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get good

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Then start choosing trades you think are bad. Market makers rely on exploiting the majority of retail traders.

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do the opposite of the opposing trade your were thinking doing next time, and oppose it

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You're right. From now on, I'm doing to do the exact opposite of what I am about to do.

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>he thinks there’s a real Crypto market
>he doesn’t realise it’s like 100 whales using trading bots to spoof liquidity and starting shill threads on /biz/
>he doesn’t realise that all these whales need liquidity to cash out so they keep a log of every buy/sell and as soon as someone else buys a coin they switch the bots off and start spoofing another coin
You literally cannot ever win

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I can't stop shaking and crying. I alternate between lifting weights and motivating myself and just breaking down and punching my wall repeatedly. There are 19 year olds making 300k a month on twitter through 'quantitive analysis'. I am a fucking rat in a cage pressing a button hoping for a reward. A stupid fucking monkey puppet being manipulated by market makers, algorithms and bots. All my 'analysis' is nothing more than pointless consumer behaviour no different to watching Netflix. And yet every time I sell everything and quit I see the market is recovering again and I buy back in case I miss out like I did in 2017 again.

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You sound like a noob that hasn't realized how your own emotions are affecting your perspective on everything. Learn how to detach emotionally. Stop thinking you're owed anything by the universe. Be more logical and down to earth if you want to see things as they are and capitalize on opportunities. Otherwise you will be a fucking rat in your own cage.

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Congrats you're officially George Costanza

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It's literally just bad luck and it has to happen to someone. There are millions of "traders" so some will lose all of them.
Don't believe people thinking you can actually know the markets, it's pure gamble.

Problem is survivor bias and bad faith, the losers get rekt and disappear, the winners brag about their superior intellect until they lose too, or pretend it didn't happen.
Sometimes I get the urge to trade, I do 2 good and 2 bad moves then stop because it makes me stressed for nothing.
Literally just hold and go to the casino once a year or something to fill your gambling desires.

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Just hold until it comes back up

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big money is in mid term positions, not day trading cuckoldry
crypto is net bullish, and we're in a bullrun, buy literally anything and it'll go up

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it's cause you're b ad at managing your trades. one could literally make money on every trade, no matter the direction, if he manages them well, and at the same time, you're able to lose money on every trade if you're doing it badly

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You suck

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if you haven't managed to be up atleast 100k over the past months, you should probably just leave it be. even the biggest retards made money

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>There are 19 year olds making 300k a month on twitter through 'quantitive analysis'.
They pretend to*

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Best pasta is fresh pasta

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stop trading faggot.. find something else to do

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That is the worst advice for someone trying to daytrade. the first and second lesson for a rookie is RISK MANAGEMENT.

You shouldn't even be going imo more than 1-2% against your trade before you stop out in the first place.

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define midterm?

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Tell us what you buy so when you're mad we buy more. This is the key. Take LOKI for instance. AMAZING spot to place bids.

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Let's take an example. Ethereum. It's grinding upwards, twitter seem positive, volume looks good, everything looks pretty safe for a short term long. Fuck it - let's go long on a red 5 minute candle.
The SECOND, and I mean S E C O N D my trade is placed it red dildos. 'Ah fuck, oh well, you never catch the exact bottom'. ANOTHER RED CANDLE. Twitter: 'oops! Looks like Eth has hit resistance!' THE FUCKING MINUTE I DECIDE TO GO LONG THE MARKET SENTIMENT SHIFTS. AFTER DAYS OF BEING POSITIVE. THE MINUTE I GET ON BOARD THE TIDES TURN. NOW I'M $310 DOWN. 'It's not a loss until you sell!' OK fine I will go and make breakfast. Come back. 960$ down. FUCK. Sell. Another loss on a 'safe bet'. EVERY SINGLE TIME

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stop playing the loser game, just fucking buy the blessed three BTC, ETH, LINK and hold until bullrun, that's literally all you have to do

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dude just stop trading lol. you clearly cant handle it. its ok cause most ppl cant

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A few days to a few months, not a traditional definition of mid term, it depends on the "asset". The dodgier it is the less time you'll want to hold it.
This also implies you need some fundamental understanding of what you're buying alongside the chart. And since we're in crypto there's even more supplementary data that's applicable to every shitcoin, for example you can easily see how many people hold whatever you're trying to get into and often even WHO holds it.

