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Why is this dump so bad? What went wrong?

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Kek anon you got dumped on by satsgang/spectre

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When stuff go very high fast is almost always go very down fast. Nothing went wrong, it's just normal market fluctuations

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some whale dumped 25mil RSR, easy chance to get in cheap now.

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The entire markey dumped because 50% of the crypto market is 20 year olds in their mom's basement trying to make it with their $5k life savings in crypto.

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Just see it as being on sale for a little bit.

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What’s the joke here?
Why do you keep posting this?

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it's the old meme of RSR, before the black and white pictures

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>Why is based Hannah posting actually RSR posting?
Because Hannah is a hunteress much like the same ppl that the Reserve protocol aims to help in real world applications. She isn't dependent on grocery stores like the vast majority of the "banked" are across various economies. What Hannah has in common with the 1.5 billion ppl that are experiencing severe currency problems is that these people hunt, fish, and trap animals to survive since their currency is essentially worthless. Because of that, Hannah posting is about surviving when your govt issued fiat currency has completely failed - putting food on your table the old fashioned way. Not only is Hannah posting based, but it's a reminder of what millions are forced to do on a daily basis because their own fiat money doesn't work for them - hunt, fish, farm, and trap wildlife. Reserve aims to make hunting and fishing a hobby for these ppl rather than a daily requirement to just survive.

>take the hannah pill

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whales dumped to drive price down so they could load up before app release and Coinbase listing.

STILL the comfiest hold in the history of crypto. In one year's time we will be considered geniuses for getting in so early. just like we were early on Link too. all good. Ive got a huge stack of RSR and storing that shit offline for a looooooong time. I don't give a fuck what anyone says or if anyone is buying.....they will buy eventually.....but it'll be too late then.

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Based Hannahchad

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>marketed on website as stable coin
>suppose to match the cent

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here's another one

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Imagine knowing this little about a project and still thinking you can fud it.

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Thanks fren

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