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It was fudded hard yesterday after the presale but insiders know what's up.

CEX listing incoming plus Coin Gecko.

13k circ supply and 590k mcap.

This is tye next big Y project guys and it's still cheap.

Telegram: @yfdag

Trading link: https://app.uniswap.org/#/swap?inputCurrency=0x23008450cB40f73832C1654296E042F6B6758756

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Stop shilling in the telegram you faggot

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I'm lucky I got the dip....buy now or regret later

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Buying in with NEETBUCKS rn

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Bought the dip....

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Its taking off guys. Get in.

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Hope it takes off like ZZZ or XIOT...

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Big moon mission incoming on this guys. Just a little early heads up.

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$100 incoming

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Fud attack over... ready for launch. Bag packed for moon mission

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Don’t miss the train on this one

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Only one Y clone will succeed

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Big whale just sold. Get in now guys. $3 again only.

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big whale was the dev team AGAIN lol

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Nope. Coin Gecko listing tomorrow. Watch.

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I missed Zzz. Bought into this.

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The fud is strong guys. Bulllish asf.

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Hyper bullish, $25+ today

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Yep. So many sellers will be rekt. Love it.

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I love fud sometimes filled my bag

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$50 with coin gecko listing. Look at YFDAI. Mooned HARD. You bizlets just dont get it.

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Bull Run Incoming

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