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Please do another thread, the last one was great

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Link to old ones ?

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page doesnt load

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Try this

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ok. what a shit thread. guy is obviously shitposting.

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100% a scam. Stellar is XRP but more inclusive, not just limited to big banks. Fuck XRP shills.

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Oh no, did he say bad things about a coin you're holding?

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He has no idea about 90% of the coins he's shitposting about. Sounds like he's been here no longer than 6 months. Is this faggot you by any chance?

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Link, Band, PNK, RSR, STA

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It's so obvious you are the op of the last thread. He didn't say a single insightful thing.

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Aergo, Lto, DMG, pnk

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ZEN what are your thoughts?

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Not OP of previous thread, if I were I would have just made the thread lol

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lol, the op is retarded

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Give examples
I think I've got a decent bullshit detector, and I thought he was pretty spot on with most of what he said
Which takes don't you agree with?

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Basic Attention Token

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>he calls out scams for what they are

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BAT is a hell of a good project, with a growing userbase. I see it overtaking firefox personally, coin has real usecase too. Not sure how long till moon though.

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I want Fors to succeed it’s an insurance policy for brainlets

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Im interested in gas price solutions
anyone think fsw or gst2 will take off?

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Greetings op, I’m the creator of the original thread. Not much has come out, what exactly did you want to know?

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Shit thread.
> Swipe is a good long term hold
Holy shit, subhuman IQ larp.

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Point of the thread was to tell you if you were investing in shit, or not. I don’t need to spoon feed you. At the end of the day it’s not legal financial advice, it’s your responsibility to do your research.

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Anon please respond >>22311843

also curious about RNDR

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Thoughts on forks of YFI? Eg YFFI and YFV?
Worth buying the dip or is the yield farming thing played out?

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orion protocol (orn)

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>he calls out scams for what they are
but you didn't, you just gave a bunch of newfag opinions. quit samefagging and let the thread die

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I have no solution to the gas fee, the market is so heavily invested in the “swap” option of trading erc-20 tokens. I’m a broker, not a developer. Plenty of companies promise to resolve the problem, at the end of the day it’s up to Vitalik and his partnerships, and I can’t predict that.

I’ve put a few ETH into FSW, hope it takes off, has promise.

Gas tokens are pointless, let’s let Vitalik fix his issue and not gamble on a middleman.

Rndr is shit, don’t bother fren.

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Ok then elrond, enjin, vet whats your verdict?

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It seems OP is a larper. (You), >>22311887, can you answer me this: >>22312040?

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Yield farming is here to stay, and the only ones worth their weight is YFI and YFV. After this week expect both to take off.

Pretty sure I covered this one, reference the original thread fren.

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ah you misunderstand me. I think gas solutions have a potential to moon, because that's what everyone is complaining about.
Comfy answer, FSW is the only one of those I've bought

Also interested in insurance. Have FORS and SWAP. heard of NXM from your thread last night, looking into it.

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I’m not here to repeat answer for 400 replies, OP posted my old thread. Just ctrl F your coin, if it isn’t there then I’ll answer what you wanna know.

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Thoughts on reasonable price targets for PNK, AKRO, and OCEAN?

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I agree, gas solution tokens WILL moon because normies expect it to resolve the fees. Once fees hit 25% of your transaction, the coins will moon as a cry out for relief.

I’m hesitant on insurance for 2 reasons, one because if they need to cover rug pull tokens, the trading volume will increase during peak periods, skyrocketing gas fees on top of people trading like mad. Two because they’re new and even insurance companies need to be insured and there’s no chance of that happening anytime soon.

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What period of time you wanna know?

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Sorry, but no, it's not there: >>22310742
But don't want to bother you. You were great in your thread. OP should tell since it's his thread.

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OP what about these?

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lmao you stupid XLM is completely different. It's for the people XRP is for the banks. They compliment each other, not rival. Jed McCaleb is the founder of both projects. Ass chin.

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Algorand OP. Thoughts on USDC having 18 trillion minted on the chain?

