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When's the big crash?

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Near end 2020 and begin 2021

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If I knew I'd put all my money into leveraged shorts

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>posting on /smg/ on markets day off

what are you doing?

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It’s an exact repeat of the end of 2018/2019 but with an election thrown in, so expect bigger dips and spikes.

I had a coworker who somehow saw the weird volatility at the end of 2018 and got all into cash, then he experienced the same bull run we all did, he’s doing pretty damn well.

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>he didn't buy the dip

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Uh wouldn't a "2nd/3rd" wave of new virus cases send tech stocks flying again as investors get spooked and flee into tech. Just like what happened this spring/summer.

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That or they just sell everything again and butcher AMD some more

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Just wait jntil the 54th wave

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Tech is going up BIG again over the next few weeks and months. If you do not get in now, you WILL regret it. NVIDIA, Apple, Tesla, all an easy 10+% over the next weeks. Just sell before the election and rebuy after.

I've warned you. Feel free to screenshot this.

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I can trade today on non burger markets, betting on burger markets lol

what should i buy for tomorrow

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Don't judge me

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I think about NVIDIA but I am scared it will dump again tomorrow

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look at a daily chart of the VIX and the SPY some time. note that the VIX getting into the 80's perfectly timed the bottom. some food for thought at least.

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I bought a put on the DAX on Thurday
DAX is currently +1.64%



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What are some alternative platforms to robinhood for a UK onion?

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yeah but what if it goes down for even one more day? what if the first 5 minute candle is red, hmmm?

weeks? months? wtf is that shit???? YOU EXPECT ME TO ACTUALLY WAIT TO MAKE MONEY?????

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>be europoor
>wake up
>market literally doesn't move when the US takes a break

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DAX is up nearly 2%, barely nothing alright

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GME chads, I'm going to assume Q2 is gonna wreck us but I think this is where we are right now with this pump n dump.

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Please god let this be the case

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DHS called "White Supremacy" the greatest threat to America or some shit like that, and I know they use a lot of Planatir so for that reason, I'm out.

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and now you know your place in the world. :^)

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when's Q2? sounds like i might as well pull out now then and get back in after it dumps?

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What is this 'lock in profits' strategy people always talk about with options?

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Wise words, anon.

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Q again shitting its pants, is it really gonna dump all week lol

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One of the most interesting parts of the Zerohedge article is how retail investors could be indirectly pushing up stocks via options trades. This just concludes my conspiracy theory about hedgefunds using wsb as a way to make some extra cash.

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I can buy Xiaomi for 2,7 euro. I feel like this is too low and it could shoot way up.

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Anyone looking at the Palantir IPO? Any thoughts?

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stop losses or plain and simple selling your options to...u guess it: lock in profits

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I forgot to post the article. I am tired goodnight /smg/.


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Buy high sell low

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Turns out a lot of federal agencies are infested with people who don't have your best interests in mind, instead spending their time sipping the CNN kool-aid. Heck, I doubt the FBI can ever recover from their recent public relations disasters- and they did WACO.

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Yeah, throwing about $6k at it to hold long term.

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no i mean locking in profits WITHOUT closing out of the options position.

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Fuck you I just woke up

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I'm even more bullish now fren

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Does smg have a circle jerk discord? Do you guys play video games? How many of you browsing here are traps?

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Oh, you mean that device where you just press the green button to "lock-in" the contract's trade value? Yeah man, I can sell you one.

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just something to consider in case another serious crash ever happens. considering the VIX has only hit 80+ twice in the past 20 years i doubt it's gonna happen again for at least another decade or so, though. VIX around 40 is a better bet for dip buying most of the time. high volatility never lasts long and always returns to the mean eventually, to stability.

