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Inflation does not exist. Doomers and conspiracy theorists nuked from orbit. The fed can print as much money as it wants and it wont matter. Deal with it goldfags and bitconners.

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brought to you by the same people who insist race doesn't exist

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yeah not to sound dramatic, but with headlines like that, somebody is going to start a revolution.

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But also insists whites are the problem for black problems

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>Apparently cheap gas is also bad.
Americans is your press powered by Lucifer himself?

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both are true fucking libertarian racist anarchist scum
can't wait for the day bitcoin is finally banned worldwide an confiscated by world government

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what a fucking joke
they are not even clickbait at this point

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Yes. The Jews are a self-professed satanic cult.

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both are true you racist libertarian scum
can't wait for the day all bitcoin is finally confiscated by world government

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This nigga retarded

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except for tuition inflation, healthcare inflation, and housing inflation, the three biggest costs in the average person's life.

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ooooppppies can't link antifa(anarchists) to racism.

Looks like we caught a young ADL agent in the wild, u boys are getting sloppy.

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WTF did cnn mean by this? How would they explain this?

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>listening to the Jewish media that own the central banks

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>links a page that describes retarded people
your point?

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it's true. stop worrying about the money printer going brrrr, okay goy. yeesh. you guys just need to relax. keep working, consuming, and investing, ok. nothing bad is happening. it's all in your head.

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finally a sensible post on /biz/

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Right so by "Inflation doesn't exist" they mean "It's over, you're a slave." The game has changed. If there is no inflation, what's the point in working? Why should I have to McWage all day to earn money if the money means nothing? Only to prove that I am a good little slave who will toil my life away for someone else's benefit. Why do we have credit scores in America? Why do your boomer parents/aunts/uncles tell you you need to get a credit card and build credit or you can't have a life? Why is a "good creditor" one who takes loans and pays them off with the most interest possible? If I can afford to pay the loan off faster, why shouldn't I? Why should I be punished for being financially "successful"?

It's all so tiresome.

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is no one going to check my quads? Or has CNN declared those don't exist either.

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>low costs might be bad news
>just print money forever, it never loses value

I want my 1200 trumpbux as much as the next quasi-need part-time employee with shitcoins to gamble on, but these people are just spitting in my face at this point.

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Looks like they are handing people a buy signal for metals and crypto.

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Cheap gas means the fracking industry is extremely unstable, which means all the smug midwesterners talking about the fracking boom the last few years are now deeply unhappy.

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I'd love to execute you myself.

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oh shit i'm sorry

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Your quadpost speaks truth, but it's truth everyone who isn't retarded/from red dit already knows.

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Any quad bashing the Jew media is a wholesome quad in my book. Checked.

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Human's don't exist

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Fuckin jew gets called out and leaves... sad and u fucks fall for it..

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yeah but they improve the big mac every year so the big mac of 2016 tastes approximately 3-4 times better than the big mac of 1986. if anything the CPI overstates inflation, as determined by an (((independent panel of economists))) because if you think about it the big mac of 2016 really tastes 4-5 times better than a big mac of 1986.

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Bullish for anything but dollaridoodoos

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funniest thing is for the price of a big mac you can get a quality premium burger in a decent joint.

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Has ever there ever been a time in history when men were truly free?

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I know, it's like what's the point of getting fast food anymore? The only advantage now is the convenience of the drive-thru.

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Don't forget shit skin inflation.

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No I dont think so, just varying degrees of freedom. When I talk to my parents, who are 70, about life in general they seem to have a huge cognitive gap in understanding how fucked someone like my sister is who just got a psych BS and 60k+ in debt.

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Romans had a 5% tax rate.

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If oil stays below 60 or so dollaridoodoos a barrel until us oil is fucked you have to import and oil prices will rise alot
Establishing us oil industry takes some time and might just get fucked again
Cheap oil now means expensive oil in a year or two

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>Z-zimbabwe doesn't exist
Weimerica is going down soon

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Only an msm financial analyst would believe that.
If it weren't for inflation, we'd be working 15 hours a week to provide for a family household.

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>hilary is leading the polls significantly - cnn
>trump in landslide victory declared president

yeah I'm thinking cnn isn't at all good with numbers

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It's not about Inflation, it's about Money Velocity. The FED can print all day long, doesn't create Inflation, because all that Fiat ends up in the same place. If somehow, they would find a way for that extra fiat to get to the Real Economy, retail prices would shoot to the roof. And you do see plenty inflation where it touches Power : Healthcare, Education, Housing. Where they don't care, it's stagnant, like Wages . Stop watching Inflation, it's a rigged index anyway, look at Money Velocity.

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Based and checked.

