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the comments from thomas about swift dont sound too promising in his AMA. Starting to look like gpiLink isnt actually using chainlink

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Nigger who even cares anymore. Boomer kike standards are beneath us at this point. When all this is said and done swift will be another literal who.

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You clearly did not listen to anything he said about it.

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The cope has to be reaching critical mass soon. Dump imminent.

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It's hilarious cos there were so many blatantly unironical posts here over the years about how it ACTUALLY was chainlink

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It's okay he said they can integrate with paypal instead.

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Pretty upsetting. It's basically becoming clear that the only reason they have all of those big companies' logos on the website is because they've used their APIs for something in the past.

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you fucking idiot someone else alread posted that and linked to the actual timestamp instead of your half-assed "52:37" bullshit.

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The nolinker cope? Yes I agree it's beyond pathetic.

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Holy shit the FUD has gotten worse.

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kek not everything is FUD, just wondering he didn't really mention anythng else about the work they are doing with SWIFT

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He didn't really say anything you stupid nigger. why did you even make this thread?

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Woah, get some nutrients fren

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>dont sound too promising
>not FUD
But it did sound promising, this is literally what fud is

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kek also someone asked about Tesla, they shot that down fast as fuck, didnt even answer it. Looking like all these breadcrumbs were just that. No substance after 3 years

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I appreciate your psyop to get spoofed, you're a man of culture I see. I often use this strat myself as well and have probably saved dozens of hours of research and other reading cos of it

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Spoonfed *

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delete this

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Kek, the cat is out of the bag

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he literally dodged the question with some bullshit engineer explanation about "what you really want", and some shit about dwallet and paypal.

holy fuckin shit, whats the point of QandA if they can't answer shit properly, just skip the fuckin questions or dont do qa at all.

basically no answer about staking, no answer about ongoing relation with SWIFT, etc.

like the fuckin engineer that was here from start, doesnt know what they actually do with SWIFT, yeah fuckin right.

i bet Sergey is "derisking" another batch of 500 000 tokens to host some bullshit fuckin Zoom conference that will basically end with "we are waiting for you to build shit, lemme cash out another 10 millie"

hilarious what crypto is, fkin billions of dollars of evaluation with no responsibility, Q&A about nothing, and one employee thanking another employee for his fuckin time to show up without camera on some fuckin zoom call.

like he doesnt give a fuck so much, that he probably sitting bare naked or in boxer shorts, and answering some bullshit questions for hunderds K's per year lmfao

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what are ndas
you really think he can just babble about when and how they are integrated?
I don’t say they are but if he couldn’t say it

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he didnt even say he was under any NDA's tho?

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yeah nigga what are nda's, google it, because clearly you have zero corporate experience.

nda's have time limit, X development limit.

why would nda still apply in almost end of 2020?

like they signed 5 year off top with POC in 2017 sibos toilet conference or what


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NDAs don't necessarily have time limits. An NDA is just a type of contract. Each one can be unique depending on how it is constructed. My lawyer has written up like five different NDA templates for me depending on whether I'm dealing with a customer, a supplier, some freelance person (graphics designer), etc. None of them have a time limit.

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this guy fucks, right on the money with the "non-answers", have this upboat my friend

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>nda's have time limit, X development limit

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Damn, this just gave me an idea for a "Smart NDA."

If someone agrees to a very important, confidential NDA (especially government-related), they could agree to have all of their communications data monitored, and if they mention anything relating to the information protected by the NDA, the NDA could be violated with recorded proof and the consequences could be triggered.

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He dodged the question and specifically answered as if the person was asking about using swift as a developer. He said that person would already need to have a relationship with a bank.

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we have fiat gateways already

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https://www.linkedin.com/in/stephengilderdale/detail/interests/groups/ this is the Chief product officer of SWIFT. Go to his interests and then companies, you can see that Chainlink isnt on the list, now surely as CPO you would be aware of this if the breadcrumbs were true

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no we don't

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$2 eoy

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Thomas is the best chainlink employee he's a real snack

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in this specific case, only argument to sign NDA SWIFTxLINK would be a first mover advantage for SWIFT to prepare infrastructure in X time limit before any other related systems.

signing NDA without time limit with SWIFT if we are talking about that would be actually horrible for LINK because
>never ever SWIFT will let go of that
>SWIFT is not sure STILL about the product and blockchain

so basically your explanation is retarded, and yes NDA's have time limit in those kind of situations. this is a business NDA about not some fuckin "graphic designer", you are comparing bullshit fuckin scare pieces to hustle on some low tier tunnel eared faggots to a NDA about hundreds of millions worth. faggot

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ive checked all the people involved in the gpi programme at swift not one of them is following Chainlink on linkedin, you could argue that why would they, But why would that CPO follow ripple and not chainlink?

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lol, why don't you calm down? You are spouting nonsense. Most NDAs are unique, and there is no way for you to know anything regarding the nature of any agreements between Link and SWIFT.

I will tell you faggots one more time.

CHAINLINK + SWIFT partnership was confirmed by Sergey himself after Lauren Toaster asked him about it directly. Flannel Man stated “In regards to our partners and what we are doing with them, I generally like to respect their timelines.”

So Chainlink is working with respect to SWIFT's timeline, which would imply more that SWIFT is determining the criteria of any agreement they have.

You sound like a desperate retard btw.

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He dodged it completely
“The ISO standard isn’t difficult to deal with it’s just a specification we can build using our adapaters.”

That’s the closest you got to a real response and still no swift relationship

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>So Chainlink is working with respect to SWIFT's timeline, which would imply more that SWIFT is determining the criteria of any agreement they have.
that's basically a point in my case, if nda is there, they suck swift dick, not the other way around, which means swift can deny that shit and shut their mouth for eternity.

meaning we won't know and hype in crypto won't follow aka lambo problem not solved.

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Cringe newfag

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For many of us, Chainlink has already "solved the lambo problem."

It's been almost 3 years since I started buying Chainlink and it was a long and stressful 3 years. You're not gonna make it over night.

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yes he also said before this "we DID a lot of good work together" past tense. I bet there is fuck all going on right now

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>implying LINK needs hype to moon
When hype starts building up on normies it will mean we're at the top faggot.

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>omg Thomas didn't say any breadcrumb, omg nobody will now pump any of my chainlink bags. nooooooo
Keep buying, you stupid fuck

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if you think 2017 will happen again soon, you are going to get schooled soon
yeah sure paper millionaires, show me 100K in cash timestamped or fuck off to signing nda's with some graphic designers about shitty logos on some 100$ worth deal lmao

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Reading comprehension is not your strong suit is it?

