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We are extremely early. This is truly our coin.

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>literal pnd scam from Andre

fcuk of with this shait

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for real, wait til social media gets wind of it

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i got 20
am i going to make it?

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Imagine thinking Andre was anything more than a fucking god.
>Missed out on YFI

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We’re all going to make it! We are finally early

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get off our dick

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Oh no some other shitcoin also used the Rockstar logo

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how does 20 million sound

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obviously fake and obviously gay

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why is it dumping

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Dude, /biz/ was late for this gem. It was already $4 when It was First chilled here.
Not bad, but not too early either

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someone posted this on tuesday when it hit $2, everyone was calling it a scam lol

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25 usd eow could be quite easy.

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The whole market is correcting a bit right now. Also people who have bought in at $2 are cashing out. That would be my guess.

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Bought in at $1.30. Not selling

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Thanks just bought 100k.

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I bought in at $2-3
Not. Selling.
t: top 30

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>Also people who have bought in at $2 are cashing out.
i'm a top 5 wallet. i bought at $2. I'm still buying at these prices. i'm not selling a single rari until $1,000.

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load. the. fuck. up.

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and handsome

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Based, same I bought at $3 and made a nice sum but this is just the beginning and I bought more in this dip

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Its really that simple

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Back at ATH boys lets get this PAMP

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I usually never buy more after pumps but i started buying this at 2 dollars and have been FOMOING like crazy like 5 times at 3-7 dollars. I think i have never been this bullish on anything.

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>Its really that simple
yup. follow the smart money

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Any biztard not buying is a brainlet plain and simple. This is basically the DEFI equivalent of buying Antshares.

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wtf is going on

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Just hit $11.50

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It's going to $50 thats whats going on

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Classic biz

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