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What precautions are you taking to protect yourself from blood suckers once you make it?

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bold of you to assume i'm going to make it

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torturing animals is based

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Just bee yourself could work for once

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continue being autistic

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The chinks knew it all along

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I'm ugly af

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Is it possible to catch and release without hurting the fish? Like a lure thats not a hook and won't hurt it? I've searched but haven't found anything and I don't want to give the fish pain.

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Fuck you OP you tiktok kike, stop flodding the board

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What the fuck is happening there?

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Barbless hooks can reduce damage to the lip. Use a lighter action rod and loosen your drag. Don't set the hook too hard. You might catch less fish this way but you will cause less damage.

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what do you mean? the fish is having the time of his fishy life

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It doesn't really matter if I catch fish or not, I just wanted to join my dad.

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I think my personality is probably enough

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zen meditation, orgenite & shungite in my areas, and daily smudging herbs to remove the succubuses

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wholesome fren

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New meaning of eating ass

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You are a good and based man

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I purposely dress like a bum so everyone assumes im broke.

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Damn, thanks anon I'll do this I think

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t. nigger or chink

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This and I’m ugly and rarely get haircuts and drive a shitter and live with my mom and use a 4yo android and they are right, I am broke.

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If you live in Florida you can catch gar with a special lure that has no hook. It's like yarn that gets tangled up in their teeth.

Nice. Barbless hooks are actually legally required in a lot of countries.

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You are based anon, definitely going to make it fren.

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not ever gonna make it. down 80% of my buys. bought at ath.

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>bought at ath.

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probably FOMO + zero risk management

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>and they are right, I am broke.

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That's a man eaten by a fish who shouldn't be eating this smelly man
poor fish I wish it could be saved

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...why is no one removing that thing? Are women actually retarded?

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damn at first ithought it was an accident and they werent sure how to remove it but then i realized its probably some fetish porn shit

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do fish have souls?

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you need to priest the fish for a situation like that. removing the sucker without first killing it would rip a mighty chunk out her ass. a mighty chunk.

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you're definitely going to make it

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Don't expose your asscheek

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More than chinks

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no new bitches duh.

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So whats the correct play here? Jab a knife in its head first?

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I appreciate all the frenposting. I stopped going fishing with my dad when I read an article about how some studies showed fish feel pain (and I never really liked fish anyway so it was an easy choice for me). But I think it hurt him that I didn't want to do it anymore, and I couldn't bring myself to hurt fish. My making it goals are to have my dad retire ASAP and to help animals.
This is fantastic! I live in Texas but a quick google search says we have gar here as well. Will definitely look into this.

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in that case? probably two knives. a quick slit with your sharpest one from the center of where it's brain would be straight down, and the other ready to pry it off at the first sign of weakness.

her ass is super fucked from that though, would love to see it. what a situation

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Use a net...easy scoop and release.
When I was dating my wife, she never liked fishing with me so we would use a swimming pool leaf net and occasionally scoop up a small fish. Now when I do it with the kids, we'll scoop up a small fish and my daughter will tell me to put it back to make sure the herons have food.
You're a nice guy, fren.

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fish don't feel pain retard

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Your compassion is your greatest strength, anon. I sincerely hope you make it.

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Is this the future I'm in? Men too weak to eat fucking fish lmfao

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if you're going to look homeless at least be rich secretly, being actually poor is kinda cringe

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well with this attitude you won't and if you panic sell you especially won't

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They do.

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Got the name of that fish i can do some googling? This is the most curious thing I've seen all day.

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Quite the hickey.

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Every creature feels pain, including insects. When some of these small sort of months fly around and I slap them with a shoe they fall to the ground trying to fly with their now malfuntioning wings in what is obviously some sort of response to pain. I dont care what science has to say about it, what I see is pain.

Im convinced we live in a matrix of hell, there's no scape from causing suffering one way or another.

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criminally underrated

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>Don't pretend your a man

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gotta fake it till you make it then bro wtf you doing

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Anyone remember the anon who tried to pitch the spring loaded lure here?

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If i legit "make it" with fuck you money... Ill freeze some boys and then get a vasectomy. Ill have nice condo in the city and frequenting the clubs/bars. No way I'm getting a women preggers.

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You won't make it, don't worry.

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>Every creature feels pain, including insects.

That's wrong, though. Motor response as an aversion to stimuli does not equal pain any more than a motor response to get close to stimuli equals pleasure.

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