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>Reading comprehension
>implying LINK didn't topped 2020 for 20$ per piece
>implying Joe's are coming to buy LINK TONIGHT

we are still early adopters at top5, hold the line marines

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completely dodged staking q too

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No I'm simply implying that if LINK accomplishes what it aims for, it will moon regardless of Joe's or NDAs

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>Paper millionaires
As opposed to what? Lmao

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What’s so funny?

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You had 3 years
Does it bother you knowing I'm wealthier then you and always will because I invested in memes 3 years ago?

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>As opposed to what? Lmao
as opposed to doubt that this negro is a millionaire and have a lambo, if he bought big in 2017, he should have 100K at least in cash in house, you know what ?

he doesn't, probably didnt took profits once in his crypto experience and will be fucked in the ass, and most likely sell another 50% move when his brain will explode.

that's my 2 cents. hold the line marines

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Thank you for your sincere concern over our finanical wellbeing.

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Great argument.
Will do thanks.

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I don't take financial advice from people who are poorer than me.

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I actually happen to have $100k USD in my coinbase account right now conveniently.

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Literally who? Only Sergey and Thomas (Hodges) know about Swift

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i doubt you are richer in cash but keep responding
nice 15" CRT monitor with 2 years worth of ash and dust on it, you are fuckin rich for sure.

CASH, not accounts, not crypto exchange account, show me fuckin cash kid.

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You realize these are people who hold LINK and are upset that breadcrumbs we thought were leading to something for years are turning out to be false? That we aren't trying to fud YOU specifically, we are lamenting our own misfortune and trying to understand if we are really getting fucked or not?

Not everything is a psyop to get you to sell.

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How much cash do you think Warren Buffet keeps on hand

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I have less than $50 “cash” because I’m not a nigger who keeps stacks of cash. I used to have a very cool legal tender and paper money collection (and silver notes, gold notes, etc), but it got stolen.

I have two businesses (one of which has netted over $300k annually since 2016), I have equities, precious metals, and other investments. Stop projecting your own desperation into everyone else. I also have 75k links.

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>Not everything is a psyop to get you to sell.
it's not his time to sell, like i stated above most of those fuckers will sell another -50% move down.

90% of 2017/18 breadcrumbs are false/not confirmed oficially in almost Q4 of 2020.

"Oracle" partnership was fuckin Chainlink joining STARTUP program along with GravelCoin HOLY FUCKIN SHIT MY SIDES.

Maersk nada
Insurance nada

LINK is top5 with billions of dollars worth with fuckin price feeding to contracts, unloading 500K tokens to make bank and make nodes working to feed some bullshit zero worth contracts a fuckin price of Etherum and BTC.

zero fuckin real world use case

thats my devils advocate, but niggers here too braindead to think for themselves.

going to change a robe, make a trip, and get 300 replies larping as insider for those sheeps to respect what im brainstorming here

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I’ve been holding Link since 2017 and I’ve never been more comfy with it.

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I know. The undeniable evidence within this thread, of which you too concede are real, have created siginificant fear, uncertainty and doubt in my Chainlink (ticker: LINK) investment.

I can't believe it was all a lie. I will actually be selling my LINK tokens as soon as I finish this post.

Thank you also for being forthcoming regarding the current state of affairs. Not gonna lie, I'm literally shaking right now.

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I'm on the Ruskie sanctions list, Fuck SWIFT

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If they had fucking NDAs about discussing SWIFT, the Chainlink employee setting up the questions wouldn't have set Hodge up with a question about SWIFT!
Surely he knows what they're allowed to discuss on this call.
Jesus CHRIST the cope in this thread.

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the existence of NDAs are under an NDA

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you do realise nobody cares if you sell, i was wondering what other people though about his question dodge

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What a fucking nigger you are.

I want to see $100k in ACKSHUALL cash!

kill yourself monkey

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the only decent partnership lately was T systems which was quite big but nothing monumental. But based on recent evidence I really don't see a Chainlink and SWIFT connection being likely, maybe in the future

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whiter than you ever will be with blue eyes. also have a shitton of cash profits locked in, because thats not my first rodeo in crypto. hold the line

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hurr durr post picture of ALL your cash profits now.

you fucking retard.

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Band Boy’s and CZ Ching Chong swarms trying everything to crack LINK

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post timestamped pic of hand, since i dont take orders from pajeets,mutts and niggers

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This is true, however that doesn't mean that link is fundamentally worthless. Also don't forget companies are reluctant to use a new technology when they haven't seen its success yet, that's why the current users of the network are crypto start ups. Inb4 scams, yea they are, but people completely forget the fact that link has only been out for 3 years.

Big things take time, and there is sufficient evidence companies ARE looking into chainlink.

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Just listened to the whole ama - overall, FUCKING BULLISH
Thomas is a don straight up

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This. fucking kek. I'm all in link but the swift thing is a total nothingburger and the gymnastics to believe in it amaze me.

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Do you retards expect him to breach an NDA with a billion dollar company?

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I have 10k and I am not selling. I'm just disappointed. I don't think it's over. I can be disappointed without selling. Some LINK holders are fucking delusional and think that literally any negative post is an enemy trying to get them to sell. It gets fucking old when you can't really discuss LINK anymore because LINK shills will throw a fit if you say anything negative.

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I feel the same way, I actually was banned from the Telegram just by raising some critical questions, they just dismissed it as ''FUD'' and I was ''trolling''.

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It was NEVER about gpiLink.
>not waiting until iso20022 is implemented and writing off swift in the meantime

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Some people treat their investment like it is a religion. They worship it as one would worship a god. It's pathetic honestly. I'm a top ~2700 holder and I probably have more LINK than most of the people who are emotionally attached yet I can still discuss the concerning aspects of LINK without throwing a temper tantrum.

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you guys should've ladder sell from 10$+, but i guess 6 months of straight pump from Rona wasn't appealing to you enough.

fuck cultists

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I have a job and I make enough money to afford just about everything I want in life. My problem isn't money my problem is having to work. A bit over 10k LINK at ~$20 isn't enough to never work again a day in my life. The money wouldn't change my financial situation since I have no debt and can afford whatever I want.

So why would I sell and cash out when my life would be exactly the same whether I cash out or not?

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dude it's just NDA shit. stop being a nigger
cope more nigger
religion is a good thing nigger

>> No.22356968

>Some people treat their investment like it is a religion. They worship it as one would worship a god. It's pathetic honestly.
Kek this is so scarily accurate with Linkies. I'm a top 1000 wallet holder myself if LINK went to 0 tomorrow I wouldn't give a fuck but the emotional attachment some people have to their holdings here is sad to witness. Posting anything that takes a job at their "OG status" is like poking a hornet's nest, when in reality 90% of them are 2018 /biz/ newfags.

