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Give me a reason why this shouldn't be in Top20 CMC?
- Solid development progress, that is easy to track
- Wants to bring normies to blockchain and make it easy for enterprises and companies to hop on
- Is more reliable and easier to use than ETH + Has a super wide array of options how to develop on
- The project only keeps growing bigger by the quarter and is one of the rare projects of the 2017 that hasn't gone under and disappeared
- Has every chance in the world to go ~10$ in the next couple of months (INB4 30$ FUCKING BUCKS!) - Thus an easy 20x

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It should be a top 20 coin. Take an honest assessment of most peoples computing skills, and tell me with a straight face that they will be able to use most of these projects. If Ark can simply the user experience, than the coin will grow and be valued appropriately. While I wait, I'll keep collecting my staking rewards

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I believe we’ll finally see some REAL movements with the marketsquare release

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>useless token
>no real smart contracts
>no community
>old news; dumped alts never never recover

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chainlink dumped all the way down to 20 cents

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Fuck off Chang.

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What is the ark token for? Serious question.

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Follow up question. Why will its use case mean it will need to be worth more? Ie. Aside from speculation why will the token need to be worth a lot especially so considering more are constantly minted every day.

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Liink never pumped to top 20 before that. Its not the same thing thing. People were shilling ark 3 years ago at 120k sats. Ark had its chance and blew it

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ARK will EASILY surpass its ATH and more, it’s literally better than ETH in every way fundamentally..,

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It's not completely useless but its pretty bad. ARK's approach is similar to an ERC-20, except each application using the corresponding coin will run on its own blockchain. Those chains are independent of the ARK token completely. So if a project blew up running on an ARK sidechain, there is no reason whatsoever for the ARK token value to increase.
The use of ARK is that it allows Side Chain interoperability using ARK as a intermediate. So you would need some sort of integration between multiple projects that uses a lot of volume to add value to the ARK token.
OP Is delusional. Just look at their socials to see how dead this shit is compared to several years ago. The chart looks like every other alt that was once hyped that faded into nothingness

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what happened with ark march 2019 that caused that one huge volume spike?
also, the volume lately looks like it is starting to pick up

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Because stuttering potheads

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OP, you seem like a nice guy so ill give you an honest answer
the thing is that even if it wasnt for
>token not needed
this isnt how projects rise in value
compare to harmony one for example: it executed on everything ETH 2.0 was supposed to, with an EVM compatible blockchain, so its easy to switch over, yet there are no projects on it and its literally dumping to sub 1 cent levels, why?
because this market is massively speculative and a coin needs momentum, narrative, community, etc etc to rise valuation. tech alone is not enough
but also, token literally not needed
the only people who even know what this project is are 2017 /biz/lets, theres no hype, theres no reason why this would ever reach $10 - sorry, i know theyre probably executing well on a lot of things, but so did matic and look how that turned out
if you want to make money in this market either gamble on defi flavor of the week memecoins or buy and hold boring lower return oversaturated stuff like link that will surely profit at some point
it sucks, i know, but you can either be realistic or get dumped on / lose out from opportunity cost

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Imagine investing in a pedo fraud like this. Gtfo biz delegate or i call the fbi you subhumans