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>no motivation
>plethora of ideas
>constant rejection and demeaning from those closest to me
>lose friends over the years
>stuck in a restaurant
>despite having a degree
>quit due to constant stress
>quit smoking weed too to find better job
>500+ rejections
>bitch bartender i used to work with, no degree - gets a job i applied to over 30 times
>start smoking again because fuck this bullshit
>ask to return to stressful, dead-end restaurant
>only match with 3s 4s and 5s on tinder who are overweight
>despite me being tall and good looking myself
>"wow you're so good looking anon, why did you choose me?"
>because i can't get anything else
>and don't have the courage to approach women in real life because i've been on a string of rejection from every faucet of my life for 5 years and counting
>my life had massive potential but is now completely and utterly meaningless
>no friends
>family that doesn't understand me

i should just end it. the world wants me to. badly. sticks the biggest fattest fuck you in my face every fucking day.

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Post body.

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You're such a sad sack of shit. I only had to glance over your thread to see that you're lower in the social hierarchy than a submissive woman. Kill yourself or fuck off to r9k with the rest of the irredeemable, permanently mentally broken "people".

No one wants you here, we're trying to make money.

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you are one pathetic loser!

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>stuck in a restaurant
>despite having a degree
Amazing how this seems to happen so often. I constantly try to warn my normalfag friends and none of them listen. Thank God I did not fall for the college scam, imagine wasting tens of thousands of dollars and year of your youth for information you can learn on the internet for free in an eighth of the time.

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yeah those are the devil tricks, you will probably make it 5 years from now, but they want you to short your soul.

spill more beans, whats the degree, why you cant land a entry level job, why you fuckin ugly girls if you are hot etc.

i never seen an attractive tall dude fucking fat 3's from tinder.

lets talk son, spill it

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What is happinness? Most people would argue it has something to do with hedonism (examples you give: girls, smoking, going out) or meaning. try to focus more on the last aspect. search for meaning in life. finding a good job, sure that can give you meaning but try to be more profound (do you really want your job to give meaning to your life?). the beauty of life is often found in understanding and gaining wisdom on how to enjoy life not merely living it through forms of hedonism.

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You're not that good looking bro.

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you are easily delusional if you think your choice of study was worth it yet can’t get a job outside of the food industry. if you did STEM or even business, you’d be fine. also if you aren’t autistic. secondly, you’re delusional if you think you’re good looking and can’t get anything above 5’s on tinder. if you’re not actually ugly, get bumble. you’ll have better luck on there.

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>>only match with 3s 4s and 5s on tinder who are overweight
>>despite me being tall and good looking myself
Tinder is seriously only for the 10/10 mega chad.
Even if you are a 9/10 you will NOT have succes on tinder.
Pic related my tinder.
I get good matches but even thats not enough. Fuck those hoes man theyre not good for you snyway you need to pick up females at places like jazz bars/comedy clubs/ workshops /libraries. Thats where the quality girls are with an IQ above room temp

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How do you get so many matches? What kind of pics do you have? What's your bio say

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bio isnt important all about looks. bio gets backwards rationalized via halo effect

>"I like dungeons and dragons" or some bullshit
>attractive: woww....he's got cool interests ahah thats so hottt
> unattractive: eww what a geek

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End your life pathetic failed normalfag, hanging is the cheapest method.

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Idk senpai.

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Major cringe

Gym will save you and you won’t look back

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counting from left to right from top.
>2 weird
>3 teen homosexual wannabe rockstar
>4 basically one step from tranny
>8 half step from hrt, fuckin colored hair and supreme phone case
>9 asian family = small dick
delete those, set 5 or 1 as main and thank me later you faggot, also Deborah is probably wife material but you are chasing some pump and dumped trash with generic instagram filtered photos who fucked 10 niggers this month

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desu you sound like a self-pitying insufferable bitch

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I see the problem

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>Deborah is probably wife material
Yeah she looks like a nice girl.
And kek not changing the pics anon. Girls love feminine males. Actually getting a lot more attention now I grew my hair and starting dressing nice.

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There is no problem. Anon asked how I got the matches.
I'm getting enough matches tinder is just not the place for getting any serious female attention besides hookups. And hookups irl feel better since theres actually a spark and a "moment" if you feel me.

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INTP? Kek.

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You look cool and confident and normal, I don't

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Thanks dude.
I can assure you I wasnt always this confident. Hit the gym and find a passion. Work on yourself dude not only physically but mentally. Get that mental health in check. Stop caring what others think even people on here. Follow your dreams as cliche as it may sound... It actually is THE way you are here for a purpose. Make those things you always wanted to make no matter how cringe you think it is to write fantasy novels or other shit fuck what they think if youre fit and confident women will love you for the nerdiest shit even with a fucked up face, women are a lot more forgiving than you think on the face part. Have a fit body you most likely have the brains otherwise you wouldn't be here. Youre gonna make it brah.

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underrated /fit/izen

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>slowly ranking up to higher and higher paying jobs
>extremely motivated to learn new skills/bullshit experiences in order to make more money
>would work 80 hours a week if I was getting paid decently enough for it
>wrote a book and and blog and put it on Amazon two weeks ago and have gotten 11 people to read it
>got money in coins that will hopefully moon over the next 2 years

Life is bad, but life is also good. You just gotta be hungry enough to keep going for it anon.

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It’s because you are white and a man. White men have no demand in the dating and job market due to the cultural revolution. If this upsets you I suggest leaving America

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End it, faggot.

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Ignore my prior comment. Get a haircut you fucking hippy. Girls don’t want guys like this

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>1 post
You didn't even come here for advice. You legit just came to bitch and moan about your pathetic life. Go ahead and end it faggot.

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How much link do you have?

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>White men have no demand in the dating and job market due to the cultural revolution
False narrative, you are clearly from the outside looking in, seeing what they want you to see. In real life people want to hire and date white people.

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Welcome to earth. Dude just wageslave for 50 years lmao.

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>Girls don’t want guys like this

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