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Because she’s a literal fucking moron anon, complete fucking useless idiot

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I wonder what she looks like without her mask

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her upside is not money. she isn't going to be forced to take the vaccine shots.
thats worth more than money for future.

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all her wealth is hidden in chainlink u fuckin moron

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I have the 3/5 her net worth, Im 3 years younger and she gets paid over 3 times what I do.

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CHECKED but you get paid after u leave da white house, her next 3 years will be profitable

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You do the needful and stop shitting in the streets of San Francisco

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How do you all make all of these sheckles you speak of?

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These net worth estimates have zero accuracy

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Isn’t she fresh out of university? Getting such a prestigious job so early will go a long way in networking and accumulating wealth.

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Shes 32

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she's 32 lol

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Yes her net worth is 500k just like the irs knows my net worth is 10k ;)

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I wiki'd her and damn she majored in international politics in washington, studied at oxford and graduated from harvard law school in 2016. It's impressive how she isn't millions in debt after all that

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She's pretty and articulate, how do I long this?

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-law school debt
-worked in low paying media jobs

that said, this estimate is fake. for one thing, she's married to a pro baseball player. they divorce and she gets half his millions

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Ah nvm inexperienced then, still prestigious job at 32 goes a long way.

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Do you think trump gets to fuck her?

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Only when she cosplays as Ivanka.

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Damn I'd nut so hard...

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Lmao idk if you guys are serious or not but thats clearly not her real net worth. Dude shes IN the establishment right now, she doesnt need money per se, she has power and she will leverage that so that in 5-10 years she will have more money that she couldve ever imagined. Thats how these politicians make their money. Imagine thinking governors for example who make 400k/year actually make 400k....

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Amazing what having integrated, established boomer parents can do for your professional career... Also, politicians don't give a flying fuck about money. You're an idiot if you think these people make decisions based on dollar bills, ever. They care about control and power, money is just the medium they've been using. It will change soon as the dollar dies.

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Who the fuck is this basic roastie

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If you haven’t realized net worth calculations online are total bullshit then you’re more than likely under 90 IQ

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Agreed. Wait until you see what she makes on K street after this stint.

Met a lobbyist in DC. Makes fucking bank ESPECIALLY if legislation gets passed in your favor.

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Literally custom equipped, manufactured, artisan crafted, formed by nature, smithed, created and consecrated for black cock. Genuinely and literally the perfect little black cock taking nymphlet I’ve ever seen. Imagine her underdeveloped, freckled little chicken legs forced wide for the pulsating mass of coal that will ingratiate itself into her, morph and twist her innocence into bestial lust, her Snow White supple pussy swallowing that black steaming rod whole and clinging to it like a bitch in heat as some hulking ebony mastiff mates and deflowers her. Imagine her little face, so innocent, cursing and screaming for a harder pummelling and rutting from her tribal dominator, as his thick black mass erupts it’s primal seed into her crimson pure white genetic womb, staining that perfect little lineage, forever marking generations of delicate white lily flowers with steaming ape spunk, imagine her sweating and screaming as those child like brunette hips birth a half black child, forever staking the black man’s claim to her lineage.

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haha woah dude. that's a big oof from me. It's called dial back the autism a tad. yikesaroo

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richer than 99% of human population. wHy Is ShE sO PooOOR!!??,,,

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There is only one respectable finance mommie.

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This and


She’s loaded but it’s not strictly in her bank account

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That's literally a man.

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u believe a website talking about someone's else's finances geez

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Is this the warren buffet lady I’ve been hearing about?

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That's the point.

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are you telling me you wouldn't take a vaccine shot in the face for 500K ?

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500k makes you a 1%er? Are you retarded?

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He has this saved on his PC somewhere, oh wait, he's a cuck, probably a MAC.

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her name is anne and she didn't buy bitcoin when bob did

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That’s a man you dumb fucks

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>i'll just quote the whole thread, that'll do it

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this site isn't correct. an interesting thing is the guy who ran nothingtoxic.com runs celebrity net worth.

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Need to suck more capital dicks

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This is so fucking cringe lol

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My wealth is all hidden in xrp. 1200 xrp