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it's a coinflip but there's more positive catalysts than negative that I'm holding through Sept 9. Conference is at 5pm on that day.
Like do I really give a shit if it dips down to $6? They're on their way to cutting costs (still de-densifying since their fuckup last decade, and corona is helping with this aspect at least) and the moment they're net income they're fucking gold.
I'm 99% positive most of financial traders have no idea how huge the two coming consoles is and they're thinking it's going to be as shitty as the PS4 and Xbone. Cohen being added to the mix will give a a lot of hope for Gamestop to set up a stake in e-commerce against Amazon.

like even after we've talked about it so much in /smg/, there are still people where who did no DD at all and just bash Gamestop immediately, having no idea they're not anywhere close to bankruptcy as you might think from its declining stock price. They don't have any idea that the low price is a massive short seller bubble fighting an endurance battle against GME (whether gamestop goes bankrupt before the bubble pops).

you sell now to take your +30% profits, I'll stay in and risk -30% downside to keep my position. The profits now are pennies compared to the potential, and it's a gamble I take every time

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Ok nigger

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They are doing God's work, however, I'm concerned a little that it's basically a 16-year-old startup with little no profits. The company's operations are also very vague, but I guess that's the point

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nikkei was only modestly down

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Are you going in right away or gonna wait a bit? Looking at other direct listing IPOs some tend to go down quite a bit initially before picking up steam. Will probably wait for the right opportunity and buy around $6-7k.

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how bad can Q2 realistically get?
I am not american and have never seen a Gamestop in my life
are they even still open and do they even have an eccommerce platform people use?

Palantir seems like a stock you just have to own if you want to be a based anti PC Chad
I see people shilling for it everywhere tho which makes me sceptical, it would be too easy if it just pulls off something like BYND
its probably gonna poomp like crazy on day 1-3 with lots of profit taking from the pros at some unsustainable P/S valuation and then normalize at 50% of that

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What should I buy?
doday or tomorrow?

>> No.22293279

unknown number is calling me and I cant bring myself to pick up the phone

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so this is what happens when wsb/biz reaches billionaire status
>The investor behind that trade, according to people familiar with the matter, is Japan’s SoftBank Group Corp., which bought options tied to billions of dollars worth of individual tech stocks. Investors and analysts, aware of the activity but in the dark as to who is behind it, say it has turbocharged the tech sector, whose sheer size drives broader market moves.

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see >>22292911
also see their investor event this Wednesday at 10a EST.


I am fairly bullish. Sure they aren't making a profit but as far as I can tell they're the only folks in this space doing this sorta shit.

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I'll probably go in right away. Planning to hold for years so not too concerned about any short term movements immediately after.
Being largely reliant on government contracts, it probably won't be a volatile stock that's pumped and dumped.

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Money on my mind, mind on my money

Big if true

Has P had the IPO yet? When can we buy in?

Based and redpilled

Yeah but it is never up either.

Why invest if it moves up or down 2% for decades? You’d be better off investing in a Pimco credit mutual fund and compounding your capital, brosephius

>> No.22293343

last thread made me confused about wether they took profits on their positions or not
I thought I read before that they sold most of the calls to at least cover for their initial investment but this newest ZH FUD article makes it seem like they didnt?

>> No.22293364

But will it outperform TQQQ? If not, why invest?

>> No.22293381

apparently it was busy as fuck during the Labour day weekend sale but I rarely leave the house.
They stayed open on March 20 and they got a lot of shit because there were massive line ups not socially distancing. That was for the animal crossing and doom launch. For context, the animal crossing switch game has sold over 20 million now, and Gamestop quotes themselves as being the largest seller of the nintendo switch this year.

all the news i've found so far are all incredibly bearish on gamestop that bad Q2 earnings may be priced in and realistically I might only be looking at a -10 to -20% downside.
>Zacks Consensus Estimate
>This video game retailer is expected to post quarterly loss of $1.27 per share in its upcoming report, which represents a year-over-year change of -296.9%.
>Revenues are expected to be $937.53 million, down 27.1% from the year-ago quarter.
that's how much corona lockdown impact is already expected.

Keep in mind that Gamestop has reported ~6 billion in revenue already though, and they're trading at ~500 million market cap. And everyone keeps overlooking it and thinking Gamestop is going to be bankrupt in corona pandemic of all years.

>> No.22293397

>DAX Green
>Futures going from -2 to -.7
Tomorrow's a good day

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are you sitting on the futures cunnybros?

