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life is so pointless.
work is meaningless. unless you go to t5 school and are a literal genius, the work you do is uninteresting drivel to create profits for faceless shareholders.

the avoidance of work is equally meaningless. just play games until you get bored and die, just like man has done for centuries? before it was quarter-horse racing in virginia, and now it's league of legends or other video games.

i don't get it, what PURPOSE does anybody have? to avoid suffering long enough to finally find meaning?

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> what PURPOSE does anybody have?

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If you're a man, you're supposed to start a family and provide for said family.

Because you want to shirk all responsibility in life and take the easy way out, then yes life becomes a meaningless pursuit of hedonistic pleasures and the avoidance of suffering.

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Post your family you fat retard

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You need to believe in something son. Doesn’t matter if it is totally hopeless and everyone think you are nothing, if your odds are against you, if there are thousands of people who are more skilled than you.

Believe in something. A dream or a goal and do it. There are times when you want to give up. Don’t. Keep going.

If you believe in something and work on that, that is all you need to be happy. You also need some money to survive of course, but you can get by on little. Just eat noodles or something.

Success is not what makes you happy. Belief is what makes you happy. Just because someone tells you something is not going to work doesn’t mean it’s true.

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Most people have no purpose. Yes, for them, life is meaningless yet they typically don't realize it. Life is essentially meaningless, which is great! The meaning comes from whatever you create out of the great potential of nothingness - otherwise, yeah its just a movie on repeat for all of eternity.

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yes, welcome to adulthood anon
you just need to find a cope that works for you, or don't, doesn't really matter

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be nice
have fun
fight evil
die fulfilled

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>to avoid

on a serious tone, don't avoid, fren. embrace the suffering like all other emotions and mental states you're meant to face as a man. only that way you can develop properly

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>posts weebshit
>what's the meaning of life
to die weeb

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>before it was quarter-horse racing in virginia
Before that you could fuck as much pussy as you want and no cops would chase you. Pussies used to be free for all and even younger.

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>Man needs to start family

>Starting a family in 2020

So what? Go find what woman to start a family with?

Do you go on tindr and just fuck some slut and put kids in her.
She changes her mind and has you pay a doctor to kill them.

Or she changes her mind years later and pays a lawyer to take them from you and half your worth. Then she proceeds to spend the child support on luxuries for herself while YOUR kids suffer.

Lol, who tf starts a family in 2020?

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There is no way to find meaning in anything. You create meaning.

Through Love
Through Work
Through Yourself
Through Gambling on crypto

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check out this dude named Karl Marx

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cope, slave

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as much as I agree with this thread I think the point of "life is what you make of it" is very true

but at the same time, you cant just up sticks and leave everything behind, well, most ppl cant

do things you enjoy doing even if it doesnt progress you as such. Nothing too degenerate tho but if its nice and makes you happy then do it

i would go more indepth but my keyboard is super loud and i dont want to wake the house up

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>Lol, who tf starts a family in 2020?
Everyone outside America.

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You are spoiled. If you didn't have a roof over your head and food in your stomach you would be begging for any job you could get.

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You need to find what makes you feel alive, what makes you want to get up in the morning, something that gets you excited, gives you a sense of wonder, etc.
Surely you've had that kind of experience before, try to think about what has given you this type of feeling and explore that. If you're not sure, try things until you get a sense of that feeling and latch onto it. Perhaps it's traveling, or music, or gaming, or writing, crafting, sports... As Joseph Campbell puts it: "Follow your bliss"

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unironically how do I not be a slave. How do I find my "unifying life project"

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God has a purpose for you. If you believe in Jesus Christ as your Lord and saviour, you'll continue to have purpose after your earthly body perishes - and are resurrected with an incorruptible body.

Confess with your mouth and believe in your heart that Jesus is your Lord and saviour.. and be saved.

Read the book of John in the KJV. Its a great place to start, for anyone.

Love ya bro.

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