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You've made it. You're rich. $10,000,000 because of shitcoins.
You're still socially inept. You've still never experienced true love. You still lack the motivation to put true effort into anything.

Now what?

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Unlimited tendies.

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turn 360 degrees and walk away

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I'm rich. I'll just fuck prostitutes and play video games everyday, also eat the most delicious foods and wear the freshest clothes

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funko pops.

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Money doesn't change who you are, it magnifies it. Which means that if you have shit inside your head, that shit is gonna come out, and destroy you. To learn not to be such a dork around girls, try a YT channel call Todd V Dating. To clean up those manchild fantasies about "tru love" , i recommend Rollo Tommasi. All the Gods, all the Demons and all the answers, are inside yourself, no point looking on the outside.

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Time to make the same roasty hookers that rejected me suck on my disgusting smelly member in the most humiliating and discourteous way possible.

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Lift & pray

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>You're still socially inept
fuck normies
>You've still never experienced true love
all women are whores
>You still lack the motivation to put true effort into anything
nothing matters

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I ask my oneitis of 15 years to go out with me.

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go to BK to get a big fish

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buy the crypto standard

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The truth?

Probably post on /biz/ about every day making fun of the losers who didn’t make it.
Probably get far as shit from vidya and delivery food and drinking tiki cocktails from the tiki bar I’ll have built next to my pool that only I’ll enjoy.
Loads of girls off Seeking will drive to my house to do degenerate things.

Beyond that, not much really. My focus is more on what I WON’T be doing:
>commute to office in traffic
>boring ass meetings
>high pressure meet deadline for small world unimportant shit
>performance review time: you need to be kinder to your fellow team members
>won’t have to say no to drinks every Friday
>lol you can’t wear a T Shirt with Boba Fett on it this is an office!
>see out window is sunny and beautiful I inside with fluorescent bulbs air conditioner.

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You are all going to commit suicide if you become rich. You'll "have fun" for 5 years or so, then kill yourself when you realize just how much of an empty shell of a human you are.

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>You're still socially inept.
As if I care about normies and their muh netflix fixation.
>You've still never experienced true love.
Don't care, all women are whores.
>You still lack the motivation to put true effort into anything.
Not true. Without having to worry about finances I can now focus on my own interests every day.

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You live a comfy life. That's it. Don't have to have atist moments at the wagie customer service job or stress about the future. Just you your dog in your house eating snacks knowing everything will be okay.

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Start businesses obviously. Hoarding money is for jews

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Look at Elon Musk. Money can make up for a lot.

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I'm already on track to kill myself. At least if I'm rich I can help out my family before I go.

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as opposed to having 0 years of "fun" being broke, then killing yourself. kys

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i'm actually quite attractive and capable of socializing, if i wasn't a shut in neet with no money i would have an amazing life

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just find a girl that'll let you pee in her mouth all day

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I'm scared of dying and want to live forever

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Here's my plan:
I'll walk back in the home of my destroyed abusive family, I'll look at my mother and say "Mom, your son made it" just like in Scarface. I'll pay off the mortgage on the house and wire my mother 200k. I'll pick up contact with my dad after cutting him off and I'll buy my him a BMW even though all he did was treat me worse than a wet plague rat. I'll get my sister all the fancy clothes she wants so she doesn't feel like she's missing out because we were among the poorest in our neighborhood.

I'll buy a house in the city where I'm studying in and invite my colleagues now and then for cocktail parties. I'll keep doing research for 50h/week because I fucking love it. I'll make it subtly clear to everyone that works with me that I could be sniffing coke off strippers' tits right now, but I'm not, because I WANT to save these dying fucking children.

I'll buy myself a nice car to drive in the autobahn. Likely a Roadster 2020 when it comes out. Maybe some non-cringe golden chains too. I'll meet my friends where we used to hang out as children, and tell them that I fucking made it under the moonlight.

I'll buy a couple houses on promising neighbourhoods in the city where I grew up in. I'll do real estate and boomer stocks for steady gains.

I'm tall, fit, attractive, I have BPD and I've emotionally hurt more women than you autists have ever been with. I'll be finally able to relax, let go off my jealousy and self-resentment and try to commit without feeling like I'm missing out, and without fearing that she will figure me out and get bored.

Thanks for making me imagine this OP. I've already dragged my shithole family from lower middle class to higher middle class. All I have to do is be smarter than you social cripples to go a couple steps higher. It's either this or I will commit suicide from the self hatred. Give me a year or two and we'll see.

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Who needs love when ur rich, lmao just buy love

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Suicide is okay, if that’s what you’re into.

