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Hey, today or tommorow will be next thread, i think you need it >>22390749

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Thank you fren.

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Wonder when we can’t accumulate anymore

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You fucks told me 25c was the new floor, then 20c and now this this piece of shit falls down below 10c

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this is why you don’t fomo buy. it went from
>trip 0 to 14c
>14c to 1c
>stayed there for 2 months, everyone crying
>suddenly shot up to 43c
>now back down for a while
just wait for the next breakout retards, can you not see the obvious pattern? you won’t, so by all means sell low now and then rebuy the way up again lmao

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0.001 is the new floor :)

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Marble with inlay gold mosaic will be my new floor when we moon.

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which is never kek
enjoy being poor

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You will be happy when it goes to a $1 soon. Chico crypto might give it a shoutout again soon.

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>You will be happy when it goes to a $1 soon.
>Chico crypto might give it a shoutout again soon.

Go fuck yourself you subhuman for scamming a naive newfag like OP with you shitcoin, you are a scum of the earth

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I trusted you guys.. All the memes, the comraderie.. It was all fake. It’s not an ”index fund” there’s no damn stability. It burns tokens and BTC, ETH, LINK go up but still it keeps going lower and lower..

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We have been telling you for weeks.
There are a group of pajeet and tranny shills from discord and telegram, plus some desperate bagholders who bought at $0.3 trying to offload their bags.

You fell for a scam, take it as a lesson learnt and move on. Shitera will only go to 0 from here so take your losses and reinvest in an actual good project, preferably one without trannies and nigerians. You will make up your losses and then make profit.

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Sorry for your retardation and lack of willingness to engage in reading technical white papers. I feel for you, now please sell for the love of your mental well being.

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>lack of willingness to engage in reading technical white papers.
neither did you. 99% of shitera bagholders never read the whitepaper , if they did they would understand that the project is worthless

only a very low IQ person such yourself will fall for buzzwords lmao

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youre a retard. every single thread there's people telling you STA is a tranny scam, even non-sta related threads people saying its a tranny scam coin and guess what? only in the STA threads people are defending it. Lurk more faggot.

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OP probably called us
>retarded fudders
>priced out pajeets
>seething morons
but I still feel sorry for him

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You will never make it

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Shoulda bought $YEET, mate!
Ico ends today

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>shit memes, check
>no use case, check
>unrealistic fast insane returns
>muh token burn index fund
Unironically if you fell for this just put everything into btc, eth, and link and hodl, yr IQ isnt high enough to speculate on shitcoins

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I literally said it was a scam at least 10 times. When a coin is good theres fud too but you really either have to be high IQ and do research or super low IQ and just buy for the memes

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All this fud is so bullish, it's all literal lies

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Does this look like a lie to you?

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>easily verifiable facts are lies
fuck off cunt. you are a subhuman with 70 IQ

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81.5% down from ATH
it was dropping before BTC dump and continued dropping after BTC dump

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You can buy xmm at a penny right now and see some of that lost money come back to your pockets

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The audit just dropped and the medium article is published, xmm is legitimate

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I don't get what you are saying. Price going down doesn't in any way prove that the coin is a scam, otherwise every single coin is a scam (I mean I can believe that but still)

Crypto shit the bed 2 weeks ago, people sold and panic sold. All the coins in the balancer dropped in price resulting in less liquidity, many people withdrew money from the pool as a consequence of fear, many people sold STA still because of FUD, it's all understandable.

But saying it's a scam is completely and objectively wrong. The coin and the pools work, the team has done so much out of pure fairness, something NO ONE has done before in the crypto world. Nothing has changed about the coin, a drop was expected. This much of a drop just shows that most of the investors are from here (weak handed faggots on 4chan, because that's the nest of insecure faggots).

If you believed in the project when it was 48 cent, you believe in it now, unless you are a memespouter and nothing else.

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I bought at 24¢ and I knew it was a shitcoin going in. I only put in like $50 though so whatever happens to it I'm not much affected. If it moons, great. If it tanks, oh well. Such is the crypto life, amirite?

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Low IQ arguments are a sure sign of incompetence in arguing fundamentals.
I ve read more white paper than i can count, everyone should have a Sta suicide stack, reading comprehension or not.

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Burn token holder got a Sta airdrop At the start. The rest is laughable fud.

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>Link crashed from 1.20 to <0.20
>=Link scam
T.retard xmm shill

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not every shitcoin is link , btc or eth retard
these are exceptions to the rule
99% of tokens are shitcoins
go fuck yourself subhuman animal

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Nice reading comprehension pajeet

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>9 seething posts
Just because you lost money on it doesnt make it a scam. I guess it would stop being a scam if you bought earlier and sold at a profit right?

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hello ranjeet, nice that you changed your IP

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so explain to us why its a scam or shitcoin

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you morons cant even explain the fundamentals or why they are good
the white paper is pure garbage, it has been tried dozens of times before and each time was a failure

your room temp IQ was impressed with "deflationary" and "token burn", but this only works on simple minded morons such as yourself

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dude over and over again it has been explained. transaction burn increases price movement through the entire connected system which produces more arbitrage, which is the criterion for an index fund's growth. Its really that simple. The increasing scarcity isn't the most important aspect of the coin.

