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Does anybody else here literally go weeks without talking to another human being outside of work?

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Don't you have a relationship, friends and family weirdo

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im in a big university and i just stay in my apartment. there's no one for me to keep in contact with and i see other humans 2-3 days a week. i've gotten used to it by now. a bit gonzerned that i'm so accustomed to it that relationhips and interactions just wont do it for me anymore

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Why is it so hard to make new friends? I have no problem talking to people in my classes. the problem is going from talking to people to actually hanging out outside of school and becoming friends. How the fuck do yo do it?

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I talk to myself all day

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i've had this problem too and whenever i try to suggest hanging out, etc nothing ever happens even im i'm proactive. i dont really like people that much anymore because theyre super unreliable and only pretend to like you when they have some use out of you. just learn to be your own best friend (without multi-personality disorder shit)

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Pick up a hobby that lets you meet people.
Try tabletop games like DnD.

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>without multi-personality disorder shit

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I think it's just us being autistic

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>go weeks without talking to anyone except barely my family

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7 years

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Get used to it, the world has changed. You can't go up to someone and be like hey wanna grab a bite? Or like hey wanna do something later?

Get used to being alone, I've gotten used to it and don't feel alone anymore

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Would be pretty funny if i make it and still have nobody to share anything with

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NEET here, d..doesn't anyone here go weeks without talking to another human being?

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heh yeah...just weeks...

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thats the curse. once you make it people will suddenly gravitate towards you. the questions is will you fall for it like so many others do, or will you see it for what it is & remember where you came from?

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We shouldnt get used to it though. The NWO wants us atomised and not forming irl groups.

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I probably have had less than 3 in person conversations with people in the past 6 months not counting my family

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I talk a little bit on my math zoom class. The only time I talk to someone not in my family in person is once a week for an hour

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I work from home so I mainly speak to my wife and kid. Could be worse I guess.

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Yeah what else do we do? Irl everyone has becone a nwo worshipper.

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>outside of work?
not a normalfag so i don't wagecuck, but i have gone for months without talking to anyone period

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Aside from coworkers only other people I've communicated with have been store cashiers

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what are the chances of irl biz meetups getting subverted? especially if theres a hard rule of staying on-topic

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I routinely go 7, 8 9 days without talking to anyone at the moment. it gets abit crazy being in your head so much. got say this shithole & you losers are literally saving my life & keeping me sane right now. I'm even able to justify it since I've got more money inink than I would have ever been able to earn in an entire lifetime, so sitting on here 247 is "work" necessary to maintain my "investments"

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>just learn to be your own best friend
Best goddamn advice this site could ever give. You will go through life alone live everyone else. Never forget to take care of yourself as you would a friend

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lonely biz anons, join us


no pajeets and no jews

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by the way you all have to meditate or journal regularly otherwise you will go the route of a post-wall clinically insane w*man

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>First week of college
>Have to make teams
>Ask this guy to make a team
>He agrees
>Other kid joins us, kinda autistic

>Have to make teams again for another course
>The guy I asked to make the other team with says "Should we make a team x and x"
>Oh they need one more, maybe they'll ask me
>They ask the kinda autistic kid from the first team

Why does it have to be like this

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My life

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i'll remember. believe me.
i'll go to whores. at least they're honest

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so tru fren

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>because theyre super unreliable and only pretend to like you when they have some use out of you.

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My dad checks in on me once a week to make sure I am alive. Other than that, I have lived years like this. As a hardcore introvert, this doesn't bother me in the slightest. However, it is annoying when you are suddenly in a situation where you have to talk a lot cause my vocal muscles are atrophied and they get sore easily.

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I work out, have a good portfolio in crypto, no interaction with people besides work, but why?
The best people to be "friends" with are from someone you learn from, so I cut out most of my friends and made Youtube friends and my life is like the BTC chart. Youtube is like a gold mine of information.

