

stay mad poorfag

>> No.22472152

Only reason I'm taking on loans is I know I'll be able to pay off the entirety when I get out. I feel kinda fucked at the same time because it's not really what I want to do with my life. But whats stopping everyone from just ruining their credit scores and not paying?

>> No.22472154

I paid off my student loans within a year of graduating
I only owed about 2,000 when I was finished school

>> No.22472178

>muh clownworld maymay
Back to plebit fgt

>> No.22472196

Don't be upset I called you on your LARP. Everyone was a newfag once.

>> No.22472216

This. There's an insane amount of pressure on kids take out massive loans and then everyone throws their hands up when it all goes tits up. You have to make the decision on your own accord or there's no point in going at all

>> No.22472219

this kek

>> No.22472245

it's not real capitalismmmmm

>> No.22472246

Correction: It was the 70s, and turned out to be pretty much fake news

>Beginning in the 1970s, journalists and legislators began raising concerns about the possibility that student debtors might abuse the bankruptcy system as a means of wriggling out from under their loan debt following graduation. Of particular concern to these critics was the notion that medical and law students graduating with significant debt might attempt to discharge it despite the earning potential that would allow them to pay it down with relative ease. No evidence of actual abuse was ever presented.

>> No.22472315

>posts timestamp with my id
okay pussy boy, sorry i was close to shattering the reality that your life sucks

>> No.22472326

I agree anon, I didn't go that route but I can see why everyone else did.

>> No.22472354

Had my parents pay for it. No sympathy for niggers trying to get out of their caste and educate. Bury them in debt.

>> No.22472372

>I paid $2-$3k a month on mine and paid it off quickly
most people can't pay 2-3k a month AND pay rent/food/expenses wtf

>> No.22472378

imagine being in the racial group that averages $500,000+ in gibs in a lifetime..
and can't pay down 48k in 10 years.

>> No.22472382

education should be free desu

>> No.22472389

>Your creditors may be there to challenge the request.
oh no no no no

>> No.22472397

>have job making $70k
>living with parents
>demonstrate that repayment would impose undue hardship on you and your dependents in an adversary proceeding in bankruptcy court. Your creditors may be present to challenge the request
I sincerely hope you experience the miracle that would be required to make this happen

>> No.22472415

>Banks should write off the interest and collect the principle.
That would be extremely antisemitic and will never happen. Capitalism, communism, it doesn't matter, the plebs will always get played until you address the real issue

>> No.22472421

Hey shlomo

>> No.22472444

pay up goy!

>> No.22472462

She went to college

She should figure it out

>> No.22472468

get fucked poorfag. Go sell some snacks on the street in Niggerstan.

>> No.22472484

it is.

>> No.22472515

You know what the funny part isb? Biden was responsible for the bankruptcy thing iirc. Funny how life works out

>> No.22472532

how about fuck you for accepting shitty terms

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>mfw zero student loan debt because I went to a public school for a degree that's actually useful

>> No.22472556

ya and that education gives them an advantage over people who don't have an education

it's the price of admission, you want to have an elevated position you pay the price, otherwise don't go to college and you won't have the debt to complain about.

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>> No.22472618

forreal tho college shouldnt exist. high school should be more of a way of trying a bunch of shit and seeing what you like, actually stepping into the real world seeing what people do in certain fields. college should be replaced with something like an accredited apprenticeship system, where you work with guilds related to your subject that have facilities set up in every major city. it should also be free but since you work with people its almost like unpaid internship or on the job training where the work you preform is making someone else money as your tuition basically.

>> No.22472665

These are the type of retards wondering why they signed private loans with 30% interest

>> No.22472717

Yes, and that is why tuition is so high. Government meddling, the antithesis of capitalism

>> No.22472839

if you make $60k you can, which you should at least be making with a degree

>> No.22472852

This, they also all want to buy things under value and dump them on others when they're overvalued. Quite the mental gymnastics.