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>Has P had the IPO yet? When can we buy in?

It will be a direct listing sometime this month. See https://palantir.events/PalantirInvestorDay on Wed 9/9 @ 10a EST for more info.

Palantir will be a long hold. Some would argue TQQQ should not be a long hold. Past gains don't necessarily indicate future gains; it's a leveraged 3x; etc etc

>> No.22293416

If anything demand for videogames goes up when people are stuck inside.
Which is why I'm not bullish on gamestop. When the economy recovers, it's going to plummet since no-one wants to play fucking videogames

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Fair. Pretty much impossible to say what the stock is going to do the first few days, so might as well go in right away. Thanks for the link.

>> No.22293436

So in other words no. Also, the CEO is a jew, the software gets used against White people. I'm all set.

>> No.22293469

>Asking for financial advice on 4channel.
Do you think we are some top-tier Goldman Jewberg dogs or something? How the fuck do we now? Do your own DD, buy the fucking dip, DCA if needed, keep at least 30% cash, and don't try to time the market.

All three are solid though

>> No.22293475

>When the economy recovers
What is this recovery you speak of?


Phil was a wanker and lucky to catch fire in a bottle once (Does Andy Dream of Digital Dinosaurs?)

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Are the feds stll injecting money into the economy? Do we have any information on when it'll slow down/stop?

>> No.22293499

>What is this recovery you speak of?
I mean when people are allowed back outside.

>> No.22293511

You can always go half immediately and half after a couple of days to split the difference.

>> No.22293513

>America is the only country with a stock market

>> No.22293530

The only country with a stock market worth putting a dime into

>> No.22293568

> implying this will ever end

This desu

>> No.22293580

The correction being cancelled is very bad. The bubble stays inflated, the rugpull gun is still loaded and insanely high downside risk continues as the norm.

>> No.22293586

>Are the feds stll injecting money into the economy?


>Do we have any information on when it'll slow down/stop?

Never, it's now priced in

>> No.22293596

you're forgetting that we are at start of a console cycle that's different from the PS4/Xbone which were underpowered pieces of shit. The video game industry itself is massive and will only keep growing
if i didnt think all the big vidya companies were all retarded in some way, i would put money in them but no point doing that over putting money in AMD instead or something

im making a coinflip but i still think it's in my favour.

>> No.22293611


The Fed will not allow a 50%+ correction in the market. The long put option of the Fed is implicit.

Time to go long and dab on these ‘hard money is true money, Gold standard now’ chuckle fucks

Tech moon mission engaged

>> No.22293625

I don't have as much faith in the new generation. They're basically just PCs that you can't install PC games on. Microsoft is basically porting many of their games to PC anyway. This might be the last console generation. The next generation may just release games for PC

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Lets do a survey, what do you think will tech do tomorrow

Id say crab

>> No.22293730

but then how do i use WSB to make some extra cash by theoretically following how hedge funds are using WSB to make some extra cash?

>> No.22293733
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Seems reasonable. Will consider doing that.

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have you looked into AMD or TSM?
Both consoles are going to run Zen 2 and they're both over 10+ teraflops and going to be sold at a loss.

I fucking wish I could jailbreak the Xbox X on launch and run Win10 on it or something (not gonna happen though, Microsoft security is decent unlike nintendo). I'd do that to replace my 4 year old computer with a stinky R9 380.
I've tried but there's no way to build a better budget PC than this even if it was priced at $699 (which would be suicide so they will definitely sell at a loss, even $599 is questionable).
of course that's ignoring the fact that you'd be locked to the console ecosystem, but that's not what normal customers care about.

really wish microsoft would just go 100% pc-console hybrid. I'd debatedly buy the Xbox X at $799, depending on its actual performance as obviously cooling is just as important as specs and it won't matter how amazing the specs are if it's just being throttled to hell

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Tech will dump while Dow crabs

>> No.22293796


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A bit up. Crab/pump

>> No.22293816

I know about AMD very well, I just don't see the console platform maintaining its dominance. One thing to realise is that Zen 3 comes out in december, and nvidia's 3000 series is a major step up in GPU performance. By december, these consoles will be obselete.