You're retarded. Why would your carefully calculated decisions based on PUBLICLY AVAILABLE AND UNDERSTOOD chart data ever make you any money? A bot can (and does) this 10x better than you. In crypto, the only thing a bot (so far) can't account for is the ever changing context. The feel. The various bits and bobs that pop up all the time and a dev needs to adjust, and before he does, that's your opportunity to strike. You absolutely NEED to get esoteric with this shit.

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Same my friend. It doesn't matter when I buy or if I do it randomly or research before.
If it's on a 3 day uptrend it'll immediately start dumping as soon as I buy in.

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>Literally just hold and go to the casino once a year or something to fill your gambling desires.
This convo is like a devil and an angel on either shoulder of mine.
My plan is to hold and always has been. But I'll be damned if I'm not up real early every morning and see spread patterns.
Very tempting.

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Just buy low and sell high bro

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I did, then I held and I'm down to $40k. I can't be the only one.

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How the fuck can people be so dumb? Is it greed? I've always pulled off trades near the top.
Though rarely hit entering bottoms though.

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Some people accidently make money on things like link and you. No 19 year olds are making money. Theres only one way to make money in crypto. And that is swing trading. Read about how it's done in the stock market. It's even easier here because nobody has a clue what they're doing. You take. 20% gain and move along. You take a 10% loss you get out

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yeah just hold, trading is too risky

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Post more stories please. I can relate.

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>investing in an area that is going to boom nonstop for the next decade and getting antzy on a month to month basis

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Literally just hold it for awhile.
Jesus Christ.

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Listen to yourself only

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retard, wait for a flash crash of btc and then long

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why aren't you stop lossing? Manage your risk. It's totally ok to lose 1% on the gamble you go up 1-infinity %. It's completely stupid to go down and then pray to the gods the market makes you whole again.

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Ok clown, I'll break down the psychology of this situation. You want to make money. You see Ethereum and it looks good to you. Now, your mind is looking for reinforcements and validation of your greedy delusional mind. You make the trade. Only after that does your mind open up to other possibilities. Now, because you think the world is out to get you, and you're being cheated, blah blah, you look for support for that theory. That's why you created this thread. Basically, you're a weak minded asshole. Grow up, fucker.

You're welcome.

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>trading based on what twitter says
>extremely emotional
>didn't see anything about TA
yeah bro you're not gonna make it if u don't change ur attitude, stick to holding.
Also the people who say trading is gambling, if you traded with no edge and lost your opinion doesn't count, so stop demotivating others who want to learn.

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you just got BOGGED lol

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making money means realising gains. if you're up a lot, realise some of it, so you actually made money. if you don't, you neither make nor lose money

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What is an edge?

Willing to learn exact steps senpai.

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>Literally shaking crypto pasta
Love it

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OP I don't know what your strategy is for buy signals but here's a super simple one that you can back test on historical data to see it has decent win rates on a coin of your choice.

Set up an 10/20 EMA cross and a separate 200ema.

When the prices are ABOVE the 200 EMA you start looking for buy signals. The signal is the 10 ema crossing the 20. If you're on a 1/3/5 minute chart you can wait a few candles to confirm the uptrend is continuing. On a 15 minute chart it should be a lot more consistent.

If all of the above is checked, buy and immediately find out where your stop loss should be. take profits when you see the candles at the top start to shrink or use macd to spot the end of the climb.

On the flip side if prices are below the 200 EMA you're looking to short but if that's not your thing then just don't buy. Sure some people like to brag about timing the bottom perfectly and go long WAY down when prices bottom out but no you're not that good. This is in all probability where you are making your mistake over and over. You might be really zoomed into the chart and seeing a lot of green dildos thinking this is it but not seeing the bigger picture that the market is on a bigger down trend.