>> No.22472864

>European schools are free but garbage with no recognition
>American schools are respected but far too expensive

Clearly the superior country is Australia where you have both high quality and good prices

>> No.22472885

yes, frankly it shouldn't even be possible for an 18 year old to sign off on that much money. student loans shouldn't carry interest anyway, profiteering jewbag

>> No.22472894
File: 487 KB, 660x1000, 2591BE0E-8040-4A0F-83FD-C705E85515B1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It’s just a pretty fucked system overall. I can’t imagine what colleges will be 10years down the road. It’ll literally be permanent wage slavery.

People can’t explain what specifically did you do in school to be worth the price of a 5 bedroom house?

>> No.22472915
File: 42 KB, 600x600, jew_basic.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>When another goyim becomes an impotent debt slave who can only whine about it on twatter

>> No.22472994

>Banks should write off the interest and collect the principle
>jews should agree to not collect a certain amount of money
I mean, I get your overall point and all but still......kek

>> No.22473003

>get my entire student loans cancelled
HAHAHAHAHAHA you have done zero research i see.

>> No.22473009

What do you mean by forgiving?
That the loan should cost less?
So either a smaller amount could be loaned, or a less interest could be charged.

Those have trade-offs. Less money loaned obviously means the person receiving the loan may not receive enough to pay for whatever caused them to take out the loan. Less interest charged requires some combination of: shorter repayment period through higher monthly repayment amounts; only lending to those who present a low enough risk to make a profit from the lower interest rate.

Your question is nonsensical. Loans will cost less when people are less likely to cost lenders money.

>> No.22473010

Wow i thought you were bullshitting, but it appears to be true.



>> No.22473112

yep. big part of why i'm voting Trump. would have voted for Bernie but the dems fucked that up. Biden can go fuck himself.

>> No.22473163

Wait, less than 10% of student loans are private? The news makes it sound like they're the vast majority. So 90% are federal with 2.75% interest and people cannot even pay that back?

>> No.22473188

Little bro it don’t work like that. Education loans are forgiven through bankruptcy. Your best bet is to but some cheap house you don’t mind losing, get an equity loan on it to pay off your student loan, then declare bankruptcy on that

>> No.22473201

Same retards love Jews so I don’t give a fuck

>> No.22473265

Cool it with the anti semitism there pal!

>> No.22473275

Why the fuck should I have to pay for your broken toe faggit?

>> No.22473291

Source on the gibs? No way they get 500k unless you’re including SS maybe?

>> No.22473299

18 year olds arent babies faggot. Im sorry you are retarded and dont understand what responsibility is. Your post about just having high schools and guilds is so fucking stupid you shouldnt even be posting here.

>> No.22473301

>deletes it immediately after being called out

>> No.22473309
File: 65 KB, 736x733, 1599199006954.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I just invested in crypto in 2017 and paid off my $110k of loans. Why don't poor people just buy more money?

>> No.22473317

This. Imagine going to college and you still can’t figure out how loans work lmao

>> No.22473325
File: 187 KB, 1826x1795, jdlA9kd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

can i just leave the US and not pay my loans?
If i get citizenship in canada i can just say fuck the US and collect neetbux there right?

>> No.22473333

No, the FBI will hunt you down and drag you back and you'll be put in prison.

>> No.22473340

>leaving the US for cucknada

What did you spend your student loans on anon? You dont seem very bright

>> No.22473355

absolutely. that's also my plan anon. Thanks for the degree, now i'm fucking off to NZ, never having paid back a dime.

>> No.22473371

but i would be a canadian citizen, where are the royal mounties?
>What did you spend your student loans on anon?
school? tf

>> No.22473388

You can't relinquish your US citizenship if you have student loan debt to pay back. Being a dual citizen won't exempt you from US law.

Even if you did somehow get rid of your US citizenship through some shady as fuck means, Canada isn't going to refuse to turn you over to US law enforcement.

>> No.22473397

Depends on where u live, sadly. I've calculated cost of living for my parent's house and living under my means as I currently am (in Southern California), and even still the cost was about 38k. So if you make 50k that will greatly slow down your progress toward finishing that loan since you can only afford paying 1k each month, which still adds up to taking, what, over 4 years to pay off the loan? Crazy, man.
Must really suck for those who were taught that loans were the way to go and weren't lucky enough to be exposed to scholarship programs, qualify for them, apply for them fully, and be accepted for them.

