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He wouldn't have apologized if he didn't get doxxed.

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context? who dis be

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He sent all the money he stole back into treasury lmao. Now he no longer has that money and there's still people who want to do harm to him because they're financially ruined.

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l o l

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Someone definitely had a gun to his head.

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he's such an absolute pussy hahaha
he's apologizing for rug pulling in a game where literally everyone either knows the risks since they could read the smart contract or are too stupid to do any of their own research before FOMOing in
he ACTUALLY put the $14m in ETH back in the treasury to let the community decide if he deserves anything as the founder lmao
jesus christ what a bitch

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>I fucked up. I is very sorry.
= sheeit, I got caught

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Should have just kept the money, people will still hate him.

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>im so sorry for stealing 1 billion dollars
would you forgive him, /biz/?

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Once they use that eth to buy sushi this shits going past $5

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>pulled off a great scam on morons and fucked it up
chief normie

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Chef nomi tagging his other account and apologising to himself hahaha. BAND boys realised that their side hustle was hurting their main scam so are floundering to repair the damage until they're ready to rug pull on both projects at once. Bet this cunt longed Sushi before he went on twitter and gave his little apology lmao

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think of the tax implications of that trade. What a fucking gimp.

Call him out on twitter. Seems like a faggot to fold under pressure

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>minecraft players said hi
>band protocol about to be BTFO for covering him

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And he's a fucking furry too. lmao

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The community voting to give him $0 will be maximum just. If he gets mad maybe this one goes all the way to kleros court

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This would be even more funny if he hadn't actually tanked all of crypto by being such a retard.

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He's not sorry. He's just sorry he got caught.

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They got him, in minecraft

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I hoped to see a video of him getting shot or decapitated posted here

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Crypto Mafia is real

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Ok but what does it all mean to BAND protocol?

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people that are only sorry after they got caught
haha who eats that shit up

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Are you fucking serious?

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ayo white boy i said fundsu are safu

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Checked. Keked.

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Cz and ftx fag bought at $1 then threatened him

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Oh? So this is the guy responsible all my DeFi coins went down the shitter?
Worth the dox.

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>He wouldn't have apologized if he didn't get doxxed.
>He's just sorry he got caught.
>people that are only sorry after they got caught

So who was he? Is he a public figure / is he already known to be the guy who rug-pulled?
It's pretty crazy to pull a $14M scam then just try to return the money - so I agree it seems like he got caught and is trying to lessen the consequences. But does the public at large know who he is, or is he still anonymous?

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Yeah, I literally told everyone on here that rule nr 1: You don't fuck with big peoples big money and think your getting away easy in Minecraft.

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Hahahahaha. Greedy fucking chink could have slowly taken $14M or MORE out over a few months and nobody would have given a single fuck.

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the linkie autists think he is some chink guy that works for band protocol

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I actually like this guy. He returned fucking 14 million dollars and said give me what you think I deserve. May have been a tad short sighted at first but its pretty clear he doesn't want to fuck people over. Thing is he totally could too considering the anonymity

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wait im reading now he may have been doxxed lol I retract my previous statement

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Fuck you must be new if you think this tanked crypto hahaha, muppets everywhere.

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Dead. He got doxxed and now did this. It looking more guilty imo. Also Zeus put out another article about how linkies try to dox and hurt band. Its all very fishy.

Simeon = Zeus = Band + CZ = Nomi

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Pleb analysis, 50 IQ shit.

SBF = Nomi, FTX played fucking everyone to get a cut of the dex fees.

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wait what happened to kraken?

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kek, games of crypto

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what is this minecraft thing? i know it's a game but...why/how is he getting caught in minecraft?

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SBF was himself the whole time same with CZ, they were all in on it, but so was Sorawit.

Sorawit was the dev SBF and CZ needed

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the question now is how high is SBF going to pump this?

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SBF is a slimy jew

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SBF doesnt care about the price, FTX owns such a monster share of all the sushi token, he will just make bank off the fee distribution.