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>Deal with it goldfags and bitconners
>laughs in gains

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t. guy who knows nothing about economics

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really? Wow, even a medium article would have been more believable.

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Then tell me how the federal communists will hold the domestic oil production alive at all costs
Exxon nationalized when?

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bad take

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The worst kind of inflation

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op is a either a kike
or burger

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If you go far, far innawoods right now you’re free, the catch is that you’ll actually need to fight to live

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this. quad status = largely wasted :/

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The only currency that matters.

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Slut expectations are definitely inflationary. Try and live life with a modern woman with a 1970s lifestyle, even with the time saving devices.

The main driving force of inflation is women. They internationally don't understand finance, don't pay taxes (on balance) and are constantly drive up the price of pussy, courtship and marriage in both real and adjusted terms.

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There is no way you're not a dirty fucking kike

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>cheap gas bad
No that's only bad for the oil companies who collude and rip off people on gas prices

Oh and shareholders I guess

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And also learn how to grow your own food and hunt. You become a slave to the land. Not saying it isn't better than the current (((situation))), but is it real freedom when you're just one bad harvest away from starvation?

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Higher oil prices means more jobs in O&G one of the most important industries in the US.

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cope harder autist

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Lemme get a quick couple billion then

I got some simpin to do

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Most people have no idea how much more freedom we had only 30 years ago before cell phone tracking and internet ubiquity.

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Well, there’s the answer to the question if man has even been free isn’t it?

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It takes time. Germany started printing away it's war debts in 1918. The inflation didn't hit until 1921.

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Yeah the Internet is a great idea on paper, but it's fucking everything up.

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A Twinkie seems like a very simple snack. It's a spongy yellow cake 4 inches long and an inch and a half wide. Inside is a creamy white filling that tastes more or less like vanilla cake frosting.

The cake part of a Twinkie is moist and light, and the overall flavor is not too strong. The cake has a distinct buttery flavor, although it is fairly obvious that you are tasting a flavoring of some kind, not real butter. There are three small "globs" of filling spaced evenly down the length of the cake. The filling has a very smooth, slippery texture and a sugary flavor.

It takes more than cake and filling to make a Twinkie. The original recipe, concocted in 1930, included basic ingredients, like eggs, milk and butter. The need for a longer shelf life led to the introduction of additional ingredients.

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Not only this but they're like 2 fucking times smaller now. I could eat a big Mac in one God damned bite. Snickers are the size of my pinky now. Might as well not even put chips into chip bags anymore just call it hot smelly bag of air. Im fucking tired of this shit, not because of these stupid snacks, but im just tired of being taken for a fool. The day revolution strikes in this country I will be that motherfucker shooting round after round into the capital building.

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>CNN are liberals now

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Damn venezuela been having a lot of trouble with their imaginary inflation

>> No.22367363

CNN is evil as fuck. I hate them.

>> No.22367374

Venezuela wasn't backed by the petrodollar. You have nothing to worry about as long as the US is #1 :)

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Based and checked

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For $6 you could buy half a pound of beef, a kaiser roll, a tomato, and a potato and make all of it yourself.

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Hey anon. Israel has a right to exist...as a racially pure ethnostate and all you white supremacists nazis who reject excessive immigration and the planned browning of your countries need to learn some tolerance

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Why does CNN telling you the truth make you so angry?

>> No.22367661

CNN speaks they truth in they Calvins. Nuttin wrong wit it.

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No way, you can not get a good burger for $5

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because its CNN anon. All they do is lie.

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>can't wait for the day all bitcoin is finally confiscated by world government

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chapwood index is 12%+ up this year alone

>> No.22368089

Why do you hate journalism?

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The Big Mac lost 50% of its size as well

>> No.22368426

And gender is a social construct

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Prehistoric man was 6-9‘ taII( this is where tales of "giants" come from) because you could hunt megafauna and eat 15,000 calories per day easily. People back then also had larger brain volume with a median IQ of 140, and there is also evidence to suggest people had low level telepathic abilities. Then agriculture ruined everything.

>> No.22368565

Wait so I'm not crazy? I thought I had just grown and that it had always been this size, wtf

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They're full of shit dude, everyone notices that things are getting more expensive. You see it drastically in the collectible market. Nike Dunks have 4xd in two years. Pokemon cards have 8-20xd in two years. You can't even fucking buy basketball cards for retail anymore. People are grumbling and this is how they try to covertly quell it. because they know there are Boomers and morons who will repeat this shit just because muh TV man said it.

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Prehistoric man were oppressed by the daily horrors of nature. Something future humans faced less and less every generation (but oppressed by other factors instead)

>> No.22368771

>you could hunt megafauna and eat 15,000 calories per day easily
What would stop them from eating 15,000 calories worth of cow or goat meat?

