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Get in

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I’ve missed Ark

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Last chance anons

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How much to make it?

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Whatever you can afford

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By when?

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10k suicide stack, 25k to make it

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When will people realize that projects like eth can't scale for shit and that ark is the boat that is going to rise to the top. Also, 30 fucking bucks

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It’s only starting to warm up

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>like eth can't scale for shit
yes, but there over ten other ETH killers that can, not just ARK

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Top 100 coin easily, top 50 mid next year

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>top 100 coin easily

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Just wait and see

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I love how people have forgotten about Ark, even tho it’s the only team that has been showing actual results and trying to make a product for mass markets and bring blockchain to normies. Biz has been too busy collecting shitcoins that just rugpull on them.

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This. Ark has always been /ourcoin

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how about tell me what makes ARK special from literally the hundreds of other ETH killers on the market.

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I made almost $10k on ARK in 2017

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>the only team that has been showing actual results
you know how many times ive heard this for other shitcoins, lmao

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Show me another legacy project that has stayed afloat after 2017 and is still super active and keeps bringing results

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They have years and years of funding ahead of them and they’re open and transparent about this... constantly blogging and updating, hiring, developing, ark is a good egg

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Not gonna spoonfeed you, anon. To be fair, how the team is handling certain things is still very problematic. But if you look at the github and general dev activity over the course of 2019 and 2020, you should realize that this thing WILL reclaim old ATH only to surpass it. Will take another 18months I think, though

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What I respect the most about this team is that they are starting to narrow their focus to what they actually want to achieve. Even back a few years ago, every project thought they were going to change the world overnight. Simplifying and attracting normies is the name of the game, and I think Ark actually has a material head start

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Token not needed lol

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I never forgot about ARK. I have a whole folder for shitposting it, but it doesn't get used much any more.

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i did it lads i got me 1200 arks

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That's for real?

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Keep buying

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ive been out of the crypto loop for 3 years im still rusty when i logged on thtis morning for first time since then I saw i still had 140 shares of FUNfair left, even though the coin went bust years ago kek

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Ha, funny you say that, FUN was actually the project that made me the most money and also lost me the most money in Dec17/Jan18, still feel sad that they went nowhere, as Jez is a really good develoer

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And damn, tripple 7’s, maybe a sign?

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back in sept-dec 17 my brother said FUN was the way to go but I said ARK thanks to /biz/ and i made a bunch of money and him..not so much

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those were some nice figures

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Those times were fun

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Yes, anon. Better start/keep buying til 10k least

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this is what I hear from bagholders for every coin

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When has a project pumped to top 20, subsequently dumped for years to under 150th, ever recovered to previous levels? Has it ever happened in all of crypto? New alts pump, leave a bunch of bag holders, and never go up again outside of peak bull markets. Do you know how many ARK bag holders there are? This was the top /biz/ coin 3 years ago. There were threads of people fomoing in at 110k+ sats. Not to mention the community is completely dead. I think there is only one project using ARK. Sorry bros, ARK was the first crypto I ever bought, but alts don't get a second chance. They pump to the top and stay there, or dump to nothing never to return.

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This thing will go to around 2,50-3,00 dollars THIS year easily. Have to admit there will be other projects that will pump harder..... but: lots of bag holder will get their chance to get rid of their bags at these price levels. A New ATH is More than a year away

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Interesting to see 3 Ark thread here today. Never seen one before (i was off doing something else in 2017).

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If you must buy an old coin go with OMG. Its actually going to be used for something unlike ARK. I dumped all my ARK into OMG then OMG went 4x.

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30 Bucks anons

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>ark coin
man, those were the days

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I don't know why it couldn't happen if a project really proves itself useful. I agree it's extremely rare. I don't know anything about ark, just saying in general.

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I'll never forget the dread I felt when their wallet was updated with a create an avatar

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unironically a great project - 30 FUCKING BUCKS

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