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Boomers casted me out at 16 for graduating early but not being able to get a job(50+ applications, all required me to be 18+, literally no places anymore for teenagers to work in my home).
I haven't seen my mother in 5 years and haven't seen my father in 10

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forgot to post this


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Why don't we make a Masonic Lodge for traders that are reliable. Vote people in, vote faggots out, a concentration of wealth and passion and consitant integrity.

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Same desu

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how does journaling work? do you have to read what you write back?

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How to find good people to build you up and mentor you? I know the five friends you spend the most time around will have a big effect on your own life. Ive been a loner all my life and its getting harder. My only friend has turned into a lazy pothead and we've drifted apart.

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You need to fix yourself first.

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this is a sad depression comment. Look into this

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i don't think i've really talked to anyone my whole life.

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Wow that's sad.

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you can return to it later to see how far you've come along. if you cringe thats ok that means you've grown since then. here's a good resource

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nobody talks to me even on biz, that's ok

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>find out we will be forming groups for an assignment next class
>intentionally miss class so I can skip all of the embarrassment that I would have to endure to end up on the same team anyway

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at least there's here fren

thanks might give it a go

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Just text someone asking if he wants to make a team, why not try

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>have internet friends
>all of my irl friends moved out of state or degenerated into nothingness or are dead
>only friends I've made in the past decade are my wife and formerly a girl I thought was nice but wanted me to leave my wife (gf at the time) to be with her

I don't know how boomers have so many friends while being so toxic. I don't think I've seen any "friend" in real life since like 2017

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stop the free for all, anons. join a team

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>implying I have anyone’s phone numbers

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I havent talker to a non related human being outside of work in almost 10 years

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There is no groupchat?

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I do, other than my wife and kids. I keep work and personal life separated. I find most people highly annoying, even some family members.

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The worst is when you think you have a group of friends but they’re really just drinking buddies who want to reminisce on getting drunk 6 years ago while getting drunk

I graduated in 2014 which may have predated group chats being the norm in education because I never heard of any

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yes i've done that around 4 years now, feels kinda bad.

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Do none of you have friends from school or cousins?

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No but I only talk to family and one Xbox friend

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>just be schizoid bro
fuck off, this advice is trash
yes people are annoying and unreliable, but humans are social by nature you can't just ignore this

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Remember your roots. Go monke

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i clearly added a disclaimer in parenthesis about not becoming schizo. specially crafted for retards like you who dont understand nuance. there's nothing wrong with prioritising yourself first.

>you can't just ignore this
>n-n-no you cant just do whatever you want!
get the fuck out of this board. your kind isn't welcome here

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Schizo and schizoid aren't the same you flaming retard
>hurr durr just become a loner and enjoy it
I'm sorry you're too retarded to understand how human beings work. Maybe you should fix that about yourself before trying to give advice.

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Embrace being alone desu, the disease of our generation

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Hello fren

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I only really have childhood friends. I have no idea how one would go about making real friends as an adult.

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"humans are social", in actual reality, just means normalfags feel they can't get ahead of there's nobody around to exploit or befriend + backstab

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Except for cashiers, it's probably 4-5 months that I need to talk with someone else in real life.

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I wish

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fuck off extrovert

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>only pretend to like you when they have some use out of you
This is why I only try to spend time with people that are into the same hobbies as me (usually anime because it's becoming very accessible, but I've seen this work for other hobbies as well). People will genuinely like you if they have something to discuss with you that they're passionate about. The only trouble is that you can't use this logic when going after women, this is why a lot of nerds end up being single for a long time.

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women are literally the bots. in fact half of biz could probably code an AI with a better personality than the vast majority of women

nerds are single because of the major thing: the product is good. but women dont give a shit about the quality of product, they care about the quality of MARKETING. things like social proof (approval from others), status, brand image, etc. usually nerds and introverts focus on the product, not the marketing

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>if you cringe thats ok that means you've grown since then
That's interesting. Back when I was trying to learn how to draw, I'd always cringe when going through old drawings and eventually gave up after a while, I never thought of it this way.

