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I'm trans and I hold PNK

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Thread not needful, sir.

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gross dude, i hope you 41%

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vagina (penis) or gtfo

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Did you cut off PURPL to go PNK?

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You know the rules. Show unnaturally grown mangled up tits

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unironically bullish

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you will never be a woman, you will always grow a beard, you will never be able to bear children, you will always have a deep voice, you will always have to do a feminine voice, that voice will always sound ridiculous, you will forever try to be something you can't be, you will always be a massive disappointment to your parents

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I'm Somalian and I'm climbing on your ship

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It's now 51% desu

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Wtf kike tactic is this?
He's right. And I say he because I can tell this post contains rational truth and competence, something I expect from average persons born, and continue to be, male.

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More like PNGay

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Just be whatever you wanna be and don’t let ignorant people put you down.
Just buy LINK and be a rich diva

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The chances you are actually trans are incredibly small, but the chances that you are depressed, weak willed, or otherwise vulnerable to brainwashing are really not so small. Just be careful man.

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tits or gtfo

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how come you're allowed to pretend to be me but I get told off by the moderators for being myself?

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Probably because avatar use is technically against the rules. It's not enforced all that often, but it's technically something you can report. I have nothing against it or you personally.

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Are you a massive Gorillaz fan or something? What's with the pics?

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I wasn't pretending to be you though, I just like the OP image and wanted to post it.

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I wish the moderators would leave me alone. Also are you really transgender too?
No, I got told I look like kanamori sayaka a bit is all(tall and boyish looking i guess they meant)
Its OK I'm glad you like the image

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post feet or GTFO

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because you're an obnoxious faggot about it, pnkie

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Transgenderism is a social media-fueled looks fetish.

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Why do you trans abomination always have to announce that you're trans?

I'm straight but I've never felt compelled to tell anyone. I just am.

Nobody gives a shit, just shit the fuck up about it.

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Because that's the standard. You don't announce things that are expected. Like nobody sneeds to say they're a straight Christian holding Chainlink, but if you're a gay Muslim you might want to make an announcement.

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>Also are you really?
More or less.

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No, still no announcement required. Just get on with your life. Nobody needs to know your sexuality or "gender".

Stop basing your whole identity around your fetish and you'll be happier in life. And don't pretend like you aren't depressed deep down.

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I don't base my whole identity around it, that was an assumption you made.

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You do, it was a correct deduction from your OP.

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Being into BDSM or feet sniffing isn't expected either, but people usually refrain from announcing their fetishes

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So you would be against a proud homosexual Muslim announcing their love for Chainlink and how it helped liberate them from their own personal chains?

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Homosexual muslim is an oxymoron though

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can we talk about how our bags aren't bleeding for once or something?
no I am not. I always keep things on topic and talk about pkn/kleros
are you a boymoder not on hrt yet or something?
being trans can be debilitating most of the time that's why a lot of us talk about it, it's not a fetish, it's a medical condition. we shouldn't even be in the lgbt movement desu

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ah fuc this thread isn't dead yet. Mega bullish?

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Basically. It will be a while before I can take it 100%.

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I want you.

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>it's not a fetish, it's a medical condition
It's a social media trend, hence a fetish. An obsession with unachievable (female) looks encouraged by peer pressure.

At least other fetishes don't destroy your organism.

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I'm a Muslim man but I have to admit that pregnant Sergey really turns me on. I keep fantasizing about putting my seed inside him and watching new life grow... We get married, he gives birth, and we raise that baby under the blessings of Allah. I want to hold hands with Sergey, and looking into his eyes say 'I love you.' I think of myself taking our son to his first day at school, watching that strong and masculine boy develop amazing computer skills like his dad.

Sergey would be the ideal partner for any man wishing to start a family. His great genes give him a combination of assertiveness, strength, and intelligence. If Sergey is able to get pregnant, he has to have a uterus; if he has a uterus, he can only be a woman in the eyes of Allah. ALLAHU AKHBAR!!!

Ok, I can't hide this anymore. It's coming from deep inside of me... this desire to shout...

I'M A GAY MUSLIM AND I HOLD CHAINLINK! Yes, and I am not the only one. I was attracted to this community because of the feeling of brotherhood that it creates. Together we are one. We are above gender divisions and categories. Chainlink, as you know, is a gay sex position where men stick their dicks into each other's asses to form a link.

Today, I declare Chainlink to be the currency of the LGBT community.




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We're not bleeding out, but I really hope we'll go over 10 cents again soon.

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Ok this thread just went from absolute garbage to absolute based

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>No, I got told I look like kanamori sayaka a bit is all(tall and boyish looking i guess they meant)
>tfw no tall qt British trap to talk about and buy crypto with

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No you mentally ill faggot, this is an anonymous sumerian cuneiform deciphering imageboard. No one cares what the fuck you look like or do in real life. Fuck off to reddit if u must make it known u love sucking dick. That shit is irrelevant here.