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Yeah I get the insurance is risky. more of a short time play
I don't have much capital atm and I was too chickenshit to invest in march, so my strategy rn is going for early plays that address outstanding needs, then pull out principal + a little profit on the first moon and let the rest ride for a year+. hoping to accumulate up to atleast 1k link 32 eth. have concerns about btc because coinbase is my fiat onramp

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Explained on previous thread, opinion hasn’t changed fren. Ctrl f to find your coin

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Just think what should be the value of something you get for free just by using the Internet.

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8-12 months

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Looks like another common 3rd party dex, the project seems dead though

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The same value as Facebook. Except in your pockets.

That said I'm just accumulating BAT from Brave early adoption. no need to buy

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Algo is very long term, don’t expect anything but minor % increases on news till 2022. Plus bad publicity still follows it in 2020

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>3rd party dex
It's more like the "Trivago of Crypto" and it's very recent.

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Akro will hit $1 by mid next year, once they release fiat option on their project. Like explained in last thread, still one of the best holds you can do.

Ocean has finally made it to the big leagues, too much bad publicity for it to move much rest of this year. 80-90 cents mid next year if the FUD continues, 1.30 range if we get some good news this December.

PNK is so cheap right now, with lots of people talking, moon mission inbound and I won’t be able to tell you a correct price.

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From a strategy perspective at low capital
(10-20k) do you think link maximalism is better or worse than the bag of assets you said you hodl?

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Speculation is great and all fren, but releasing something without even a half working product screams of XSN to me, and like last thread I warned the XSN shills to abandon the project. This one seems no different.

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You’re priced out of link at that range, if you do plan to buy into link, don’t go all in, AKRO is the current moon mission at your price range.

Or you can take the risk, go all in YFV, sell next week when it peaks at 120 and buy a suicide stack of link.

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Thoughts on PRQ price for the next 2 months.

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I just hope ADA and TRX are legit, otherwise I'm ruined :(

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I have some money bet on YFV. Why is $120 your price target? I was expecting about $200 based on TVL

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buidl. he posted on aug 26th that it was a p&d scam which had ran its course and volume had dried up. the following week it soared to its ath in price and volume. he also says the logo is "stolen from snapchat". guy is a fuckin idiot, and so are you.

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It already pumped this year, only way to get this higher would be a eoy bull run if trump wins.

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Bad news for you fren.

Yfv follows yfi charts like someone traced it, at the speed of price increase of yfi, yfv will hit 120 before it slows down from the post crash pump.

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Cope. It’s a snapchat logo with googly eyes. Big difference.

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And then it lost 80% of its price and volume dried up like a good little pnd.
You don’t seem to get that it’s doing nothing but swapping money from 1 wallet to another.

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if he just said it has a shitty logo i'd agree but he was wrong about everything else.
not a p&d though. and you still got it wrong. luckily for you the market crashed so you get to pretend you have some substance to your shit. buidl will still break $10 no sweat btw.

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Elrond was mentionef but not answered, also should i dump 1k rlc for ocean now i take it?

>> No.22312775

Market crashed 30%, not 80% and while other projects made some recoveries, this is still free falling, but I understand if you’re coping due to heavy bags.

Sell the next pump before it free falls again.

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buidl was one of the best performing coins of the summer. just because it crashed harder than most does not make it a p&d scam. post incriminating tx's or kys.

>> No.22312820

Elrond was probably one I was gonna look into and never did due to laziness, but Jesus Christ the project looks like it took off, is there a working product?

>> No.22312860

Yeah they have created a whole ecosystem for themselves with a huge goal of essentially becoming most things to most people, maiar is the app and the team are fucking hard working

>> No.22312871

Except it freefell 3 times after violent pumps. I’m not gonna argue with you, you obviously only came to argue cause you’re still angry from last thread and you’re still holding heavy bags that you can’t time right enough to sell without going negative.

Etherscan, I’m not spoon feeding you.

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Mainnet launched last month too. Huge tx and speed,negligible cost

>> No.22312895

Can I get a check on ARPA

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>> No.22312920

I feel like a retard after saying I’d look into it and didn’t. I’m gonna check out their mainnet right now.

>> No.22312951

you're deluded, longterm chart was completely bullish until the most recent crash. come back when you have some substance to your shit, zoomie faggot

>> No.22312962

Do you have an opinion on lamden (TAU)?
I bought a small amount on anticipation of their main-net release

>> No.22312966

Bear in mind they had essentially a new tokenomics model with egld and 1000 reduction in supply with 1000 increase in value

>> No.22312979

You still think BAND is even remotely legit after this whole SushiSwap kerfuffle?