>> No.22473399


I'm studying at a top-tier Australian university rn. Quality is low, teachers are stupid, standards are abysmal and a lot of students seem to be braindead. I'm just here for the bit of paper.

>> No.22473401

Let me spell ot out for you it since you are so dumb you couldn't even deduct the meaning from my post.
>what worthless degree did you spend your student loans on, since the fact that you would even consider moving to canada in 2020 shows you are retarded

>> No.22473414

The Federal government shouldnt be involved in education at all.

>> No.22473424

computer science
why so mad kid?

>> No.22473428

Never as long as dumb fucks like this exist
I’d rather get HOTDOGGED with all my life saving than have to go thru this
Thank god I didn’t listen to my smooth brain parents and didn’t fall for the college scam
All my old friends now sitting, paying off their worthless bachelor/masters degrees and can’t find jobs kek

>> No.22473505

the stupid has the same right as you do to vote
the stupid reproduces at a greater rate
those are the issues
protection should be tied to partial or full sterilization, OR vote should be weighted by the most objective measure of intelligence and usefulness to society we can find

>> No.22473515

>brainwash vulnerable high school and junior high school students into believing this is the only path in life
Graduated in 2010 and that was literally what we were told during the entirety of grade school. We had 'Life Skills' but never learned shit about taxes, debt, interest rates, etc. It was 'go to college no matter the cost or be poor forever.' I have vitriol for my old high school for perpetrating this lie. I also got the same indoctrination at home from my parents who didn't know any better.

>> No.22473546

2012, and same. I wonder if zoomers in high school now are getting fed the same bullshit, probably.

>> No.22473582

>implying the overwhelming majority of these bullshit college educations cost anything close to the exorbitant five and six-figure sums they accrue for the borrower, even before interest

>> No.22473585

I went to college on a full scholarship. If I hadn't gotten it, I would have gone to community college part time and worked to pay for it. Debt is insane. I don't understand why people think they are so entitled to get free money. I have worked hard and am stuck paying butt loads of taxes. Fuck student debt forgiveness. You saw the papers you signed.

>> No.22473634

>everyone should be as miserable as me!

>> No.22473710

this 'I got mine' mindset is a reason our country is as fucked up as it is. I never took on any debt either, but I wouldn't feel wronged if lenders got told to fuck off. it's not like you get anything if they pay, anyway.

>> No.22473714

Makes me sad when I see school teachers like this. Sure, they chose a low paying career, but no one with a legit job should be caught in a financial trap for decades while the fed prints trillions.

>> No.22473755


1) she got a shit degree that had no prospects for any real paying jobs (women's studies etc.)
2) the terms of the loan were known to her in advance, so she's crying about being a dumbass

>> No.22473774
File: 40 KB, 768x576, 1576638761807.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>implying it is possible to "fail college" in 2020

>> No.22473781

3) colleges are this expensive because of government support allowing them to raise their prices

>> No.22473792

Guys...I hate to tell you this, but you don't have to go to college. You can just fake the degree on your resume.

>> No.22473831

it was just an example anon, he means useless degrees
id also include super uber saturated degrees, personally. Like history or liberal arts. No country can afford >10% of its pop to be in academia or arts ffs only these may be a positive when they are in a reasonable number.

>> No.22473841

y i k e s

>> No.22473846

Why would anyone pay their debt? Debtor's prison doesn't exist.

>> No.22473854

African American studies seems like a lucrative major

>> No.22473869

It really isn’t

>> No.22473887

east yurop
nuff said

>> No.22473901

anon if I knew you were using a 0day piece of software that allowed me access to your computer and let me rob you blind of your linkies, is it okay for me to do so? I mean after all it's your fault for not keeping up with the mailing lists that disclosed the vulnerability right? Or should be there be someone out there looking to protect the stupid?

