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Aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaa AAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA aaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaa AAAAAA aaaaaaa AAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA IMMA COOM

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What do you call red line induced impotency?

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Buy the dip.

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sounds like you have a case of retail dick

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Did tesla achieve escape velocity via market cap to multiply the buy bids from passives?

A bubble in the market auto inflates by this mechanism

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So the crash is over now. That was fun.

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I heard a week or so back some anon talking about banks as a hedge to tech, but I don't remember ever hearing back from him, so I did my own correlation check. Uh there isn't a negatively correlation at all, and if anything, they're slightly positively correlated. What I did find interesting is how most of the tech companies aren't even correlated to each other that much (about as much as banks to tech). I don't know if that dispels that myth or what, but here's what evidence I have, and you late night anons get to have it.

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There is going to be one last great supercycle for oil but holy shit is everyone associated with oil absolute greedy retards.

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nth from fuck trannies

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that's what we do hear!

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Just got a text from my dad asking me why Tesla fell so hard today. What do I tell him so I sound smart?

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Two plays for people interested. Buy NAK and BTG leaps for low risk option plays.

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tell him that the gamma ramp turned into a gamma half-pipe, and then do a 720 tailgrab and walk away

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Crowded bubble

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"Tesla is pricing in events 20 years from now, it had a crash that other stocks will have in 2 decades, all clear from here on out pops."

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That you didn't own any.

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Futures green.
VIX down.
50-day average reached.

Resume Ooooooooooooooo

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Red line go down

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tsla is not really as expensive as some make it out to be
don't rely on the numbers show on your favourite investing portal and do your own research

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Moved from sub 1400 to 2500 on split announcement. No material change to buisness fundementals. Buy the hype, sell the news. Its giving it back. Even at 300$, thts still $1500 pre split, its still up!! Needs to fall at least go 280 to hit pre split pricd

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The almost classic sign of a bubble with a ticker is a need for and belief in that there will be a "bigger sucker" if the rally overextends beyond all reason.

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Aight, I'm checking out.

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Sorry anon, you're gonna have to carry that weight

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I wonder how many people here sold today at a loss. I bet you it was more than half of you. Pussies.

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So AAPL puts or ...?

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oooo mumu, go ahead and open up a bunch of position tomorrow!

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Put until $85-90 seems like the general consensus atm.

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aren't we all going to? most of the tech is down double digits for the last week

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what specifically are those values measuring and what set of dates did you use to calculate?

>banks as a hedge to tech
I didn't see the post you're referring to, but they are modestly benefited by sector rotation post-crash, is this what he referred to? There are better choices for growth/better correlation but banks should be safer than something less guaranteed a bail-out should things go tits up.
>most of tech isn't correlated that much
because the sector is characterized by rapid development or changes in business model and are overvalued to different degrees, this doesn't surprise me. Did you try any comparison of banking/financial ETFs:QQQ?

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You guys think Wallmart is a good way to diversify into anything other than tech?

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Bears got too cocky again. Seen the same thing play out dozens of times since March. Bears get too boastful and the market makes a 180 degree turn. Market won't ever be red again.

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This is the best answer. Thanks

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It’s Sunday all over again

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>about to give the world 5g phones
>line go down


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Priced in

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I likd the grocery sector. Remember, what buisnesses are essential. The plague could threaten the lives of the country, and walmarts doors remain open. She has room to grow into online services, likely to be second or third in the space next to amazon and costco.. i like it.

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Walmart and Disney are both half boomer half tech
Walmart has Walmart+, Disney has Disney+
So yeah I’d say you can hedge with those along with AUY

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Remember to buy SRNE.

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>bears got too cocky
heard that in the threads last night too

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wow fuck the world and set my tongue on fire

How did UVXY become a losing position? Oh, because I fought the fed and slept in again of course.

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No one fucking cares about your gay 5g shit. Exact same as the previous garbage.

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Goddammit, why did it not post the image.

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Not true
Somewhat true

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Idk man, feels like all the other times the market dipped. Bears got really fucking cocky only to get slapped in the face.

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What's different about 5G from 4G then other than the increased speed and it's using a different radio frequency

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what is the case for SRNE? Their only thing was being furst to market on a saliva test which has now been far surpassed.

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It is true.

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Mind control and bee genocide.

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you may wish to rethink your life choices

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can someone explain futures to me? is it like FX where companies are willing to pay the difference if one currency goes up and you have to pay if the currency goes down for the sake of the stability of a companies profits?

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you should check out that fucked up GuP guro hentai

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>what specifically are those values measuring and what set of dates did you use to calculate?
The values range -1 to 1 where both extremes are perfectly negatively and perfectly positively correlated respectively. Such as if the value is 1, 1% in movement in ticker XYZ correlates to 1% movement in ticker ABC. The timeline is from June 2012 to Aug 2020 (this is the default the site I used was. Probably because one of the companies in the list did not exist prior to June 2012).

>I didn't see the post you're referring to
It was probably talked about a week to a week and a half ago. Don't know if it was from multiple anons or just one across a few threads. All that was said was that two should have a negative correlation but there wasn't any evidence provided to support the claim. Someone said they were going to look into correlations between the fields, but never heard anything.

>Did you try any comparison of banking/financial ETFs:QQQ?
Don't know a lot of bank ETFs, but here's QQQ vs XLF. Moderately correlated. Dates from 1999 to 2020

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>omg nobody cares about 5g

>> No.22342972

>boomer landjews are doing the same thing to real estate that they have done to literally everything else
Worst fucking generation.
You basically posted Cathie Wood's holdings.

