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Coin that is DESIGNED to 12x your stack. Price literally locked to increase, Can easily go to 50x ROI on launch.

contract has hardcoded to allow you withdraw at x12 so you cant be dumped on

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and if it doesnt 12x youre fucked

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12x marine checking in. We are literally at 250k marketcap and 100 holders.
It’s still early to hop on this train and 6x your investment in one week.

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Doesn’t need to be 12x precisely, just at the price when it’s economical to start selling some part of the stack.

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I’m up 3x from initial, it just a straight candle up from there, this shit literally can’t even dip lol

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What do you guys think about this idea? COnsidering how autistic everyone is on buying and selling for marginal gains, but instead now being forced to wait and hodl until you reach a x12?

If this idea picks up, the potential is huge

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We’ll be there in less than a week or so. It is basically bounded to pump harder than sushi by contract code itself.

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Yeah community is tired of rugs, sushi also succeeded because dev didn’t have any power but a bit of tokens, limits are the same for each holder here too.

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I like that I can go to sleep peacefully because it cant dump or rug like any other shitcoin out there

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Should I buy two more eth worth of? I don’t get the catch, it pretty much just multiplies your stack with zero risk judging by info and chart?

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people stop buying it and you're permanently stuck in a shitcoin you can't sell forever?

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Onlyup all over again lol

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literally we just need to advertise it and we're rich

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The only worry is if people stop buying, once the inital buyers cash out and people see you can cash out, this has moon potential since its guaranteed funds you can sleep on without panic looking at the dextools shit all the time

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Yeah, but it will literally explode when GAYSER is out

Plus it always saves at a checkpoint, doesn’t go back

Probably the only microcap to buy for sure gains

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No need to even shill it, it just grows and grows. I’m super comfy with my bag

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Do you know when the plan or roadmap is for that?

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>Designed to go 12x
>Will go 50x

Fuck off.

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Stay mad if this concept picks up like farming does

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It takes literally 5 minutes of research to understand this is legit function of token contract. It’s basically improved AMPL, which actually delivers on promises and not tied to some artificial peg.

If you get in now, you will literally 6x your money in the course of a week. There is even no twitter yet which is full of degens who will pump it to the sky.

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Dev posted his goals on discord:

Daily update:

1. Launching our Twitter community today
2. Working on geyser (yield farm) for ETH-12x Uniswap pool - you'll be able to track progress on our Github
3. Started working on our first Medium post explaining token mechanics in a simple way
4. Started working on our Discord bot which will deliver real-time updates on price, targets and current Uniswap pool events (buy/sell events)


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Jesus Christ you guys really deserve to be scammed I’m not even a little bit sorry for people that are this demented

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Seethe, you deserve missing out on this for being lazy.

People wrote same exact shit about sushi but didn’t even bother to check that it was a legit project. You won’t wake up until it’s on binance.

Still time to get in and 6x your stack by EOW, literally risk-free

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how is this a scam you stupid retard? dev literally cannot sell either

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The idea is interesting but 12x is too much, maybe it would've worked if it was 5x

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you dont need 12x, you can sell anytime in small increments. currently it is not worth it because of the gas fees but that should change as the price climbs higher. your money wont get stuck if you dont 12x

only way your money can get stuck here is if you are a very early buyer and everyone just stops shilling and there will be 0 buyers from now on

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Feel like such a degenerate buying this token, gonna buy a very small bag just to see what happens

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the only risk here really is that we cannot shill it to go 50-100x from here. if it does then literally noone will be able to lose significant amount of money on this (you can go -10% tops if you are braindead and sell at a loss) , not even new buyers.

actually if you buy this after 50x its even better since you wont have trouble selling your small bag and whales still wont be able to dump on you

yield farming is coming, twitter shilling is coming, lets get this shit to pump I trust in you /biz/. mcap is still tiny

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Whisper Grow Grow Grow

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but even if we go to 1m mcap you could start cashing your stack out at a small profit. the only ones fucked here are the early whales who bought hundreds of thousands of tokens

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So this guarantees that the people that got in on the ground flood will dump on the people that buy when it hits (ICO price) * 12

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you literally have never seen anything like it before, this is worth it just for the memes /biz/

they cannot dump man, thats the point. is it really that hard to grasp? they can sell small amounts but noone can dump

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If they can't dump, then why buy in the first place? People are here to make money and someone has to lose

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also thats true for every coin out there, earlier buyers will dump on late buyers.
funny thing is, this token is the exception since it is literally dump-proof

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Who knew getting rich was so simple? We should just create a thousand tokens that "only go up" and then buy all of them and wait. And then we'll all be millionaires.