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Lmao the poorfag is still posting

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Thinks swift is a company

>> No.22357134

>religion is a good thing nigger
Worsipping money isn't a good thing. Stating it is a "good thing" to worship your investment as your god is more appalling than the cartel gore videos I see posted occasionally on this website, which have no emotional effect on me at all.

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use buzzwords harder, fundamentals didnt change and wont stop LINK from crashing to 0.001 again. markets =/= fundamentals. i guess you are here to shitpost and not make money, and i respect your way of life. take care
10K Link at lowest point was worth 1600$. You had 200 000 $ couple of weeks ago, looked at it and went "nah, all or nothing i will be millionaire".

thats borderline gambling degenerate mindset, and since you actually took a time to write somewhat proper responses to concers with current market situation i will treat you lightly.

in markets, you are playing mostly against yourself. you said that this money wouldnt change your life and thats complete bullshit.

objectively people would kill their family members for 100 000$ no questions asked, you can start a business with it, you can travel the world, buy shit, whatever. 200K is only 5X away from a millie, and only 10X from 2 millies cash.

you can take 100 000$ , and fuck 1000 good tier prostitutes every day, alternatively setup 1000 meetings with girls etc.

im not talking about personal preference here and goals, but to say 200 000$ is not life chaning money is just a matter of having no ideas whatsover about money in general.

money has no value itself, it's made to be exchanged for something else.

if you dont have a clue what to do with 200K, you wont have a clue what do with 2M, you will just do same basic shit, go maybe on spending spree for 6 months, and you will come here again and shitpost because you dont have a clear purpose.

to summarize my train of thought aka rambling - you cant change your life, if you dont have a clear goals and plans.

money wont help you with that, it will just buy time, and open some doors. but you have to twist the handle yourself.

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Shut up faggot.

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You sound like a coping faggot who needs to find peace with his decision to exit the market.

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Bro, no ones going to read all that, especially with that faggot ass rebbit spacing, just leave this site, and never come back.

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>someone actually posts using his brain cells
you sound like a generic double digit iq , triple digit link holer who thinks he will be a multimillionaire with <1000$ "investment" and knows three words "fud" , "cope" and "tranny". good tier post, you sure will get some internet high fives aka you's from other cultists here who seethe at every approach to talk about the market situation in other way than "BULLISH AF 1000$ EOY".

fuck you.

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I asked the question re: SWIFT.

I agree, he answered the question tangentially i.e. that Chainlink is capable of working with ISO20022 as a messaging standard. That wasn’t the question.

Anyway, what we know re: SWIFT:

SWIFT had a POC with Chainlink to test ISO20022 messaging back in 2017, they have a SWIFT gpi LINK solution, a stream had a member from the Chainlink team literally stating they're working on SWIFT oracle, LINK had the SWIFT logo in the mainnet b-day video, Oracle is integrating LINK and now Oracle are linked to SWIFT through link related


> Oracle Banking Payments for gpi is designed to be deployed as an active layer to meet gpi needs on top of an existing core banking solution or payments hub. Alternately, banks can move the complete payments into one enterprise-level solution that caters to multiple countries, multiple underlying core banking systems for SWIFT gpi, and local payments.
>blockchain adapter to future-proof the bank for SWIFT’s ambitious modernization plans

SWIFT have been very reticent with direct blockchain mentions but this is Oracle saying "you'll want a blockchain adaptor to keep up with SWIFT's plans"

Thomas isn’t gonna divulge anything but the connections remain. I agree though, would prefer no answer than a straw man response.

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It's a cooperative, which is basically a company owned my multiple parties.

>> No.22357415

Thanks google, but you did call it a company

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This is a buy signal. The FUD has been strong lately. I trade futures for a living and sit on /biz 4-8 hours a day while maintaining my positions. Pro tip when people are telling you to buy its because the price is overbought and a short term correction is coming. When they tell you to sell the relative price is low and it oversold. EVERY TIME the shills come out and say sell after a 50% dump its fucking hilarious. Its going to be triple digits in like 4 months anyway. Just dollar cost average, get off /biz if you need to, and hold. 25K USD in LINK right now makes it by end of 2021. 150K USD in LINK now makes it in like 4-6 months.

Look at your faggy Reddit space. You don't need space after every fucking sentence it just looks like copy pasta spam.

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Thank you Thomas, very cool.

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nice TA, go all-in long, you are clearly superhuman trader with 160+IQ

>> No.22357599

Your grand idea about "goals" just boiled down to "You could have taken the money and fucked prostitutes."

You are a fundamentally different person than I am. I don't make investments so I can fuck whores.

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you are the biggest fagging faggot I have seen in a long time on this cosmetic surgery enthusiast tranny weaving forum

god damn

>> No.22357660

T-sigs this year definitely

>> No.22357667


I am all in long. I had a thread about this a week ago roughly. Its forming parabola that started in 2018. A 3 year parabola in the making. The longer the time frames the more exaggerated the move will become.

I also turned 2400 into 156,000 just under 8 months. I even misplayed the March crash a bit

>> No.22357692

Go back to r*ddit

>> No.22357735

me neither, and thats not the point. thats just an example of what 100K can be exchanged for. you literally exchanging some paper for 1000 hours with 1000 bodies of another human being. whatever you like that idea or not, it would be lifechanging experience , depends on human if that would be good or bad.
took the time to you, so i got your soul kid
good for you, now go all in long with 100X leverage. good TA, sure it will go like that.

>> No.22357774

i do

>> No.22357802

never been

never created account

but i like spacing

>on chan since 08'
>newfags try to keep outdated rules alive about one line of text made by cheetofinger 300lbs+ neckbeards who had piss bottles, cig buds , and roaches on their desks

fuck yall niggas, thats how its going down

>> No.22357806


I'm guessing this is because those people are failures in life and Link is there only chance of making it.

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Say all you want, FUD all you want, im never fucking selling

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The whole goal is sustainability. Yes I can take my $250k in LINK and blow it for 2 years of good living. Then I'll be back living with my mother. Also there's cashing out of LINK completely. I'm gonna own the piece of the future smartcontracts infrastructure and collect dividends off of that. None of you kikes will get my whole stack.

>> No.22357840


It will. We could see upwards of $200 in Jan before a large correction. Obviously you are just being a retard no one uses 100x leverage and expects to make long term gains. The parabola coming to a culmination just happens to coincide with large swaths of news regarding Chainlink to go public as well. The bots accumulation for large players paint the charts. A perfect parabola doesn't happen like that on accident, its created.

>> No.22357901

what made you think it ever was? Literally was never even hinted.

>> No.22357977

How is it FUD? Swift was always transparent that Link was just a POC for them, there are other solutions they will end up using. Link was the stepping stone.