>> No.22473916

student loans are guaranteed by the government, otherwise they would never have been invented lmao

>> No.22473926


>> No.22473928

since gov started guaranteeing it, they just shot tuition price to the moon and made a fucking killing

>> No.22473943

unless you're tax evading, you're paying for it you fucking moron

>> No.22473947

>FAFSA holy shit, they will more than likely give you money, especially if your parents refuse to pay

They tell you to get fucked if your parents make a decent amount of money (like anything over 65k)

>> No.22473993

Somewhere around 91% of people are insured, and those that aren’t insured are spics and jobless people. Which I’m fine with it, tbqh

>> No.22474005

it's a scam
>low level entry job requires college now
>because everyone has college
>because the government backs tuition loans which otherwise would not fucking exist
>because retards and boomers voted for big government
>and now the brainwashed marxists ful of debt vote for more government to save their asses
>gov just enslaves them forever

>> No.22474013

>tfw attending school for free because I’m so smart
>they teach me for free

>> No.22474035

Living at home rent free and making 52K a year before taxes. 90% is going towards the loans and I’ll be debt free in 2 years.

>> No.22474038

but unless you're tax evading, you are overpaying for stuff no matter what
gov never just "takes the necessary"
nobody will ever just "take the necessary" unless there is fierce competition

>> No.22474057 [DELETED] 

Come on Rajesh, Mumbai, India Technology university is not that much of an achievement

>> No.22474059

>So we're even shittier than a third world country?
>Why is America such a shithole?
Establishment propaganda will reach more people tomorrow than you will ever physically talk to in your lifetime.

>> No.22474067

Come on Rajesh, Mumbai, India Technology university is not that much of an achievement

>> No.22474068

But bro you're missing out on the (((college experience))), you got to experience life, find yourself, and try new things when you're young. Who cares if you go into debt for life because you got some bullshit useless degree. YOLO!

>> No.22474118

Higher education should not be a means to an end. It should be to further expand the mind of the worker. However, there are no jobs in America. No real jobs anyway, just phantom work. People moving money in more and more nefarious ways.

In 1975 this woman would be a well rounded bank manager. She would be happy in her small town. Her kids would have a good life and her husband would be proud when he came home from work to a table with food. But now these towns don't even have banks. They don't even have shops. They have nothing.

This country has nothing.

So keep looting /biz/. We're stealing just like the rioters are.

>> No.22474119

I agree the cutoff should be 170 IQ. Everything else needs to die now, useless airwasters. Sorry to say anon but you probably don't make the cut with 99% certainty. Oh well, you had a nice life till now.

>> No.22474144

solid point. i already left my country with over 100k in debt. i have 4x that amount now in crypto, never paying it off, even when i make it. needless to say, i wont be joining my commie bros in the revolution. ill be comfy living overseas.

>> No.22474167

>But bro you're missing out on the (((college experience))), you got to experience life, find yourself, and try new things when you're young. Who cares if you go into debt for life because you got some bullshit useless degree. YOLO!

Sucks that college is such an expensive, rigid, non-flexible, and generally terrible way to find out what you like.

You can only attend so many classes before your exploration time/money costs balloon. Add/drop is a joke, as who wants to join a course and catch up on weeks of material/homework?

If I could do it again, I'd find some sort of gig near a campus, get a gym membership, and look into possibilities online or at the library. If I wanted to try a course, I'd just find out where it meets and sample it lol

>> No.22474229

He said he was europoor. Hes not paying it you fucking moron.

>> No.22474244

25% interest and it gets even worse when you factor in the tips

>> No.22474258

>so me and other people like me who managed to get a higher education without falling for the propaganda and made responsible choices should be subjected to a leveled playing field?
>sorry, no
I was/am like you, where I sacrificed to make a good degree choice and pay back loans.

What might help us mentally digest the idea of helping others is to know that any improvement in the system is going to have some parties that went through the hell that no longer exists.

Wanting to pass on suffering could also be seen as a boomer mentality. e.g. The mentality that wage slaving for 40 years is a rite of passage because they did that.

I know you probably also share the quality with me that you've never received anything from the gov't and are hoping to get something for all of our taxes.
I will say that making life harder for deadbeat dads and single mothers would be an appropriate compromise for me.

>> No.22474295

Just get a job on wall street. I got one and paid off my loan in 2 years.

