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you hold at least 1 YFI, right, anon?

you haven't been neglecting your fleeting ticket to 7 figures by purchasing scam fork tokens, right, anon?

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it's about to pump isn't it

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30 YFI is the billionaire stack.

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It went from $35-$1000 on its first day. How was I meant to know about it after only 1 day? I don't remember it being shilled here.

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I have 5 and I don't know what to do. Do I sell some at 100k or just hold forever and pray that this is literally the next crypto amazon that I can live off the dividends?

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Sell 1.5 and diversify.

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When I understood what YFI actually was and did, I dumped my LTC, XLM and other assorted shit I’d been holding since 2017 that had been doing nothing into it and instantly saw the benefits. This is the real deal but people will be put off by its relative price. Which is a shame as it means the wealthy will simply get wealthier.

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First of all get in touch with a financial advisor so you don't get raped by the taxman, also make sure your wallet is really secure (cold storage and so on). That being said, sell one at 100k, another at 200k, another at 500k and keep the rest in case we hit a mil.

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>First of all get in touch with a financial advisor so you don't get raped by the taxman
is this even worth it? how do I find financial advisors who would even come close to understanding what the fuck I'm doing?

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You have 5 YFI, which is between half a million and five million dollars by EOY. You want to hand over half of that to the IRS? Those guys exist, and you might as well try to get in touch with them, cause they could save you a lambo's worth of cash.

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My problem is I don't know where to find these said advisors, and how do I know which ones aren't just going to be a waste of money and I would be better off figuring it out myself.

this is where rich family bloodlines will always win. my monkey ass can get lucky trading altcoins but I still don't know shit about handling money.

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It's not that fucking hard dude. Research it online, if you don't find anything then walk into Chase, Wells Fargo or BoA and ask them how they could help you with your crypto investments in terms of taxes. You wanted to make it? It's a pathetically small amount of work. At least get an accountant.

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yeah, you're right. thanks anon.

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I'm thinking about investing 5k into either YFI or YFV. Why is YFV so low? It makes me feel a little bullish

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Don't listen to these retards.
Put your YFI into AAVE. Pull out USDC at health factor 7 and spend it like you normally would.
Never sell YFI = no gains = no taxable event

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How many % can YFI lose at health factor 7 before I get liquidated?

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YFV hit a 7X and then bitcoin shit the bed. Im in it a bit still to see where it goes after this accumulation

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That’s a bad idea, any crypto trades are taxable events the IRS WILL eventually find out, don’t be foolish anon.

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you sound like a guy buying ripple cus its "so cheap very bullish" lol

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i need money in my bank account to spend on real life shit.

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I admittedly have only done 30 mins of research. But to be fair I started an hour ago.
I just can't find anything online that explains its drop

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YFV is actually cheap tho given its TVL and the upcoming updates.

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Didn't even know that yfi can be put into aave...

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i am salty as fuck that I didn't buy this when I saw it at $1000. The price just seems to high to buy in now. Would rather get into something early. Thinking of buying a big stack of YFV while it is cheap

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Exactly the same here

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I've been DCAing into YFV for the past days since it dropped below 19.
Don't want to be all-in if it dips to 10 but don't want to miss out the inevitable bounce either.

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And your kind of rationalizing is exactly why YFI will hit $100k this year. This shit is getting listed on Coinbase Pro, wake up anon!

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If YFV hits 40 that's the same upside though. And seems a lot more likely.

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I agree with you, just speculate on shitcoins in order to accumulate more YFI.

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Not sure. You can read into Aave's documentation.

Not a crypto trade. It is a loan. YFI will keep going up long term so no liquidation.

You send the USDC to Coinbase to USD to your bank account...

I sold at $4000, $11000, $17000 thinking surely this is the top. I just bought back more.

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I bought one at $30k after hearing about the coinbase listing. I could've bought at $2k but thought it was overpriced... Oh well. At this point, if we have another GBR, I unironically believe this can go to a $100bil MC.