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>literal ponzi scheme

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Who the fuck would buy this lmao

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define what you mean by dumping

you can still sell your tokens but you cant destroy the price doing so. if you want to make money you need to be patient here

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you will after it 10x-ed from here

like all of crypto?

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If I have a big dick stack, how do I profit?

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So many people are going to get their eth locked in this trash. I cannot wait to see the despair.

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Explain to me where this "guaranteed" money is coming from. Because it definitely can't be out of thin air. Who is the losing party?

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This idea has been done before you fucking newfags. It was called doublr. It was from 2018 and was a 2x contract. People still have their eth stuck in it...

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>People still have their eth stuck in it
lol damn

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right now its sorta shit because its reliant on buyers purely but once geyser and farming is released the skys the limit.

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sir this coin cannot go down . it is the best coin . just buy it and get rich .

I am definitely not slavic fucktard trying to scam you . I want you to buy this nice coin to get rich . it will make you rich . it is coded to make you rich . there is no deception here . we will be rich from this token .

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from people who will buy after a 10-100x? like with anything else? token is community owned and mcap is like 200k

you shill and wait

I spent 2 eth on this, do you think I care if it gets locked when I have 200? only put in what you can afford to lose

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Youre not fooling anybody. Right now you are scared that you may never get your eth back. So you will relentlessly shill and hope people are dumber than you. You better hope they are or you’re fucked.

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>you shill and wait
If I can't sell though, then what the fuck is the point?
>Make a 12x
>Can't realize profits

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If this is how you cope then so be it. Other anons think this is guaranteed and they will pay the price.

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lol, and some people are still holding JNT bags at a 99% loss. your point is?

also doublr didnt have yield farming planned either

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nothing is guaranteed retard, this is crypto. if you dont have 1 eth to throw into experimental high risk shit like this then you are ngmi

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It’s not experimental, it was done 2+ years ago. Neck yourself literal newfag

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Grand delusions

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wow, you one dense motherfucker. try to do some thinking for yourself faggot

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>from people who will buy after a 10-100x?
So it's quite literally a ponzi scheme. It relies on exponentially more money flowing in and will blow into the faces of the 80% of users at the end of the stick.
It's not sustainable and anyone with half a brain cell knows this. This is why the token won't survive 2 days. Anyone buying in now is the 80%.

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yeah alright. no token called doublr on etherscan, none on gecko/cmc, 0 finds on warosu. also AMM and oracles didnt even exist back then to make this possible

fuck off you braindead pajeet piece of shit

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You literally said that you can't dump even when you are up 12x, so what do you do? Sell one token at a time?

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I bought as soon as liq was added and already 12xed.

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You can sell 200 tokens at any time, when price goes near 200 tokens per eth you can dump 1 eth but it won’t be long till normal limits kick in again

Jesus just research this for 5 minutes

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not how it works, problem is you retards have done literally 0 research into this and have 0 idea how this actually works. there are risks associated with this shit, but not in the ways you brainlets are assuming.

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The way I read it is
>buy tokens which are automatically locked in
>when the price reaches x12 they are unlocked and you can sell
Is this wrong?

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No, people buying in closer to 12x have advantage as well - they will be able to sell almost freely as soon as it pumps. They can’t be dumped on because oldfags will have the same limits imposed on them.
So basically it will perpetually enrich all the buyers after some time is spent holding the coin. Doesn’t matter a lot when you buy in, but rn it’s still at 100 holders and 6x is pretty much on the horizon.

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Incorrect, tokens are not magically unlocked, but price increase just makes it worth it to sell those coins. It’s kind of neat.

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Someone bought 9 eth, it keeps going

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That’s because you’re a newfag.
Do you remember pooh coin? Probably not, they also did a doublr.

Exactly, so imagine the just when there aren’t anymore greater fools....just watch all the eth get locked up. Bullish for eth though, less circulating topkek.