>> No.22474309

>Just get a job on wall street. I got one and paid off my loan in 2 years.
i-banking specifically?

>> No.22474358

and this man is supposed to be the college students candidate?
i dont know how bernie and biden are a part of the same party

>> No.22474372

Is this possible if you're not hired straight out of a top-20 school?

>> No.22474411

it's simple, both parties exist to give us the illusion of choice. none of these people have any principles, maybe Bernie does but he gives into the establishment way too easily.

>> No.22474477

In my 'Life Skills' class we were watching videos of different colleges for hours and hours, and were supposed to memorize random facts about them before being tested on these facts. It was an 'easy' class but I realize now how insidious that was. Instead of learning something useful we were learning how to be good debt slaves. In 'Life Skills' class.

>> No.22474500

Who the fuck only pays interest? Bet the retard is also wondering why her credit card bill is not going down.

They were a legal adult who were clearly told what they were getting in to. They only have themselves to blame for being retarded.

>> No.22474518

>In my 'Life Skills' class we were watching videos of different colleges for hours and hours, and were supposed to memorize random facts about them before being tested on these facts. It was an 'easy' class but I realize now how insidious that was. Instead of learning something useful we were learning how to be good debt slaves. In 'Life Skills' class.

>> No.22474558

yeah, it's fucked up how the paint higher "education" as the only way forward. you'll be working a shitty service job if you don't get a degree! *omits the reality that plenty of degree holders work those jobs because they have no choice

>> No.22474583

Unfathomably based

>> No.22474691

what's up fellow burgeroo
100% with you, usa is incredibly fucked and i'm staying here unless they get some shit seriously sorted out.

also nice digits lol

>> No.22474771


>> No.22474892
File: 247 KB, 860x840, 216-2161876_pepe-meme-rarepepe-gun-delete-pepe-cheers-hd.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Christ, even on 4Chan. Is there a single site out there that isn't full of entitled brats crying for muh gibs and worshipping yuropoor socialists? Fuck off, losers.

>> No.22474921

Can do better than minimum wage, eh soì boy?

>> No.22474939

this is 100% the reason. dumb fucks paying the minimum repayments and not accounting for the interest. they deserve what they get.

>> No.22474975

>Fuck interest
Someone actually agreed to lend you money so you could pursue a useless education out of self-indulgence and you complain about the rates?

>> No.22475011
File: 77 KB, 900x900, 01B6F2F4-B4CE-4A45-8D83-11168F189A9C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why does everyone need to go to college?

>> No.22475037

College is a jogger/woman containment zone

>> No.22475059

Fuck off commie

>> No.22475069


>> No.22475095

Bullshit. That's a fucking joke bro my APR is 1.1%

>> No.22475104
File: 90 KB, 750x500, 2hboi9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The biggest champion of muh college gibs is a Jew.

>> No.22475194

just milk as many loans as you can, stay at home with parents and pocket your cost of living money and throw it all crypto.(this works best with grad plus loans so being a grad student pays best, esp since unlike undergraduate there is no limit to how many degrees you can fund this way, so long as you proogram in the right time.

Then when its time, just leave the country. You will you have no wage to garnish so they cant do anything to you, but you may also double down and avoid taxes on your crypto gains.

This works best if you can quickly establish citizenship in a new country, or already have a 2nd passport.

>> No.22475204

Maybe it is the ultimate test for them - they are educated and still retarded enough not to understand how it works

>> No.22475205
File: 710 KB, 1080x968, Screenshot_20200516-125000~2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh no no no no....

>> No.22475221

Ah yes the "never coming back" plan

>> No.22475242

Underrated as fuck

>> No.22475256

sometimes, this is actually smart. After 20 years or 25? dont recall) of on time payments, you can get your loan discharged as a tax gift.

One not well known loophole to this is that if you take advantage of double taxation treaty, if you make less than 100k a year and live abroad, and effectively have 0 in taxable income for the U.S. But if you switch to income based repayment, x% of zero is zero, so your monthly loan payment becomes zero.