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not when you zoom out
you're projecting

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I gotta ask you bro’s who are in yfi. Were there threads about it? Or did y’all just stumble on it by mistake.
Noob here and I think I just got scammed on yiifi protocol (riding this y wake)

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I literally found out about YFI and the whole DeFi deal just today. What the fuck did I miss?

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Yeah there were a bunch of threads but few explaining what YFI actually was and more like the typical shilling of any new token. People were getting the token for free through farming and the creator said it wasnt supposed to be worth much
then he almost quit so most people like myself didn't take it seriously and just saw it as a quick flip.

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A whole shit ton. Be glad you missed the Sushi drama. But here are the basics of YFI:

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I'm just glad I put most hodling in BNB, since it's doing pretty good for some reason. But now I feel regret not caring about crypto for the last months.

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same. I was in it in 2017 but stopped, because it was too much of a hassle. Then just jumped right back in a few months after this yfi crap. Feelsbadman

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Basically Ampleforth kickstarted the latest crypto run in July, drawing in more activity and copycats. Then yield farming/governance/LINK in August.
Right now is uncertain whether crypto will continue up or dump and depends a lot on the economic health of the stock market.

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Ampl didn't start it though.
>Link set up the basic infrastructure to allow projects like AAVE and SNX to exist without risking false input
>yield farming started, leading to the creation of YFI (originally just a yield farming / strategy aggregator)
>AMPL was more of a fringe phenomenon (which is pretty ponzi-like but also had a kind of yield farming in form of the geysir)
>AMPL dumped hard because it only pumped due to FOMO
>YFI didn't dump because it has actual fundamentals and is backed by numbers and innovation
Yield farming shitcoins are still popping up left and right and might just exist for a few more months or even years, especially because it can be a very abstract idea in, e.g., the case of RARI, in which NFTs (which might be the next big thing) can be traded, in turn letting you "farm" its governance token as reward for participating on the platform.

YFI also looks to be about to test $40k again btw...

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>ETH set up the basic infrastructure in 2015

I just remember crypto seeming boring til the middle of the summer once people were going crazy for rebases then clones popping up. Before that it was a slow rebound from the March crash. The AMPL fomo led to renewed interest in crypto 5x's in a week and here we are today with 100x's in a week.

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its fucked up the way our minds work. i seen this dip to $18k, considered taking out a loan on aave to buy more, and then decided against it. now its doubled in price , i STILL think it's cheap, but i cant risk buying more. wtf?

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I think it's just a coincidence desu. I made sweet gains with trustswap and the DMG sale around the same time. And aave mooned before that, too. And some other tokens. You might be right in that it could have served as leverage at getting more general interest into crypto again...

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This just IN, btw. Nicely coinciding with the coinbase listing. Hope they'll also do something about the link vault soon.

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do you even know how this one got distributed?

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>it could have served as leverage at getting more general interest into crypto again
This is what I mean. This board was boring before Ampleforth.

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Saw this at 1k, didnt buy. I cri and now dont want to buy.

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See you at 100k

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1 million*

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It's not too late for NYAN.

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Yup, I finally ripped off the bandaid when it dropped from 40k to 20k and settled for my measly 13% of a coin

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Is it a scam? How many to make it? How does it work? Is it worth selling link for and how many?

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I just bought some HOUSE @ $30.
Is this capable of having a similar return to YFI?

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isnt this thing just being forked and other projects can do the exact same thing?

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Why are people convinced that a pyramid scheme is the next big thing?

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you mean holding YFV?

>> No.22433539

Remember when BTC was forked? How are those projects now?

>> No.22433682

Andre Cronje’s side project

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nice get ready for 100k this weekend
so bullish

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He says and acts like that so there won't be hype and people won't buy the token or farm it. That way he and his friend can get more of it during the distribution. He knows very well how much value the token has.

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just bought 10, easy money with YFI mooning this will skyrocket as well

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>30 YFI is the billionaire stack.
checked. i only have 27.8. i'll have to buy more with fees from staking my yfi.

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This is like owning a piece of Berkshire Hathaway in 1980. We are fucking early anons.