>> No.22358211

why would you blow it off, if you had guts and ability to understand schizo posting in 2018 and invested in LINK, you can understand some lower risk shit than crypto and make it other way.
yeah yeah its going to 200$ for sure. hold up, let me sell everything i have, take massive loans and go all in. i could probably buy 200-300K LINK at those prices if i liquidate everything and 100-150$ LINK would make me top10 rich of my country. you think you are smarter than those people ? you sound like 17' fag who made 100K on antshares and lost it all couple of months later, people are blowing off their trading accounts left and right everyday with bigger sums than you could probably get from here. the fact that you posted such a fuckin atrocious TA, and pose as cutthroat trader is hilarious.

not a single good trader made his calls public you bitchass nigga. stay retarded, i have to earn money on someone in this market.

>> No.22358235

I really hope you're trolling

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>yeah yeah its going to 200$ for sure. hold up, let me sell everything i have, take massive loans and go all in. i could probably buy 200-300K LINK at those prices if i liquidate everything and 100-150$ LINK would make me top10 rich of my country. you think you are smarter than those people ? you sound like 17' fag who made 100K on antshares and lost it all couple of months later, people are blowing off their trading accounts left and right everyday with bigger sums than you could probably get from here. the fact that you posted such a fuckin atrocious TA, and pose as cutthroat trader is hilarious.
>not a single good trader made his calls public you bitchass nigga. stay retarded, i have to earn money on someone in this market

Seething. Dude this is long term positioning to dictate where the market is going. Its forming that parabola 100%. Obviously you look at short term frames to see when the trends are starting to end or reverse. I've made hundreds of thousands from LINK alone. I never bought anything didn't come to crypto until the bullrun in 2017 had already ended. I just started DCA'ing LINK while trading it in the short term. OBV position trading master race.

Guess where I sold in pic related. Why wouldn't I make it public who cares? Its not like we all can't still make money here plus all my positions are solidified its just waiting now. You sound like you are projecting, got lucky on Antshares, and then lost most of it, but in your head the next trade will win and you'll get all of it back and then some right?

>> No.22358708

You're a meanie and I don't like you

>> No.22358759

What are your price predictions for EOY 2020,2021 and 2022?

Appreciate your thread last week anon.

>> No.22358787
File: 9 KB, 128x128, 1520514846121.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>think i lost a single USD in crypto
jesus christ kid take care. link for sure hitting 200$ in 6 months source
>dude trust me i trade futures for a living
>i only had 2400$ to put in crypto
>i made 100K in crypto and heres my graph
>i bought december 2017
>basically 2018 summerfag parabola moonboy lmao

>> No.22358793

What kind of businesses may I ask?

>> No.22358806

imagine writing all this shit out, kek. cope

>> No.22358893

Or alternatively what do you think is the cycle peak for link and when?

>> No.22358978

>>i only had 2400$ to put in crypto

You aren't supposed to trade with more than 5% of your stack on futures. Even that is considered high. More like 2%. I wanted to start from ground up since I hadn't done them before. I've made more than 100K. I didn't buy December 2017 I came into the space and read about projects. I started buying long term a few months into 2018. Summer fag parabola moon boy. Dude you have nothing. You wouldn't be so angry if you made actual gains probably.

>> No.22359059
File: 250 KB, 1859x553, wwwwwwwwwww.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

incorrect with all the statements about my well being, but for sure act like you know shit with 2 years experience in the space.

only thing you did is you read my posts in 2018 discussing LINK here, bought it, and now my semen is talking to me through the powers of the internet in 2020.

that semen is you, because i made you son.

>> No.22359063

>20 posts by this ID
>none of them good
how does she do it?

>> No.22359088


Cycle peak will be probably sometime in Jan. Then BTC will start lifting off early into 2021(probably a few months) while LINK/alts retrace and bounce between accumulation zones. It could be strong like June 2019 for LINK 70% over a few months with fake outs. End of 2021 to early 2022 will be the peak of the Golden Bull run cycle BTC over 100K at least and LINK probably nearing $ 800-1100

>> No.22359171

After the bullrun how much do you think will link retrace?

>> No.22359219

why should that happen? who will put that much money into link and why so soon?

>> No.22359220


You are laughable. I was in those threads too my man. I was arguing technicals, researching the oracle problem, watching every fucking presentation Sergey gave, discussing tokenomics, going through Sibos toliet FUD, 2 man team, Philosophy major etc. If you were in crypto any longer than late 2017 and you didn't already make it then you are a failure. I'm set up for this bull cycle I hope you are.

>> No.22359224

swift is irrelevant when Ethereum exists
as long as defi provides better yields than banks do nobody has a fucking choice
and with 0 friction and 0 overhead, i don't see the banks being able to compete anytime soon

>> No.22359291


I'm assuming staking will be live by then which likely curb most of the retrace. We could see something massive still 50% or more because of speculation and retail with weak hands but I doubt it will last long. The tokenomics when staking is implemented and fully saturated will add immense price stability(less extreme volatility) and long term upward trajectory.

>> No.22359346

Have fun with your 2x ramjeesh. You have a point with being grateful for what one has but link is different. It takes grit to hodl. Imagine selling your golden ticket after everything, especially when the entire market is down. My linky stays super stinky 1keoy

>> No.22359368

So you think initial parabolic jump to $200 in January 2021, strong retrace, then in 2022 another parabolic growth to a peak of $800-1100?

How exactly do you form this type of analysis anon, I’m interested

>> No.22359374

Also badpost because of even mentioning prostitutes as a good way to spend money. Never mind selling link. Get behind me satan!

>> No.22359383

Well its not going to be retail. Lol The next 4 months will probably a plethora of news starting in October. We will see speculation pumps for sure but the bots that accumulate can only get so much from weak handed retail buyers and their main target are OGs who subscribe to DR;NS basically. The only way those people sell is by expanding to a new price epoch in which they are satisfied with the gains. Then the price dumps an they start a new accumulation channel rinse and repeat. OGs here hold more than the rest of retail combined I'd bet.

>> No.22359384

Based trips of truth.

>> No.22359386

Thanks just bought 100k

>> No.22359413

I think this is spot on, Im a eoy 2021 boy as well.

>> No.22359470 [DELETED] 

lets see how it plays out. dr;ns

>> No.22359486

21 posts by this id. Doesn't hold link, fuds link, and types long ass arguments. Rent free :)
Also, DRNS.

>> No.22359506
File: 254 KB, 1366x713, Chainlink 81K Breakdown.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Well we are completely a parabola 3 years in the making for one. We are also closely following ETH on its exponential rise from 2016. People don't realize how ridiculous the tokenomics actually are when staking is implemented. Sergey even has a video on the nature of them, its a perfect positive feed back loop. I can elaborate on that more if you like. I think staking is going to be slow rolled a little and will be announced by EOY. It will take the rest of the year(of 2021) to mature and then when node cap limits are fully lifted it will insane quickly. Even LinkPool mentioned the caps on nodes in the beginning.

