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Third fap of the morning complete now my penis is numb

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stop letting old men fap you, you cand do it yourself

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Have _____

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what did you fap too frendo?

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last night i found a new porn series that perfectly fits my fetish that hasn't yet existed for years until now. i hate myself.

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big tit lactating JAV

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enlighten us

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What is it anon , iam busting a nut tight now and maybe you an help

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I need to know, for research purposes

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I'd say the best and most degenerate time of fapping I've had has been with visual novels (especially Empress visual novels), there's a software that automatically translates japanese ones that haven't been translated with machine learning (use bing's), it was so hot that I could masturbate like over 12 times a day, spent an entire summer playing their catalogue 10/10

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another good source material for fap are korean webtoons (search nhentai for webtoon), those are so good, they're getting much better than japanese doujins which nowadays are just nukiges, webtoon characters are much better and the art style of some is pretty hot

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