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>Thinking of buying a big stack of YFV while it is
this is like buying bitcoin sv over the real bitcoin. dont be retarded.

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Some have to learn the hard way anon.

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I saw it when it was at 180$-200$ and didn't buy. I thought it's already too expensive. Fuck, I could buy an apartment in my city if I'd still hold this

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they tax you HALF???

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Cronje the messiah we need you more now than ever.
Help a poor bro out man. Code something better

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This issue is its inflationary tokenonics. Even though issuance of the yfv token will stop in a few days, the new token will be pegged 1:1, so inflation will continue for some time

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Its the top fucking retard.
Buy high sell low, biz never change

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The top is $1mil per YFI. A $30bil MC is easily reachable.

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does fud even work on 300 iq yfi holders?

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Checks YFI price. ATH.

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pussy and ngmi

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Now you made me feel poor with my 19 yfi

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the more i read about yfi the more bullish i become

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I only have 10. I want to KMS.

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Just don't get. It's a trend that will end when xrp skyrocks

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Your brain is a bubble about to pop, please fomo in at $200k

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FUUUUUUU I knew I should have gotten in, but it's just way too fucking expensive now. Rug pull imminent.

>> No.22437077

30k tokens. It’ll be expensive at $1,000,000.

>> No.22437100

Checked. Will it dip like it did the other day? Fuck it feels like this shit just came out of nowhere.

>> No.22437160

I would just fomo in, this shit is getting listed on Coinbase pro next week. People are starting to realize that this shit deserves to be in the top 10 at the very least. Good luck anon

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>but it's just way too fucking expensive now.
Link is valued 10x higher while generating no income.

>> No.22437961

Anything successful is never shilled here.

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It was. During the first week jannies were deleting threads because farming was still going on. After that there were shill threads active basically at all times.

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> Jannies ruin the investment chance for countless members of Biz

Now I understand why we see the 'Fuck Jannies' threads so often. They really just ruined it for people.

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What income does yfi generate exactly?

>> No.22438114

Right now just the governance pool. But I think they were looking at a revamped YFI vault

>> No.22438138

But where does it come from?

>> No.22438188

basket of assets such as:
yeezy shoes, pokemon cards, ken griffey rookie cards, x-men comics, etc.

>> No.22438203

Fees generated from all their other vaults.

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i'm about to make it anons

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There was one thread. I fomod at 2k having understood it a little and linkgod posted about it.
I usedf free AMPL rebase from that day to secure .55, tried to swing when it was reaching for the sky, sold 80% for a measly 2x.
I did the same for my gf but I don't actively trade her freebees, just collect projects for her when the rabade was positive, so she has MORE yfi than me, and doesn't even know what it is.
It hurts mane it hurts.

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An absolute grand slam on YFI now is what $100K? 200K? that's a 2x-5x from here... meh.

>> No.22438909

10 is great! i had 10, sold 1/3 to take my profits around $30k (a 40x for me). make sure to take profits along the way, because you never know.

>> No.22438916

Are people who bought YFI natural good investors or just lucky fools?

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I had two, sold one, still feel that I'm lucky to get in at about 1,2 btc per yfi. Initially I thought I'd sell at 100k, but now I'm not. This was my lucky strike, suck my fag anons. You bois who have more than 10 and bought in at sub one k, idk but I think I hate you, but I still love you. You fucking made it! Godspeed fagets.

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in my case, i heard about it early because of some information sources i follow, and after one night of manic research i knew i had to buy. i actually learned about curve first.

>> No.22439325

One of the only tokens earning positive cash flow outside of its own ecosystem...you decide but fundamentally was obvious even before any of the newer products insurance, etc.

>> No.22439370

fucking shit I remember when this came out and the fucking founder said the token had no value so I didnt buy at 600$ FUCK my ass raw AAAAAA

>> No.22439419

funny, i only knew about it at 3k because of this place.

>> No.22439437

What are you doing with your yfi? , mine is staked, i can take the senpai out for burgers with the rewards now, am I doing it wrong?

