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It's the number of SXP you have that gets you the higher cash back percentage and rewards.

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>I bought this at $0.20 and sold at $4 bought a house and a car without mortgage.
>28 years old and owning a house and a car worth $700k thanks to Swipe.
>People should think about the fact that Swipe changed my life for the positive.
>Stop complaining about the price going down and that you lost money and just be happy for me.
>Thank you all for buying this coin, chipping in and to make my dream come true, you actually paid for my house and car, for that I am grateful.

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Funds are SAFU.

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Redpilled Based Alpha Swipe Chad

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Imagine being one of those people who bought at $5.02 and then sold last week because they thought that because it went down with all the other coins it was a Uniswap scam.

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Thought it was 12%

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That's the estimated maximum for Binance staking. You were talking about that, right? There are also the Visa card rewards.

Staking on Binance

Then there's staking on-chain
That gets you more staking rewards. The minimum for on chain is 1000 SXP.