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Possible, If people think Nomi got bullied or threatened into returning the money, I think there is just as likely chance he was forced out as well so SBF could white knight in.

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Yeah I could see that he was getting forced out so SBF could be the face so Sorawit made a rash decision to bail with 14M on his own power. Have you ever worked with a schizo dev on a startup? If you threaten them they make very rash decisions. Sorawit didnt take into account that he'd be doxxed and Band would in turn get fucked. CZ sent Sorawit his PR team and they made this plan to try and smooth things over in the public image for everyone, probably gave Sorawit a nice payday too

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There is a good chance that he went rogue and wasnt supposed to do this.

CZ and the Triads had "the talk" with him and if he ends up sleeping with the fishes i wouldnt be surprised.

You dont fuck with chinese organised crime and step out of bounds

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@nomibear on twitter

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Im not convinced it was Sorawit, pretty lame connections implicating him. Whoever it was definitely made a very rash decision, if you were in the discord from the beginning you could see his frustration build over time. Like day one he tried to give up any control and make it a community project but all the plebs trying to get rich dont actually give a shit about participation and pretty much left it up to him to make any decision, seemed like he just cracked under the pressure.

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Wasn't supposed to rugpull you mean?

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Defi will be the end of crypto as you fucking idiots all know it. When bankcoins and legislated stablecoins are the only ones left, remember, it was because of greed. You guys that swing this shit are responsible too.

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chef normie

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Kek so he was really doxxed huh? He really was that band chink? Should have played his opsec right. Like what the fuck did he think was gonna happen when he isn't that anonymous and just suddenly takes $14m lmao. Nigga was dreaming about them lambs but boy was he stupid with his opsec. Could have gotten $14 fucking million just like that.

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Well said bro.

Not all DeFi, but this yield bullshit definitely. So this shortsightedness will bring all of us down in the long run.

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checked and kekked, this chink had no other option

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I don't actually think it was him.

Returning 14m would make no sense then. It has to be some dark shit like >>22413838 suggested, otherwise I don't know what could make a person give back 14m.

This kind of money can easily protect you from angry autists, but there was something he was more afraid of I guess...

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Yea what I meant was if he was fully anonymous, but clearly some important guys knew him and didn't like what he did. Crypto mafia is really fucked up probably.

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in minecraft anon. in minecraft.

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lurk for at least a year newfaggot

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isn't this exactly what happened with yam?

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What the fuck. I was actually happy he exit scammed. Fucking retards deserved to lose their money. What a bitch, indeed.

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How many times will this happen until you stop and invest in blue chip coins? FUN and REQ are more legitimate than these scam farming tokens

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what if he doesn't play minecraft
they'd never be able to find him in minecraft
i don''t play minecraft

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Binance listing Sushi and not listing many tokens that have been around for awhile tells a lot about CZ and the greed they have. Centralized exchanges are the wells fargos of the crypto space.

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YAM will rise again!

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binance listed sushi and chef nomi brought great shame to CZ and Binance. Saving face and image is a huge part of Chinese culture.
Chef Nomi brought shame to CZ and and the whole nation of China. If he didnt apologize and return the funds chef nomi and his family would have been sent to nether regions of minecraft.

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>thinking the financial market is gonna pass up the opportunity to set up shop selling brand new financial products just because some chink rugpulled some autists once

You know nothing of greed.

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He is a good person.

Too many degenerate losers with family issues in the comments.

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Clearly what this anon and I have said>>22413838

They know who he was and have the resources to make him swim with the fishies. Sorawit made an autist rash decision to bail and then everyone came to him with blood

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This did create an East vs West thing. Kind of crazy. Jews won, Chinks lost even after the apology, anyone with a brain will second guess Chinese founders just like russians and eastern european in early 2016-17

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Binance listed sushi and Nomi repays this by rugpulling. I dont think you people understand what a huge disrespect and insult this is to the honour of CZ and Binance. These people are connected and have billions of at their disposal. They wont fuck around with some Thai brat.

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you think so?