>> No.22293869

The insanity over tech has broken. I think it'll go down 1-2% as people rebalance their tech gains into other stuff.
The adults in the room will be coming back from their summer holidays, and that'll moderate markets a little.

>> No.22293906


OMXS30 is up 1.78%

>> No.22293908

yeh i suppose it was a lot more impressive to look at the specs back in March, but I still think it's going to be a massive boon depending on how much of a loss Sony and Microsoft are going to sell them.
Like if somehow these are sold at $499 or even $399, it's such a massive massive value for budget performance. Microsoft and Sony are still playing a game of chicken on who announces their price first because whoever can undercut by $100 will have such a huge edge this coming Christmas season. Or at the very least the other competitor will be able to price match with less worry if the other announces their price first.

If there's ever been a better time to value pick and specualte on Gamestop, it's this year. Not gonna miss on another TUP again (which by the way is only raking in 1.6 billion in revenue so far for a market cap of 2 billion). The value trap no GME is so enticing im gonna fall right in and speculate even though i've been burned by value traps just crabbing forever before.

>> No.22293936

>another autist watching omxs30
Based. You using a dogshit broker with a limited selection of turbos too?

>> No.22293938

What do you mean with keep atleast 30% cash?

>> No.22293940

Antitrust shit will probably mean it keeps dipping for a while

>> No.22293945

>(which by the way is only raking in 1.6 billion in revenue so far for a market cap of 2 billion)
*market cap of 1 billion
The seekingalpha shill DD compared it to bestbuy which has a lower price-sales ratio, but even with that comparison, GME should be "worth" $50 per share.

i cant deny that im delusional now but so far all i've read that this gamble is a no-brainer to take with all the hype coming soon.

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Any predictions what happens to NVIDIA when the 3000 series gets released in 3 weeks?

>> No.22293958

Nothing, the valuation has nothing to do with nvidia's performance.

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Don’t sleep on stacking PSEC. Can be had for sub $5 and has paid a steady $.06 dividend MONTHLY for years.

>> No.22294059

literally just pick one and split your money 6 ways and buy some at open and then every 5% it drops for a total of 30% (under normal circumstances you'd start buying when it dropped 5% from the high). if you manage to get a full position ever literally just hold it and sell half at break even. it's not hard. these aren't biotech companies or something.

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>> No.22294105

Boys. Fucking usps contract needs to get announced soon. Any price predictions on the workhorse when it’s announced?

>> No.22294138

hey, at least not as bad as the autist who watches R2K.

>> No.22294150

its labor day?

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You should go to sleep

>> No.22294174


>> No.22294206


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Why is WTI bouncing back down again anonbros??

Im really about to kms. Im literally 6000$ in Minus because of XOM & RDSB

When will this pain stop?
This bags are getting heavy af from day to day...

>> No.22294266

Are we thinking more of a drop for Tuesday - or are we at the bottom?

>> No.22294283

these gay ass weekends and holidays make me want to get into crypto and forex

>> No.22294290

Bottom. Look at euro market, bullish asf.

>> No.22294297
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Share your watchlist Monday!

>> No.22294318

it's shaping to be more and more like a correction or a deadcat bounce at least
tech is definitely inflated because everyone's been pumping money into it (corona-proof nature). Although, everyone's feeling the sting, they're still gonna be find holding it for a year anyways.

can't say the same for some tech picks though, like Tesla and Zoom

>> No.22294340

Bros, Palantir comments on twitter are so fucking bullish. Normies hate Karp's guts. Certainly, a must-have for a based portfolio

>> No.22294375
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this guy fucks.

>> No.22294383

Euro markets have had an unfortunate tendency to only go up before US opening bell even on more stable days, and NASDUMP futures are still red while dollar is up.

>> No.22294408

I mean, don't go all in. Always keep some free cash on your brokerage account. You need some gun powder just in case. Being 20-30% cash is good

>> No.22294521
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futures are mooning bros. we're all gonna make it!