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haha that's epic m8 lol
is this thread a good sign for kleros or something?
good luck with your journey, anon. I hope you will be able to take hrt soon
nice id colour, nice image, and nice file name
ive never been on social media. you have no idea what you are talking about. be quiet
sir this is a pnk thread
I hope we get to 1 dollar soon
I need FFS, sorry anon. that's why I hope pnk does rly well

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how come the money in my brave wallet goes up while coingecko is red?

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Coingecko isn't always accurate for low cap coins that aren't on major exchanges. Same with things like blockfolio.

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>ive never been on social media. you have no idea what you are talking about. be quiet
You're a fetishist, deal with it. Your whole life revolves around the pursuit of a female look.

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should i just stop comparing tracking sites to my brave wallet then? none of the ones i use seem to be in sync with my brave wallet :(
shut up

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I've never used brave wallet personally. When I want an accurate price I'll just go on Uniswap and see what the exchange rate is for PNK/USDC.

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>I need FFS, sorry anon. that's why I hope pnk does rly well
Gib tall girl hand holding. I hope it works out for you. I expect PNK to hit $1 after it gets listed on Coinbase or Binance. Maybe one to two years.

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I would recommend you get a hardware ledger. Its the best and only way to keep your money secure. Ledger live gives good pricing data too.

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Not getting that surgery anyway.

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I wouldn't recommend it unless they massively improve on it someday.

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hmm ok I will do this from now on, thank you
maybe hand holding in a year or two then Anon. I hope we all make it
ohhhh I'll look into getting one. Are they worth it if you only have 30k pnk though?
I'm not interested in this, despite it being free where I love(NHS)

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im a tranny and i put 34k into chainlink in 2018 get fukt zoomers

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>I need FFS, sorry anon. that's why I hope pnk does rly well
See the problem with this is that you poor fuckers don't realize, is that you will still age like a man. Sure your trap antics might land you a fag occasionally, while you're young, but in 10-30 years, you will look absolutely fucking horrible, your ability to trap fags will drastically decrease, and of course because the gays just want to fuck and 98% of them have 0 intention of long term anything, you physically fucked up, drugged up kids will be even worse off than childless 40+ year old women.
Just for a second consider the long term effects of your mass psychosis induced fetish. If you don't odds are quite high, you will kill yourself.

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It's a hassle, but it's the best way I've found for getting an accurate price until it gets added to coinbase or something.

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>Oh boy oh boy oh boy /pol/ taught me for this one, I've saved hundreds of pictures(not gay btw) on my computer for just such an occasion!
>Doesn't get mutilated
>Well no matter, I'll continue fighting for justice!

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>Not getting that surgery anyway.
Based, even I agree it's a bit much. Wait until stem cell, artificial womb and genetic manipulation procedures become a thing.
>ohhhh I'll look into getting one. Are they worth it if you only have 30k pnk though?
You're such a lurker hahah, ;D you saw my post on the other thread. Yes, they're 100% worth it.
>i put 34k into chainlink in 2018 get fukt zoomers
Good job!

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why would any man want to try to even pretend to be the inferior gender

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>if you only have 30k pnk though
I forgot to add, you can also put more than just PNK into the ledger. I have eth, link, and others in mine.

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Can I be a transfurry? When can I transition into being a handsome tiger man?

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You have to be careful though, some tokens aren't on ledger live. You can still send from metamask by connecting the ledger, but Windows 10 screws it up and blocks it.

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ahhh so that was you? desu my bag is close to that amount so I wasn't lying too much haha. I just didn't want to say my exact amount in case my Brave wallet can get hijacked or something idk. Ok I will get a ledger, thank you!
The one I see on Amazon has a bunch of coins you can add yeah
I have to do my research a bit i think then. sounds a little dangerous and i dont want to lose my pnk coins. maybe i will ask clement on telegram about it

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It's perfectly safe for PNK, but other tokens like TRB weren't on there.

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>some tokens aren't on ledger live
That's true. In that case I just go on etherscan
>maybe hand holding in a year or two then Anon. I hope we all make it
Yeah, we're all going to make it.

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>ahhh so that was you?
yes :^)
That pic hahaha saved.
>The one I see on Amazon has a bunch of coins you can add yeah
DO NOT BUY FROM AMAZON. Only buy from the manufacturer. Get the nano X, there's also the bundle where you can use teh Nano S for backup but meh.

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Somebody's obsessed.

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anon i dont think you understand anything about hrt. it takes care of that stuff (minus the children bearing).

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do your job janny

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ohhhhhhhh shoot, okay. Thanks!
is this https://www.ledger.com/ the correct place?

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19 posts by this id

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Yeah that looks correct.

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>is this https://www.ledger.com/ the correct place?
Yes, that is correct.

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No it doesn’t lol, even with all the estrogen in the world it’s easy to tell a tranny from an actual woman.

>> No.22357827

You people reject help and warnings, seek confirmation from other mentally ill individuals, and eventually end in suicide.
Its not too late to drop the fetish.