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This month is

congress month!!!!!!!

We get to watch pelosi trump and McConnell fight over stimulus.

Right now trump is at 1.5 trillon. Pelosi 2.2 trillion including tax break for wealthy blue state citizens, and mitch with 500b skinny vote

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>futures blood green
what's going on frens

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it was a huge opportunity to dump because of new investors bragging about it online easy

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Giga chad^^^

>> No.22343012

It was the same last night till it took a big shit at 4 am, don't fall for it.

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>bought 100 aapl on margin @125

Am i gonna make it

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it sounds better so normies buy it. AAPL + the perception of innovation = normies buying. They all break their phones 3 times a year anyway, why wouldn't they upgrade?

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Futures are the right to buy (calls) or the right to sell (puts). If you buy a future you put cash up day one and then someone else (not the company you're investing in) is selling you the right to buy or sell at the agreed upon price on the agreed upon day.
Originally I think it started with agricultural commodities for more security for the producers. Then it turned into a way for money managers to hedge against the stocks they had without selling and paying capital gains tax (hence hedgefunds).

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Did everyone you know buy new phones right away as soon as 4G was announced? If so I guess you got me

>> No.22343062

Please go up Tesla.
I told my girlfriend I bought some two-weeks ago. She doesn’t know stocks, but saw on her twitter feed it was dropping in price. I think she’s starting to realize why I was checking my phone all day today, looking miserable as hell.

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Here, I'll post it again.


Not the only article I found, but it's the most detailed.

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To bankruptcy court, yes.

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They're like options, a contract is written to buy by a particular settlement date, the owner of that contract is obligated to buy x tons of lean hogs, and the seller is obligated to deliver. Traders come in and bid on the value of those contracts based on macro speculation. For example, wti crude settle date is oct20, how much are you willing to pay per barrel?

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What are some /smg/ approved movies?
Ive already seen Margin Call, The Big Short, The Wolf of Wall Street, and American Psycho.

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neat, thank you anon. You could try KBE instead of XLF as that's strictly banks, not other financials, but I think the posts you saw before were referring strictly to post-crash price movements, specifically when people rotate away from tech and other covid stocks and into reopening stocks.

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DXY is the real futures, by the way.

>> No.22343110

Wall Street and Trading Places?

The dollar has no future.

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>DXY still strong
bulls are fucked

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What are chances that Tim Apple announces stock buy back now (9/14)?

>> No.22343138

>China virus
well, their CEO certainly knows how to speak to Trump. I think most people just see it as the saliva tests so maybe it is undervalued, I'll keep an eye out.

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It’s dumping and currently lower than what it was on August

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1%... always a chance, but why would you split then buy back shares

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Boiler Room is pretty good; I asked this same question about a week or so ago and these are the responses I got:
Princes of the Yen
The Wizard of Lies
Bad Banks
I have yet to watch any of the above movies yet, but those are what I had recommended.

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>DXY aug 31: 92.14
>DXY right now: 93.46
shut the fuck up and kill yourself you retarded tranny spammer, you dont know anything

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All this TSLA bear news... You know it's not just a car company? It's a battery/electricity company in a century where electricity is going to be even more important than ever. Analysts never think of this

>> No.22343249

increased speed is the main thing for now. It opens up more capabilities though which means we will see a new generation of phone apps in the future. Much of the big phone apps of the last decade were only possible on 4G and it will be the same case for 5G this decade.

>> No.22343257

can you at least get new pictures instead of constantly posting this hideous chimneysweep

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what the heck is cathie wood telling me? Small businesses are popping up everywhere because they are allowed to declare bankruptcy now??


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Don't be a faggot, smart people who want to invest in PM's buy BTG.

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>futures green
>buy the dip you guys
>wake up
>qqq puts printing

>> No.22343283

>You know it's not just a car company?
It is just a car company because its battery business is a rounding error in the industry and mostly services its own TSLAs. Its even more dramatic with the solar roof business.

>> No.22343287

What is this? A train for ants?

>> No.22343322

What is the speculation for the reason of this sell off/correction?

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>not going all in SMGS

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Easyfi going to be one of the best investment ever. Easyfi a layer 2 lending defi project on matic network. EasyFi is going to make transfer of token easy and economical. Since it's on layer 2 one can transfer token without any gas fee and at a faster speed. We all how Eth gas fee is haunting us. Easyfi will help to make transfer of payment at no cost and at a fast speed.
One of the best team who thinks for the community. No public or private sale. Direct listing on big exchanges.

>> No.22343354

I just want to be so that i can skip gas fee with layer 2 solution

>> No.22343362

I am a poor, poor brainlet with no experience. Do futures ever go below the price of the index or is that somehow impossible? If it happens, is it a really bad sign?

>> No.22343376

Futures' a meme, seriously. But it's funny to look at when there's nothing to talk about.

>> No.22343380

too many feminine peepees being posted on /biz/

>> No.22343382

So its not real. Shame

>> No.22343387

Thanks! Just bought 100k.

>> No.22343396

big if true

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>> No.22343412

have you ever considered that you might get a better understanding of that simply by googling it, faster than it would take to wait for a good reply (which you won't get)?

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More like what was the reason for the rally, amirite?