>> No.22294524

BHLB - Still ain't recovered from the virus, still paying out the divvy, however the stock price hasn't slipped any either so the downside is low. So looks to me there's not much to lose, worst case I toss in 10,000 and bag a divvy for a year as that stock price remains the same. Upside is I bag a divvy and gains as the stock price rebounds.

>> No.22294540

Well my broker does some weird shit if its above 2500€. And also leaving it open i get that but if you see a good opportunity its gone. Thats why most of the time my cash is already invested. But i try to do more day trading too, so gotta let 20-30% open.

>> No.22294555

Quick, now that amerilards are absent share your hot meme europoor stocks.
For me they are QT Group, SmartEye and Metso-Outotec. I’m kinda heavily in all 3.

>> No.22294600

i'd argue that's what a line of credit is for if your interest is low enough (~3%), assuming you have a constant income and some level of control/rationality. Obviously this is not a recommended strategy for a degenerate gambler, but those kind of people wouldn't be able to have a low interest LOC in the first place.

>> No.22294647
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My life is sad and empty of course

>> No.22294666
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holy shit. this is why you don't bet on China.
SMIC was doomed from the start when ASML refused to set up EUVL equipment for them (at the request of TSMC to cockblock all mainland chinese semiconductors)

It's basically back to pre-Huawei speculation valuations already.

>> No.22294708
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Fren, interest rates in my country are 15% at least. You gotta have some cash under the mattress.

>> No.22294712

I went camping all weekend and today is rest day and I like you guys, especially when markets are down

>> No.22294724

holy shit what the fuck
like mortgages here are going as low as 1.8% now

>> No.22294732

>55 unique posters
>nearly 100 votes
Really boils my noodle

>> No.22294740

It seems that s&p is a safer bet to go up than nsdaq, tempted to go high leveraged long today for tomorrow when burgers are open again

>> No.22294752

And some people genuinely bet on China being a fucking global superpower in the next decade. Kek

>> No.22294763

Deriviate market makers in EU seem to be pricing in a massive Tesla sell off yet again after the news on S&P denial.

>> No.22294790

Lot of glowies monitoring us. Normies are supposed to spend all their money. They that if you try to actively invest you’re potentially dangerous

>> No.22294802

well i definitely bet on TSMC, but i guess that's not what people mean by chinese
do taiwanese people still get mad as fuck if you group them in a chinese?

>> No.22294814

Yeah, that's what you get for being a camarade

>> No.22294835
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>> No.22294863

why? most people only lurk

>> No.22294867

They're probably get a little miffed that Mainland China is still referred to as "China" because Taiwan's official name is "The Republic of China".

>> No.22294869
File: 7 KB, 280x180, cringe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.22294898

I didn't even know it was labor day, bros...

>> No.22294899
File: 86 KB, 1252x1252, dWCm5foU.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


You just dont bet against America / Western world.
Only soikeks and Avocadokeks invest in chaynah.

>> No.22294905

>and then bobo woke up and his puts expired worthless

>> No.22294929

Yes. They don't like it. Chinese mentality is the same though, however, there are some differences, because commie ideology certainly messes with people's brains. TSMC will definitely be a $100 bagger by the end of this year.

>> No.22294951
File: 29 KB, 399x385, 1512240787963.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>he fell for the bear market chinese flu BLM depression crash meme

>> No.22294969


Checked and K3K’d

Let’s fucking GO

Based and redpilled

>> No.22294978
File: 31 KB, 618x640, ca-times.brightspotcdn.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

As nobody here or anyone in the world knows if Tuesday will drop further or start to moon, how silly is the idea of just buying tech when it's dipped (like it's already at now) and just keep buying the dip. I hate trying to time the dip and getting screwed.

In saying that, what's people predictions for the rest of the week? We going sizzler or going back 100 years?

>> No.22295007

frankly i hate trump screwing us over since im a maple (RIP the NAFTA deal) but if there's one thing i like about trump, it's that he was able to bring China down to the negociation table and has the balls to pressure them and call them out on their bullshit all these past years.
Trump's like the scapegoat, but everyone else in the west quietly agrees with Trump against China's shit.