You want to go with the sure thing to make steady profits. Price above the long ema AND a confirmed uptrend on the short emas. Essentially you want to catch the meat of the moves and avoid trading against the trend.

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Buy the dip, not the pump.

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well the easiest edge i can think of is buying at support and sell short at resistance, but thats not enough. you also need to use some indicators to help you, there's a lot of them, you should look at videos on each one on yt so you can decide what you want to use. Sometimes the support/resistance level coincide with some indicators, also you can have some important EMA's or SMA's at a s/r level. For example when you have ichimoku cloud + 200 EMA and you see that in the past that area acted as support, i say this is a pretty good edge. People crying that the market is unpredictable but this drop was really not that hard to predict and a big possibility. just look at the resistance at 12k then we created a head and shoulders which was easy to play. When we tested 12k before the drop you could enter a short and easily manage risk by leaving the position if there's a 1-2-4 hour close above 12100-12200, all depends on your risk managament. Even if you missed that after we had closes below 11000 it was obvious that the dump would continue since we played in the 11000-12000 range for a while. 10500 was a important level and you could have easily scalped $100-200 move. So you had a lot of edges, short 12000, short after it broke down, and we had closes under 10900, long 10500, 9800-9900 was obvious support level. Now you can know all this and still lose because you're emotional.

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Change your friends or your news sources

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Get rekted lol

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Do not get emotional.
Do not hold anything.
Do not get attached to any one project.
Buy during dips, sell when you get a PREDETERMINED percentage of profit.
Swing trading is how you make money. Anything else is literally the lottery

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>A bot can (and does) this 10x better than you.
Bot dev here and ye, literally spend weeks building extra tools and upping pattern recognition to scrape more 0.3% profits from anywhere possible.

A bot doesn't sleep and doesn't panic, so it can always take the best tested action anytime without any fear. It only occasionally fucks up on off-pattern behaviour, which is where I assume other make money by luck or something.

Still looking at roughly 1% profit/day no on average, good shit.

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I did buy the BZRX dip earlier today. Price 10% below the MA, RSI and other indicators showing a reversal. I buy in and 10 minutes later it's down another 12%, on a new 2-weekly ATL

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What do you use to write a bot?

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>Anything else is literally the lottery
I think that this is not the case in this early adoption stage of this type of technology.
It is too useful and valuable to not ride a nice long uptrend.
I think the money is mostly in figuring out the politics.
XRP gets ripped on a lot, HOWEVER they play the politics game and China runs most of BTC.
So can you think of what might happen?
Regulations and politics will decide winners.
You can make money on what you are saying for sure in the interim.

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Then you know what to do? Make a decision, but bet the opposite way, no matter how illogical

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Do the community a service and announce what your doing beforehand.

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I really don't get what people have trouble with. Also wish the PL chart would extend beyond the last 3 months.
That said, there's too much uncertainty and fear in the market right now so i'm sitting this week out.

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I may be retarded but at least I'm not a Ripple holder

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The Ripple CEO is literally in talks with congress.
There has been no major legislation before on the issue.
Might be awhile, and it might not be Ripple, but someone is going to moon because of the politics and right now Ripple is the front runner.
Regardless, it will stay at a quarter and not lose anything for years otherwise, kek.

Point is, watch the politics of the situation and you will have sure long term gains.

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also trading with the trend makes everything easier

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this is actually a p good post

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This, like just do research and buy calls.

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Relax, don't do it, when you wanna go to it

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Can someone please tell me what I did wrong?
I waited for a dip, then waited for a trend reversal on the indicator, bought and it immediately flipped and dipped again.

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python, easy language, lots of packages for big data.
And it runs good on linux, meaning I can cheaply run the bot from a raspberry pi... or remote server if I had to.

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DESU it's probably confirmation bias.
The wins don't feel like anything but the losses hurt. Just the way the mind works.


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I doubt XRP will ever become worth much.
Just because ripple's tech will be used doesn't mean they will use their specific set-up.
Institutions can also buy licenses and run on a licensed custom built clone.

Which seems much more likely considering the nature of crypto.

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