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>> No.22343423

Oil futures went negative recently

>> No.22343440

qqq to go up

>> No.22343443

People need to buy bank stocks. Lol

>> No.22343449

mindgeek IPO

>> No.22343456

I just want to say what an honor it is having you in our little thread, Mr. Buffett.

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Unironically, you are totally right.

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>unless it’s airlines
>if airlines, sell absolute bottom

>> No.22343501

This is the end of the 3 day rule right? Tomorrow's gotta be hugely green. Also leaps on airlines/play/cruises should start paying out soon.

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Nice image OP

>> No.22343520

Might help with TQQQfags that need coping.


>> No.22343524

Go for farming on easyfi otherwise you will be late

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>it's never green
>it will turn green the moment you sell it

>> No.22343539

>"this time its different!" (sarcastic)
>"Past returns dont guarantee future results"

Which one of these contradictory statements is the truth?

>> No.22343550

Things were green last Friday no? So we're just getting started.

>> No.22343554

Neither, you must accept the randomness of life

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/pol/ Alleged Goldman insider said the market is going to continue to dump. He was correct about it dumping on the 1st. Just a heads up for you fags.

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File: 1.59 MB, 720x1183, F8101DBF-46FE-4BE7-8FBA-4DADC5DCD579.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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How does /smg/ feel about 2022 AAL calls?

>> No.22343588

The first is mentioned during every bull market as an answer to "THIS TIME WE FIXED IT".
The second is mentioned during every bear market. They are not contradictory since they don't apply at the same time.

>> No.22343590

I lost 5k on UVXY back in March thinking the markets would crash more than they did, and those printers were going nuts. Haven’t touched it since.

>> No.22343592

based /pol/ack

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>> No.22343607

Buy in tranches, going for big lump sums triggers algos.

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futures tanking again bros..

>> No.22343614

What strike, newfag

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>> No.22343638

> have you considered google
I have, and I tried. “do futures ever fall below index” and variations. All I get are helpful articles explaining what futures are, and how they work, which I know. I’m wondering if any of you guys, who I presume have been following nasdaq futures for years, have ever seen them go below the index price, and what that would indicate (or happen to know some reason it couldn’t happen).
I’m not talking about them going negative, I mean that nasdaq futures would be at 10k while the index traded at 10.2k, type of thing (all I have seen has been the opposite, with futures trading higher than the current index price)

>> No.22343642

should go up leading into quad witching anyone, right? If you bought after witching then that's your fuck up

>> No.22343645


>> No.22343646
File: 109 KB, 1544x1260, r4Kum0uCf2MGcG9_eIm0p5t5Qfle7At4oqMBQ_uYsuo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

$15 call for $483

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So what's the run down on these new Apple AirTags? Will this affect the stock or is this already priced in?

>> No.22343663

Is the information new? If it isn't then it's priced in.

>> No.22343671

I will continue to hold to the thesis that the airline industry needs major bankruptcies and consolidations as a "cycle of life" necessity to really get going again. And that continued GIBBS just prolongs the pain.
AAL, DAL, and UAL are all the most likely to be culled. Even something as simple as a bankruptcy might allow them to restructure but wipe out all equity holders. It might even be strategic for them to do so.
Why are you not looking at leaps on LUV, Spirit, or JBLU? You could even make a bet on the entire industry with JETS and avoid the LOL BANKRUPTCY risk of 1-2 of the airlines completely.

>> No.22343683

Wow... thats a heck of a pepe.. missing the wig though

>> No.22343695
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What the fuck are these pajama faggots doing?

>> No.22343710

>expecting a short entry
>go to the restroom to take a piss
>shit dipped harder than me going in your mothers

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I'm not even looking at my stocks I own already for the next 3 days.

I have 4K to put into new stocks. What do I buy?

>> No.22343755

AAL was having problems pre-crash. They're good for a play on momentum if you plan on holding very short-term, if you hear something related to planes announced in real-time buy them as they have the most ability to grow. Bad hold long term, I would go with LUV instead. Depends how much you're willing to spend and why you think they'll go up also. If it's just a recovery play, I'd look into SABR, LYV, or BKNG.

>> No.22343757

OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Give me a good day, please!

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>> No.22343770

What did you buy with the other 10k?

>> No.22343776
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Where my comfy cash gang at?

When do you plan on going back in?

>> No.22343783

this is the only time i'll thank /pol/

>> No.22343785

The government will bail them out regardless. It's a win win.

>> No.22343823
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>DXY just broke 93.5

its over bullcucks sell everything tomorrow at open or invest in $ROPE

>> No.22343825

In 1999:
Fed was providing liquidity in anticipation of Y2k problems.
Economic growth was beginning to deteriorate.
Interest rates were falling.
Earnings were rising through the use of “new metrics,” share buybacks, and an M&A spree. (Who can forget the market greats of Enron, Worldcom & Global Crossing)
Margin-debt / leverage was at the highest level on record.
The stock market was beginning to go parabolic as exuberance exploded in a “can’t lose market.”
The speculative asset of choice: Dot.com stocks

In 2007:
Fed was discussing that subprime was “contained.”
Economic growth was beginning to deteriorate.
Interest rates were falling.
Debt and leverage provided a massive “buying” binge in real estate, creating a “wealth effect” for consumers, and high-valuations were justified because of the “Goldilocks economy.”
Margin-debt / leverage was at the highest level on record.
The stock market was beginning to go parabolic as exuberance exploded in a “can’t lose market.”
The speculative asset of choice: Real Estate

In 2020:
Fed continues to “jawbone” markets with accommodative policies.
Economic growth has deteriorated.
Interest rates continue to decline.
Earnings are rising through the use of “new metrics,” share buybacks, and an M&A spree.
Margin-debt / leverage is pushing back toward the highest level on record.
The stock market is beginning to go parabolic as exuberance explodes in a “can’t lose market.”
The speculative asset of choice: Work-At-Home Stocks

>> No.22343833

>The government will bail them out regardless.
No, they won't. They didn't bail out airlines from 9/11 and they won't from this. Especially if there are airlines that were running well enough to not have such extreme cash burn problems.