>> No.22359585

>How exactly do you form this type of analysis anon, I’m interested
this pure comedy gold made by teen moonboy
and fast forward 2 years, you made 50X only when you could buy LINK at 16cents in 2018, and made 100X plus just by holding and not larping as a godlike trader and make gulible anons believe your bullshit.

nothing is guaranteed in crypto other than every bull cycle spawns retards like you,but remember- you are literally my semen crawling through the space of the internet.

>> No.22359586

do i buy link or snx/aave? which has more pumperinos in it for the next year?

>> No.22359602

>doesnt hold link
Thats where youre wrong

>> No.22359665


There is no real way that I'm aware of to know how high the parabola will go. I think triple digits is a safe assessment but you can see it definitely unfolding on the LINK/BTC pair. Once we get closer to the actual parabola starting to manifest you have to use a variety of time frames to estimate the top. I use mostly volume indicators to figure out when the run has completed. Volume is legit because its not a lagging indicator its based on present data coming unlike basically all the rest. Once multiple time frames say the same thing its time to exit. Longer time frames outweigh shorter ones.

>> No.22359694

If you don't dump now you basically proved to be retarded. The scam revealed itself and the meme pump isn't happening again.

>> No.22359723


I hold long term and trade short term to add to my long term holdings. I thought you left since you clearly have nothing to say but insults. Zero legitimate insight

>> No.22359770


All three of those are solid DEFI projects with potential but I'm all in LINK personally with one other project I'm accumulating now that will be the next progression of blockchain for institutions after LINK has matured. LINK has the best risk/reward ratio

>> No.22359782

dude you posted 81K schizo trillions of marketcap, 40% dominance image and you calling for 200$ by January. you are literally my semen, and that's actually a compliment because clearly you out of your mind and out of your league here.

>> No.22359786

>everyone ignores one of the few goods responses in the entire thread

>> No.22359873


To be fair you obviously didn't read the image because it doesn't require LINK to have 40% dominance. Do you even read replies? I'm assuming not since all you do is spew character attacks because its all you have. Yea yea I'm your semen or whatever gay shit you are thinking about.

>> No.22359906

Lol. Fag

>> No.22359919


Honestly you must have sold at $8.80 out of fear and are desperately trying to buy back in without a significant loss. I've never seen someone try so hard

>> No.22359938

what about 1m in link rn?

>> No.22360025


You have already made it. You will be ecstatic in the coming months.

>> No.22360051

still making assumptions, not spilling beans for some teen schizo, and you bet your fuckin ass son that i didnt lose a single dollar on crypto.

keep posting this 200$ LINK by January, cna you make a trip today ? I would love to hear from you on 31st of January 2021.

>> No.22360085

Trips are for fags. I'll be around here

>> No.22360160

>and you bet your fuckin ass son that i didnt lose a single dollar on crypto.

No you probably didn't lose any money but you made some profit on $8.80 and realized how low you sold.

>> No.22360242

still wrong, and i can bet 1000LINK you wont post ever again after 31st January of 2020.

>> No.22360248


>> No.22360266
File: 277 KB, 1504x2016, 1558299144573.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

truly nothing is better than nolinker cope

>> No.22360267


>> No.22360272

>Sergey even has a video on the nature of them, its a perfect positive feed back loop. I can elaborate on that more if you like.
Please do, would be great to have some more good discussion in this thread absent the other retard whining

Could you elaborate on how you use volume indicators across different time frames to assess peaks? I’m not into TA

>with one other project I'm accumulating now that will be the next progression of blockchain for institutions after LINK has matured
Which project?

>> No.22360356

Loling @ your sellers remorse. Huge discord fud campaign board-wide, hunker down marines. Nothing were not used to, nothing we ourselves havent participated in.

>> No.22360357


I don't want to take all your LINK though. Screen cap my post then. We are hitting triple digits like I said

>> No.22360478

Sux to be u cuz sirgay is selling

>> No.22360497

never used discord in my life my teenage friend
i dont cap shit until you make a trip, i am not some basic moonboy thats capping out of ass predictions. make a bet, make a trip, let's see each other 31st of January 2021.

let's see how you will talk then, and talk to people from this thread included who are gulible and retarded enough to literally buy your absolutely fuckin retarded prediction.

not so confident anymore ?

>> No.22360503

I just needed to hear that anon, thanks, real life is a struggle right now. also if you're the anon who made the parabola happy Christmas thread a few days ago, the hopium is appreciated

>> No.22360525

wow what a faggot, christ

>> No.22360532

Holy shit you guys are this behind? XRP replaces swift bro it's over

>> No.22360577

this blood will be on your hands

>> No.22360613


Watch here from about 49 minutes onward as he discusses the network mechanics involving the two circular charts that intersect. I should just make my own thread on this.

Price action going up with strong volume is bullish

Price action going down with strong volume is bearish

Price action going up on low volume is bearish or a fake pump usually

Price action going down on low volume means bullish or likely a reversal as no one is selling.

These are based on volume relative to other volume on the same time frames.

OBV takes into account the price points at which people bought the most. Price always tends to go towards the area of control or where the most accumulation took place. VWAP is another legit indicator. Tons of solid information on the topic through searching.

Not done accumulating my other project but I'm close and will provide a write up soon.

>> No.22360621

>28 posts by this ID

>> No.22360668


Screen cap my post.

>> No.22360683

kek why are you so salty? fucking cope with the fact that a lot of us are actually not poorfags, i personally have about $200k in USD and $500k at current prices in Link, because i literally have no use for the cash right now and have CHOSEN to leave it as an asset for three years. Most people dont keep everything in cash you mong because its a depreciating asset

>> No.22360701

Just hold you must have almost 80K LINK you have already won

>> No.22360718

Neither, they've both gone all in on shitstink due to common VC

>> No.22360729

Just hold you must have like 80K LINK you have already won. I did make that

>> No.22360741

kill yourself nigger

>> No.22360790

Appreciate it anon, I’ve got a comfy position but will look into these indicators and also the video.

>> No.22360820
File: 34 KB, 430x290, 1521236768706.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

not capping shit faggot, i have a good memory, make a trip 31st of January 2021. also the fact that some teen fuckin moonboy will make anons dreams shatter is just a cherry on top. karma comes back, just remember people like >>22360503
will be on your hands you fuckin moonboy parabola preacher. you are basically a cockroach.
so you had close to 1millie from couple of K's invested in 17/18 and didnt cash out? nice decision
OOPSIE, teenager hands getting sweaty. keep telling 80 000 LINK holders when you have like 10K to hold with you to 200$ in January. what goes around comes around.

