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if you look at smartcontract.com now it goes straight to labs. There is no mention of swift anywhere, what does this mean, its all over isn't it

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i just cant believe they got away with falsely advertising swift for so long in the first place. next google tweet will be removed

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> Sergey basically just got every crypto egghead to come work for Chainlink labs
> Deco allows data confidentially
> Muh swift
Anon we're here to solve the oracle problem not cater to jew standards

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but that was an easy 1k right there, i still believe but going to take much longer than originally thought

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These are still up. Smartcontract needs a refresh anyways and they want to direct traffic to labs because it is new

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its not even hyperlinked

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>google tweet
Anon I........

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If arbitrum lowers costs and gets dexes to use link over cex that's incredibly valuable in the crypto ecosystem. Look at eth: has a bunch of corporate names attached but literally nothing really happening in the "real world".

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And this one is still up. The slack and main link redirect though

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that makes sense, there are tons of roles that still need filled, if only i had some blockchain experience

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>no hyperlink
>no logo
it's over, they're removing the fake partnerships element by element so they can dump on you for even longer without you noticing

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Arbitrum releases and LINK goes on its own blockchain, but stilll remains blockchain agnostic in terms of functionality.

I'm calling this first. Everything is set for that.

>LINK market cap high enough for it to be secure

>Sufficient amount of LINK node operators working to get this off the ground in a sufficiently decentralized manner. Remember decentralization is a marathon not a race

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>hurrr I want it now
Do you realize, you fucking retard, that just because you're not getting your 1K right this very minute doesn't mean it's a bad thing? Do you realize how Sergey has gotten a nearly complete monopoly on the solution to not only the Oracle issue, but now the gas fees issue as well? No, you don't, because you're too busy worrying about the price when staking isn't even live yet you fucking absolute monkey brain. Either sell now and move on, or shut the fuck up and get patient, because you don't destroy the entire central banking system in one day.

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>because you don't destroy the entire central banking system in one day.
You're not destroying anything smooth brain, if anything you are helping them.

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The only time that Swift mention had a hyperlink was to the og Sibos slides.
You and me both.
Chainlink is not really a blockchain but with wrapped link you can lock link up on one chain and unlock the same amount of link on another chain.
These link locked up would be in addition to link locked for contracts imho desu. I think this would classify the newly created link on other chains as a derivative but I might be mistaken.

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>I didn't read the whitepaper and I don't understand what I bought

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I own more link than you.

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>no hyperlink
Holy shit... I can't believe that the relationship between Chainlink (ticker: LINK) and the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (acronym: SWIFT) is officially and undeniably over.

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but you know that
abandoned site, mods clearly dont do ther job range banning trolls
>ib4 trolling is funny le 4chan culture
sure, on /b/

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i realise this, i've waited 3 years alraedy but waging is grim af, will wait 5 more if i have to

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>falsely advertising swift

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Jesus, imagine if you put all this effort and creativity into something actually worthwhile in your lives.

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>>falsely advertising swift
They just falsely advertised Sergey. It looks nothing like him

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conclusive proof that sergey used to be a clark kent looking white guy with glasses.
>sergey body double

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>waging is grim
Yeah no shit.

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> Implying
These faggots don't even try anymore.
Most bullish for me is Ed entered the crypto space built a product and said we don't need a token we'll just use link when needed.
Name one other who said no to a scam token

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I'm sorry, I'm just feeeling really fearful, uncertain and doubtful about my Chainlink token investment.
They removed the freaking hyperlink... it's GONE.
I'm literally shaking right now.

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And this. Uniswap will use Arbitrum

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Wahhh baby wants a hyperlink

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Also this

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Isnt that exactly what the Oracle insider said that would happen because of Fernando's fuck ups?

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Oh my what is this?

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> A contract that allows the owner to set a reward for calling a function which triggers another contract.
There are some cases where a project has a contract that must be called on some interval in order for that project to function. This could be to request data from Chainlink, or even to harvest yield for a vault on yearn.finance.

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Any more crumbs in this?

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oracle insider? i missed that

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but won't use chainlink. they have their own oracles.

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> every pair measures (but does not store) the market price at the beginning of each block, before any trades take place. This price is expensive to manipulate because it was set by the last transaction in a previous block.
This is an oracle designed to furnish trades with prices at the time of execution. Chainlink does that now but it was really designed to handle every form of data imaginable.
Anyone know more about uniswap oracles?

