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just gonna leave it right here

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Thinking the poorest people on earth who have no money are going to trade it for fake internet money.

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Nice digets fren

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Checked and kneeled

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>what are pajeets

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Holy fuck I knew I made the right choice when I saw that Youtube video full of big shots. Couldn't believe my eyes.
The smooth Binance approval was another big fucking sign, other projects had trouble getting on Chinknance, but not RSR.
This team is something else isn't it?

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Peter Thiel and Coinbase don't give a fuck about your meme magic numbers.
We will make it.

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checked and sold

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>implying Indians actually buy shitcoins instead of making their own

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holy shit
never seen anything like this before

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Just got some RSR, guys are we going to make it?

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Imagine doubting poor third world populations won’t trade their money for crypto. Please google Venezuela.

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Didn't Venezuelans trade Runescape gold at one point because it was more stable?

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Yeah, they are using everything and anything instead of their currency

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its going to be a crypto like KIN that will be mass adopted. where people can earn money through apps on phone and not actually having to buy it. 3rd worlds will go crazy for KIN eventually

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>This team is something else isn't it?
The Reserve team is more socially connected with high powered AAA tier top of the food chain financial powerhouses than literally any other crypto in the industry. A lot of ppl overlook the fact that Reserve has been researching and building a product for almost 7 years now.

If you are just finding out about RSR, you are not priced out yet but a Coinbase listing is happening sooner than (You) think. Fill obscene bags while you can because when it takes off its going to be violently upwards.
Lots of anons will just wake up one day as Reserve millionaires.

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Checked and kekd

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rsr dev checking in

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I'm sold on the idea of RSR, but what do you guys think of XRP as a competitor? Aren't they courting the IMF and Moneygram?

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>Total Supply 100,000,000,000 RSR

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global chain

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How hard would it be for me to get a job with you guys?

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>he doesnt know

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>he thought he was making a negative statement
>but what he said was not a denial
>digits reveal truths even when he doesn't know

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when will i be making it?
t. 2 million+ RSR holder

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what qualifications do you have ?

2025 multimillionaire

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Cursed digits of death.

The poorest people are living in countries where the currency is already unstable and RSV is a stablecoin and REAL SHIT which is backed by RSR. THE WHOLE POINT is that "internet money" is a better place for them to store value than using their own country's money.

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There is a similar project I'm looking at which has stated they WILL burn tokens to reduce the supply, so your memes have no power here. The only problem is that it would be better if RSR was .00017 cents instead of .017 cents.

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does that 2021-2022 millionaire?

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Given you've already increased your presumed initial investment from 2000 dollars to 35000, I would say once it moons another 10 times you'll already be in a position to move to a small town and be a neet forever and ever.

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2000 EOY guaranteed

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Prove it, send me 10000 coins lol

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Link of the tweet fren ?

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>waiting for my new part-time wagey position to begin so I don't spend all day looking at .01 ups and downs on my memecoins

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bought in pretty much as soon as the swap services listed RSR. $.0026 was my avg cost basis if i recall. was up 10x already at one point but i'm not selling any until at least after main net and coinbase listings. i've been crypto for a long time and my hands are strong.

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Veteran with a background in IT and radio communications, BA in Asian Culture from a top 25 school, and 4-5 years of project management experience at a medium sized business. I don't have an official CS minor, but I took lots of basic courses in undergrad and fuck around with computers and servers as a hobby. I know C, C++, and Python, but am good at learning new languages generally.

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get to at least 1 million so you make $10K+ w/ every penny it goes up. that makes it much more fun to watch

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Nice, how many do you got now

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>BA in Asian Culture

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>Total Demand: 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 RSR

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shoot me an email at erveeres@gmail.com

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banksters - will get richer
you - sorry

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すごい です です おに ちゃん

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Single millionaire at that amount wen? pls say eoy

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Do you get paid partly in RSR?

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Depending on how fast it takes the global economy to bounce back from what looks like a depression - a $3 price target for RSR should most likely happen no later than 2025.

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Imagine being so retarded that you think the market cap would be an issue given what the project is built to do.

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When do you think we will hit 50 cents?