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>not even half a century ago, you could travel halfway across the country with nobody but the bus company you bought a ticket under a pseudonym with knowing
>end up in a new town
>take up a new name
>get a job is as simple as walking into a store and telling them your fake name and shaking a hand
>renting is pretty much the same
what the fuck happened

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lmaoooooo did NO ONE in this thread realize this article was posted back in 2014????????????

>> No.22368924

This is actually true.

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they'll get killed soon. they've documented every act against us

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These are fucking red pills if I've ever seen them... Holy fuck

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thats right, inflation is just a conspiracy theory, you guys are just racist nazi incels

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That's when Germans felt safe to spend. Same thing now, no matter how much "helicopter money" Powell puts out, until "confidence is restored", you won't see much Inflation. So, it's Money Velocity, what we should be watching.

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>your hunger doesn’t exist
>your poverty doesn’t exist
It’s like they are intentionally trying to foment revolution

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what is the 'Banking For All' digitial currency act that toe rogaine was so desperate to SHUT DOWN conversation about on his podcast with adam curry?
I cant make threads pls respond

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Nothing. That is why the jew fears the carnivore. If a man eats only blood and meat he will unlock the true power of the mind. Don't drink fluoridated water either to regain esp.

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The fact that they have to come out and say shit like “there’s no inflation” means that there’s a lot of inflation and they want the NPCs to regurgitate this shit. Anyone fearing inflation right now and more in the future has their head screwed on straight. Buy physical in your hands PMs and pick up some gold and silver miner stocks before investors start pricing in big time Q3 earnings.

>> No.22369362

>The fed can print as much money as it wants and it wont matter.
This only works in a controlled communist economy. Spoiler alert tho, we're already in one.

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Bro you get more for the money. Notice that it's not just fructose corn syrup, it's HIGH fructose corn syrup. It shows the higher quality.

>> No.22369833


This looks like a post that was created by GPT-3. I refuse to believe human hands typed it out.

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No u

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Can I get a forecast on the price of VRA in 2039?

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literally only you and me
I knew /biz/ was full of retards (hence 99% of threads being about crypo), but jesus christ

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How Twinkies Work by Ed Grabianowski.

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House prices quintupling in the last 5 years is not inflation?

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When can we start killing Jews?

Germany snapped way sooner than this

>> No.22370420

They also had periods of very high inflation due to currency debasing or conquering rich enemies with lots of gold and silver.

>> No.22370568

I want a Triple ripple ice cream

>> No.22370613

Paid 8.25 for a small shrimp and broccoli today. Pizza is also fucking 3.25 a slice now too

>> No.22370856

Why wouldn’t they just get fat? I can eat virtually unlimited meat right now if I want. But it won’t make me 9 feet tall

>> No.22371933

food inflation, healthcare inflation and housing inflation are three biggest cost in the average persons life.

fuck off with your tuition, not everyone is retarded to go into debt for some bullshit degree

>> No.22372276

It seems to have less effect when the created money is locked up in assets rather than being paid as higher wages

>> No.22372355

Headline is from 2014. You faggot pussies ain’t gonna do shit, you’ve all been effectively castrated and turned into docile obedient slaves via bread and circus, media propaganda, vaccines, xeno-estrogens and fluoride. COPE! We win and there is nothing you can do about it. Feels good man

>> No.22372477

You were all free wild beasts before you were domesticated. Be thankful you ungrateful swine for the modern society we have given you, if it weren’t for us you’d still be in the woods worshipping trees you white nigger scum

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Man I hate jews

>> No.22373158

Why do you think quarter pounder and other measurements by weight have been the standard in food sales? By using an indiscriminate term like big mac, the company can make the burger any size it wants.

>> No.22373213

It does exist and we're inevitably going to have hyper inflation at some point. The problem is that the fed can pretty much pick when they want to nuke the US economy

>> No.22373241

Inflation literally does not exist. Every economic expert understands this.

>> No.22373426

QE causes money velocity to tank which is creating deflationary pressure. So they do more QE to try and counter it and it has the same effect

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but then this
>how would you value a foreign retail product in your currency?
well there is the forex so you can just do the currency conversion and get a number. or you can take into account the bigger picture, that usd will always have demand. the petrodollar is obviously part of this consideration but also that our quality of production is insanely higher then say zimbawbwhe or estonia. so basically my concept of this article is that the government can brr since it is still the reserve currency.
obviously cocaine has resulted in the net export of millions if not billions of usd too. fucken sno.
-t written on a desk i scored off the curb

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