Wait your 20 years "paying " your dues and your loan is discharged. The only problem with this strategy is that you may have a tax bill on said gift, but its usually substantially lower than your original loan, and is no subject to the no bankruptcy unless highly exceptional distress clause that federal student loans have.

>> No.22475293

If you're 18 and don't understand loans after 13 years of formal education then you're just a mongo and never had a chance of succeeding anyway. If the jews knew trapping you was this easy they would've just propped up a cardboard box with a stick.

>> No.22475330

They didn't go into it understanding interest or knowing what you say. They should not forgive the loans in order to paint usury in poorer light. I'm all for not fucking them over but as they say, examples just be made. I can only tell my child so many times not to play with the knives, at some point they need to cut themselves to see the repercussions. And although the repercussions are bad in this case I can't say I give many fucks for the diverse trash that had been destroying the university system over the past 20+ years.

>> No.22475352

Shit country

>> No.22475412

As has been mentioned before here, the problem is that the minute universities can guarantee loans until cost of attendance in one form or another, universities will

1. Rise costs by whatever excuse of a metric possible. New labs, cushioned chairs,gamestop and a spa in your university etc.

2. admit as many students as you can get away with. Even if you offer them zero money, you know the federal gov can guarantee their attendance if they that foolish

>> No.22475440

A. Link is a scam, you'll lose it all
B. Bankruptcy does not insolve federal loan money.
C. You will need to get citizenship and avoid extradition. Assuming you are this retarded, you're going to get caught.

>> No.22475447

Why'd she take out such a sleazy loan in the first place?

>> No.22475452

university funding shows a lot of the same "squishiness" that you see in other aspects of economic systems. You put pressure in one area through centralized legislation, and something will give way elsewhere.

Case in point, in the UK they effictively capped yearly university tuition at about 15k british pounds per year, so a small university or oxbridge is limited to this max. The result? a drastic increase in international admissions that are not limited by the loophole. This keeps university budgets afloat.

>> No.22475500

i dont think anyone has gotten extradited for student loans ever. Its not criminal charge, its a civic case. The worse that can happen is that after many years, the student loan provider servicing your loan, can get a judge to summon you to court to answer. You naturally, wont show up having moved abroad, this is of course quite illegal and leaves you with a warrant for your arrest.

But even this is too minor to warrant extradition. Any country getting an extradition request would just laugh their asses off, and this is a very expensive tedious process. It simply wont happen.

Not only that, but you probably can even return to the U.S to visit and no sheriff will be waiting for you or anything. Keep your head low, dont interact with law enforcement, use uber or lyft for your business and even with an arrrest warrant, you will be fine.

>> No.22475817

You don't even need a t100. I went to some state school but got hired because of my github crypto project. I make 300,000 TC and I have only been working two years. I expect a huge bonus this year too because everyone is putting their stimulus checks into crypto.

>> No.22475841

Why is it seemingly just America that has this kind of bondage? And why will they defend it to death, when their own parents didn't get enslaved by this new industry?

>> No.22475951

i did this 10 years ago and got away with it desu

>> No.22475962

>mfw uni is free in my country
Also can the new jannies unban me? I posted a sharpie in butthole thread once, was the OP so didn't beg and didn't post my butt, sure ban the faggots who fell for it but why me? now I can only post text and no pics, Jannies are lower than niggers

>> No.22475987

it's amazing how you can graduate from college and still be utterly oblivious to how interest works

>> No.22476038

>WTF I only posted cp to troll moralfags I dindu nuffins!

>> No.22476360

>o country can afford >10% of its pop to be in academia or arts
disagree. 10% is nothing especially if you combine academia AND arts. I'm a dutchy. the music industry is huge here hundreds of thousands come here for music festivals. Of course I see sound guys/ light guys to be in the arts too. Doesn't even account for shit like media artists that make websites and shit. thats also the arts.

We have pretty big and well respected uni's for physics. TU delft/ eindhoven are afaik the best respected unis for civil/aerospace engineering around the world.

10% of the working pop is nothing anon. 8.6m of our pop is working (17m total pop) 10% would mean only 860k in academia and arts. If you live in a country thats a "brain-industry" like the netherlands you can easily have that academia level be 30%+. Innovation pays off. being the techno / edm valhalla pays off.