>> No.22343853

>predict massive crash
>doesn't take a position
all poopoo caca talk

>> No.22343867

Guys, I was in the mountains for a month and wasn't able to check the charts. It seems that Tesla is trading with almost a 500% discount! Why aren't you talking about this, biztards? Are you crazy?! I put a market order for 500 shares right away before yesterday's close! Good luck to everybody! I shall continue my journey now

>> No.22343888

Trump will do whatever is necessary to keep the market afloat.

>> No.22343890

/pol/ nigger FUD is bullish and sign that we are at the bottom r-right?

>> No.22343894
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I got 26 K in oil, cruise lines, airlines and apple of all things so im just going to let them gain some steam.

Not selling at a loss.

I have 30 K in my savings account but I rather not touch that money.

>> No.22343896

It didn't dump on the 1st though, it pumped, then dumped on the 3rd

>> No.22343908

I think I was just in that same thread.
>Checks futures
>Inhales deeply
>Screams eternally

>> No.22343910

Remember 2009 when GM got over $15B from the government and then declared bankruptcy anyway? And then had their stock get delisted? And still hasn't returned to pre-bailout prices?

>> No.22343926

>I'm not even looking at my stocks I own already for the next 3 days.

Classic denial. You've invested more than you could afford to lose.

>> No.22343932
File: 53 KB, 1100x825, E4E48129-B064-44CB-8D89-27194159808F.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I have more money in the stock market than I do in my bank account

>> No.22343934

>oil, cruise lines, airlines
Why all those and not Disney? You might as well save money for the AirBnb IPO instead if you're long entertainment.

>> No.22343938

I'm down $50k (70%) and I don't feel a damn thing. I am probably retarded for diamond handing my December position. Worst case scenario, I sell off the Facebook RSUs I got from work, then pretend I never got those RSUs.

I'm going to bed. Whatever.

>> No.22343941

The market does not need AAL specifically and for any reason.
Up until 2009, a bailout was a sell signal to run for the hills. Now the potential for one is cause to buy LEAPs.
New investors need to be reminded, forcefully, that almost all companies eventually go to zero.

>> No.22343942

I have 90% of my money invested

>> No.22343950

Oxford Vaccine put on hold, likely no vaccine before the election, now. I wonder if that is why Futures started to drop

>> No.22343952

And GM will never pay back that loan, I'm pretty sure only a few companies did. Corporations will always manipulate governments because they have more power.

>> No.22343955

guess I'm losing another grand tomorrow

>> No.22343962

0 iq

>> No.22343967

You think delta is the better play?

>> No.22343970

btc and eth are crabbing. it's a good sign

>> No.22343972

No. It is because banks are still shortsighted, greedy idiots that refused to properly prepare for the repo lines that are currently causing a temporary shortage of dollars.
They had since fucking March to do this.

>> No.22343973

Well I rather be safe than sorry man. The nigger in /pol/ seems to make more sense than anyone on this thread. I'll post my positions tomorrow to prove I'm confident in the crash

>> No.22343978

Doesn't mean anything unless we know the amount.

If you have 10 million in your bank account and 40 billion in stocks then that's whatever versus 100k in equities and 10 dollars in checking.

>> No.22343992
File: 67 KB, 1023x724, 909B686D-50FB-4111-AF42-DAF03A1DDB6A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

0 IQ means you are dead

>> No.22343995

I haven’t laughed that much in a long time Biden is fucking psycho.

>> No.22343999
File: 10 KB, 128x128, 1543974132524.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

But you'll never lose the friends you made along the way. Also check out these sick trips.

>> No.22344004
File: 296 KB, 635x453, 10xaa9n0p0l51.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Can we have a crash today? I hate slow bleeding.

>> No.22344006


TARP was daylight robbery.

>> No.22344007

I have no friends and now I have no money

>> No.22344016
File: 1.02 MB, 1012x886, 1570233013160.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What are you holding anon?

>> No.22344019

Glen Gary Glen Ross best fucking movie, Baldwin was such a chad.

>> No.22344021


>> No.22344026


>> No.22344033

Well surely you don't plan on selling it. QQQ is a long term hold these short term fluctuations don't matter. Just DCA and close your eyes.

>> No.22344038

George W is the only president in my lifetime I genuinely hate.

>> No.22344040

Hedge with SQQQ

>> No.22344045
File: 497 KB, 1149x814, Screenshot_20200908-234824.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Me too. Have been getting nightmares. But what choice do I have. I dont want to be poor and enslaved to a corporation. I want freedom for me, my siblings, and my parents.

I cant catch a break lately. 1 month to make 6k....lose it in 2 days. Lose an additional 1k today.

