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why no forex threads on /biz/?

>muh fiat

yeah institutional banks and currencies will be around long after your shitcoins pajeet

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Came for the picture. Did not read text.

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Literally the most boring asset class to speculate. No fucking way I’m buying 5k USD worth of rupees then selling them to euro and back to dollar for $21.78

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thanks for the bump

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lmao you clearly don't know how retail forex trading works nigger

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XRP and FXRP is FX. It is the FX discussion

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Forex is a scam

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Probably because forex is pointless

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It's exactly that. I have so many dipshit employees who know I'm into investing. Every one of them ask about forex. My response is usually something like >>22304839 or "did you hear about forex from instagram?"
Forex is popular among the stupid because some attractive models were paid to shill it on instagram.

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Lol anyone who thinks they can make money from forex with their phone and £200 is fucking deluded. They deserve to lose their money

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thats some country's state

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>muh instagram scams
yes because this doesn't happen in crypto at all, how fucking dense are you

again, this strawman is thrown at crypto too but /biz/ is fine with this

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What's your point? Forex is even worst than crypto and both aren't stable investments.

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Fucking scam.

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It has no volume, Why anyone trades forex is beyond me.

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retail gets absolutely destroyed in forex. it was the original pajeet scam you’re a fucking retard.