I agree most artists will never make it, but imagine only 5% making it or hell 1% imagine that 500k of those 860k are musicians (theyre not). 1% would be 5k musicians which will carry the country to be the techno / edm valhalla for decades to come.

>> No.22476412
File: 3.45 MB, 600x770, 1584398886294.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

They're being forgiven as we speak, Kween

>> No.22476488

It's fascinating how Americans, rather than fixing their broken system, will instead look for ways to circumvent it, usually turning themselves criminals, to escape it. What was all that talk about policing your government from fucking the people over for? Isn't that why you cling to your guns like blacks to crack? Or are you, as a people fine with getting assfucked and enslaved after all?

>> No.22476507

>Actually thinking the people of the USA will ever see any benefits from unlimited printing
Unless you're a CEO for a bank, sure.

>> No.22476566

It's not the fault of capitalism you dumb retard. Everything was working out pretty good until obama made it easier to get higher student loans. What happened next? Well since universities knew everyone would get a big loan they raised the tuition, which made people take higher loans, which made uni's increase the tuition and then you got the circle going. If anything it's the governments fault, not capitalism

>> No.22476567
File: 21 KB, 563x503, 1599558109279.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>mfw university is free in my country (Scotland) and all my English coworkers have their wages garnished to pay back their £50,000+ Student Loans

>> No.22476581

I often wonder just how much better the world would be if Boomers just never existed.

>> No.22476647

1. you should fucking know this before you agreed to the fucking loan
2. I'm from the UK where the loan is low to no interest

>> No.22476658


Play Jewish games, win Jewish prices!

These useful idiots believed their Leftist families and friends in that becoming a good goy was the path to happiness. Short term gratification over long term happiness. Self aggrandizement with a piece of paper saying "me smart, u dumb".

Well enjoy poverty and debt slavery to the Jews then, I'm hiding my money from you assholes.

>> No.22476667
File: 49 KB, 600x450, 123412351235.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>What was all that talk about policing your government from fucking the people over for? Isn't that why you cling to your guns
Also yes I don't understand at all. It seems they rather stay racist than fight together with their fellow black man to tobble down the corrupt government. They should use those guns to become true malitias and truly take down the shitty corruption and use BLM as a way to achieve this. literally using the emotional libtards and blacks to take over this bullshit that's happening.
Poor whites don't know that they have more in common with their black americans than they do with the billionaires they seem to be protecting.
>pic related ,
>inb4 ((((steinbeck)))) steinbeck is a german name not jiddish.

>> No.22476670

>loans from tax money
pick one

>> No.22476671

yfw scotland is a shithole you have to fuck sheep all day and wasted all your wages on fried mars bars anyway

>> No.22476698

>I, an adult, take an extremely large loan out and not understanding economics take an extremely lean payment plan which barely covers interest

is it also j00 trickery to touch a hot stove? Bitch had 20+yrs to learn about compounding interest. At some point you just play stupid games and win stupid prizes

>> No.22476730

My loaner penalizes me for paying more than my monthly allotted payment. It's absolutely a corrupt system.

>> No.22476738

>.t rabbi

>> No.22476748


That sounds nice. I'm thinking of fleeing the Netherlands because of the debts and the violence here. I don't want to put my lids through all that.

>> No.22476754

Cope, how much have you got left on your loan Anglo?

>> No.22476755


>> No.22476800

Solution is not to forgive student loans. The real solution is that government should stop backing student loans. They should get out and watch how tuition fees drop five fold.

>> No.22476837


Yeah and if you're lucky you'll get treated within 6 to 24 months. For free! And it only costs 600 dollars a month in mandatory insurance and taxes! F R E E for niggers fresh off the boat.

