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I have started a new job. My paycheck is between 15-20k bi weekly.

What should my investment strategy be? I’d like to stick to BtC ETH and LINK but would also like to toss money into coins that might blow up over the next year or two. Please advise.

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15-20k what? Rupees?

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Dollars you nigger face

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FTX.com to leverage trade Ampleforth
Yearn Finance can go to 200k before end of the year. You can use futures in it.
I dont think LINK will go above 50$ till march 2021 when the bullrun starts.

Bonktoken.com for the NFTs
Rarible for buying NFTs on its marketplace. Also try to futures trade Rarible.

DOT Polkadot projects
Mastodon projects. Hathor Network
Take a look at Uniswap
Unit ProtocolCOL will soon release its Daap
Haken made a new token HAI which they will bridge with their main coin tomorrow.

Most tokens with staking like BONK and Unipower are relatively stable and rarely moon and their staking cant hold a candle to yield farming with arbitrage bots.

BUIDLs ecosystem of tokens. BUIDLs innovative idea of making a smart contract muttable. It just lacks adoption like Polkadot and Hathor Network
Defi of Thrones for the fun idea of betting on 2 tokens going up or down

Speaking of adoption look into Stakenet XSN and Bitgear.

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>dollars doo-doo head!!!

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Thank you good sir. I will add these to my list

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I meant Sushiswap, not Uniswap.

Aave, Maker, COMP, etc allow you to keep DAI, LINK, BTC, ETH and borrow like 66% of your initial investment which yiu can use to borrow even more. Just hope to god LINK doesnt dump below your borrow price. You can also long LINK even if its borrowed.

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Sir, I think YOU will find that 15k rupee is a very modest number to invest with, but with PNK we will be able to turn that into 15K USD within MOMENTS.

dO THE needful sir

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