>> No.22360897

Flush yourself down the toilet.

>> No.22360967
File: 7 KB, 261x163, psy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Not done accumulating my other project but I'm close and will provide a write up soon.
>Why wouldn't I make it public who cares? Its not like we all can't still make money here plus all my positions are solidified its just waiting now.
>I've made more than 100K

COUGH, COUGH. whale alert contradicting himself, hes not done accumulating so hes not ready to shill, but he's buying big so he doesnt want price to skyrocket after he shills this shit as 100 000 USD crypto whale, but on the other hand- hes transparent with his positions because we all can make money.

teen moonboy, schooling newfags about crypto.

return to normal.

>> No.22360975

kek yes i did, last year would've been: so you had 200k from a few thousand invested?
>yes i did
im holding longterm faggot, im not selling before mid-end of 2021, or the start of 2022. Im selling based on my exit time, not based on any specific price

>> No.22361024

fucking kys

>> No.22361050
File: 93 KB, 1820x394, andale.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

only thing you need to look at is the mirror and ask yourself if you are fuckin retarded. heres the breakdown of this little retard with 100K in crypto who got lucky off /biz/ from 2000 USD and is teaching you what to do in the market

And now im out boys.
31st of January of 2021 LINK will reach 200 USD in Binance, well that's what the other dude says.

I will be there, adios

>> No.22361079


Of course I'm not going to shill until my positions are solidified that would be moronic. That being said once I shill anyone can make money if they buy in and hold. I only shill projects with long term potential. My LINK bags are ready and I can see its future.

I won't be selling the other project I'm accumulating as well like LINK. Staking for dividends.

>> No.22361084

check this >>22360967

this thread reeks of discord trannies keeping sentiment up.

if not, wake up kid. you pissed yourself.

>> No.22361130

see ya in January 31st 2021. if LINK is not 100$ at least(i will give you a break on 200$) im pissing in your mouth.

kisses, andale amigos

>> No.22361162


You have taken literally everything out of context that I have said. I've made more than 100K. I just happened to turn around 2400 into 156,000 in under 8 months strictly from futures trading unrelated to my long term holdings.

>> No.22361171
File: 10 KB, 252x200, 1594258850933.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

anon... i am just a linklet with a measly 700 stack. do i have a chance at making it

>> No.22361225


Oh so now it might be triple digits(which was my original assessment)? $200 is possible but triple digits is happening if the parabola plays out and its been following for 2.5 years now

>> No.22361262


Maybe in like 3-5 years unless you can work with mid six figures.

>> No.22361272


>> No.22361294

how does 7 million in collateral + $15k/month dividends sound?

>> No.22361298

Based anon. Also funny how the jeets and chongs had to make a fud version of the bullish hodge AMA. L.O.L.

>> No.22361308

thanks for the hopium i am very young so waiting that long isnt bad. godspeed

>> No.22361316
File: 66 KB, 1872x758, suckadick.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.22361334

Ur so fucking gay you MUST set up an onlyfans. That’s a community full of your type, much better than here

>> No.22361471


They do that with every post that comes out. Obviously Hodge couldn't be more specific through NDAs. The other thing people don't realize is Chainlink is a network. We don't really "partner" with companies. We are a tool or plug in that they integrate into their software. When people go to Google, Microsoft, or Oracle the will say I need data for XYZ and those companies offer Chainlink as the solution.

>> No.22361498

Yea its not bad at all especially if in your mid 20s or younger

>> No.22361527

You’re a legend mate. Thanks for dropping some knowledge in this thread.

>> No.22361528

The shills all left because the thread turned from FUD to actual information and they lost control so they had to abandon it rather than let it get bumped. Lol

>> No.22361582

You don't need a tripcode for him to call him out in the future. Hé already revealed Who hé is, but you are too God damn stupid.

>> No.22361629

>Not done accumulating my other project but I'm close and will provide a write up soon.
I only have 3k link, so i won't make it. Can you tell me what this project is so I can sell my link and go all in? thanks.

>> No.22361652


Do you or anyone else have those screencaps of BTC shitting the bed every time Link attempts to break out?

>> No.22361694
File: 295 KB, 1497x892, binancemanipulation.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.22361730

What is making it to you? A cool mil? A cool 2 mil?

>> No.22361810
File: 3.24 MB, 4000x6000, irina-iriser-pRHK5wUkONs-unsplash.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This thread is retarded. Why would anyone sell LINK right now, at literally the very start of adoption and the massive roll-out of a ton of exciting new developments?

I mean I would understand if dumb anons fell for the FUD in 2018-2020, maybe needed to pay some bills, and sold off their stacks at $2-$5.

But we are clearly at the very start of a major roll out of new partnerships and features. The team is hiring over 50 positions, which is an insane amount. By next summer, the team could have over 100 people on it, maybe more. SmartCon gave us more hidden details than the past two years combined., if you knew how to read between the lines. Bringing on Ari full time is bullish AF. Chainlink Labs is going to be the premier research institution for all things decentralization, Web 3.0, smart contracts. Chainlink is so much bigger than just oracles now. They are going to have world-class researchers teaming up with them to create new whitepapers and develop lines of products. They will be consulted by the major research universities and think tanks.

Do you guys understand how strategic these acquisitions and partnerships are? They are not trying to just build a product that gets a lot of adoption. They are setting themselves up to gatekeep the entire Web 3.0/4/0 experience.

The Chainlink team understands that you can't just roll out a really good product, and hope it gets adopted. You also can't just over market a half-assed product (pump and then dump due to loss of trust). Instead, you need to create a really good product while managing expectations, while preparing for scaling and enterprise adoption. Over the next 3-6 months they are going to systematically roll out a series of announcements, updates, and partnerships but do it strategically.

I don't think $1000 EOY 2021 is impossible.

>> No.22361820


>> No.22361828

>sirgay is selling
This fud is the oldest, WE wrote it LOL try harder shill

>> No.22361851
File: 375 KB, 1175x1221, BTCLINKmanipulation.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.22361872


at least 2.25 Million but ideally 3 Million

>> No.22361945

3K LINK isn't bad. I'll finish my write up soon. I had to wait longer than I thought I should have done it a few weeks ago. You don't want to sell your LINK you just want to accumulate both. In the mean time use some of your stack to farm YFV or something while still keeping exposure on LINK

>> No.22361973
File: 364 KB, 3350x1358, BTCLINKmanipulation2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.22361977

Thanks for the write ups anon my 10k stack was starting to feel hopeless but your words have filled me with new hopium that I one day will make it as well

>> No.22361995
File: 652 KB, 2048x1536, DCFF78C0-6DD4-4B67-82E7-5621FF3AED05.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Suck it fags.
We already know we are gonna make it. Timelines cross in 2021.

