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I wanna know how 4chan invest in crypto projects.

Part 1
Q1: Do you look for fundamentals at all?
Q2.: Do you care about the tech?
Q: How important is the team for you?

Part 2
Q1: Do you invest in a known scam/ponize, just to make money?
Q2: Do you invest in meme coins?
Q3: Have you made it?

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It was the meme...it was the dank meme

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Buy high. Sell low. Basically the fundamentals of /biz/

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If there is a known pump on a meme coin, you'd be a fool not to jump in on it (intelligently, not FOMO)

But long term, I'm buying the legit platforms with good staking and wallets with decent UI (see ALGO, BNB and FLETA)

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I'll be following this thread, it's going to be fun to see all the stupid ways of 4chan is investing

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haha totally, some people could learn a thing or 2 ;)

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Sir, I invest in PNK without hesitation. Please do the needful and do the same please sirs.

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don't you fcking sir me with your shitty shill

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Please sir calms down, just you need to send your money into the PNK is all you need sir

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Is that all 4chan got? makes me disappointed

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I know 4Chan is becoming pathetic

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Literally just based on how good their logo looks and that they're not super high marketcap yet.
Works almost every time desu

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