>> No.22439445

if you looked at it, looked at the developer, AND noticed that it was 30k total supply, but STILL thought it was overvalued - congratulations, you're a retard.

>> No.22439467

>What are you doing with your yfi? , mine is staked, i can take the senpai out for burgers with the rewards now, am I doing it wrong?
i use my yfi to farm foods and get 1-3% daily ROI

>> No.22439475

>when xrp skyrocks
imagine sucking banks' dicks so hard you want to exchange precious, limited BTC/XMR/ETH for something they print on a whim.
XRP is the regulatory capture coin of crypto. its sole purpose is to enrich the facilitators, not the retail user.

>> No.22439529

yfi was a very good iq filter.
brainlets were selling what they farmed, happy at a ~800% apy

>> No.22439546


Shhh the big boys are talking

>> No.22439775

just tell me why the banker's coin would want to enrich peasants? it is stated that XRP foundation will dump XRP if price appreciates too quickly "to promote stability", you know this, right?
you're bagholding something that is DESIGNED to not moon beyond $1.

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I farmed around 14 of these. 10 the first night with only 30k in curve. I eventually sold 4 for Lend around 8k (big mistake) but have been holding my original 10 since day 1.

I found that most biz posters completely failed to grasp the potential of this protocol. Instead they were more interested in being "early" in the various scams and ponzi clones that followed because the tokens were "cheaper" although lacked any fundamentals. Realized biz was largely a waste now with very little insight. Just a lot of shilling of ponzis. It was this time I started following certain defi twitter accounts more closely and have found their advice more insightful and profitable than 99% of biz

>> No.22439977

the typical simp investor

>> No.22439995

Examples of good accounts to follow ?

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Just got into farming today through the zapper Ui. I'm just using Link in the yvaults. Whats the best way to maximize my daily ROI without selling Link?

>> No.22440188

tell me one info source you cherish, please.

>> No.22440216

Some i can think of:

Defi (esp liquidity mining/ yield farming) requires more intelligence and technical knowledge to really benefit from than the pump and dump tactics here. The best players have varying degrees of knowledge in computers, blockchain (smart contracts and eth), and finance. The best tend to be people that write smart contracts (solidity, vyper languages). Just being able to know how to interact directly with a contract without needing a UI is helpful. People good at all of these generally make a lot of money. I've been balls deep in this stuff learning since early July and have turned 105k cash into 630k.

>> No.22440227

woke up to a new ATH and this thread is still alive

good morning biz

>> No.22440256

If you're good at complex strategy games like EU4 where you deal with multiple systems interacting with each other. You can potentially excel at defi. Some people compare it to a giant MMO with real money

>> No.22440278

admittedly, most of my gains come from a single token though

>> No.22440327 [DELETED] 

>If you're good at complex strategy games like EU4 where you deal with multiple systems interacting with each other. You can potentially excel at defi. Some people compare it to a giant MMO with real money
I spent most of my life playing RTS

>> No.22440382

>I found that most biz posters completely failed to grasp the potential of this protocol. Instead they were more interested in being "early" in the various scams and ponzi clones that followed because the tokens were "cheaper" although lacked any fundamentals. Realized biz was largely a waste now with very little insight. Just a lot of shilling of ponzis. It was this time I started following certain defi twitter accounts more closely and have found their advice more insightful and profitable than 99% of biz
so true

>> No.22440433

I haven't been following up with YFI because I was out of the crypto game for a while, but getting back in slowly these days. How much of a dip you guys think I should expect, to buy in nicely and get some cool comfy little profit in the next 5 days or so? Maybe I should buy as is since it's parabolic, but having at least some dip would convince me more, just not sure how much that'd be since I wasn't following much until a few days ago.

