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We are all gonna make it bros. Even Linklets with 1k stacks as long as you hold. We will hit $100 before EOY and $1000 EOY 2021. I personally cannot wait for the pink wojacks of swingies who got left in the dust. Don't say you weren't warned.

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That's a man

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ah, yes, the same delusional cope linkies go through every year. "this is our year guys, 1-1-1k, e-eoy, j-just u guys w-watch, h-haha". cant you faggot just shut the fuck up.

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How much did she cost per hour?

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Bout tree-fiddy

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thats clearly a man, doesnt mean i wouldnt dump a load in it though

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She's the kind of girl you crush on for years when you're a kid and then when you see her after graduating you decide to make a move and ask her out and she just laughs at you and makes something up like she's too busy or whatever and then you never see her again for years until one day you look her up on facebook out of curiosity and you realize she's a happy mom with a perfect family and you see her chad husband in her picture kissing her and so you go off to the bathroom and try to slit your wrists with some rusty razor blades you found underneath the sink but you keep leaving hesitation marks like you still want to live and you just cry and cry and cry as you look at your pathetic crying face staring back at you in the mirror in your shitty studio apartment that you have never had any guests over in and haven't gone out with friends in years because they all grew up and have families now and you just work your shit job at a boring office and never getting paid more or promoted and you just spend every night playing video games on your ancient computer alone in the dark and you have masturbated six times in a row already today and there's really no future at this point now that you're in your thirties and you see some beautiful broad's picture some dickhead posted on /biz/ that reminds you of this chick you crushed on so you dig that blade in a little deeper this time even though it hurts like a son of a bitch because death is the only way out of this nightmare

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Fuck off r9k faggot

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Except that's a man

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here we go again

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Nah, mate. She's the kind of girl you never see again for years until one day you look her up on facebook out of curiosity and you realize she's a single mom with a half-black kid

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Learn how to write you depressive reddit faggot

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But seriously, post more of this whore

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who is he?

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Next link

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thats a man.

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He lives in a cool state

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damn gamer thats some GAY ASS SHIT

if I was able to trade my success with women for my success in business I would

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Literally custom equipped, specially manufactured, artisan crafted, formed by nature, hand smithed, created and consecrated for black cock. Genuinely and literally the perfect little black cock taking nymphlet I’ve ever seen. Imagine her underdeveloped, freckled little chicken legs forced wide for the pulsating mass of coal that will ingratiate itself into her, morph and twist her innocence into bestial lust, her Snow White supple pussy swallowing that black steaming rod whole and clinging to it like a bitch in heat as some hulking ebony mastiff mates and deflowers her. Imagine her little face, so innocent, cursing and screaming for a harder pummelling and rutting from her tribal dominator, as his thick black mass erupts it’s primal seed into her crimson pure white genetic womb, staining that perfect little lineage, forever marking generations of delicate white lily flowers with steaming ape spunk, imagine her sweating and screaming as those childish hips birth a half nig child, forever staking the black man’s claim to her lineage.

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no sharpie in the butt. ngmi

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Damn, DIA holders really upgrading lately

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Mmmmm yeah that's the stuff. Some raw pain there.

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Hit a big wave of economic anxiety today, but then I saw how much potential crypto has
It's going to be fucking insane and we'll all make it if you hold the line

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btfo fat whore

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shes gonna get fat pnd her

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holy fuck doomer watch jordan peterson

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That's some really old copypasta you're falling for. Jordan Peterson is also a faggot.

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This dude is fat

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you are literally gay

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KEK. Literally too real.

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built for bbc

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This desu. And she hit the wall hard

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someone post sauce

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stinker, u mad. fat whopes are gross, sniff my feet faggot

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Thats a man baby

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finally someone made a solution to this whores huge mouth

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are you the sauce whore

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noo, she is a fatso. im a skinny

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I'm making a compilation of you that I can coom to.
Want to make any more contributions?

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i come to abuse and they adore me, fukk u

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Damn, that's hot. I'd fuck your ass

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i told abuse

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You like being abused?

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today yes

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i want to be your cuckold boyfriend and beg you to get fucked by big fat daddy co ck and sit on my face when youre done

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stupid cuck fag

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please help me i want to drink cum from ur pussyy

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post butthole you polish kurwa

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This hit too close to home, but shut the fuck up bitch I ain't here to get reminded

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fuck off>>22451784

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Thanks for the sell signal

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wife material
pnd material

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Based. Fuck janjan

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what is pnd
fuck tranny jannie

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>this fat daughter of a bitch is making super fat gains and basically, pajeet is fucking mad

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pump 'n dump

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god i want to suck her cock.

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is this leather or latex?
Either way post more.

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Fuck this dump wtf

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not even 1k linklet
not even 500 linklet
barely a linklet

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Lol, you're further down the road of despair than I am
So it's funny

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i need to know

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coom, worship on my ass and be a dog

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Love latex trannies, do you have a website?

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im not a tranny
website .
twitter only

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She's not even asian. How am I supposed to coom to this?

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im tiny like asian and got yits
fucking pedo

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until you start sticking things into your polish pooper im not interested in these posts

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post twitter

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That's nice, but your makeup skills are shit.

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>worship on my ass
>and be a dog
No. But I'd like to lay you over my lap and give you a good spanking. Should be fun in that outfit.

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lmfao yees, will i sit hour near mirror
why no? are u master

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>im not a tranny

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We are all gonna make it!

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post butthole baby

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>are u master
Yes. I'm your Master.
Now dance a bit in that outfit and upload it as webm or gif.
Or send more pics. Do you have some polish for the outfit to make it even more shiny?

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Gonna need source on this cumdumpster

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ok suck my balls

no holes, janjan tranny ban me

no lol
u will coom?

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I want you to pull your undies so tight around your bulge and then I want you to turn around and deep throat your fist. Post it in a webm

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>u will coom?
Maybe if you dance.
Your Master wants a good show first before he gives you his coom.
What about boots or gloves?

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janjan banned me
tranny jealous of me

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dont forget to save these to your private fap usb drive anons

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daaas rite, cuz janjan will clean it

>> No.22455887

Very good my servant.

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Please tell me my KAT bags will be worth something EOY

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post one more webm baby

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lol janjan cleaned, see ya by 2 weeks, nasty megan phoenix. u will pay for that

lick my cunt megan

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Wtf this is the biggest fud I have seen till now, I’m selling my stack rn

>> No.22456246

>see ya by 2 weeks,
Have a nice break my dear
>nasty megan phoenix. u will pay for that
I'm looking forward to make you pay, my dear servant girl

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Bro I have literally 7 link

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that whore banning me, hope u saved web lol

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This is a really long run on sentence...

>> No.22456430

Thank you.
What are you listening to my dear servant?
And who is Megan phoenix?

>> No.22456688

I have. Now I understand. Yeah ignore that jealous bitch

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Everyone and their mom knows this shit at this point.
Like, even my mommy spent less than $1000 on 2000 LINK and even she is never selling.

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100% a man

>> No.22457607

20 here...

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