>> No.22313028

Imagine asking a pleb who recommended band for financial advice

>> No.22313046

Check last thread
I’ve heard a few fellows a work talk about this a few weeks ago, I think it offers to little as a project but they think otherwise. Can’t really tell you fren, it’s making moves atleast and has some hype, but not enough for my taste

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Dunno who this anon is but if DFOHub is good enough for holonaire it's good enough for me

I'll put a couple in for consideration anyway: Quant $QNT and LCX $LCX

>> No.22313089

Last thread fren
Yeah it’s very expensive now, gonna have to move some money around to get a decent stack to see if the project is worth it, but I am giving it a shot
The news didn’t really shake real investors, just a few people on Twitter and 4chan. It’s still Pepsi to chainlinks coke.

>> No.22313125

I don’t think we’re looking at the same chart friend. Stop buying coins who’s charts look like heart attacks.

>> No.22313129

The power of framing, indeed. Pepsi's at least a product, but my piggy bank secures more value than the Band Protocol.

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I checked last thread first

>> No.22313165

The publicity will follow it for the rest of the year, I don’t expect news anytime soon until they actually have something big. But I agree, band isn’t worth it at this moment in time, this was their micheal Jackson hair on fire moment.

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Sorry fren, I’m surprised out of 400 replies nobody mentioned TAU. It always seemed interesting, but the volume always turned me away from it.

I will be investing next week in TAU though, to get that sweet mainnet pump.

>> No.22313202

anon is a zoomie virgin who op samefagged this thread into existence to make it seem like he has organic interest here
will break $10 no sweat based zoomie

>> No.22313250

Thoughts on RSR, DOT, and CBDAO price in 8-12 months?

>> No.22313259

Actually no, I woke up from a nap after FUDing an xrp thread and saw someone used my old pic for a thread. It was nicely timed desu, thank my daughter for pelting me in the face with ball pit balls.

Good luck with the $10, better have pajeet level reflexes to sell it at that price before it tumbled back down to 2.30 like it always does.

>> No.22313267

Imagine still holding QNT
>Its still Pepsi to chainlink’s coke

>> No.22313272

You're not wrong. Thoughts on HOT? I didn't see it in the last thread. I really think Holofuel could be a huge player in web 3.0 infrastructure, puts shit like rndr and rlc on blast.

>> No.22313276

>my daughter
Anon, I...

>> No.22313301

No idea on rsr or cbdao since I don’t research neither.

DOT will be between 12-18 if it follows the pre crash uptrend, if we hit a bullrun this December, 26-28

>> No.22313324

what do you class a suicide stack of link?

>> No.22313326

Holo has good potential, but nothing really in terms of news this year, expect decent gains end of next year

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>> No.22313360

I hope so too fren

>> No.22313374

Link? I just can't find it, freen.

>> No.22313400

I’ll just save you the time, don’t bother with it, there’s far too many “global currency” coins, and axion does nothing to stand out from the rest.

>> No.22313407

>he doesn't know

>> No.22313417

You mean all the having daughter memes? Yeah I know.

>> No.22313447

He has called tokens that have finished actuve working products that are adopted as vaporware. He can just say he doesnt know for the ones he hasnt researched.

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>> No.22313498

Just because the amount of people that use it can be counted with your fingers doesn’t mean it’s of any use or “adopted”. Let me guess, you’re holding XSN?

And as far as not knowing, I’d rather tell you I don’t know, instead of make up some bs.

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All coins except the top two and the ones backed by exchange incentives are scam.
Doesn’t mean you can’t make money from them, there’s always a greater fool out there until there isn’t.

>> No.22313507

I already made it fren, it’s ok.

>> No.22313522

UOS (Ultra)
SHR (sharering)
HTR (hathor)

>> No.22313528

I'm going to bed, thanks for coming back anon. Appreciate your insight

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>> No.22313561

You have a point there, but just giving some advice on what we talk about at work and what some people invest into.