>> No.22362011

Wait, wait.. I am.

>> No.22362231
File: 312 KB, 1672x2560, 4thIR.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.22362485



>> No.22362500
File: 391 KB, 1242x1723, EQzX70gXsAAQFOv.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.22362656

Btw anon what are your thoughts on Bancor?

>> No.22362795
File: 12 KB, 300x300, 1569268690356.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

wtf does klaus even mention LINK anywhere in that book? why is the book cover the link logo

>> No.22362865

I've never looked into the project. The only other project I'm willing to shill right now is YFV. I'm not buying just farming but with the recent medium article releases the team is delivering. I can accumulate while I retain exposure to LINK. The YFV tokenomics are about to become ridiculous.

Go read the medium articles on September 5th and their September road map update. Its legit.

>> No.22362940

Yes. He mentions smartcontract.com at least.

>> No.22362955

He does.
By name he brings up smartcontract, the parent company to the Chainlink network

>> No.22363074

Haha you've never seen that before? Yes he mentions Smartcontract.com by name.


It redirects to Chainlink Labs now.

Go type Smartcontract.com now into Google.

>> No.22363090

How new are you?

>> No.22363187

Oh hi mike

T. His other project is lition...

Thank me later

>> No.22363261

link is so comfy bros

>> No.22363301

Based YFV. Have a look into Bancor anon.

>> No.22363399

>2400 into 156,000 in under 8 months strictly from futures trading

>> No.22363471


It is not lition. I've never heard of that until just today.

>> No.22363518

yeah that's me. hi.

>> No.22363554


That was all from LINK too. 10x leverage or less ALWAYS with enough excess margin to withstand scam bart wicks out of nowhere. Lots of patience as well. I only did probably 5 trades in that time frame. I also never fully sold off the position which alway kept my basis average low just took some profits and bought back in at lower price points. MA 20, 50, and 200 plus a variety of volume indicators.

>> No.22363601


I'll check it out

>> No.22363831
File: 67 KB, 720x960, FUD me.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

BNT is very underrated and very cheap right now. No one really realizes it, but Bancor is quietly building an upgraded version of their V2 after running rigorous tests on their V2 beta pools for over a month. There is 0 hype about it right now. I am accumulating a lot. Screen cap this and remember who alerted you to this at the literal bottom when BNT goes 5x in October.

>> No.22363916

Can't believe I missed this post, I've been on this board almost 24/7.

>> No.22363947
File: 199 KB, 413x310, bancorbull.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

stfu pajeet

BNT is literally a scam

all hype, no delivery

>> No.22363977
File: 20 KB, 468x590, faggot.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You must have bought at $2.80 and sold below $1.

>> No.22364006
File: 69 KB, 801x822, GTFO.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Thinking SWIFT is a respected payment system after U.S. sanctions.

>> No.22364010

checked and impermanent losspilled

>> No.22364053

that has nothing to do with the fact that their inadequate team can't get their shit together

1) liquidity amplification doesn't function
2) low APR in the LP
3) can't exit the LP due to high exit fees
4) promised new pools and caps removed - didn't happen

>> No.22364080
File: 412 KB, 720x845, f.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Respect based BNT anon.

>> No.22364088

>thinking any alternative is even slightly as respected

>> No.22364103

Yeah aave is better lmaoo

>> No.22364144

Exactly, these brainlets don't get it. The fact he danced around it and didn't answer the question is bullish.

>> No.22364186

It's a beta. I'm telling you now that what comes next is going to be the full version of Bancor V2. The problem with crypto is people expect immediate results all of the time because rug pulls meme coins are pumping left right and center. Bancor is not just some scam. It's a veteran project in the space that created the very first AMM. I get the frustration you feel with the slow and steady pace in comparison to the unaudited shit coins that are mooning every day, but that might just mean that BNT is not for you anon.

>> No.22364273

You type like a tryhard teenager, its embarrassing

>> No.22364296

bnt is 17 in the etherscan defi rankings and only has 20mil locked up. once the caps are lifted and the full version released I'm expecting a solid dump upwards

>> No.22364451

From what I understand, when the caps lift a lot more could be coming with it. Bancor has been unusually quiet for the past month but there are subtle hints at something very big happening behind the scenes. Twitter is silent, but there is constant activity on Github.

>> No.22364464

A legendary faggot, so unlikable and dumb he thinks people calling out his posts are discord trannies, which is an insult he called me a teenager for. Hope you dont lose your home, anon. If you sold too early just buy back lol. We dont want you on the mission any more any way.

>> No.22364503

I check their TG like everyday lol

>> No.22364506

it's not the pace, it's the fact that they simply don't deliver on their promises

it's a veteran project that can't compete

obviously you're doing something wrong then uniswap forks you and adds a better UI and then goes to take over centralized exchanges

just like it happened once, the same thing will happen again. Somebody will come along and make a better version of V2 faster and easier to use

>> No.22364558

>there are subtle hints at something very big happening behind the scenes

tfw the pajeet goes on to empty hype his shitcoin again

>> No.22364630


lol you and me both. Been in since 0.65. Just keep dumping every single farmed shitcoin I have into it.

>> No.22364733

>BNT will go 5X by the end of October after the full version of Bancor V2 debuts.
lol that u think I'm a scammer just because I have a different opinion than you. It sucks that you bought in at the high $2 range and sold at a loss during the recent market dump, but don't be angry at me just because I think you are mistaken.
what's with the plebbit spacing?

>> No.22364844
File: 388 KB, 1440x2135, 1586623628159.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Uncleswiftoldfuck is that you bro?
This. We're in the middle of massive unemployment and Chainlink are hiring and expanding and faggots think this isn't bullish
Dude you are a discord tranny lmao!
This. Imagine thinking blockchains, web3, and DLTs won't steamroll existing industries just like the internet did.
Criminally underrated post. Good question anon and rationale.

>> No.22364901
File: 85 KB, 1000x700, 1526580299061.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If you faggots are going to take over a link thread to shill Jew coins at least post that Jewess

>> No.22365070
File: 1.84 MB, 1646x1320, Ggg.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

sry fren. didn't actually intend to shill Bancor here, but I saw a question about it came up and thought I'd give my BNT bags a little pumparino.

>> No.22365260

there have been murmurs about "institutional money" but I don't know if institutions are waiting or bnt is hoping on the smell of a handshake. either way it should be exciting

>> No.22365309
File: 107 KB, 320x180, 1Zt_bh.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Most bullish is Chainlink nodes essentially running Arbitrum and scaling eth
No one will buy your bags.