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You have weird taste sir, but I can respect it.

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Thanks you two. I have bookmarked the nano x page and I will look into getting one for my pnk coins
What help and warnings? the posting of reddit hons is help?

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this isnt new fucking news, all PNK holders are discord trannys

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The site leads to official vendors on Amazon though.

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Lookin' Good!

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>Thanks you two. I have bookmarked the nano x page and I will look into getting one for my pnk coins
Any time.
>What help and warnings? the posting of reddit hons is help?
Just ignore them, they're obnoxious.

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>the disappointment

I was actually happen to stumble upon a pnk thread with over 100 replies, what is wrong with this community...

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>115 replies

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They are warnings. The rest of sane society trying to explain science and why fucking up your body is bad, is them trying to help. The psychotic lefty-liberal-whatever the fuck they call themselves, and """mental health""" professionals trying to make you fuck up your body just want your money and don't actually give a shit about your life.
Remember this: When people seek help for mental disorders, professionals don't reinforce and enable them, they try to stop them. Why are they reinforcing and enabling yours? The answer is money.

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>The psychotic lefty-liberal-whatever the fuck they call themselves, and """mental health""" professionals trying to make you fuck up your body just want your money and don't actually give a shit about your life.
Almost positive I was talking with this anon >>22357929 just yesterday on /pol/. Not all trans are liberal.

>> No.22358163

most dont, most just seem to want to talk about the tech. also im only in one discord channel, the uniswap one baka
i wish they wouldnt waste their time :(
i feel partly responsible for this. and for that I am sorry, really. I would honestly prefer to talk about the tech and learn more about what kleros can do :(
I'm not a leftist and I have been to therapy for years but gave it up because I could see through their bs baka

>> No.22358186

OP, you've been unironically tricked into believing in a false problem and filling the pockets of pathetically disingenuous doctors who couldn't give a shit about your mental health

>> No.22358196

hahaha ahhhh that was you also. Yeah that was me too. I really just browse pol for the news

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>i feel partly responsible for this. and for that I am sorry, really.
Don't feel bad, I'm the one who made a dumb shitpost thread out of boredom. I didn't expect the thread to last so long.

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I imagine that’s what every tranny here in Biz actually looks like. They hide behind cute anime girl pics because they’re hideous in real life. I am now scared bros.

>> No.22358293

>hahaha ahhhh that was you also. Yeah that was me too. I really just browse pol for the news
Best place for news. Yeah, figured that was you.
>im only in one discord channel, the uniswap one baka
Post in their random channel. Add meeee

>> No.22358309

shut up discord tranny faggot

>> No.22358395

I've just eaten and this thread made me feel incredibly sick. Literally not figuratively. The picture of the trans vagina had me throwing up in my mouth. You things are sick. I can't even call you human, you're fucking disgusting and make me want to kill myself so I have the freedom of knowing I don't exist on the same plane of existence and you vile, mentally cunts.

>> No.22358407

They're fetishists. Just mindless pursuers of an unachievable female appearance in its most stereotypical form.

It's incredible that people waste lives on this.

>> No.22358418
File: 71 KB, 850x1060, __kanamori_sayaka_eizouken_ni_wa_te_wo_dasu_na_drawn_by_godekasu__sample-a1aab0aeb39088881fc0572e93ae2469.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I am going to have a shower and think about going on a nice holiday when pnk inevitably hits $10
it's ok this thread is funny for the most part and I learned about the nano x and learned other tranners hold pnk too
maybe, I not active on Discord though and I don't have many friends. I might post "where to buy" in a bit then if you wanna look out for it
what is a discord tranny exactly? genuinely curious

>> No.22358449

mentally ill*

>> No.22358451

Spend less time on the internet. Absolutely avoid social media. Stop anime. Drastically reduce porn consumption. Go outside, get exercise and into other activities that boost your testosterone. Read more. Eat healthy. Get your body functioning the way its supposed to again.
If after that you're still gay, then fine. Nothing wrong with that. Just don't destroy yourselves and your minds, getting addicted to shit these psycho kikes push.
You guys might make it.

>> No.22358456

Looks pretty achieved to me boom

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Will do, sounds good.

>> No.22358637

Trannies always imitate females in the most grotesque, stereotypical manner, confirming that they cannot live up to the standard but are merely in pursuit of a fetish. Actual females can dress like men and still look female, trannies though...

>> No.22358727

+1 to this, I don't think I've ever met a tranny who was genuinely happy, one of my closest friends became one and pushed away what joy they had. They're still kicking it but it's clear the idiology of it all has taken root and will probably drag them towards a slow spiteful death or major reality check and coming to terms with who they were / are. Hopefully the latter

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such a shame that biz/the planet has to endure this 'trans' repugnancy. fucking hell, the world is shit, and it's because of mental illness.

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>cuts off balls

>> No.22359757

Can I have your shitcoins when you kill yourself?

>> No.22359866

I'm cis and hold PNK too.

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