Crypto is a hobby for us, we have 18 man group chat to see who’s analysis is more accurate and compare shitcoin portfolios. Some of the group chat posts in /biz/. We’re in a race.

>> No.22313574

what are your groups historic results in crypto?

>> No.22313575

Thoughts on 0xBitcoin? The only updates on their github the last two years are a readme file, a fork of a wallet, and an old website.

>> No.22313589

No problem fren, enjoy your night
Have a drink and relax, gotta save your energy to lift those buidl bags

>> No.22313605

maybe you should spend less time drinking and shitposting and more time tending to your daughter?

>> No.22313622

ok this is just a PnD shitcoin shill thread

>> No.22313623

Layer in the short term?

>> No.22313627

I’m in second place
We’re racing to 10 mill and only 7 of us are in the green.
First place got lucky off STA and the other 11 didn’t tether up fast enough due to call volume they had and got dumped on during the crash.

>> No.22313649

I have a wife for a reason fren.

>> No.22313659

0xbitcoin is as legit as it gets. not sure what changes you would want to happen in the repo containing the code of the immutable smart contract
what changes would you expect to see there

>> No.22313677

well tell your wife to take abdul's cock out of her mouth and go give your daughter the attention she deserves cuckboy

>> No.22313682

Yes, we have a program that handles that for us though and texts us when something happens

>> No.22313702

She’s right next to me, I let her know. She told me to tell you to buy AKRO.

>> No.22313706

gratz. I lack the balls to touch leverage or option in this space. CZ will fuck me

last question from me. who do you think is behind "Zeus Capital Management" ?

>> No.22313719

whats the timeframe for akro buys?

>> No.22313729

you are some degenerate motherfuckers, calling the child protection services rn

>> No.22313740

>1st place due to STATERA.
Not surprised. I am a humble 1.5mill

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BREEV is legit, right?

>> No.22313775

Some banker, he’s heavily invested in xrp and intel and pays people to FUD band, link and amd.
Tbh it’s so low with the whole future ahead of it, you can buy anytime starting next week, and expect product development pumps roughly every 4 months.

>> No.22313793

Post wife’s tits

>> No.22313799

Bought a 10k stack on this dip. Price prediction for mainnet release? I like a lot of aspects of this projects.

>> No.22313808

Tell them to bring the cops so we can all barbecue like last week.
The refund was pure luck friend, don’t expect it again anytime soon.

>> No.22313847

i have 10k Dgb just sitting there. Bought at less than a cent. Is it worth the hodl or should I swap for another shit coin?

>> No.22313861

Id have to check the charts, but if like every other release for other projects, 40-48% increase
Mix was explained on last thread fren
100% all in
It’s on pornhub, just search Omegle and look for the Colombian with curly hair.

>> No.22313863

sounds like some kind of high level pedo cult

>> No.22313868

That was shown to be fake dummy

>> No.22313905

>colombian with curly hair
I will pass

>> No.22313921

Get rid of it
Nah it started with me donating to to the cities police department, became friends with the captain after he stopped me for speeding, and now we have barbecues together with his boys and discuss investment options. Plus they get rid of the untouchables that try to enter my neighborhood.

>> No.22313922

tell me oh oracle, is xdai a scam !?

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>donating to to the cities police department

>> No.22313965

Isn't that the opposite of some sjw basedboy shit, since those types hate the police right now?

>> No.22313977

Did some research since last time, and it’s got nothing big that will wow investors to pump this coin for you. I have someone who swears by it, but he’s in 9th place so I’m not gonna listen to scrubs

>> No.22314002

Yeah, if you ever make it, I’d consider donating to yours, always good to have multiple armed men watching your back. Plus it’s a tax write off

>> No.22314006

maybe if you live in a city full of niggers. where i'm from the police is full of liberal left wingers.

>> No.22314022


>> No.22314061

why, is there a team of snipers out for you or something, tony soprano? how often are the police watching your back?

>> No.22314086

so they won't kneel on your neck if someone files a noise complaint? must be hell

>> No.22314106

Well I live and work in New York, there’s a lot of communities of “untouchables” (if you catch my drift) on the outskirts of where I live, and the police round em up back to their hovels.

I have guns, but NY has strict conceal carry laws so there’s no way I can walk into manhattan with a gun to go to work.