In less than a week I went from being 6k up steadily to being down 7k in less than 10 days

>> No.22344062

I don't plan on selling it but it hurts to see what's happening. I should've DCA'd but I didn't

>> No.22344065

no, it means you didnt cut your losses and are -70%. also you need a wider variety of cute anime girls, at this point you and the tranny are avatarfagging

>> No.22344090
File: 54 KB, 827x666, 4BA0028F-9EBF-419C-B6A4-6BE0CB4202C9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

SQQQ Was a fucking champ today and yes I know I’m poor.

>> No.22344105

Presidents don't fucking matter for the markets. Although you can certainly hate GW for other reasons if you want. That was Congress pure and simple.
It managed to piss off everyone. It gave us the "Occupy Wallstreet" movement that has slowly morphed into BLM and Bernie Sanders. It also gave us the "Tea Party" that has slowly morphed into MAGA and Trump. How short people's memories are is infuriating.
This is also why this election won't fucking matter for the markets, by the way. Both boomers are pro-printing, they just argue semantics about who that printed money "is for".

>> No.22344118

Second and Hypernormalisation

>> No.22344128

Layer 2 with gen 2 defi is called easyfi

>> No.22344137

So tamagotchi managed to create this whole bullrun with $4b? I wonder if Trump is thinking “hmmmm, naked calls, eh..”.

>> No.22344140
File: 93 KB, 850x978, B328F287-8F22-4864-B994-6099F624CC5B.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>also, you need a wider variety of cute anime girls.

I lost that image like twice a day. Why is everyone after me today???

>> No.22344178


the night of smiles...

>> No.22344196
File: 43 KB, 262x187, 1593501183436.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

GMEfrens report in, who thinks we're getting a short squeeze today?

>> No.22344203

should i just buy the NVDA & AAPL dip and hold for 5 years? i'm tired of trading, bros..

>> No.22344207

Buy GME help us fuck the bears

>> No.22344211


>> No.22344214

Is now a good time to buy or will it keep going down?

>> No.22344229

god i hope it goes down. i took 300% profits from TSLA sold at $350. I'd be pissed if jerome pumps it back up.

>> No.22344231

If you're bag holding for that long you should find something that hasn't peaked yet, aka not tech.

>> No.22344232

based radical centrism

100% SQQQ, got it

so far

I think I'm retarded for buying into this shitstock even if it was only $100

I'd wait till after the witching to let the market decide which way it's going, then buy.

>> No.22344234

>turns out all the zoomers with disposable income were already bought into Tesla with all their money, making the stock split pointless
>S&P 500 inclusion denied
>battery day will be a priced-in nothing burger
Imagine someone holding their Tesla longer than stock split +/- 2 days.
Imagine seeing tesla at 2500 and thinking: "Yes, this is going to be bought by even more people at even higher prices for the next years.

>> No.22344236

Bullrun costs 12 dollars

>> No.22344240

download more cute anime girls. try >>>/u/ or >>>/e/ or gelbooru

>> No.22344241

>That was Congress pure and simple.

Too true. Congress is fucking the country over for decades now.

>> No.22344249


>> No.22344276
File: 107 KB, 571x349, scurred.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Someone tell me I'm a retard for thinking about FAZ calls.

>> No.22344282

Seems like a nice cat

>> No.22344290

it's ok, eu market follows the us market trends

>> No.22344294

You're a retard for thinking about FAZ calls.

>> No.22344302

Why would anyone buy Airlines instead of Airbus/Boeing?
Seems like a much safer bet as neither USA nor EU would ever let their aircraft manufacturers die.

>> No.22344308

>calls on a leveraged ETF
The purpose of the call is to give you leverage itself. The IV crush alone would kill your gains.

>> No.22344325
File: 266 KB, 2047x1365, EhXUFTMUMAE2DCA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

been buying some vtsax every day this month, feeling comf

>> No.22344357

Post more cats

>> No.22344367

Airlines have a surplus of planes for current demand. This is capital that can be liquidated for pennies on the dollar in a firesale to any airline with a good balance sheet.
Boeing is horribly managed and run, and coasts on military contracts they are still fucking up to be completely lax with regards to their civilian aviation wing. Boeing will follow airlines, not vice versa. It is a "captive market" and there is zero demand.
I'll just spitball here that I think what is about to happen is that the 737 Max gets quietly mothballed, with much of the inventory sold to the developing world and new airlines there. The estimates I have seen (which are just guesses) are that Boeing will try to roll out a new plane to bury the legacy of the 737 Max in 2024/2025. If you ascribe to shareholding as being part of a voting machine, there is nothing to celebrate with Boeing.
>Seems like a much safer bet as neither USA nor EU would ever let their aircraft manufacturers die.
The US could break up Boeing into a civilian and military contract side. Basically undo the original sin that was the McDonnell Douglas merger.
Read the McDonnell Douglas wikipedia page. You will get "deja vu" about what Boeing has been doing for the past decade.

>> No.22344391

Who the fuck is buying planes, dude

>> No.22344401

Trading Places

>> No.22344402

What happened to the dump, niggers? I thought Bobo was legion. I thought the bears were the badass here to lay waste to pathetic BVLLCVCKS?
>so much for that
>350 SPY calls Sep 18

>> No.22344423


PE 1000

>> No.22344425

Well no one is flying them either.

>> No.22344430

clown market

>> No.22344433

>101% of the shares are short and that means there are no shares left and the shorts can't buy any so the price is going to 10x!
>So I'm going to easily buy a bunch of shares, along with a bunch of other people, without the price going up much at all, so I can capitalize on this!
>Nothing about this seems retarded to me at all!