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My pure bavarian room temperature IQ mindset banked me 7 figures, 6 figure Link stack, 6 figure snx stack, 5 figure Eth stack and a FUCKING HUGE Sta stack.
Cope Untermensch. Habe die Ehre.

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Verify them then you double nigger. I'll wait.

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pics or it didnt happen

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Its the fucking internet, go fuck yourself faggot.

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You're pretty emotional and aggressive for someone who claims to have a high iq.
>11 posts by this ID
We all see through you buddy.
Not selling my stack, give up.

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>devs are about to dump!!
They actually dis, 2M tokens. They just dumped it into poolers’ wallets instead of Uniswap. The other points are so stupid aswell, the first one about threads is just tinfoil hat tier shit and about the burn token: >>22410874

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I'll be honest I used to post in these threads like him but I stopped because any newfags stupid enough to fall for this shit can't even read a fuckin chart, or look up a whitepaper, or do the bare minimum even, and deserve to lose their money.

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Statera holders are extremity high IQ or the lowest IQ, there is no in between. I bought at .005 right when I found out about it when it became V3 and then sold two weeks ago at .22 cents. Still holding 100k for long term. The memes are excellent and this shakeout -80% shakeout is nothing because it’s not even a 8m market cap. The smallest of whales and minnows can move this market. If large coins like BTC and ETH correct 20-40%, alts and especially smaller shits correct 50-90%. This is the best buying opportunity right now. Invest, don’t trade.

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god shut the fuck up more stolen link memes, there was like 1 thread a day on here for months by your shitty telegram group, you got whales to pump you 1 single time, and now you're bleeding bagholders dry with 100 threads a day and stolen memes.

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>I stopped posting on these threads but here is 250 words by me on the thread.

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I thought so, nothing. The absolute state of the fud. Anyone who falls for fud this weak doesn't deserve to make it.

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Stay poor seething faggot

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If you’re so fucking sure STA is going to be a success then GIVE ME BACK MY LOST MONEY GODDAMIT
You guys have a fuckton right? You’re ”accumulating” all the time right since you’re sure it’s such a big thing but that’s just a big fat lie. You only buy at the absolute bottom, you don’t have the balls to back up your statements otherwise you would be buying no matter what the price is.

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You only lose money if you sell

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They are lying to you, save what you can man

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grow up

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Fucking zoomers with their gold fish leave attention span. The fucking token is 4 months, 4 fucking months old. Let that fucking sink in. It's so early you can't even fathom, and these fucking double niggers want it to moon over night, fucking hell.

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If you're in it for the short term you deserve to be poor

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Dont listen to them, they just want to dump on you and they only lie and lie and lie. Its disgusting rly

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Ever heard of something called steady growth? The only thing steady here is the decline because nobody buys into it while it’s dumping and you all just sell. For talking big words about how great it is why the fuck are you all selling?!

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Sell at loss then, that should give you enough for a rope when it hits 10$

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It's fucking consolidation for all of crypto after summer run, ofc it's how fucking retarded are you.

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They're just trying to dump on you, I already told you earlier in the thread check the biz archives, this thing was barely mentioned on here for months (just a single discord/telly group in containment threads), then they pumped it and started a massive shill campaign. The only people left are bag holders.

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I wish you were here to tell me that back then.. I was a fool for falling for this. Thanks man, I hope you make it. Good guys deserve to.

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Fuck my english when I'm drunk, I'll stop reasoning now. Weak hands are not my fucking concern and if you desperately want to miss this train it's on you. Don't come REEing in November for not listening.

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I have posted in a couple of these threads, but its pointless because you get drowned out by shills. Just remember on /biz/ nobody really wants you to make it unless they're sure they can too, the only reason link got shilled was it didn't need our money, shitcoins like these need you because they have a tiny market cap and they just want to blow it up and dump on people quickly.
In the future if you want to buy something scammy looking lurk for a while and see what people say. If everyone is nice and helpful showing you how to buy, its a scam 100%. Even in link threads anons would regularly tell you to fuck off and kill yourself if you seemed new.

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this shit does absolutely nothing quit talking about it

>> No.22415199

<3 based good man

>> No.22415222

Yeah, yeah. Whatever. Go kindly fuck yourself. I might believe you just a tiny little bit if it hits 0.25$ ever again but until then crawl back into your hole you filthy goblin and stay there. Actions speak louder than words and this piece of shit refuses to act.
Thanks for the tip. I’ll be more careful from now on.

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Since you got trips I'll give you one more tip, there is a thread on this board looking for good fud for a token that isn't even available on exchanges yet. That's what you call a winner, since anons are already looking to convince people to purposely not buy it so they can accumulate. They even got threads on this one nuked when the presale was going on to keep awareness low.
For the most part though, if you don't understand this stuff, you're better off just buying dips on btc, eth, and link, and holding. In a long enough time frame (5-10 years) you will guaranteed far outpace most other investments assuming you do not sell and crypto continues to expand. Still sizeable risk.

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Hmm. I think I might have seen it here before. Does it have anything to do with oracles? If not, please at least tell me what letter it begins with.

>> No.22415721 [DELETED] 

avax now let the thread die as the last thing I want to do is help sta shills

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Alright you can delete this now, thanks anon.

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Anon, you really do care don't you? With all the advices, warnings and what not.

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