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yes that is wrong.

no tokens are locked in, only restriction is that you can only sell in increments that are set by the contract. right now it's around 200-300 tokens at a time. it also cannot go lower than 200 so you will always be able to sell

this is why people were crying in previous threads that they cannot sell, uniswap throws you an error if you try to sell more than 2-300 at a time. currently it is not worth it to sell with these gas prices though

the only people getting fucked by this are the early buyers, and they only get fucked if the token goes nowhere and gas prices stay this high. but with eth scaling coming and devs implementing geyser and yield farming (all publicly available on the github), you really only need patience with this

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>100 holders
Hahahahaha this is going to be fun to watch. To all the newfrens, don’t buy this flaming piece of dogshit. Just know it relies on retarded people to succeed.

>> No.22409351

>it will perpetually enrich all the buyers
This only works with exponentially more capital flowing in, which, unless you have infinite money, is literally impossible to do. It's basic economics. As soon as buying pressure falls below the exponential curve (which with x12 it will very quickly) people are permanently stuck with their bag.
Just look at the chart ffs. It's already out of steam.

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I am 100% sure that I have been here longer than you ranjesh

it doesnt get locked up, really fuck off now you dumb cunt
learn to read before you come back, your brainlet ways are not tolerated here

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Again, do you understand what coin actually does? Standard economic rules do not apply here really if you have hardcoded support and unlimited resistance. AMPL also tries to capitalize on this but they fail because their supply trick is not lucrative to arbitrageurs.

Just look at this chart, this will continue for another 6x. I do not understand anons that are going to miss this.

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I’d be panicking and relentlessly shilling if I were you too. You better hope this picks up or rip.
>I only put a few eth it’s nothing to me
Haha KYS

>> No.22409462

Bullish. I'll buy another 30 eth

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holy shit, yes this is how it works everywhere in the world when trading assets.

it still shows that you are not grasping how this really works, it's starting to become really painful seeing you brainlets fucking struggle this hard to grasp something that is not even that difficult to understand

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This is what you should be saying and hoping and praying that people are as retarded as you. This does nothing and will die off very soon. Get out if you can.
look at this faggot trying to make himself feel better. The jigs up newfag

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This can work but it'll prob take a while before you can get your money out. This isnt too different to what HEX did no? The yield farming will definitely help increase buy pressure

>> No.22409528

its literally nothing to me though lol. I am assuming you are holding heavy as fuck bags in shitcoins that dumped and projecting hard right now

>> No.22409559

this anon finally fucking gets it, what a breath of fresh air

ranjesh, you really need to leave now

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Finally an anon that gets it.

>calls someone a brainlet
>buys a 12x coin with 0 purpose that is built to fail
Absolute state of absolute retards topfuckingkek

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Okay I actually just checked the website. This was made by a fiverr pajeet holy fuck your anons are dumber than I thought.

>> No.22409623

People here are too greedy, I'm sure the ops made a decent chunk

>> No.22409663

noone has made anything yet, thats the point idiot.

weakest fud I've ever seen lol. try harder

>> No.22409670

There’s also been 12 transactions in the last 5 hours lol. This trash is DOA. Stinky pajeets

>> No.22409671


lol it took me a while to get my head around it, I bought an eth worth soon as it listed and thought it was a straight up scam when I couldn't sell. This will pump and it'll work but it'll take a bit of time. No bother to me though, if it dies off it's only an eth lost, bought it more just because I was curious about the concept.

shit, someone just bought 11 eth kek

>> No.22409680

wait how does this work, you can only cash out if you managed to 12x?

>> No.22409695

remember onlyup? more like onlyrug l m a o

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This is the funniest thing i've ever seen.
A whole thread of pajeet bagholders LMAO

>> No.22409711

>this is how it works everywhere in the world when trading assets.
No it isn't. Assets can go up and down.
This can "only go up" (read: converge to a finite value and leave 90%+ people with unsellable bags).
It's like the laws of thermodynamics, and you're trying to sell us a perpetuum mobile.

>> No.22409720

Lmfao what a piece of shit. I really Hope biz doesn’t buy this. Might as well just send your eth to 0x0000000000000000000 hahahahaha fucking lol my sides can only take so much

There’s no fud other than you’re fucked if you buy this.

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>what is hex

This is literally hex but with uniswap pool. Hex claimed it’s purpose was to be a CD like asset, so is 12x. But we all know those coins real purpose is to go up. There is no shame in that.