>> No.22344453

nigger what? Go read the news before retardposting

>> No.22344456


two things.
latency; latency is so low that it's impossible to react to. meaning you can perform advanced tasks very far away. surgery, reparations and so on.
the second thing is a lot more devices can be connected, this will allow Internet of Things to explode, it will also allow self-driving cars and similar things.

>> No.22344465

We'll see man. We only lost August, but it is still unnerving. Futures are on their way up right now, and the Dollar and VIX have both been trending slowly down in the last hour, so we'll see tomorrow. But it's tough to predict. Hoping for a restart to the bullrun

>> No.22344468
File: 598 KB, 1129x750, 034AC004-8BD6-4888-8FC5-14BFE403CB91.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The entire thing seems like the definition of a stupid game.

>> No.22344484


>increased speed is the main thing for now

>> No.22344496

Samefagging, but the Euro Markets are up right now as well... fingers crossed

>> No.22344519
File: 1.75 MB, 1063x1063, 1572162001030.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

mfw I know it's a man. Yet I click every single time.

>> No.22344538
File: 41 KB, 1823x305, bearbros.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Get comfy. Another red day ahead

>> No.22344552

the trial is put on hold
this should cause a major drop, but it won't, unlike with TSLA, where for no reason the stock is dumped

>> No.22344556

In futures you're paying money now to receive something at some future date or you're selling something now that you will deliver at some future date, both typically within a few months at most. The price for whatever you're buying/selling is typically pretty close to whatever the actual current price is because statistically the price in the future is most likely to be the current price since in theory everything unknown is priced in so anything that would change the price is by definition unknown and unknowable.

>> No.22344563

made this mistake. I just tell my woman I have 10k every time she asks me and she goes away. Meanwhile its swinging wildly between 20k and 3k all the time

>> No.22344579


AZ vaccine is non-profit, if you buy or sell AZ based on their vaccine you are the very definition of a mouth breathing retard.

>> No.22344581

How about JETS calls? Then you're not totally fucked if AAL goes chapter 11. Still fucked, mind you, as I suspect whole sector will sympathetic dump if a major goes bankrupt anyway, just not quite as bad with potential for the rest to recover.

>> No.22344597

Futures apparently disagree. Premarket coming up in 25.

>> No.22344598


AZ vaccine is non-profit, if it's good or not doesn't matter and shouldn't affect price.
Tesla on the other hand is a PE 1000 company due for a 90% correction. You are completely retarded.

>> No.22344610

the "index" doesn't get updated after market close, yet futures are open 24h, so they can drop below, similar to how stocks can drop after close, yet futures or otc trading don't have the volumes to be indicative of anything

>> No.22344614

What do you mean by latency? All radio waves travel at the speed of light.

Last I heard 5G had huge issues with passing through solid objects, and the only solution was to build cell transmitters everywhere.
Seems cost prohibitive to me unless you're in highly built up urban centers, so perhaps we're unlike to see widespread 5G for some time?

>> No.22344616

astrazeneca is currently pumped and trading at hefty 67 PE
you are the retarded on here

>> No.22344626

Thank you, much appreciated.

>> No.22344630

I would sell everything not nailed down and go all in if this were real. I would live under a bridge wearing rags to accumulate as many shares as possible. The CAGR would probably be 500%. I'd be a trillionaire in 5 years just by reinvesting the dividends. Then I'd buy 4chan and make every board a pink /smg/ board

>> No.22344633

Puts on Gamestop.

>> No.22344636

Newfag here, should I buy some boomerstock like Wells Fargo, JPM, Delta and shit like that since they're basically at their lower if I plan a long hold strat?

>> No.22344641

It is also the dead of night.

>> No.22344686

I'm not saying it's going to drop
But it isn't going to $20/$50/$100 it whatever other retarded number GME fags are working with

Especially not right now, while we're setting up a new downward wedge
We'll have green days but overall trajectory is down
I'm taking the opportunity to switch brokers because this bottom will not be in for weeks

>> No.22344687

Wells Fargo has been getting hit hard, Buffet lowering his stake and the fed ordered banks to suspend dividends
I would stay away from financials.

>> No.22344696

P/E of 1000 sounds totally reasonable

>> No.22344705

When the housing market shits the bed the banks will go along with it. I'd say oil is a better buy than banks right now.

>> No.22344706

Does FAGMAN have more gas in the tank to burn tomorrow? Are they going down more or did I miss it? Was thinking of going FNGD to try and make back the boatload i lost

>> No.22344711

Don't buy ANYTHING right now
Go back and look at charts from March, because that is what we've just begun
Sit back and wait
Trade paper if you have to do something and also so you can see how easily you can lose money over the next few weeks

>> No.22344717

I was so sure there was going to be a Workhorse dip on Tuesday from people taking profits on Friday, had my orders placed and everything to buy more shares in the $18 range, instead it pumps on no substantial news. Now I'm unsure if I should take profits again at open, and just set my buy back in targets like a dollar higher and see what happens.

>> No.22344722
File: 13 KB, 392x280, 1595216093658.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.22344723

Buy Disney instead.

>> No.22344732

Just because it's retarded doesn't mean people aren't doing it, as the other anon you're replying to has proven.

>> No.22344736

thats why i have a small position. if it doesn't short squeeze then hey no biggie.

>> No.22344774

suspend dividend increase, they can still pay out though

>> No.22344795

My mistake, I thought they had stopped completely. I still don't trust Finance though feel like they will get hit harder.

