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Money = freedom

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to buy fast cars, pretty woman and good drugs

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this image is funnier without the text

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Because I am trapped in a materialistic illusion and am not disciplined enough to break free of it.

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I want out of the wagie cagie. Is that too much to ask?

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to move away from niggers

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So that I can build a supercomputer cluster with specialized hardware like memristors and build an AI capable of discovering new mathematical theorems, beginning the technological singularity.

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So I can put every dime towards my disabled child's life when I'm gone. I eat Mac and cheese and live minimalist no matter how much cash I actually have.

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I don't

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only acceptable answer from someone browsing /biz/

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>t. mines for prime numbers

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Some people like to collect faggy shit like stamps or cards. I like to collect money. It's my hobby and it brings me joy when my net worth goes up every month. I'm 31 with $410k now. My goal is $3 million by the time I'm 45.

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finally someone modest

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To escape the wagie cagie

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So i can laugh at wagecucks while living in a van and living off dividends. Why else?

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I want to be able to take care of my family. I don't want my future wife to have to work. And I want to live in the mountains and snowboard + have freedom to work on my own tech projects.

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Instead of asking why, you should ask how. UpBots is launching on FTX later today and its gonna moon like Serum does their IEO there.

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The real redpill is

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For National Socialism.

I plan to spend most of my gains on promoting Nat Soc causes, to raise the station of the White Man back to where it rightfully belongs. Doing this for my children.

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To get the away from society and fags

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Already have but nobody would know it looking at my lifestyle. Let me guess, you are a consumer. Good luck with that

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I want to make money so that I don't have to worry about when I'm gonna be able to eat something other than rice and beans next. Property tax is cheaper than rent when you own a house outright. In my state a nice home in a nice area property tax is maybe 2k/yr, compared to 1k+ a month for the same house

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Pay off my debts and live a fairly comfortable life.

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I disagree, motherfucker.

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steamer ducks are only allies

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I need a trillion dollars to fight the jews unironically. Ask me what for.

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To escape America

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Someone's gotta fund the normie genocide and save this Earth

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That's sad I'm not watching that

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Pay debts.

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i just want enough money to live in a house with 3-5 children and my wife and a dog by the water somewhere small

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To buy more Bitcoin.

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what for anon?

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will being loaded make my ex jealous anons?
please I need serious answers

what's the best way to "subtly" show off my wealth and gauge her reaction?

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So I can stop wasting my life earning money

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This and I want my family to live comfortably and safe.

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The best revenge is moving on.

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le itm xD we did it trollroom

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I want my parents to have a good retirement since we're poorfags they don't have much saved

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So I can buy land and fuck off

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i want to have money to build 10k usd pc's every 2 years

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so I can make highly speculative investments into things like NEC and AKRO

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This thread is funnier without this post.

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this speaks to me.

everbody else in my family pretty much is lower middle-class/literally wasted their life tier and my mom is reaching old age. i want her to have the care she deserves instead of worrying about the crazy fucks that are my family "taking care of her."

aside from that. freedom.

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with my rig, I figured out how to divide by zero

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I don't. I'm fully divested from the clown market and only want to live a clean decent life doing work I enjoy.
So far no luck but I'm still moving toward my goals.
I'm only on /biz/ because I feel like a real hotshot when I get a call right. Sometimes I pretend I took my modest savings and leverage traded something on a whim then I take a look after my imaginary positions expire and laugh regardless of the outcome. :)

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this except I want to fug the ai

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because I have nothing else to do
crypto is a competitive cookie clicker game with real money

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>my children
nice larp

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Don't want it or need it, just want freedom.

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This. It’s basically gambling.

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