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Exactly. Nomi brought disgrace and shame to not only honour of Binance but also honour of the great nation of China.

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I'm guessing because they dont have any DeFi projects the gains are killing them? Or that DEXs will replace centralized exchanges? I just dont believe it though, happy to have my funds comfy on Kraken where I can withdraw to filthy fiat if needed.

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Nomi is from Thailand.

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He’s going to have to realize that 14MM gain in his taxes. Now if he has no money to pay the IRS, he’s going to be stuck with a huge tax bill. What a retard.

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>he ACTUALLY put the $14m in ETH back in the treasury to let the community decide if he deserves anything as the founder lmao
no fucking way

Which anon scared the living shit out of him with minecraft threats? You should be proud.

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Won’t save him from the Minecraft players.

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It was me. I locked his diamond gear in a bedrock vault and told him to return the money or he won't get it back. I still won't give it back (:

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He gave it back??? what a fucking pussy!! Did he really think he could repair his reputation? 14 million is fuck you money

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Bros I’ve been here since 2017 and linkie since Sibos, can one of you be a Fren and unpack this Minecraft meme for me

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Also those frauds at Band say it’s not him https://medium.com/bandprotocol/band-protocol-response-to-sushiswap-incident-6cae8f507df2

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Yeah but was connected to CZ and Binance which brought great shame to China. The West put them all in the same category

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SUSHI at its peak had $1B+ locked liquidity which pushed up prices a lot.
After his exit scam the pooled ratios of anything sushi-pair liquidity suffered heavily and it was a race to the bottom.
I made over 175 ETH farming SUSHI, but after his exit the uniswap pools I had running were drained onesided to useless sushi tokens and lost around 145 ETH. I wasn’t even a big shark let alone whale liquidity provider to the pool.
Imagine how much the others lost.

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Sorawit plays minecraft, they are going to take all of his gold and kill his online persona

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As much of a bitch as you if you had a corrupt politician call you personally from a. Third world country and tell you your family would be killed in their own home if you didn’t return it. Bitch.

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this is what i've tried to repeatedly explain to bsvjeets in 2017 regarding "creg is going to dump 1m btc to $0"...even tho its a lie, i tried to explain that *if* creg did that, the minecraft servers would get fired up and his character would be tied up in a dark basement and his teeth and face would be smashed apart with hammers repeatedly until he was nothing more than a fat bleeding slab of minecraft meat

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It’s a catchall search term made by the three letter agencies who control 4chan. It’s easier for them to search for threats when everyone says “hypothetically” in minecraft.

>> No.22416187

People add “in Minecraft” to the end of statements they don’t want to be held accountable for. Such as “I am literally going to kill the president... in Minecraft”.

It started as a stupid attempt to cover themselves but really it’s become more of a meme than anything.

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imagine being so lonely that noone ever sent you the 4chan invite code so you could play minecraft with the rest of us.

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He is only bringing back the Ethereum money because he was doxxed as the CTO of Band and probably somebody wanted to axe him.

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As all memes, it developed over time.

It started when people would say things like "We should find this faggot and kill him" and they would add "...in minecraft" in order for it not to be a threat technically.

And then minecraft just became a meme for all kinds of threatening or illegal consequences related to crypto.

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imagine the phone call from CZ's lawyer.

"Listen here kid, return the money or you and your family will be floating in the sea never to be found. We'll start with your sister, then your mom, then your dad then you after you watch the first three. This is is how it is going to go down. Send the money back and post this tweet we wrote for you"

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You forgot "...in minecraft" at the end of his speech

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he made the call

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>people buy crypto from an anonymous guy named Chef Nomi who has a picture of a panda in a chef outfit for his profile pic

Holy fuck, what's next are you guys going to buy sports themed coins? "Buy Baseball swap!" "Anons I'm all in Hockey swap!" Oooh oooh I have an idea: How about fruits? Blueberry coin, apple coin.....wow epic!~

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BS are you fckn serious?

>> No.22417876

Let's just say he wont be pulling any scams like this again any time soon ;)