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XRP is the standard isn’t it

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Yes, but it will stay .30, stay poor faggots.
Even if XRP were to be adopted by every bank in the world, it doesn't mean the price would rise to even 45 cents.

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Isn't ripple still selling off it's own supply of XRP to investors?

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>Even if XRP were to be adopted by every bank in the world, it doesn't mean the price would rise to even 45 cents.


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They actually have been doing buybacks

kinda like how google and amazon did buybacks.

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XRP 3 years ago: $0.22
XRP today: $0.23

LINK 3 years ago : $0.15
LINK today: $11.83

Congrats on this, seriously.

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It’s a fucking scam coin and the ripple kikes pay shills to suck in low iq retards and continue to dump their bags on your fucking heads. -sad!

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whatever helps you sleep better at night buddy

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the standard of shitcoins

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Cope harder.
You have no argument for any chance XRP will jump in price. Brad Garlinghouse himself is a BTC investor and has said outright that XRP isn't ideal for investment.

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so, no actual response? Just ignore the fact of what they are doing? Ignore what happens historically when a company preforms buybacks? Gonna just ignore what the implication of a buyback means?

ok buddy keep those blinders on, I don't care about your finances.

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Consider the following:

>Your country is in massive debt due to
>Social Services
>Poor investments
>Poor spending by government
>Corruption from outside influences

Suddenly your country has a debt to gdp of close to 100% and rising. There is no possible way to realistically eliminate this debt. Well, along come some clever folks who have an idea.

"What if the value of some asset that all countries have were to suddenly explode in price. They could use that underlying asset to pay off their debt. Hmm, a lot of countries have gold. What if gold suddenly was worth $10,000 / ounce. Would that be enough to wipe off the debt? Hmm, gold might be too tricky/complicated, let's look to a cryptocurrency like XRP..." and so on

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>I will make a claim but post no proof
What kind of weird cope is this? If XRP actually was adopted by all the banks, it would be the standard for global remittances, on-top of replacing SWIFT. How the fuck does an asset handle 5 trillion in volume a day at its current marketcap? It would be worth much more.

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The standard of pain and suffering.

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Looks like the silver graph desu

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Sure, I guess, I just k iw it's gonna be 2k EOY because people here said so

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