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How do I short NYC?

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Ugly Jew kike like pic related is reason why NYC is shit. They turn everything into massive shit and they also have the highest percentage of any race to have shit fetish

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Kek look at that walking fucking stereotype my change jar vanished just looking at his face

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New York is about 400 year old. Things are just getting started

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>my change jar vanished

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NYC isn't dead forever but will be dead for many years.

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What race is this

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James Altucher just says ridiculous shit to drive traffic to his website, to get new subscriptions to his newsletter, and to sell books

don't believe his bullshit

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white anglo saxon protestant by the looks of it

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>some coked out narcissist jew says NYC is dead because his favorite bodiggers closed up and he cant get a chunky cheese sammy anymore
Yea im thinking sage and fuck niggers

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This is his blog. He also pushes shitcoins. Literally I used to read his blog until I bought a crypto currency from him promising that his shitcoins would moon. After reading his garbage and getting a refund I never read his blog again.

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i was expecting his voice to be more whiny.

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stay the fuck away from my foreskin!

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I like Altucher, he's kind of a faggot but makes interesting points no one else is making

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I had a high school English teacher who looks just like him (but female), and she was going to retire. During the summer me and my friend volunteered to help her mover her stuff from the class closet and I shit you not: there was pic related filled to the top with pennies and quarters.

Basically for 30 years in the school she was busy picking up dropped change in the classroom. Me and my friend had the best laugh of that year.

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75% turbo jew, 25% anglo (also know as crypto jew)

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What are some up and coming cities that will benefit bigly from NYC and LA shitting the bed? I want to get in on the groundfloor. Where are financial companies moving to?

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I wish he was right but he’s not. However I enjoy the thought of all the pretentious Williamsburg trash getting btfo for several years

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Dallas and Austin..they're also moving to Florida.

Just pick any red state desu

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75% turbo jew, 25% angloid

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I don't like the way he moves his head when he talks. Weird twitchy lizard jew.

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he's correct about NYC dying. There's really no reason to be there anymore since WFH opportunities are offered by companies. Since this pandemic will never let up. Many restaurants and entertainment venues will close up shop in NYC.

It will be Detroit soon enough.

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THE crypto genius james altucher

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did he ever reveal next bitcoin

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Is this some kind of 'look'?

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What the fuck is going on with Ferrari this year?
>mfw double DNF last week

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Bit of 4D Chess to stop Mercedes dominance last weekend
IDK, it's a shame to see them fall off. Just as McLaren and Renault are catching up

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Can't wait to see how tricky Ricky does at McLaren next year. Funnily enough, him and Sainz signed my hat at the US GP last year. Too bad McLaren isn't dumping zoomer Norris instead of Sainz.

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fellow white man

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He’s right tho.

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I think Ric will dominate Norris which will be cool to watch. Sainz fucked up badly.
New regulations coming though and maybe Ferrari gets their shit together.

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Miami will become the new NYC, but it will take a few decades.

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Angloid kikemus maximus

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>if you only knew how jewish things really are

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>my change jar vanished just looking at his face

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Yea, I just hope that Mercedes dominance ends in the next year or two, but we'll see.

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>following f1 in 2020

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a true american

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Motorsports are based pajeet

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NYC will be our first smart city in america

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