>> No.22314184


>> No.22314202

they'll more likely arrest you for writing a mean tweet
sounds like you live close to a lot of niggers. if you've really made it you should be out of a shithole like new york.

>> No.22314283

It already takes me 2hours to get to work, there’s no way in hell im moving yet, plus the area I live in is nice, it’s the surrounding trash that sucks, it’s like living in LA, 99% of it is trash and the 1% only live celebs.

Once I’m done accumulating enough wealth to make sure my next 5 generations can live like NEETs, then I’ll up and move to either Michigan by the Great Lakes, or down to the grand isles in Louisiana

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>> No.22314334

ok well to me it sounds like youre still a few years away at least from making it if you're spending 4 hours a day just on travelling alone to go wagecuck in a nigger/spic infested city and you're having to pay the police to ensure you have a safe journey. fuckin sounds pretty hellish desu.

>> No.22314350


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what about ambrosus

>> No.22314415

Only the commute is terrible, leaving after hours because of a big client or research on a potential pump is what kills me.
Most weeks I only work 2-3 days though. Last 2 weeks have been every day though, with what’s going on and phone calls never ending. Tonight has been the only night I was able to get home and get some sleep. I’m not going in tomorrow, everyone is panicked and I’m not gonna deal with scared jittery people hopped up on coke and caffeine all day.

>> No.22314462

would you bet money on the GME short squeeze?

>> No.22314473

yeah. sounds like shit.

>> No.22314486

How about Suterusu and FLETA?

>> No.22314516

Already did, 15 grand. Have you seen the order book on the fucking thing?
Answered in old thread up top fren

>> No.22314553

Thoughts on RPL (Rocket pool)?

>> No.22314556

trying to find the right balance between stock and 01/2021 15 c for my poorfag ass

>> No.22314559

Whats a good moonshot coin akro yfv? anyother coins?

>> No.22314637

what's your thoughts on ADA?
are the legit competition for ETH?

>> No.22314756

I’m gonna make some calls when my office opens up, I’ll make a thread with the picture the OP used up top when I find something out for you.
Another staking pool, these things always pump
Yfv if you want a cheap but big moonshot relatively quickly
Listen, I was never on board with cardano, but they’re pushing and pushing fast going after eth. In the end, idc. I’m still team Polkadot.

>> No.22314801


>> No.22314874
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XSN seems to hit your butthole extra nicely for some reason. I'll make sure to plaster the magical name of "8-ball" whenever I shitpost about the retards who didn't buy in the future. Then again you're probably heavily invested already, Rajeesh.

>> No.22314922

You aren't OP. Man I love this 0xBitcoin logic, "we wrote a contract so we don't have to do anything else to build an ecosystem or provide a use case other than mining for the sake of it". You realized that mining 0xBitcoin doesn't secure the blockchain right? It's just to distribute tokens fairly. Those tokens can't be used for anything and have no utility and that is why the price dropped from 5usd to 10usd. I swear only sub 70iq people are left holding this shit.

>> No.22314960

How many transactions passed through your dex today? Did it finally hit double digits? Whenever I need a good chortle, I always look at XSN charts.

>> No.22314969

Make a trip.
If you were to all-in on something, what would it be?

>> No.22315016


>> No.22315065

How fucked is bzrx? Is it a legit project that just launched at an unfortunate time and will slowly get back or is it dead in the water?

>> No.22315070
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>52 posts by this user
You really like sniffing your own farts don't you? If I need a good laugh I'll just remind myself of you while sitting on my future yacht.

>> No.22315126

Thread I made on the 26, I told everyone bzrx was a dead project, but the shills came at me full force. Just reinvest next week anon
I can take you out on my on my bass boat if you want anon.

>> No.22315194

Reinvest as in it’ll go up next week or reinvest as in choose a different project? Thanks Anon

>> No.22315199
File: 53 KB, 570x570, 1599142120720.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'll be ramming your bass boat into your ass with my mega yacht soon enough. But thanks for the invite, if XSN really does go to shit I'll remember to praise your name.

>> No.22315269

Different project
Thanks fren, looking forward to it

>> No.22315622

Thoughts about Travala coin?

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