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Anyone watch this? Pretty cool stuff with the Hodge, he probably gives the clearest answer on >when steaking

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He Just looks straight at the camera and yells "never" for over 3 minutes, until he passes out and the rest of the 40 minutes of the video is Just him unconscious

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Just want to point out that /biz is dead and twitter + discord is better for crypto and link discussions.. that's all.

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timestamp for steak comment?

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He looks like some kind of non bald Jeff Bezos

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tried asking him about making a discount for those of us who discovered link late, he got so angry and screamed “you had three years” at me. What is wrong with this community?

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you couldn't like the LINK "marine" bullshit thats infected twitter, surely
so cringe

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Thomas said treshold signatures this year i guess das gut

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Imagine doing the presentation fighting off diarrhea

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47:33 is good for a kek. The question is with Chainlink Labs being a thing, will there be some kind of formal roadmap released?
>Imagine if we had come out with a roadmap in 2017. Uh, you know, sticking us with that direct model. We either, you know, would have had to change it -- and uh, our community is really loud about things like that. or we would have to, uh, stick with it and miss DeFi

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Imagine listening to this and not being all in. i just don't get it.

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Checked and indeed, very comfy. The Hodge has always been /ourguy/.

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Last question was around SWIFT integration and ISO20022 standard. Did Thomas say they are positioned to be involved? Don't get it

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Havent gotten there yet but Thomas seems extremely bullish imo as a whole so far

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When will threshold signatures be ready ?
>I would say definitely this year


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What are threshold signatures? Please explain. I will market buy $10k worth of LINK right now.

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Are tsigs even needed now that there's arbitrum?

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yes, multiple arbitrum nodes playing the same game with eachother will publish state to eth as an oracle network.

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yeah i did not said and of year

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Can we pool together some money to get Thomas to record him reading the white paper so i can listen to it every night when i go to sleep? His voice is comfy af

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banks do not just implement willy nilly whatever they just think might be good and see how it turns out
swift worked with a base system from the 80ies just to see how slow they move
if they transfer into a new system it’s years of research and different banks making poc with projects to evaluate what they want and what does work
positioned to be involved is as bullish as you can get statement at this point
since it will be years until full launch

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He basically said staking is done & they're just figuring out what payouts should be. How long can that take? My guess is overall they'd want to see 2-3 months of activity so probably Q4 2020 or Q1 2021 staking is realistic.

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Jesus christ staking contract is just 10% of the work needed the hard part is getting the economics right and that's where research is being done.
So we will never get staking?

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2-3 months activity from when? Now? Why does now make sense as a starting point? Main net has been live for over a year.

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Checked. Yes, he specifically said coding makes up about 10% of the work in doing steaking. The research component is what they need to focus on. Enter Ari Juels.

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It didn't seem like it. His answer was a bit hard to interpret but it seemed like there was a disconnect with having to be connected to a specific bank that made them processing SWIFT payments unlikely right now.

It also made it seem very clear they're not directly working with SWIFT on anything.

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you guys are delusional his tone implied it is a lot further out than people expect.

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But the whole point of arbitrum is to only write solution or challenges to eth. I don't see how tsigs can help there.

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I think 2-3 months from when nodes are processing contracts, which I think has only begun recently. The vast majority of the node work since main net has been price feed data.

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He said they can already do what swift is asking, did you listen to a word he said?

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Two more years fren.

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I was worried about him and kept sending ninjets hoping the sound would wake him up. How do i bill the chainlink team for them?

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He literally said the coding is easy and only 10% of the work you retard. The other anon is right. Staking is done. They just need to figure out how to use it

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How the fuck do you infer 'staking is done' from what he said lmao. He said they're in research phase still

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>It didn't seem like it. His answer was a bit hard to interpret but it seemed like there was a disconnect with having to be connected to a specific bank that made them processing SWIFT payments unlikely right now.
>It also made it seem very clear they're not directly working with SWIFT on anything.

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His answer implied the coding part was done but the research part needed more time to run to figure out what the economic inventives could/should be

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He said Chainlink can follow the protocol but that people doing SWIFT payments need to do it through a bank, and that's where the rub for Chainlink is. That's also why he brought up their integrations with Paypal and Dwollo as non-bank payment transfer options.

I am pretty high IQ, you shouldn't challenge me.

Theoretically (and based on his answers around Arbitrum), staking will need to be implemented at least for them by Q4. But he essentially directly said staking is coded and they're just feeling out payments right now. I don't think that's going to take a very long time, they just need the data. Arbitrum itself should speed that data up immensely so even if they only release Arbitrum related staking at first, a few months later generalized staking should be ready - so Q1. Q2 would be the absolute latest I imagine staking on nodes, unless Chainlink really has no other adoption.

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I wanna believe

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He tactfully dodged elaborating on any specific SWIFT x LINK relationship, typical modus operandi for chainlink over the past 3 years. You can't infer that there isn't a relationship from this.

The toastertecc stream is all we need regarding this matter, if you know you know.

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What was said during the stream? I remember that it was that fireside chat with Ari and Sergey or something, but I can't remember anything relating to SWIFT...

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That was correct. I thought it would be a fart or something.
Thanks anon.
That’s a good response too.

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Nevermind, I see it in the archive. For anyone who wants to save time and not deal with these "if you know you know faggots":

I will tell you faggots one more time.

CHAINLINK + SWIFT partnership was confirmed by Sergey himself after Lauren Toaster asked him about it directly. Flannel Man stated “In regards to our partners and what we are doing with them, I generally like to respect their timelines.”

Now you know too and you're not a little faggot who thinks he holds secret info.

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If you shit on the street, it's curry you eat.

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So how would one explain this ( just asking )

If they weren't working with SWIFT why are they still using their name and logo in a way that implies some sort of working relationship. Wouldn't that look really bad if the only work they did was during the POC.

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Yeah you’re right swift is very slow to adapt

Now this is the kicker: faster players with better tech are coming to market ie Ripple. They have to adapt, and adapt fast.

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cant dodge the hodge

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No, it wouldn't "look bad." It could also just imply that they are familiar with the architectures of using the APIs and Software of those large companies.

If you all look back at old posts relating to link, it becomes very clear that basically NO ONE has any idea what they are talking about relating to chainlink. We know so much more about the project than we did two years ago, and the people talking about chainlink in 2018 and 2019 sound like retards trying to talk about smart contract APIs and shit.

The same thing will happen now. In two years, everyone talking about Link now will look like a retard because they really have no idea about the nature of the project or how it is going to be used. There are very few people in the world who have an idea about how this tech will be used and none of them are sitting around on biz waiting to talk about it with you.

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They are research payments/penalties. They technical aspects for staking and providing a payment and pr ally are likely completed.

Staking for link is completely different than other crypto. There won’t be a set % payment. The penalty/reward applied to the node for their data can very depending on the contract/use case. Is it a strict pass/fail? Are there different penalties based on % deviation? Providing data that is 1% off may be inconsequential in some cases and cost billions in others.

My guess is staking will be rolled out in phases for set use cases, arbitrum likely to be one of the first

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Best team on earth, can’t wait to watch the hodge

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How can someone so soft spoken be such a cold hard killer

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Based deep lore spoon feeder

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>I am pretty high IQ, you shouldn't challenge me.

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Sergey has already said out of respect for the company, he'll never confirm a partnership until the other party is ready.

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I got a bit spooked at 2:34 when one of his eyes poped red.
Surely bullish for link.