>> No.22295013

Anyone heavy in foreign stocks? Asking for a friend.

>> No.22295061


>> No.22295068

Do shitty Canadian Junior Gold Miners count as foreign?

>> No.22295082

I have 30 shares of Tesla, 15 at 470 and 15 at 390 will I make it?

>> No.22295083

Foreign to whom?

>> No.22295088

Moon mission

>he wants to bet against America
Good luck, bro!

>> No.22295094


>> No.22295107

well if you were ever worried about China semiconductors somehow catching up to TSM despite lacking necessary western tools to fabricate chips, then now's your chance to dump some more money into TSM and it trades on the US market so no daylight robbery commissions.

that FUD was nothing in the first place, and Samsung is the only real competitor to TSM right now. Lol at the idiot engineers who got poached from TSM and betrayed grorious taiwan.

>> No.22295110

BABA is foreign, I guess.
TSM too, technically.
And I also invest in some ETFs that also own shares of foreign companies.

>> No.22295114

Yes but +1 for investing in redpilled rednecks looking for El Dorado in the Arctic Circle

U.S. obviously where do you think you are - this ain’t 2chan bubbah

>> No.22295116




Yes I’m also in many junior minors


Yep, America had it chance. Time to move on

>> No.22295141

That's hilarious, I didn't see that Tesla got denied from the S&P 500. Zoomers BTFO

>> No.22295154

I'm swedish and ~85% of my portfolio is american, so yes

>> No.22295162

>Time to move on
To Cuba?
To Venezuela?
To Iran?
To Pakistan?

Please, tellme more about the stock markets of those high-growth, safe and secure countries!

>> No.22295178

tsm, tcehy, huya

>> No.22295196


So the Tuesday blood bath is CANCELED?

>> No.22295222
File: 125 KB, 2436x1125, 352ff44.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Tsla to $600, ba to $220, Etsy up 90% Monday morning! I'm calls deep

>> No.22295241

it was a blood bath right before a long weekend. By now everyone's stopped panicking and are eager to FOMO back in.

>> No.22295242

Buy the dip!

>> No.22295245


>> No.22295263

That's a given, but the rest of the week?

>> No.22295278


>Anti gold old man is now balls deep in gold miners

What did he mean by this?

>> No.22295293

This. WTF OP?

>> No.22295309

I hate buffet. His time has passed. He's losing wealth daily. As for the gold, I do believe he is manipulating on behalf of London. F-ing scum eurotrash

>> No.22295332

faggot buffet will fuck your wife

>> No.22295344
File: 158 KB, 1911x2211, 7bd026e.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Scared? Make a bet nigger bet!

>> No.22295353
File: 117 KB, 786x1000, 1590097736947.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Any Eurobros (especially german) here? I cashed out some crypto cash a month ago and want to split it into 33% cash, 33% MSCI world, 33% MSCI emerging markets.

I have beginner questions:

>1) Do you think in general this is a good split? I have no idea what's happening with the stock markets, it can go anywhere I feel like so I want to be evenly split to be able to buy more in a crash and to not miss a rally at the same time.

>2) I'll have a talk with my banker next week but I already looked at the depot and ETF products they have, they only have 3 providers you can invest in for free but their internal ETF fees are high (what do you call them?) like 0.3-0.5% p.a. The providers are DeKa, UBS and Xtrackers. Should I go for a cheaper online broker and cheaper ETFs? Are they not as secure or why are they cheaper? The cheapest ETF I could find is Lyxor and I would buy it on some cheap online broker.

>3) Anything else I absolutely have to know or look at? Does it matter where the ETFs are managed or issued?

thx in advance

>> No.22295354

Sometimes I just ain't got shit to say

>> No.22295373

All in on tsla bro, didn't you see the tusk?

>> No.22295381

make sure to keep buying the top

>> No.22295382

honestly i ditched tech and went 100% into GME right now so I just need the market to be overall neutral so a squeeze is actually plausible
squeeze not gonna work if ETF zombies are dumping GME stocks for shorts to cover cheap

>> No.22295389

You went lomg friday right anon?

U didnt get bear trapped like a noob right?