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t. doesn't know what Arbitrum is or does.

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they'll use LINK, transparently

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Somewhere along the lines I've missed what the Fernando fuckups were, and all this time I thought he was still our guy.

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I went to /fit/ for a while to get something more positive in my day than /biz/ nonstop scams and shitposts.
But when you get a decent Chainlink thread it's even better, nothing compares to a bit of sensible hopium.

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it´s naive to think chainlink will be the only widely used oracle

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It will be the first

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>he thinks its still just about oracles

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he's a waste of time, never has any info

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it will be the coco cola of oracles
but yeah, poor fags will still buy the rc cola

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Just imagine the smell of the Indians that will go for discounted oracles

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Pic related
Also dilate

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Wait a moment that's bullish as fuck, that's fucking monumental if true

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Yep incredibly bullish

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There is one thing I am still trying to understand.
Where did Sergey get the funding for Chainlink Labs and his own extended Chainlink team if he is only dumping his weekly 500k to pay for the Link node price feeds?

There are currently 33 job openings posted on his website if we don't account for the already existing 7 members of the new team.
Is he getting extra funding for this from somewhere else?

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He operates a decentralized network of lemonade stands to make up the difference

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To fund his new team he needs at least 5-10 millions a year...
And he still has to pay his existing team and for the different companies Ari sells him.

I feel he is going to dump again from his other inactive wallet.

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>le me trying to understand what's going on in an actual breadcrumb thread
t. All in since early '18

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he won't need to worry about the salaries until he actually fills those positions too, which could take a year+. A single 500k sale at this point is like 20 years salary for a high end position accounting for raises

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But all the 500k dumps went to pay for nodes.
He would have to dump an extra million link or 2 to pay for it.
When you plan to hire new people and your only income source is a volatile ETH token it's best to keep a safety net for at least 1 or 2 years to have the freedom to focus on your project rather than look at the Link price chart every day.

He also already hired 7 people in the Chainlink labs team including Ari and bought DECO.

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OP blown the fuck out

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buying at noon now

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Despite my ruthless ban from the telegram group I came to realize that the only reason why such a based team didnt like my nazi Sergey memes was because It was too based for normies tô understand the true Power that unleashes when you mix truth, facts and fate.

Noneteless, despite cutting myself I shall not yeald or retire, for I can see, as well as I have seen where link can, nay, Will Go, on the same way that I see that my ban was a ruse to fool normies.

Yes, for I for one do admit to have breakdowns from time to time and cope hard with that tought, even denying the permaban, which is utmost bullish for show an iron hands ready to squeeze balls, from even the most loyal sim of Sergey, yours truly that writes.

I was never banned for real, I dont even know of a telegram group, I mean whaaaat? Thats lunklets cope ready to be greentexted by me.

Truth? The only I know is chainlink.

And Yes, I am block 42.

And. I. Do. Not. Fuck. Around.

Bless Sergey
Bless Fernando
And most of all, bless America and Israel

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When is your birthday?

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Top tier cringe posting.

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You had 3 years fudder

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>Taking a fucking whitepaper at face value

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You thought there was actually a Swift partnership?


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Jesus Christ you are so sad.

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Btc, Satoshi is very wealthy.

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>chainlink = oracles to retrieve offchain data
>chainlink = oracles + scaling layer2solution + decentralised computing solution + privacy enabling solution to write onchain + privatecompanies gateway to layer 1 dlt for agreement and settlement

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a white paper is nothing more than a dream you incompetent retard. There is no specifications for the end state of this product, no milestones, no mathematics proof or any demonstration of temporal soundness of their system. it's all vapor. A whitepaper is bait for retards like you.

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i don't remember 42 being a doublespacing cringeposting faggot

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those mason signals

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no but he was definitely a faggot that nuked any thread he posted in, which is why this isn't him (thankfully)

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Everyone is bitching but no one is giving a backup solution. Mine is TRX, and XRP.

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sheet big if true

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You're an idiot

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I mean, did you had any doubt about it when he was defending the shit about israel and saying that the "jews that hitler prosecuted are diferent from the israel jews"

Either way, fuck 42.

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>Telgram group
>no sign of 42
Based and we are all going to make it

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Hhahahaha that was pretty funny. He almost had me for a second, can't wait to kick kikes out of my country.