>> No.22344804

Which correlation metric did you use?

>> No.22344853


Sorry sundown

>> No.22344855


>> No.22344869
File: 32 KB, 680x435, Apu with a gun.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>that retard who thinks buying intel is a good idea now
Jesus christ.

Intel is DEAD. I don't think they're going to go bankrupt but they're fucking DEAD. They're going to be pushed to the sidelines just like IBM.

>> No.22344872

The market historically moves much more overnight than in regular trading hours

>> No.22344873

*Click* *Click* *Click* *Click* *Click*

>> No.22344893
File: 287 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20200909-035845.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


There's always silence for a moment before...

>> No.22344902

Intel is a dead company. They have no product, they have no future, and they've been lying about it for a decade.

>> No.22344903


>> No.22344927

Oh god, TSLA is opening red isn't it?

>> No.22344934

Nas futures pumping. Get fucked Bobotards

>> No.22344950


>> No.22344951
File: 149 KB, 800x800, 1598723207888.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I hope what we saw yesterday was a solid bottom for the next pump.

>> No.22344954

Ok, bros, seriously, let's have a brainstorm. Interest rates are low, FED has an unlimited ammo supply, Trump wants the stock market higher, why I shouldn't buy this dip right fucking now? I hold AAPL at 117 and 70% of my portfolio is cash, and I'm thinking of either adding to my position now or wait till it drops to 100

>> No.22344955

There was extreme uncertainty in March, that's why there was such an extreme and rapid drop. Our current situation is nothing like that, it's just a correction because tech stocks got overheated. Unless something unexpected happens, we aren't going to see drops like March again.

>> No.22344958

That would be glorious considering I bought 15 shares of FNGU

>> No.22344969

Same here, Obi-Nyaan Kenobi

>> No.22344977

why would you do that? FNGD just went up 20%

>> No.22344979

I almost bought shares, saw it go up. stopped myself and realized it's definitely going to tank more this fall. No fomo on that shit. Sure enough it went back down.

Even if AA gets a lions share from trump when he cuts the rope on airports and proclaims domestic travel is back and better, AA will still be fucked and your 112% OTM jan calls will NOT print

>> No.22344980

>no news
>over double average volume
>trending up several days in a row
could be insider trading, could be people forced to buy to cover short positions, I don't know. Could be related to this:



>> No.22344985

Something unexpected like the robinzoomers having paper hands?

>> No.22344993

FNGU has a big stake in TSLA which is volatile as fuck

>> No.22344996

You have to go back

>> No.22345003

They also have FOMO. They will buy back every share they sold the moment it climbs again.

>> No.22345023
File: 8 KB, 494x119, 1599062992118.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Does FNGD come on a roll so I can put some in the bathroom? I'm almost out of Charmin
There is a Tesla roadster literally orbiting the moon right now. I think my FNGU is in good hands

>> No.22345027

>literally everything at once jumps upwards

This is not good news even if you're hurting on losses. This is very bad.

>> No.22345031

This good for throwing money into the next couple of years so I don't have to wake up every day to stress

>> No.22345044

huh, someone also bought some TQQQ as well, after hours its going positive

>> No.22345049


>> No.22345053

Retail doesn't have enough money/shares to affect the market significantly

>> No.22345070

why not wait for it to bottom out a bit more?

>> No.22345079

It means volatility is crazy high. Things aren't going up based on any fundamentals but because of speculation - things that go up for no reason go down for no reason. and hard. For example if you checked the spread; Dow futures, Nasdaq futures, gold futures, oil futures, S&P futures, everything went up at the same time in the same pattern. This isn't good.

>> No.22345093

crash incoming lol

>> No.22345097

Who is speculating enough to move the market like this? Aren't institutional investors able to pace these things a bit?

>> No.22345104

I made some questionable decisions yesterday on a trading high and I wss beating myself up all night but premarket looks like all my losses have already recovered. Should be a good day.

>> No.22345111

I don't know why, in the immediate aftermath of Softbank shenanigans, people are still obsessed with retards buying huge amounts of far OTM weeklies as if it's some sign from god.

>> No.22345115

Unless they also have infinite money, they will not.
The ONLY thing capable of sending this market north again is more stimulus.

Be as mad as you want. It won't help.

>> No.22345122

Actually the only thing that went down was DXY. Since all those things I quoted were in USD, basically it could mean that the entire market moves on the value of the dollar.
That's spooky.

>> No.22345139

People keep talking about the DXY but it is still so high, I mean in my lifetime it has been in the 70s

>> No.22345144

Arbitrage is a thing and extremely efficient in the futures market. There are no surprises when commodities priced in dollars move in lockstep with said dollar. It would be free money for you if it didn't. There is no free money though

>> No.22345150

Volatility is good. Just buy low, sell high. Easy peasy.

>> No.22345152
File: 1.52 MB, 2303x4095, senpai_is_mine_cat_tap.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I almost sold the bottom

>> No.22345171

are trading bots just cycling through all of the different assets hunting for scraps right now?
there doesnt seem to be any safe haven, who says USD wont crash another 10% in a month or spike wildly making metals a shaky hold too?