>> No.22365373

lmao Swift is a corpse, you linkies were banking on fucking swift? that's so funny

>> No.22365402

>There’s been a lot of speculation on SWIFT and statements from Chainlink on ongoing work with SWIFT. Is there any update on what form of work is ongoing here - e.g. relative to ISO20022 / DLT.
Once you understand how link fits into their ecosystem the question is retarded. It is akin to asking large hosting providers about HTTPS. "Can link be used for ISO20022" - yes of course. "Are they using it" - does the link team even need to be in the loop for this? No. Is there another solution? No. Bullish af.

>> No.22365458

don't need anyone to buy muh bags sir. id rather keep accumulating at sub-$2 before BNT pumps 5x again in October. If anyone buys I hope they buy then. Works better for me.
Based upon what I'm seeing, I expect a massive upgrade to the V2 pools and liquidity mining.

>> No.22365550

10+ yrs of decentralized tech. hardly any mainstream adoption. maybe its just a meme like /g/ said

>> No.22365560

yes. this has been stated. they'll lift the caps and add more pairs (allowing single token exposure) to the v2 pools. they're also working on a proper interface ala aave etc.

>> No.22365623

cash is unironically for niggers
if you have 100k in liquid physical cash you are guaranteed to be a nigger

>> No.22365682
File: 125 KB, 1280x1047, 20200909_122156.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

/g/ thought btc was a botnet
> Generic shill post
There is no other solution. INTP bros second guess themselves too much.
True swift is a meme but they are contributing to web3 in their own way.

>> No.22365863

Funny i have the exact same idea. Any chance we go 2k 2021 eoy? Id hit that target. Could always sellf half the stack and the other half in 3-5 years too

>> No.22365900
File: 54 KB, 624x351, 6C196F03-B87A-41DD-A295-30547A6400F4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.22365949

>Thinks swift is a company
>It's a cooperative
from doing no research it sounds more like OPEC
but swift is finance so more like an organized bank cartel

>> No.22365958
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Audits: None. YFV creators are experienced DeFi and Blockchain developers and have spent a great amount of effort to ensure the security of the contracts, including forking the codebase of well-audited projects as well as soliciting review from experienced friends. As such, there is no formal audit at this time. We STRONGLY urge caution to anyone who engages with these contracts.

Yeah, fuck right off. Even the most skilled and experienced dev in the entire crypto space get their code audited. What a fucking joke.

>> No.22365973

Bancor. YFV. LMAO andaaaaaaaaaaaaaale. Hilarious fuckin stuff, board feels like deja vu

>> No.22366004

Bancor at least has had professional audits of their code. You can't compare the level of incompetence and unprofessionalism between the two desu

>> No.22366032
File: 255 KB, 1366x768, LiquidtyDUMPWTF.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


This isn't true audits have been done on YFV go to the website. That being said I just exited all liquidity pools I was in a few minutes ago because of pic related

>> No.22366178

> Audits
This is not a reason to buy because Bancor is literally a leftover shitcoin from 17.

>> No.22366199

>/g/ thought btc was a botnet
its been a while since a decentralized tech thread was started on /g/.
wonder why I never see one on there?
really gets the noggin joggin

>> No.22366229

TAke it down

>> No.22366235

>I agree though, would prefer no answer than a straw man response.
My guess is they answered all (I think?) the other questions and ignoring yours would have left the door open. So they said "yes those things can use link" as if we didn't know. For non-autists listening later it sounds like a response. We know.

>> No.22366247

I dont give a fuck about both of these shitcoins
>Simp id
How the fuck did i missed that

>> No.22366258

what would be the cause or result of this?

>> No.22366276

Because they're a bunch of oldfags that just like to do sysadmin and jerk off to weird os.

>> No.22366414

cope and seethe

>> No.22366456

Link 1000$ eoy for sure, just put your link in some website like everyone else does, then get 20% returns for borrowing it, reinvest free money, then collect your link then do it all over again because we print money with DeFi on a scale that noone else figured out. Fed aint shit, they need to actually print that shit, we just creating infinite money,defi is the future, buy buy buy

>> No.22366522

/g/ are still seething they knew about btc and dismissed it out of hand even though it fulfills many of the libertarian dreams of cypherpunks. Then they dismissed eth as well for the same reason. And now with link well I'm surprised they're not discussing the intersection between contracts and tech but given their history it's no surprise.

>> No.22366546

I haven't put my link in any of these systems yet, too scared
have been thinking of playing with 10-15% of my stack though

>> No.22366557
File: 263 KB, 850x400, NowWithHair.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Weird OS?

>> No.22366591

get over it old man, nobody cares about dug out narratives from a decade ago

>> No.22366622

Dont trust anyone with your crypto you fuckin moron. Too tired and phone posting night night yall keep your buttholes tight upcoming weeks.

>> No.22366737
File: 91 KB, 546x896, 1599539776898.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You should care because it's the same narrative you're experiencing right now.

>> No.22366772

Skip the whole crowdfunding ICO shit and go straight to locking your LINK in a money printer. What could go wrong? Everyone should do it.

>> No.22366892

I dunno...Sergey had Andre at Smartcon and he seems pretty legitimate to me.

>> No.22367139

That doesn't mean they do not understand the actual tech. The last time i saw a thread there, the debate was heavily one sided and not in favor of decent. tech. Why aren't anons from here going there to start a /decentralized tech general/ ?

Go start a thread and let's see what happens.
10+years and counting

>> No.22367327
File: 1.05 MB, 1242x1810, 1544819262583.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Dude I've been coming here for far too many years so I know what will happen. /g/ is so close to Reddit now it's laughable.
Blame pajeets and chink shills for copying and shitting everything up not the tech. /biz/ already discussed and debated link for years.
Epic vid. Watch it and share it with /g/ but most likely they will dismiss it and tell you to install Gentoo kek

>> No.22367353

>max reply thread
>not filled with 42 kikery
we're all gonna make it

>> No.22367774

have you ever heard of market manipulation? They can't breach NDA's with SWIFT and they're one of the only crypto companies that will survive law suits unlike tron, IOTA and all the other scams out there.

>> No.22368217

You are the one dismissing the point. I am not talking about link. I am talking about the actual tech that the entire crypto community is defined by.
Still no thread. its ok, i didn't expect you to take me up on my challenge. No one has

>> No.22368400

> /g/ dismissed btc distributed ledger tech a decade ago
> You're dismissing the point
> Muh challenge
The hackathon is happening now and if /g/ boomers are interested they shouldn't require me to shill it to them. If they want to take up the challenge and buidl it's there for them

>> No.22368403

>I have 1m in link when the price does a 10x will I still have over 1m in link?
Does your mom wipe your ass, too?

>> No.22368548

>The FUD has been strong lately.
No it hasn't. The FUD has been nonsense.

>> No.22369098

I only have 1200 LINK. How fucked am I?