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Cringe, but if you were good at Vicky 2 you would have made it already

>> No.22440537

The dip was last weekend. Dipped to 18k

>> No.22440797

YFI price doesn’t follow typical altcoin patterns. There’s no presale VC or team bag holders dumping on you as it goes up. Also, since the coin can farm cash in the gov pool or be used for collateral for stablecoins to farm other opportunities, not much incentive to put it on a central exchange like binance. This means the sell side liquidity remains low most of time unless there’s a big market wide sell off. Most liquidity probably on uniswap or sushiswap dexes since these pools are incentivized with other tokens right now

>> No.22440841

Think about it, Cuckbase had to buy a certain amount of YFI to have on the exchange. All this does is further dilute the distribution. Circulating supply will become very low and push us towards 1 million

>> No.22440891

There’s no VC base to tap into for this which I’m sure makes it difficult. Coinbase does phase launches based on available liquidity. May take some time to acquire enough.

30 bil MC = 1 mil YFI price
Ripple was 150 bil mc at its peak

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File: 45 KB, 778x512, 1510869587718.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>30 bil MC = 1 mil YFI price
>Ripple was 150 bil mc at its peak
inject this hopium into my fucking veins

>> No.22441023

What you farming now?

>> No.22441038

if i have less than 20k invested, is it worth it to stop flipping smaller market caps and simply buy YFI, LEND, and SNX and stop looking?
not quite sure how much room those 3 have to go up from here, or if LEND and SNX are worth buying if it means buying less YFI
can't help but feel like i'm totally fomoing into YFI at this point though

>> No.22441136

This is actually good advice on this shit hole of a board.

>> No.22441235

I’m confused. YFP or YFV?

>> No.22441717

That's interesting. I'm doing some reading on it and how different it is and I think I got the major points. I did plenty of trading for a long time, but stopped around 6 months ago for life situations. Now I spared a bit of extra money and want to try going x2 or x3 asap, so I can start rebuilding a portfolio. Do you think looking into YFI and farming, even with a low value and somewhat fast (but modest) expectations is worth it at all?

Thanks, I noticed that, I was analyzing the graph, and wondering what would be an interesting time to buy in now.

>> No.22441774

50k tonight

>> No.22441866

I saw the initial sale of this listed and within the description it said "this token has no value" so I didn't bother buying it. AMA.

>> No.22441999

Is 1 YFI enough to make it?

>> No.22442078

I certainly hoe so, cuz that's all i got.

>> No.22442297

>hur dur hur dur i thought it was too high
>it was surely the top hur dur
How can this people even invest in crypto? there are people like this who have been trading for more than 5 years and still don't get it.
It is pumping and it will keep pumping due to its low supply YFV cannot reach even 500$ because it has more than 96% the supply YFI, YFII, YFFI or YFL have. Really this is mindblowing, how can people throw their money at something and don't understand or even make the attempt to understand what they are doing.

>> No.22442357

the question i have is more like, it's at a $1.3b mc now, what are we thinking is a bullish / moderate / realistic expectation for it?

>> No.22442401

5 billion

>> No.22442421

i cannot tell a price because it could be an obscene one but it should reach top 10 mc

>> No.22442520

top 10 would be a 2.5x from here
hitting top 5, or LINK's mc would be a 3.8x from here

>> No.22442662

It will flip BTC in MC.

>> No.22443091

Sure buddy

>> No.22443304

LINK went to 5 or 6 billion, DOT went to 5 or 6 billion, so at this point, i'm thinking that's the upper bound for a coin that goes into full nuclear fomo and has a presence of top exchanges

>> No.22443374

See if that's the upper bound then the upside isn't that great to me
You can get the 4x elsewhere much faster and without it taking nuclear fomo to get there as you alluded to

>> No.22443708

Your $3 won't make a difference here anyway. You're priced out. I think this is for a different investor class...

>> No.22443725

1 YFI will be enough to live on soon on passive income. Please enjoy peddling your Uniswap shit coins and getting rugged you pajeet.

>> No.22443726

70 million within 18 months per token.
Put this on a wall and the date down.
Thank me when we get to 70mill

>> No.22443844

jesus, yeah i get if you got in earlier than me, it's a different story. but as someone who's looking at it now, i'm trying to make sense of what kind of opportunity it is from here
wasn't meant to rustle your jimmies
so a $2 trillion market cap? and what would BTC's market cap be in this scenario my friend

>> No.22443893

Wasn't trying to be offensive. Just sayin'... It's a link-tier blue chip you can invest into for relatively safe and steady gains. Which appears to a different investor class. You won't 100x in one month off it.