>> No.22295401
File: 126 KB, 850x812, RJFLdki.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How much money do I need to make to get a girlfriend?

>> No.22295413

>reddit spacing

>> No.22295428
File: 338 KB, 1280x800, 1_doOoXzCyvstQOO3ePrFTAg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Georgia. Unironically, with your dollars, you'll live like a padishah there

>> No.22295440

Buffet; dude's 90. At most he lives 10 more years. Has money out the ass. Why should he give two shits about anything at this point?. I mean hell he's got at most 10 more years to live. So blowing a few million on bad deals means jack shit to him cause he's on a count down clock already.

>> No.22295443

>double spacing is reddit spacing
stop trying so hard to fit in

>> No.22295448

NASDAQ already inching back up to 11500. Puts about to get wrecked. Smug, sadistic bear scum on suicide watch. As it should be.

>> No.22295467

yes because line only goes up, we had a 5% correction, which is perfectly normal, and is all we need after everything went up multiple times in 6 months during the worst economy ever.

>> No.22295491

the bear trap happens at the BEGINNING of a huge bull run anon... not at the end...

>> No.22295495

Trading FX. Some fun moves today.

>> No.22295541

damn don't you guys see yourself as the only useful part of /biz/? wtf, no actual answer. Also, over 90% of my networth is still in crypto that has 50xed over the last 3 years so I'm not trying to outsmart the market right now, it's just for setting up long term, kinda safe places to put my money in when Sergey has fulfilled the prophecy.

>> No.22295542

Didn't sell.
Won't sell.
Command economy is not allowed to fail.
Marginfags btfo for having flown too close to the sun.
The rich get richer.

>> No.22295574

serious question, what's the point of margin trading when you can just borrow money from a line of credit for a lower interest rate and use that instead?

>> No.22295576

What an absolute chad.

>> No.22295619

You could say that about any billionaire.
When you have 1 billion you can spend a dollar every second, for 30 years in a row, and still not run out.
It's a mad amount of money.

>> No.22295642
File: 25 KB, 112x112, wash.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.22295648

Just woke up, coffee and 4chan, about to go exercise. Don't forget to take care of yourselves bros, make time for physical activity every day, even just a half hour of bodyweight stuff.

>> No.22295671

Actually, the oldest person lived to be 122. But considering that Buffett drinks a can of Coke everyday, I give him about a week to 3 years.

>> No.22295672

Your first questions needs to be what do you want to do with the money, long term investment like for retirement? for long term stuff 33% cash is a bit too much, if you want to have cash to play stocks with thats fine
you could do a 60/20/20 split

1) not sure about emerging markets, might would look into other more riskier etfs with higher returns like us tech

2) i can recommend comdirect, but it depends if you want to buy new etfs every month over a savings plan, brokers differ in fees here, but pure online accounts are usually cheaper,
ETF fees are independent of bank or broker so that depends on what ETF you want, i would suggest you read justetf guides if not already

3) thesauriend or ausschüttend, fond size, fond age are things to consider

>> No.22295698

bist du ein boomer und benutzt noch sparkasse /volksbank oder was? hol dir trade republic oder geh zur consorsbank
hau die hälfte in den sp500 und den rest kannst du ja halten bis der crash kommt
schau vor allem dass der etf ein bestimmted volumen hat, unter 100mio ist giga whack

>> No.22295700

I hope the virus reaps epic vengeance this fall/winter. Not that I want anyone to die, rather I'm aiming for a tech stock rally like what happened this spring and summer. Send apple to 300. Give me an epic green wave to send off 2020 in style

>> No.22295702

i think the best way to form a habit of exercise is to place a treadmill or some other cardio thing in front of a TV.

>> No.22295715

pretty sure he has some self respect for his company...

>> No.22295716

Holy shit is this poomping, euro markets going insane while mcdonalds is closed. And nasdaq futures still red kek

>> No.22295768

I'm just hoping my apple calls print. Bought my first option right before this fucking epic slide. Noice

>> No.22295785

I heard on the Sunday morning shows that this isn't a V shaped recovery but its actually a K shaped recovery. So some things like Zoom and Tesla are still OK but working families are still being impacted by the Trump virus.

