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Dont get me wrong we had pajeets and poorfags allways but now its 96% of biz
Back in 2016-2017 we had awsome eth-btc topics
Back in 2017-2018 we ahd awsome link topics
Its 2020 year of literally PRINTING money in defi and 0 yeald farming posts few "how to peddle next defi shitcoin" posts

twitter 10x better informational warfare platform now than biz now and also full of anons kek

By old frens will miss you

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They aren't anonymous if they are on Twitter. They may hide behind a frog, but they have a timeline of posts behind them and their word is valued based off previous activity. Each comment is not treated as its own standalone.

Defi rug pulls have been posted here everyday and YFI was shilled on day 2. Twitter is cringe and you know it that's why you're still here and you'll never be able to leave.