>> No.22444033

>4x elsewhere much faster
one is gambling and one is a certainty. if you can’t understand what YFI is by now maybe crypto isn’t for you

>> No.22444098

anons I bought and am trying to stake on the site by connecting to my metamask. my transaction seems to keep timing out even though I have my gas fee set at fastest. wut gives?

>> No.22444418
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ok, I did it. I FOMO'd in. who else here /all in/?

>> No.22444492

waiting for the correction to fomoin
bought around 3k and sold around 6 ;/

>> No.22444544

We are going to 100k

>> No.22444592

>70 million within 18 months per token.
>Put this on a wall and the date down.
>Thank me when we get to 70mill

Thank you in advance.

>> No.22444670

This is way over priced. Seriously Way over priced. What are you paying for? Profits on a liquidity pool that can just as easily be forked (and it has) - replicated, improved upon, etc.

>> No.22444785

that's just the immediate future, fren. i think it could go to 10 or even 30 billion, as these caps were not unattainable even for shitcoin chains in 2017. i think it's a much better bet than shitcoins where there isn't a fraction of the momentum, development, excitement, public spotlight as yfi

>> No.22444806

Yes, and LINK, BTC and ETH can be ripped off too? Guess what doesn’t fucking matter.

>> No.22444835

if it doesn't make sense to you anon, don't invest. but there are moats being built now that will create more network effects. there are also features being built out that benefit from large pools of capital, like insurance. harder to compete with things like that when you're an upstart.

>> No.22445035

Could you YFI Chads spare some advice for a poorfag who just found out about this at the end of last month? If I've got 15-20k that I can invest in crypto, should I try to buy some YFI with the idea that it will eventually moon some more, or have I completely missed the bus here? I'm farming some YFV now in the hopes of "catching up" one day, but other than that I'm kinda clueless.

>> No.22445057

I bought a bunch at 3,600. Obviously, I'm feeling pretty good now.
I'm still unclear the best way to leverage it to make more. (Makes about 7% staked in ygov right now)

>> No.22445074

Just buy YFI. This is like finding Bitcoin at $100 or less. Everything else is a gamble.

>> No.22445129

1 YFI = 700 BTC

>> No.22445191

YFV pool is solid. Farming other various food shit coins can be profitable too.

>> No.22445192

>already went from $35 to $40,000
>just like bitcoin at $100

still harder pajeet we’re not buying your bags

>> No.22445245

not buying YFV is the lowest iq move right now. with YFI we are now at the stage where normies buy in and get dumped on. YFV you can be early to the party still

>> No.22445256

You know nothing about supply huh new fag?

>> No.22445289


>> No.22445299
File: 73 KB, 960x636, janice.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I actually don't know shit about crypto, but YFV seems more hip so I'm going with that

>> No.22445543
File: 20 KB, 205x302, 1599188012981.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>bought YFFI because it was going to be the "new YFI"
>put most of my money in SXP
>muh cash back
>put the rest in various pnd shitcoins
>every one of them crashed?
>JUST fuck my shit up bruh

>> No.22445642

Interesting, so lets say you put up crypto as collateral. Then as it rises in value you increase the amount of money that is loaned out to you. You're saying there is no taxable transaction at any point?

>> No.22445653

Oh it makes sense - but if yield farming is profitable, and obviously is, you’ll see copy-cats spring up and dilute whatever vig the original innovator had. This thing is priced like it’s the only one of its kind - forever - but that’s not reality

>> No.22445666

All these YFI clones remind me of Bitcoin clones. There may be one or two that modestly succeed, but most won't.
How many of you remember Feathercoin?
(Someone cloned Litecoin. Decreased blocktime by factor of 4 and supply by factor of 4)

>> No.22445705

I could be satisfied with YFV if it becomes the ETH of DeFi. I regret missing out on YFI, but until last month I didn't know my ass from a hole in the ground.