You can still get in for 6x though, just 120 holders. Twitter campaign starts today.

>> No.22409750

you still dont understand. holy fuck how dumb are you pajeets. it can go down, but very very slowly

>> No.22409793

I’m just here to open anons eyes so they don’t waste their eth on this utter garbage. Check etherscan, it’s already drying up and pajeets are getting worried. Don’t be a tard biz

>> No.22409794

No it’s tied to initial uniswap pool price, which already 2xd

>> No.22409825


>> No.22409829

>asks people how dumb they are
>buys this shitcoin and shills on biz
Anon look into the dunning Kruger effect, seriously. You’re the biggest tard on biz right now. Better work on your shilling because anons aren’t believing this based on the lack of etherscan transactions

>> No.22409843

Good point sir, I'll take my risk and gonna shill it like there is no tomorrow.

It's like that and thats the way it is

>> No.22409859

So at 12x everyone is able to cash out? I've a family of four riding on this

>> No.22409888

Check again sweaty

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Lol somebody just bought 10 eth worth of in one go. Cope.

Just want you to know there is still time to buy in now, it’s a guaranteed 6x from there

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>> No.22409951

>desperate fudder who missed his perceived entry and now trying to rationalize it

its still not too late to buy anon

>> No.22409972

This is what you’re telling people, this is the reason they should buy...anon I...

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File: 6 KB, 249x217, D2682A51-94CA-4073-AD28-320EA5D43138.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I’ll be back here soon to say I told you so. I’ll make sure to include you in the screencap

>> No.22410042

Holy fucking quads. Kek never fails. Take it as a warning from above.

>> No.22410046

So am I understanding correctly that this will go right until it goes to 8x from here and then I’ll be able to sell in chunks?

>> No.22410071

Quads confirm, fuck me thanks for the 12x kek

>> No.22410100

Biz is actually braindead

>> No.22410106

Anything that promises instant gains is a sign of a scam. Fucking idiots on this board I swear, enjoy your money going to Mumbai.

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Have you ever heard of HEX? Or AMPL?

Get with the times grandpa, dex pools can be clever and price can literally be programmed too

>> No.22410329


Are you retarded?

>> No.22410332

>yes I have never heard of elastic supply coins, price oracles and yield farming, how can you tell?

>> No.22410515

What was the initial pool price?

>> No.22410537

lol, this is very very far from instant gains, and noone said it was.

this is literally the chaddest token out there that forces you to hold until you can make money, but it will definitely take some time

somewhat agreed, some people are really not even trying anymore it seems like

>> No.22410551

Yes it’s GUARANTEED by the contract. That’s the point we’re trying to bring across

>> No.22410576

told me what? that I will lose all my money? worst case scenario I will need to wait for proper eth scaling to be implemented so I can sell lol. cope harder

>> No.22410654

>this is how pajeets cope

>> No.22410739

>implying someone richard heart is behind 12x
No, a pajeet is behind this.

You know what’s also guaranteed? You losing your eth. There hasn’t been a buy in 30 minutes. Dumbfucks get rekt. Next time don’t be so stupid. There’s literally anons in here that just wasted 10 eth. If you’re reading this, sorry but you’re sub80 and should seek help.

>> No.22410760

not too late to throw a fraction of an eth at this anon. will make you feel better and help ease up that anxiety you have that makes you fud so hard

>> No.22410850

>hasnt been a buy in 30 minutes.
literally doesnt matter, we have all the time in the world

I do agree 10 eth is a bit too much to throw in at this point. I respect the anon's degen ways though

>> No.22410856


>> No.22411391

Realistically, x12 when

>> No.22411491

A week if you are this early

>> No.22411570
File: 797 KB, 649x769, 0758551B-B785-49AD-AA8E-EB66BA89FD4F.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

About a week
Look at chart (it isn’t zoomed in) >>22409450

As you can see, chart is just a one big candle that will rip right through 12x very soon

>> No.22411645


>> No.22411951

So what happens when it x12? We are able to slowly pull out at the sub 300 rate?

>> No.22412207

I see fresh experimental ecomonics = I instabuy

>> No.22412800


>> No.22413236

This, it’s fresh as fuck so naturally some people are slow to catch up, they are gonna miss out on massive gains

>> No.22413551

Lil niga answer me. How does one exit this after I or it x12's?