>> No.22476874

>, in the UK they effictively capped yearly university tuition at about 15k british pounds per year,
thats a fucking shitload.
We used to have free college here in NL, but now its not free anymore but still tuition is capped at 2k euros a year.
Living in dorms and food is still expensive tho so I'm loaning 1k a month, but 0% interest rate and not having to pay if you dont have an income makes it a good fucking loan to put into shitcoins

>> No.22476890
File: 51 KB, 584x894, 1598138832450.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]



>> No.22476913

Get better role models :)

>> No.22476926

>you took out a loan
>pay it off
There. The student loans crisis solved.
Be responsible once in your life time, you disgusting cucks.

>> No.22476933

I paid off my student loans within 1 year of graduating. Its not hard, just dont leverage your future on a useless degree.

>> No.22476948

this anon gets it. whenever this is uttered it gets treated like the 13th floor of a building because normies are too dumb to get it.

>> No.22476962

it doesn't matter if you did or if your family can foot the bill entirely, you are still paying the overinflated cost. the whole thing is a scam from the ground up.

>> No.22476982

doesn't work that way,

either way, filing for bankruptcy will cause you a lot of problems in life, why the fuck would you do that? Your basically putting your hand to say "I'm a fucking retard, dont' trust me with money."

No idea how long the impacts last in the states, but here its around 7 years until banks will even allow you to open a standard bank account without fees again...

>> No.22477030

Except you will 100k's more in taxes and sales taxes over your life.

Do you even understand taxes? 50% muh feels good to be a euro fag.

I'm from UK, only 20% tax here. But you pay up the ass for education (run my own business, fuck jews)

>> No.22477078
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Yes, thats why you don't listen to normies. I was the only one in my year who didn't goto "uni". Every teacher and councilor kept setting up meetings to talk to me about my "future". Even phoned my parents.

I told them, I am running my own business but didn't seem to be enough for them. 22 and over 200k USD, feels good not a dollar of debt. All my peers are all poorer or in negative equity. Or really still at uni paying more to get a degree in this job market.

Do your own research. When normies all do something, you can bet its a scheme/jewish option.

>> No.22477134

a uni degree is useful if you make it physics or something else.

art degree is only useful if youre already good and just need some connections to get your foot in the door.

I have 50k in uni debt at 0% interest, investing much of it into crypto rest for dorm rent/ food. I got a pretty good deal working towards my IT degree. I need the degree because I want to immigrate elsewhere and for every visa application a bachelor is a big + or even mandatory.

Still I run my own business on the side. currently cashing in 300 a month. all straight into the shitcoin roullete

>> No.22477276

Based, I went to uni because I liked accounting and wanted to learn more about it, not because of
But good shit anon

>> No.22477498

Indeed, its a shame a large proportion of my friends took a history degree major.

I only know one girl I used to fuck who was doing anything that she had a clear end goal in mind, some marine biology major. Wanted to work underwater sea life and shit. Still, she was based for not picking a dumb ass open-ended degree.

Other anons are saying it here, if you want to get a high pay job, the normies have over-saturated degrees to the extent that you have nearly no choice but to also get on the debt train to hell.

>> No.22477647
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When Caesar rose to power he vastly reduced public debt, decreed that money mustn't be hoarded, interest must never be higher than 3% and that payment on a loan must never exceed 100%.
As a result, the economy prospered and the gap between rich and poor shrunk dramatically.

The biggest trick THEY ever pulled was convincing people that opposition to debt-enslavement and central banking is Communism. You can get rid of those things without enacting a single Socialist policy and keep the system completely Capitalist. But it will never happen. People are easily fooled and I'm probably on a list just for posting this.

>> No.22478022

Admittedly true, but there's ways of easily gaming the system. My brother and I were in college at the same time, so the advice that was given to my parents is to use that fact against each university. Both will give you aid in order to alleviate the burden, so to speak, and you end up winning.

>> No.22478115

Idk they tried to brainwash me into taking out loans and all that but I just told them to go fuck themselves and moved out as soon as I graduated high school. Lived on my own for two years working IT and figuring shit out and then figured it was easier to just join the military and have them pay for it than saving up and paying my way through CC. Now I'm on track to be a glownigger in a few years when I get out and I still haven't paid a cent for my education. Plus I'm pulling 50k a year plus bonuses and allowances as a 21 year old retard. It's easy if you just use your fucking head a little.

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