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>You are all going to commit suicide
As if I'm considering it right now, if I had money I would buy a house and play wow all day, visit my cousins every so often in other countries, I would be confy as fuck

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>lmao just buy love

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poopy nigger

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I’m going to open my head up like that guy from the Toyota factory. Point blank, zero chance of survival.

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I hate that empty people become rich but I don't. You caused yourself to be empty. It's not someone else's responsibility to give you orders and suggestions for what you should do with your life.

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Why is this anon so upset? Did you lose money on shitcoins, anon?

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Healthcare and elder care.

I have no one I am saving so I can afford care.

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have fun burning dopamine receptors
t. coomer

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learn how to pick up internet bitches

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Was already on the way out faggot.

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>Already realize the empty shell before hand
Like Link, it can only go up

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Take your meds manic marvin

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I'm ok with that

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nice false assertions

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>actually helping out your abusive family

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idk maybe buy a bpd schizoid gf or trap gf from /r9k/

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why do people act as if "money is just money". I ve seen people do so much for money from who I expected it the least. Greed just showes itself in different ways in other people. Money compensates for so much, you might stay the same person but other people will look at you through pink glasses, for them you are now a better person, yout words carry more weight and so on and so on

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but I'd rather be an empty shell with money rather than an empty shell without money

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Pay off family debts, buy land/properties for me and my folks, build a homestead, reinvest into various things, learn whatever skills I need/want, maybe find a wife, if not w/e, spend the rest of my time doing things I enjoy with people I enjoy with as little grabbler influence as possible

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Quit my job, enroll in graduate classes centered around fintech doing so only part time. Have plenty of free time to try different business ideas and learn more about economics and finance. After I'm done with learning how to code crytpo, closely follow the market and travel networking with digital nomads in the crypto space and going to crypto events in other countries. Find a good tax haven to move to, hold businesses from that location, and purchase a home for my siblings in a nice area to give them some opportunity they've never had.

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Hey there mister cool save some pussy for the rest of us

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Not a single bit of this is true about me. Keep r9k shit on >>>/r9k/ . This board is for dark triad chads lookin to get stacked and yolked.

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Build a recording studio in a house in the woods; spend the rest of my life releasing experimental recordings and eating fresh vegetables/local-bought meats and dairy while trying to get closer to God.

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Is that really it? You'll become complacent. Humans are made to do and achieve things - sticking to your comfort zone because you have money sounds great, but it will degenerate you in the end and lead to a wasted life. We're doomed to always struggling, always trying to advance and never staying content for too long, because anything else means we haven't fully utilized the time we've been given.

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To add to this - a puppy can live a life of happiness and overindulgence. How are you as a grown human any better if all you do with your life is sitting in a mansion watching Netflix and avoiding doing anything, never challenging yourself?

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I go into my bedroom and tell my girlfriend who is painting that she never has to worry about money again, and that after we are married with a prenup I will help her pay off all of her student debt and set up her clinical children's psychiatrist office so the kind of people who populate biz never exist in the future

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Personal gym and personal coaching. I'd help the members of my nuclear family financially.
I'd open another gym and everyone who's a member of the most right wing party gets a free pass and free kickboxing coaching/firearms training.

I'd visit banks to feign interest in (((stocks))) only to put all of my assets in property/gold/cash/firearms anyway, and make them fume with how a person like me got richer than they'd ever be with gambling with shitcoins.

I'd make a list of people for my testament, think of some kind of oracle that pays out to hurt the people on my 'blacklist'. Even if I'm dead, I'm still haunting those who deserve it. Like 5k to beat them into a weelchair from time to time. If I really hate them, take away their firstborns etc.
I'd also buy the biggest/only crematorium the local area and secretly collect artifacts of those I disliked.

Optionally I'd host a new DNM and 4chan with true freedom speech. Bait as many freedom of speech haters as I can, collect their data when they sue me and put them on the blacklist as well

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Everyone who bumps these threads are fucking retards. Sage

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Tod V dating souds like some faggot shit shilled by some faggot shill shit

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Start a family obviously

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literally have the ability to fuck and do drugs until my own determined death? son of a bitch I'm in

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>You're still socially inept. You've still never experienced true love. You still lack the motivation to put true effort into anything.
I call this "the wagie cope"

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literally the best answer.

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What do you mean? I go out for drinks with my coworkers almost every day and go to a party most weekends. On off days I spend it with my gf, parents, or the homies. I hate it. I have 0 time for myself to just fuck off and play vidya alone.