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Oh thought you were him

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digits confirm they will

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>Total Supply 100,000,000,000 RSR

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What's suicide stack? And how much will it be worth in the future?

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thanks just sold 300k

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Bruhh I'm so happy for you my man, you've really made it you should feel proud of yourself. We're going to make it

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Just market sold 5M RSR

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How do I buy this coin? What brokers/wallet are you using? I'm a complete noob

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Thanks! I'm going to lose all of my savings now :)

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Holy shit

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when the FUCK is coinbase going to list this shit already

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Would you recommend the mobile app? All of the 1 star reviews saying that Binance doesnt allow withdrawals is scaring me

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Thiel holds dinner parties with white supremacists and Bannon cronies. This is going nowhere.

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No niggers allowed

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Binance is fine and I've withdrawn to my wallet plenty of times.
Although only from PC because I am not a phone posting faggit

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Didn't he have a connection with Epstein?

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Nope, hes untouchable.

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And he funds successful companies.

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What do you mean? The two aren't incompatible

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>no more trudeaubux and only have a pajeet bag of 30k

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100k, make it stack is 1mil.

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next year

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My fucking state is one of the only ones Binance isn't available in. I tried Niggerbase(Coinbase) and they don't support it either. I'm a Down syndrome retard when it comes to shit like this. Do you happen to know of anywhere else I can get it? Thanks for your patience, I have crippling autism

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yes, and they still do, and there is WAY more Runescape GP then there is RSR, and RSGP still sells for like $0.60/m

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simpleswap, uniswap, huobi

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You can use Kyberswap too. It's dead simple to use.

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cashapp > uniswap/kyberswap

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Lmaoing at all the idiots buying into xrp 2.0

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lol savaged

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Simpleswap is a rip-off. They’ll take like 6%.

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I remember watching biz shill LINK. I ignored it and it boomed!

Here is your next chance fuckers ....your chance to get in before the next boom!

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1mm RSR hodler checking in. Feeling comfy AF.

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>Thinking the poorest people on earth who have no money are going to trade it for fake internet money.

Digits mean this comment is unironic.

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How old is this tweet?
He just seems like any random blue check twitterer. It’s not really a shock that an investor in the crypto would start shilling the crypto, though I wonder when this might begin seeing how this protocol has so many big names attached.

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im not going to dig through that guy's twitter but if i remember correctly, the tweet is like 3-4 years old

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Yah, I'd put my money on xrp over rsr, but seeing as they are targeting different major markets it's possible that there could be some medium term gains on rsr
The funniest fucking thing about rsr threads is they're just nuzerpers

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Can someone explain why a stable currency has room to moonshot?

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I've heard a few different people repeat this number. When do you think it's going there and why that number specifically?

RSV is the stable token. RSR is how RSV remains stable.

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you havent even done the most basic of research to know the difference between RSR/RSV and you want to be spoon fed? fuck off and stay poor forever, lazy faggot

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>binance still hasn't approved me for depositing my own fucking money into it

Anything that burns eth as gas sucks ass

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Some people think the glamorous RSR memes are lame.
What do you think about this?


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Like most things, big if true.

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How do I buy RSR without getting assfucked by eth gas fees on uniswap

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Buy on an exchange

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how do in the US

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Download Opera browser, it has a built-in VPN that you can turn on and set for anywhere outside the US, then sign up for an exchange that has RSR that doesn't have KYC

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thanks mayne, any suggestions on an exchange? binance?

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It was some AI prediction for rsr 10 years from now iirc.

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Also, make sure you only use Opera with the VPN to visit the exchange. I have heard horror stories of people forgetting and logging into the exchange without the vpn and then they can't withdraw because they can't prove they don't live in the US.

Binance is good, Hotbit is OK. Just try a small transfer to and then from the exchange before you send a bunch of money, just to test the waters. Also, as soon as you buy, I would transfer off the exchange unless you plan to trade frequently

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I just want to accumulate. Much appreciated friend.

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Look, its the faggot thats been posting pedo shit and closet gay stuff all day

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You can tell by his glownigger filenames, he's shitting up the canadian ubi thread right now.