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Are you planning on paying taxes after you've made it?

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wtf are "taxes"

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thats a man

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Why would there even be taxes after making it?

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You wish it was, tranny

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obviously, someone needs to feed those precious third worlders they import en masse

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Paying taxes? Hahahahahahaha

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I'm considering not, depending on how much I make it by.

Surprise $50 million or more? I'll renounce my US citizenship

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kek, somebody teach her how to dance. i'd still suck her peepee thou.

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No matter if I watch a mexican getting his face cut off alive or watch one of these disgusting and braindead e-whores. The question that is bugging me is: What comes next? It always gets more worse, so what comes next? What will this hell look like in 5 years, assuming there is no system reset of some sort? Will scat porn be normalized and teached in elementary school?

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the tail risk is of trying to cheat the IRS is astronomical. I'll pay for the peace of mind

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You pay an exit tax on that.

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Is she a virgin?

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How do you not pay taxes?

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Do women know how stupid they look?

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not a chance

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So many red flags with this fugly bitch

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Dumb people wanting free money from you.

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Just feign ignore. Don't cash out what you aren't ready to have robbed from you by your local nigger feedery LARPing as a functional government.

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Let's try to enumerate them.

* Sleeve tat

* On tik tok dancing

* Special tools for lighting to dance on tik tok

* Belly button piercing

* Over 22 and single

* General look of being dead inside and going through the motions

* tongue ring

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You forgot : unappealing face
She's just ugly that's the real issue

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I will pay all of the taxes that I am legally required to pay.

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It looks like she has a bit of downs syndrome.

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I work in a tax office, so I know it's pure luck whether or not this stuff comes back to bite you. I am 100% paying my taxes.

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>You forgot : unappealing face
>She's just ugly that's the real issue

Felt a little more subjective and I know my taste is unique (and prone to getting shit on), so I didn't mention this one.

She took an unappealing base and tried to build all of these distractions around it. Just look at her being move. It's a chaotic scene.

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living off giftcards and casino comps

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>Live in third world shit hole
>Its a tax haven

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I always just keep in mind that there is no statute of limitations on tax fraud.

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Yes, Mr. IRS man. I promise. No need to audit me.

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The IRS will catch up to you.

Be forewarned. It will take them a year or two but they will get you

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Yes of course. In fact I already made around $150k on the 2017 rally and I paid about $33k of it in taxes.

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If I make it I’ll pay taxes on whatever money I plan on spending in my home country.

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Taxes and tattoos.

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And what do they do next? Send you a letter?!?

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What the fuck is this. Grown women doing the dumbest fucking dances. Is it because subconsciously they know they have nothing to offer anyone but there "looks". the dance takes no skill. I can't wrap my brain around why someone would think. "Ill do this dance and post it". Yes maybe a 8 year old would think that. Fucking a. Im just so tired boys.
It has to be some mass groupthink mixed in with a technology addiction

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Not today, CIA

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>"Ill do this dance and post it"
lmao this.
I have a smart wife and I've had to teach her that it's impossible to get into the head of an idiot.
She feels a little better about things the more she accepts this fact.

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She will cheat on you with the first nigger dick she can get ahold of.

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That sounds unlikely as we don't live near any, but I'll keep an eye out.

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Of course.
I always pay taxes.

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I don't even care that she's clearly like 32, I want those silicon milkies.

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Honestly you guys are just too critical. Yes, things are shit. Yes, she has clearly fucked triple digits worth of guys. Nothing can be done about it. Accepting the world you live in instead of trying to build a time machine back 200 years makes more sense.

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I'm planning on XMRing the fuck up.
Fuck stealing beggars.

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You just know

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Don't have to live close, not when the milkman comes around...

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next level simping right here holy fuck

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I will pay every cent that I owe and not one more

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Fuck her and drop her. She is soulness. 0 aura. Just nice boobs.

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No anon, this is just reality. You can accept it and grow accustomed, or you can be unhappy and ask yourself why it can't be like when you were 9 years old back in the early 90s with that girl on the playground who kept trying to flirt with you before you knew what flirting was. All women are whores now.

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>and teached in elementary school
Hopefully grammar still is

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you just live in the wrong area and are a broken demoralized beta. simple as

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There are no women over 18 that aren't whores. Accept it. Women were married by 25 back in the day to prevent this shit, betrothed at 16.

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Kick your door down with a small army of over-armed officers.

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Go back to /r9k/ incel loser

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Checked and this. They got Capone. They killed the Blade franchise because Snipes got cute. Just pay the taxman.

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