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>kill yourself when you realize just how much of an empty shell of a human you are
We already realize that fully, you dumb faggot
And that's exactly why we WOULDN'T kill ourselves if we became rich, because at least we'd have SOMETHING to live for
Being a RICH lonely socially-awkward virgin loser >>>>>>> being a poor lonely socially-awkward virgin loser, every fucking time

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Firstly, I'd totally "reset" and clear my mind: hours of meditation daily, fasting, cold showers, silence. 1-3 months.
Then, I'd decide what next.
For the time being: yoga + gym, 1h of meditation daily, quality food, vidyas, a decent "escort" once a week. And hundreds of books to read. I'm a simple man.

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What nonsense is this OP?

a person that has made 10m trading shitcoins has developed so much emotional control and patience that can achieve literally anything.

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did u buy DINO?

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This. I would be fine with just fast cars, hookers and video games.

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>Get a personal trainer for fitness
>Go to concerts to meet people
>Start a youtube channel
>Vacation in places and meet others
>Join a faggy country club and meet old money dipshits
>Visit family overseas that I've never met before
>Learn an instrument
>Hike and exercise and join a sports team for fun

I can't relate to people who don't know what to do with their money. Fr just go on a bike ride and fucking look outside. If you hide inside your apartment all day no wonder you won't know what to do.

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lost my virginity at 13 and spent the next 8 years after that having sex. women are nothing but vampires. if you can achieve genuine happiness by your own nature then you don't need anything. most sexual relationships are a crutch where two people try and extract happiness from one another.
but western philosophy barely mentions anything about creating happiness from within. thats where shit like buddhism shines; meditation and yoga is designed for that. its better to live that way than to have your inner joy enslaved by outside circumstances.

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I try to turn my 10 million into 100 million

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You still won't experience true love because everyone will love your money now, hehe

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That means normies are extra fooked mate, the difference is normies are now forced to adapt to a neet lifeatyle, most cant handle it. The normie are scuraging the webs for crumbs of truth but all they get is reddit tier news and thier anxiety continues to peak as the coronachan scam continues. We neets seen it all and all we need is a decent moon and we become the king of the neets.

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Based, don't listen to the faggot 22416640

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Although, I hope you decide not to kys

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jokes on you , you can buy true love you fucking spastik

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This post is so fucking based.

> went to university a socially inept virgin.
> few years later had 2 girlfriends and fucked 40 women

Having sex with different women is fun, you can explore varying sexual interests, body types. However, nihilism is an empty void and you never get satisfied. I’ve unironically considered having sex with an extremely attractive escort once a month to satisfy sexual urges.

Regarding women, it’s true. They all behave in the same way. They are all driven by hypergamy. Humans aren’t meant to pair bond long-term.

Women can be fun but they are seriously fucking annoying in long-term relationships (unless you’re a normie who is dependent on others to feel complete and happy).

I do want to get married (kek) but only to have a family and when I’m older.

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10M aint shit dumbass. Billionaire or bust.

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well good thing the only thing holding me back is not having enough resources to feel comfortable with dating. I don't want to be supported by a woman. I don't want to live around negros. Money ensures both.
My personality is stunted by my lack of resources. The inability to afford my own dwelling prohibits my confidence to be me.
Money won't change me in the sense of my personality which is good, but it will mend my deficiencies.

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Maybe anon has one or two worthy of after-made-it companionship.

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don't do it broo really! life is shit and hard... but it's worthwhile! really!! don't end it bro!

>> No.22422879

That’s a lot of projections there big guy. All you need to do is eat three squares a day, walk up to the manager, look him straight in the eye and give him a firm handshake. Good luck champ

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i've wanted to kms for being poor more than anything else

i'd gladly live to 80 as a rich motherfucker

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>focus on improving my life, family, friends
>impregnate a lot of women, preferably having more children than 99% of the current living population
>meditate in shrines/temples while the snow falls outside
>indulge in the latest tech
>meme travel

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>You're still socially inept. You've still never experienced true love. You still lack the motivation to put true effort into anything.
In a word, it is still over.

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You have a serious problem, oneicell.

>> No.22423215

Hair. He always had money retardo. Was born with it.

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stay in my room and live a lonely life

>> No.22424087

We can’t do any of this shit anymore anyway

>> No.22424100

You can’t do anything anymore

>> No.22424104

unequivocally based

>> No.22424191

Give my son a good life obviously
t. single dad

>> No.22424218

Now it's time to make that 10m into 100m

>> No.22424565

I want to contact the ancient astronauts and to develop gravity based space travel and communication technology...
How many billions would it take me to reach this goal?

>> No.22425097

pft did that when i was poor, hence why I stayed poor.
Man, I'd travel (no covid. bs) buy property for passive income, own some land and create my own bitcoin farm

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Then I’ll be a rich socially inept loser instead of a poor one

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Imagine offing yourself before your immediate family passes. How selfish can you be to put your retarded burden on them for a retarded reason in your mind.

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