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HOW TO MAKE FREE $$$ FROM HOME CLICK FOR DETAILS!!! hello anon would you like to earn FREE money from home? well i have a VERY exciting offer to tell you about. if you download the brave browser right now and enable ad rewards you can earn FREE money, yes thats right, FREE money right from your computer! all you need is an internet connection and you can start earning TODAY!

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Was BAT farming anon from the other day a LARP or not I couldn't really tell

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Buy sushi sir

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earning from india very good strong money sir

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1 1/2 hours left on YEET ico.
Ultra low supply cap.
Yield farming.
Defi Degen Gambling
VCs and OGs holding
$4.20 snapshot price
$42 listing price


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Don't forget to watch the BAT podcast bros.

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also check into Epic Cash the next bullish privacy coin that will do bigger xs than verge and monero.

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Her voice is so soothing

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How many bat to plow her butthole

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i think it was a larp

thats going to be difficult because she probably has more than you so no matter how high bat goes she will always be richer

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Easy contender for /biz/ LARP of the year.

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turn your hourly ads to 5 friends

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Nope, we just froze all the farmers wallets hahahahaha

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It was a pretty good larp

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If you interact with the ad do you get paid more than just opening it? What is the ideal amount of time to spend looking at the ad?

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it was a larp but he REALLY stood by it

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no you dont need to interact with it at all you can close them all and you get paid the same amount. you never have to click on one if you dont want to.

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Indeed. Even if it worked, you'd never be able to cash out though. Was a fun thread.

You don't get paid more but you help clickthrough rates if you just click them every once in a while. They also measure viewing the page for at least 10 seconds. You don't get any extra rewards though.

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I swear my number of pending BAT for the next month payout keeps changing. Am I a BAT schizo now?

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LARP. I tried all the changes he mentioned in the thread "ads_per_hour","ads_per_day" and nothing changed.

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It was a pathetic LARP obviously. But the real question is what was the motivation? Why go to all that trouble I don't get it

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$40 2021, screencap this you faggots.

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My name is boof and this is my story

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can we get some more scantily clad ladies in this thread?

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That was the best LARP in a while. It was def worth the effort
>Most active thread on the board
>Caused a lot Panic
>Tricked a lot of coding noobs to try the method
>Best FUD we had in a while

Checked. I'm taking requests from EVERYONE. Just post what you want to see.

What you want to see? Not going to rapid dump this time around because the last Saturday thread got thot wiped.

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More of her.

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I want to see some ANGRY bitches like they're mad that they have to thot it up for social media points

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Is the Telegram still active? Someone drop the link for the OG thot poster. Meant to join a few weeks back.

I got like a gig of her somewhere. I'll post if I can find them. Nudes are legit but she Photoshops her pics. Still nice though.

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how do i do this?

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>Brave Rewards
>Ads Settings (set max number of ads displayed to 5)

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thank you for the info and bless you for the .webm

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Cant withdraw your coins without disclosing your personal info. This is BS.

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Anytime, lad. Drop a thot request or any Brave questions if you have any.

That's actually a pretty rare one. I see a few hundred thot clips a day and never come across those too much. If I find any they'll probably be pretty cringe but Ill look for uyou. Can't be too mad raking in 6 figures a month from "influencing"

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Brap bro was in the thread....,....but there were no braps posted.

Cover me in peanut butter and call me Sherlock, I think I'm on to something.

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I've had this browser on my phone for 3 days now, earned around 0.4 BAT
Hopefully I can get to around 10 bat per month

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name one place you can withdraw any crypto or money of any kind without disclosing your info faggot

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Whoever gives me that Telegram link will have unlimited OnlyFans, pics, webms, etc of any thot they want, plus I'll dump the best stuff on there I can't post here. TB's of thots lads, let me get that link. I can grow any social media you have as well.

I posted some info about Python ITT but I wasn't the LARPer.

You used to be able to clear 50 BAT+ per month easily. Rewards got the nerf bat though.

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When self serve

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name of these thots pls

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I'll tell you when I'm back at my PC. Got a lot of her pics and clips Ill dump. I can find the other Anon's post too for you if he doesnt give it to you.

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thanks fren

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Eoy I'd speculate. I suspect both self serve and sdk are released.

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Yeah that's only 3 months I doubt it

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Haven’t checked the GitHub in a min but that shit was in testing and about done before fucking Covid hit. We should’ve been had self serve.

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The BAT experiment failed, it proven to be just as volatile as the rest of crypto. No future as an ad or tipping service when 1 dollar today could be half tomorrow.

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Check the GitHub and press releases.

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This doesn't even make sense.

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Just changing those settings doesn't make sense. He said he made specific calls to the server no? I wanna look into it but it seems time consuming

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what if 1 dollar today is half a dollar tomorrow

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can you dump this bitches OF @lucifersfatcoochie

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Great username

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bumping for coochie thot

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It better be good lol

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Now I want to know what this thot looks like

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Based coomer

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Give me a link to the Telegram and you have every OnlyFans you could ever want.

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Not a coomer, just a thot poster with near unlimited access. I like to share with BATlads. I see so much of this shit I haven't had a dick twitch from shit like this in years.

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Appreciate it, lad. What thot are you talking about?

Not a coomer, just a thot poster with unlimited access. I always dump in BAT threads. I can't even get a dick twitch from this shit I see so much of it.

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@lucifersfatcoochie this his her onlyfans

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lmao this man is on a mission. respect the grind my dude.

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https://www.instagram.com/hayley.maeee/ this one

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ive come too fucking far to turn back now. i just randomly saw this bitch on tiktok while i was taking a shit like an hour ago and would have normally just scrolled right past, but then i remember he was taking requests and now im invested in this so i need to see it through

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Its what brendan eich would have wanted.

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Lad, I don't even have to script her page to get in. All of its already leaked unless you want the full access. I can give you a code that works for a bit but here





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thats not the same girl brosef

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Yeah, I just noticed. This thot is a nobody on social media and got mixed up with another thot with the same name. I'll dump here or on Telegram if it takes me a min.

These unheard of thot is charging $20 a month for this trash? I'll look into it for you but you can find better thots at your local WalMart. Her content and following are trash.

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wtf is that red light on the pillow? isnt that a fire hazard?

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Lad, wtf is this thing? Whoever pays for this shit needs to shot in Minecraft. Ill keep m y word though.

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Body makes sense now, she used to be a bit tubby. Going to stop shitposting for now but Ill see what I can do. I'll be lurking time to time if anyone wants anything else.

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topkek. in the tiktok video i saw her in she works as a gas station attendant. she is a trashy ho fasho and i saw that it was 20 a month i really want to see where she gets off charging for more than netflix

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is this even the same bitch? looks like she mustve started smoking crack or something to lose the weight

>> No.22446197

It’s from the Insta link. All her pics are heavily filtered and Photoshopped too. That’s 100% her. You might be disappointed, I know how this will end up already Kek.

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Lmao bro what were you thinking

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