>> No.22345172

Nas might *might* bottom at 10500. If it goes that low I'll just buy another 15 shares of FNGU. I think we've seen the worst of it though and trying to get in at the exact bottom is just being greedy

>> No.22345175

You'll do that in a week or so

>> No.22345181

Explain why you bought more of leveraged tech FNGU

>> No.22345183

Show me your short position, my man. Put your money where your mouth is. I have plenty of cash and I will gladly buy any dip provided

>> No.22345194

>it could mean that US markets with US equities valued in US dollars have some sort of esoteric bond to that dollar

>> No.22345199

Noooooo my puts REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. Excellent OP image by the way

>> No.22345202

Why on earth SPY and VOO? They both track the same index, so you might as well just buy one of them.

>> No.22345209
File: 126 KB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Monster Musume no Oisha-san - 09 [720p]_00:23:39_02.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.22345224

There were more green days than red days in March
I'm taking the opportunity to switch brokers

>> No.22345225

So you think the tech correction is over?

>> No.22345233

If the market sells of today. again this will be the rug pull

>> No.22345239


>> No.22345250

AFTER launching easyfi will moon like no other project

>> No.22345277

Not exactly. The chart needs to revisit 10k to get back on a reasonable trajectory (and it will) but I think the current selling is done for now. I could be wrong though but if I am, my bottom call this round is 10,500. I'm really confident in that

>> No.22345278

Enjoy your losses

>> No.22345290

Buy yeah if your 'green candle' correlates to a dip in the value of the DXY, it's not buying, it's just the markets settling the USD value.

>> No.22345304

I think it'll crab due to uncertainty. The illusion of green line always goes up is over, so people are going to freeze like a deer in the headlights trying to figure out what to be doing. They go look at fundamentals, and then realise they are WAY overexposed to nonsense valuations, and pop, rip the bubble.

>> No.22345307

>I'm really confident in that
based on what? meme lines and 50 day moving average or something

appreciate the info btw

>> No.22345308

Yes dixie is still hanging on to the long long term bull channel it has. Threatening to break below it but being stubborn.

>> No.22345311

I think 10,5 is optimistic
We went way past that on the way up based upon pure speculation
Much of that speculation was that there would be lots of free flowing stimulus
Part of this drop is the reality of that not being the case finally hitting home

>> No.22345320

Man TSLA makes me mad. Its -600€ and i just want to remove it.
But i cant sell it with a -600 €.
fucking STONKS

>> No.22345338

>it's not buying
It is.

>> No.22345340

Can you sell it with a loss of 1200?

>> No.22345344
File: 788 KB, 1200x1200, Jerome1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.22345348

should I buy today or wait a few days?

>> No.22345355

Sunk cost fallacy, m8. However, tessles looking good for gap up this morning as far as premarket is concerned.

>> No.22345363

No i cant either. I guess i have to hold it now permanently.

>> No.22345372

Wait. If green line goes up forever... then there's no reason to jump in now. If it actually doesn't, then you're jumping into a minefield.

>> No.22345373

people here have been buying since friday
just do it over time one stock at a time to average around the dip
that is unless u think we are gonna test march again

>> No.22345382

There is no chance for Tesla to go up a bit so i can break even? Fucking Tesla man.

>> No.22345385

Making new stand by

>> No.22345386

even during the crash the USD did not change in value that much in 1 month. 10% changes in USD value can take years. That's approximately how much it moved in the entire year of 2017. If the value spikes that much, you're probably best off holding cash.

only if there's a 1:1 ratio, but there never is. A rise in USD value encourages people to sell, a dip encourages buys. You can't just explain it away as nothing more than an exchange rate between securities and fiat.

>> No.22345388

What losses? My position in Apple is only 28%, and I'll gladly buy more if you'll be so kind as to drop it to 100, 90, or even 80! My man, your game is short, and eventually, you'll be slapped in the face, while I'm here for the long run

>> No.22345390

If the fall breaks today, then I don't think there will be much more.
I think it'll be more likely that tech under performs the broader market for a while. There's still no really good investments out there other than stocks.

>> No.22345403

You aren't investing, you are speculating. And you lost.

>> No.22345409

Masayoshi was the target. The powers that be tried to LTCM him and failed. He got out before they dumped the price so now there's no reason to dump it anymore. We'll head back up but slowly. Then another dump will come but this time for more traditional reasons like tutes taking profits and fucking retail. Not yet though

>> No.22345414
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Guys I like my portfolio in stocks and crypto in the long run but its painfully obvious right now that i am hugely exposed to the dollar's value mooning. Are there any financial products or options available to retail investors in order to bet on near term dollar increase?

>> No.22345416

Eh? No, your teslas is up 5% in premarjets.

>> No.22345423

euro stocks lol

>> No.22345431

Hold dollars

>> No.22345450

Make a new thread

>> No.22345454


>> No.22345458

what’s the play with Apple fellas? Got in at 128 for a long hold.

>> No.22345463

After the last several days, what do you think most people will do if they get even close to break even

>> No.22345468

New new new new



>> No.22345480

Then buy the dip
And don't watch

>> No.22345485

USD $1000 EOD

>> No.22345504

Well, i dont really had to deal with a lost that big. So i dont really know how to act on that.
I guess ill sell it today then.

>> No.22345513

how long would you wait?

>> No.22345531

I wish I knew. But if you want risky investments, now is a good time. What is pretty well established is that fundamentals don't matter at the moment, so anytime before march 2.0 is a massive risk.

>> No.22345626

you think there will be another crash like march? all markets or like a tech correction?

>> No.22345814

no but everyone i know buys new iphones lol

>> No.22345849

you’re such a fucking nonce dude

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