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I just lost 80$

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I just lost $0.32

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Been here three years. You’re going to have to get used to it. At some point you’re going to be loosing/gaining thousands within spaces of a few seconds.

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I made $12k today :)

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oh no you lost some lunch money

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I made $12k today

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Being wrong hurts more than the actual money loss

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Yes, but you gained a valuable lesson.

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big shitcoin touched my stoploss exactly and then dumped $100

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I lost 50k since friday.
That's an entire year of salary for me

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Until you sell, you haven't lost anything. Just hold.

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i lost 2k last month but i'm still up so fuck it. never selling.

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Nice lunch money

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you're always supposed to set stops 1 cent past the meme line for exactly this reason. whales target the lines

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why have you got a stop loss on bitcoin on meme lines. Ofc it gonna get executed

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This. It's not uncommon.

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I lost that on each txn paying for gas on eth...so dont feel too bad. Waiting for Radix to be launch and i can say good bye to ridicuolous gas fees

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Lost 150€ REEEEEEE

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i got .00056 BTC for free this week

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>consantly make good decisions
>sell link at the absolute top
>but because my initial investment was low i still get fucked by taxes
I could have made 20% instead i lost 50%

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