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Based nerd quads.
We live in a heavily fixed relationship market, Women are wired to seek the top 10% of men, the rest of mankind does not even register as a blip on their retard radar. And when one lives in a global technocrat dystopian hellscape like we do, you're not just competing with the men in your tribe like how it was for tens of thousands of years of human evolution, you're competing against BILLIONS of people. It's no wonder most men feel inadequate these days (and therefore lose a TON of attractiveness in women's eyes).

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You're saying this as if it's not true the other way around as well. Do the top 10% of men that women go for have amazing, virtuous personalities? No. The point I was trying to make with what I said was that relationships are primarily appearance-based, not that women are worse than men when comparing them with men who have the same SMV.

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and all you other retards itt, here comes functional autists close to 30 to save ya and making friends and talking to girls

Just go no-filter, full autismo mode. Talk to people about whatever its on your mind, whatever your thoughs are on the subjects, speak up.

I had many people over the years literally coming to me to just talk, complimenting that conversation with me its just different.

It's a hack for normie brain. For girls aswell.

Everyone around is playing games, oh they wont say this they wont say that. Let's talk about cars, jobs and shit.

And here comes me, dropping Epstein island 2018 news, and dropping Epstein 2020 development every time I talk to real friends.

Those kinds of subjects bring weird looks and confusion, but if with practice, you stop giving a fuck what other people think and make real friends.

Be honest, always treat people right, and if they foul more than 2 times - cut ties to them completely - delete from socials,block the phone man or woman.

The problem with us autists is not that we can make real friends, you are just trying to FIT, when you cant FIT.

You creating own reality, surround yourself with open-minded people who are honest, and cut ties with toxic people.

If someone doesnt want to talk about hard subjects or laughs about ideas without dicussing them - fuck them.

Girls are different topic, but if you ugly and autistic - just crack jokes with sarcasm, and learn to cook, and get moderately fit.

If you will come to party or whatever with your head on your shoes and will be scared to TALK to people you already losing.

Look those fuckers straight in the eyes everytime you talk, work through your weaknesses and just stop giving a fuck.

I think I should be a autismo coach here.

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I would say it's not true the other way around. Men go after all kinds of women, women all go after a very small set of (attractive) men. Yes of course attractiveness is basically the most important factor

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based, checked, and hermitpilled

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I have a conversation with psychologist online every week. It's so weird, I literally explain how life works, seemingly taking nothing out of it, like, it's not even me who should pay for it. it helps a fucking lot.

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I have been living my life without the need for human contact or help for almost a decade. This training in preparation for depression 2.0 where I will have to make quick work of my mortal enemies.

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I moved to another country recently and the only people I hang out with are from work. Left all my friends, gf and family behind to pursue a better future, I guess it will pay off in the end.

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Yes. My work is excessively sociable (sales) for my personality so outside of work I can't find the energy to talk to people. The vast majority of my communications with family is done through text message and most don't answer my calls when I try to ring. I have no friends. There is an old guy who walks his dog at the same time everyday and the days I find the motivation to go for a walk i'll stop and chat with him for five minutes.

>> No.22392518

can't completely abandon the fact that humans are social animals. even if psychologist seems useless, it helps in mysterious ways. basically even if you lecture a woman psychologist and see how her views are rapidly changing because of what are you telling her, it's healing, the fact that you establish dominance, the fact that you are acceptable, needed, important in some way not only for yourself but also for others potentially

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I talked to the pest control guy today

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retired recently. i haven't had a conversation in months. i just go to the gym, check investments, video game and drink. I'll have a look at the zero messages in my plenty of fish account. That is my life now. I'm pushing 40.

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low iq take. brain is more complex than you think. in certain circumstances you can't just estimate that you have a place in society and convince yourself in it. a part of your brain will always have to see it with your own eyes, a part of your brain has no imagination at all.

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This is why I come here, thanks.

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