>> No.22413752

At this rate we’ll reach those levels in a week, you’ll be able to sell about 1 eth per tx then

>> No.22414130
File: 3.47 MB, 536x547, DB21947D-A3E0-4153-8DF7-B6A5579A716A.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bois we pumping again

Literally sushi all over again

>> No.22414304

he is going to rug soon.,

>> No.22414523

Ah, more scams. They never end. But, it makes me money so it must be good. Ethereum and hard forks were the worst thing to ever happen to crypto.

>> No.22414587


Already made 2x off this scam

>> No.22414616

Dear Sirs, I jumped into this beautiful shitcoin on your advice. Could you describe a possible exit strategy now, at least in general terms?

>> No.22414672

STOP FUCKING BUYING THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's a fucking scam. The code doesn't allow sells. I don't really give a shit, I didn't buy, but I hate seeing scammers get away with this shit.

>> No.22414977

15x and can’t sell

>> No.22415142
File: 27 KB, 412x511, I CANT SELL.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There ya go biz, learn from my mistake.
2 eth initial, im printing this and framing it on my wall. "Degens Hall of Fame: The unreachable Cashout"

>> No.22415260

I mean, you can cash out..... just 200 12xcoins at once..

>> No.22415281

How much can you cash out?

>> No.22415500

75 coins per transaction, pointless when the gas is minimum 10$

>> No.22415587

Put more in good sir and wait!

>> No.22416296

Went in with 3eth on a biz recommendation and didn't have time to research
Keep forgetting that biz is full of retards as well

>> No.22416495

haha yeah we're fucked..the more this goes up in price the less we can sell. I'm up 20x from the 1 eth I put in right at the start. It this goes up another 900% we'll be able to sell 90% less and still have the same problem we have now. Ahh well

>> No.22416612

People could only sell 7500 tokens max yesterday but at a loss..now the price has gone up the max you can sell now it 75, but still at a loss..its gonna follow the same pattern no matter how high it goes

>> No.22417247

Put in more good sir and wait!

>> No.22417804

1 ETHlet reporting in

>> No.22418098

lol this is actually a pretty good scam..no one still has any fuckin idea how the fuck this works. The ether is literally just stuck in purgatory. What happens if all the tokens get sold and still no one can sell in profit because of the gas fees?

>> No.22418638
File: 66 KB, 514x919, 6DD7D854-6542-4318-B379-54AA8AA9E98D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No rug or dump is possible, when we get rich we do it together. Still 6x to go

>> No.22418670

Were literally all in this together, including the devs

>> No.22418912

Not how it works, there is literally a constant minimum cap (15 I think) that basically stays forever.

Not even shilling, it’s a fact and basically what this coin is all about

>> No.22418988
File: 3.61 MB, 560x315, C4C1887A-3B2E-4CA2-BCEB-4F736D3EE7E2.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I must say I’m impressed. At first I dismissed it as scam but I researched the project and the contract and this looks really viable. I threw 3 eth at it, already up 5 eth. I assume when we hit minimum cap of 15 per tx we can cash out sizable amounts.

>> No.22419037


Nah you dont get it man..The more it goes up, the less you can sell. You literally can't get out in profit because of the gas fees. We're trapped

All the dev has to do is change the sell parameters on his own contract and then dump into the liquidity = game over

>> No.22419042
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Wow this reminds me of that other one. What was it called- "Only Up"? Except that one was a scam.

>> No.22419076


where does it say the minimum cap is 15?

>> No.22419210

It’s in the contract quite literally, have been discussed multiple times when trading started

>Load ze cannot sale FUD

>> No.22419258


So the lowest number we'll ever be able to sell is 15? Even if the coin goes to like $10? Can you show me this in the contract? Honestly feel like I'm missing something here with this whole thing

>> No.22419332
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I personally don’t give a fuck when I get my money 12xd, in a day, week or even a month. The only thing that matters is that it’s bound to happen per contract. Candle is literally going up with no stops.

I don’t need to cash out now, and neither should you.

>> No.22419789

Quiet nice so far.
No Dumpers at all !!!

>> No.22420222


no one can sell faggot

>> No.22420290

Now THIS is based

>> No.22420557

guys all you had to do was buy shiny rocks. now this is what you've been reduced to? anon, i just... i hate to see it.

>> No.22421363


Buying this was degeneracy in its lowest form

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