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any of you losers going to apply for one? imagine when all the open job roles are filled - LINK WILL ABSOLUTELY DOMINATE


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I honestly considered applying because im so obsessed with chainlink and i have the skills and experience to probably get the job.
But my laziness prevents me, my current job is just so fucking easy and pays me 6 figures to do basically nothing all day

No way serg would let me get away with that. oh well maybe some more motivated anon can leak inside info

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which role?

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what job?

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power bottom

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I applied for the blockchain application engineer and went through the interview but got rejected after a couple days. Have a job now, but if you know someone in the team hmu. github.com/vanities

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I applied. Honestly, I don't care what role I get because my goal is to take Sergey's spot and crash this thing to the ground. Wish me luck frens.

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what's the job description for that one?

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Applied but never got contacted. I'm overqualified from a role perspective which could be it, but more likely it's that I have zero blockchain experience and the job I applied for specifically called that out as a qualification. Figured it couldn't hurt since I'm sure I could crush the job, but retard HR people always do basic bitch shit.

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Hi Mike, I think you missed the : must not be an incel requirement.

Cheers Adelyn

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Hello I am LGBTQ+ POC and i would lik to apply for Product Manager DEFI. Please send me email to replytothispostoryouremotherwillbecomegay@hotmail.com

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>idk what her problem is
>definitely isn't me

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So you didn't fit the "Requirements" and didn't get a call. Shock horror.

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That totally looks like the team that will bring on the 4th revolution and not just the typical crypto scammer team

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100% white and asian now that dimroc is gone

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name: Order-Fairness for Blockchains, IC3 and Chainlink Virtual Meetup
location: Virtual!
start: 2020-10-15
end: 2020-10-15
summary: Join IC3 and Chainlink for this virtual meetup on Order-Fairness for Blockchains with speaker Mahimna Kelkar