>> No.22445812
File: 42 KB, 604x604, 1599175818791.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I once had YFL and then I sold it. I sold all my WAIF and DEXG too. All three were up slightly when I sold but hadn't really mooned.

>> No.22445904

imagine thinking it is still too late for yfi

this is why you'll always be poor

>> No.22445920

I despise all you plebs shilling your scam yfi clones. Is this how bitcoin maxis felt in 2017?

>> No.22445941

Yeah if you’re smart you’ll farm in YFV pools for YFI. I’m obviously keeping some YFV for moonshot potential but all these yield farming food scams should be used to accumulate more of the grandaddy

>> No.22445963

who can have 1 YFI? That shit is too goddam expensive...

>> No.22446022

Why do rich people even look at /biz/? I would have better things to do and better sources of financial information. Most of these scams are for people who are desperate to make money. YFI turned out to be good, but if I even had $100,000 I'd put most of it in stocks.

>> No.22446053

$100k isn't rich. I have $80k. That's 1 YFI, 1% of a very promising coins, and lots of small bags. That's it. I still feel poor.

>> No.22446094

>Why do rich people even look at /biz/? I would have better things to do and better sources of financial information.

>> No.22446214

Is it hard to learn solidity? I can already code c++.

Can you give me some examples what i can do when i understand solidity? Im fairly new to this

>> No.22447054

Can a smoothbrain please explain to me how YFI can dip?

>> No.22447243
File: 52 KB, 540x494, 1597202519556.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

anybody got the QRD on this?
i can throw $50k in if it's worth it

>> No.22447286


>> No.22447658

Disgusting phoneposter newfag here, where do I buy it?

>> No.22447870
File: 179 KB, 600x639, 1588908885572.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have about $300 of it now. What should I expect and when?

>> No.22447967

Okkk, I'm drunk rn, I get up every morning at ten, check my port, maybe get a blowjob from my gf before I give my dog food and water then I go drive around, it's a 2019 quattroporte, nothing special but it gets looks. I look for girls blast my weird ass music, maybe buy cigarettes, I do this till like 1pm, I get lunch and check my port again. My neighbor has a really nice yard and we always hang out in his garage and drink, I check my port once or twice while we bullshit, we talk about everything, I eat filet mignon every second or third night, I would eat it every night but I'm tired of it sometimes. I mix coco lopez, orange juice, banana rum and pineapple juice into a drink, we get together with all the people in the cul de sac and laugh until, well, like 15 minutes ago. I just came in, closed the garage and sat down here. I figured I'd tell you all, 400k will make it. I can say almost for sure. once you get those first gains, put them into 0.3's and 0.9's. I made it off of STA and YFI, it doesn't matter what you buy, as long as it's sub-0.10s and you don't get scared and sell. I'm serious, making it isn't a ferrari or a mansion. It's stupid shit like being able to buy the stuff you need and still pay for a night out with a female. buy low, sell high. NEVER get scared. NEVER sell low. You'll make it. I consider my life made. I'm drunk and rambling, but seriously, just enjoy life. that's all you really need. I'm gonna go watch old family guy reruns and shout at ETH fees. You'll make it, just don't sell low.

>> No.22448667

So the lowest point in YFI is roughly 700 USD. had you invested 500 USD in YFI on July 21st 2020 (which would, outside of the realm of hindsight and soothe-seeing) be the stupidest fucking decision you could ever make. (at the time) it would be worth 20000 USD, roughly enough to buy a shitty service claas domestic car with a sport package. Not to mention that you're at the absolute apoaptic loft of the capabilities of this coin. 40k is the price test. it'll probably go to 60 maybe 70. but unless you have 12 or more coins, you're going to need another investment to (as these faggots call it) "make it." basically meaning you won't have to grind bullshit to smaller bullshit till you die. Honestly? buy sub 0.10's. buy coins that haven't price tested yet.

>> No.22448732

i sold the top

>> No.22448737

YFV is the best fork

>> No.22448931

Finished Chapter 1 of CryptoZombies last night. I like it so far.

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