>> No.22295791

ja bin ein zoomer und hab einfach ein konto bei der sparkasse, da haben die mich zu einem gespräch eingelult... aber wie gesagt, da vorher bisschen research gemacht und das sparkassen depot ist einfach mega teuer, wahrscheinlich einfach damit die boomer abends mit der normalen dosis schlaftabletten wegknicken können und nicht angst haben müssen um ihre rente im neuland. was würdest du vorschlagen für einen nicht-sparplan, sondern einfach ein paar fette transaktionen für den start? hab kein einkommen, was ich groß sparen kann, aber eben den batzen crypto geld.

>> No.22295801
File: 898 KB, 280x210, 1465040239990.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>not one single walmart or wendy's

Not a chance in hell i'd ever leave Canada / America for some former communist shit hole.

>> No.22295864

Wenns nur um einmalige ETF käufe geht sind Kaufgebühren ziemlich egal das sind nur einmalige kosten, Depotgebühren sind dann eher wichtig, guckst du hier zb.

>> No.22295939

Sag den Gesprächstermin freundlich ab. Da kann nichts gutes dabei rauskommen. Bestenfalls drehen sie dir ihren aktuellen Fonds an, an dem sie gerade am meisten Provision bekommen. Geh für Aktien zu consors oder comdirekt, die haben bessere Tools. Ich nutze nur noch "Live Trading" bei comdirect, Orders gehen sofort durch.
Sparkasse ist aber sehr gut bei Immobilienkrediten. Würde ich wieder dort machen, war günstig und problemlos.

>> No.22295947

I'd love to just take a walk in an idyllic, beautiful little city like this.

>> No.22295962

>walmart or wendy's
>Communist Georgia

The absolute state of burgers. World is big, anon. If there is no pizza hut, it doesn't mean it's a shithole

>> No.22295992

Euro markets getting fucking pumped, tomorrow will be green

>> No.22295993

>capital city apartments are only around $200 a month
That probably means the rest of the country is way cheaper yeah? If I went to Georgia with $30,000 I could live lavishly as fuck for at least 5 or 6 years don't you think?

>> No.22296009

I think yahoo finance'S chart is broken. It only show me candles from last friday.

>> No.22296040

You'd get robbed

>> No.22296042

The euro markets pumped on wednesday/thursday too

>> No.22296044
File: 67 KB, 640x480, 1454028358762.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>no pizza hut either

>> No.22296079

Better keep a newspaper on me to make a millwall brick, then.

>> No.22296105

danke deutschbrudis

>> No.22296107
File: 1.43 MB, 1228x2048, futures.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.22296116

The last two weeks have been basically every day
>euro markets pump half of the day
>start slipping
>start dumping when american markets open

The only reason we're this green is because US was closed today and couldn't dump us lol

>> No.22296123

Wie viel hasten ausgecashed brudi

>> No.22296128

Habe mein Konto bei Degiro weil billige Ordergebühren und so, außerdem war dies auch im OP. Hat Trade Republic auch zugriff auf Nasdaq? Und hat es Trailing stop loss? Das gibts bei Degiro nur für Xetra.

>> No.22296141

könnt ihr scalable capital empfehlen? hab da einige podcasts gehört und das konzept scheint ganz cool zu sein, eben entweder 0.99€ pro trade oder 3€ im monat

>> No.22296147
File: 437 KB, 600x445, 1518236393272.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


imaginiere den Geruch

>> No.22296157
File: 80 KB, 564x1123, EhQFjLhWsAIZr_J.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>nothing moving


a hardbank just flew over my house

>> No.22296169

quick question. have not the American markets opened today?

>> No.22296184


>> No.22296192
File: 95 KB, 1280x759, 20200613_TQC666.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Tech secular trend

>> No.22296236
File: 65 KB, 780x837, 1536953647556.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

what is the closest thing that Europe has to tech companies? Siemens or Nokia?

>> No.22296238

>over valued
lol what? based on what? are you the same retard again who thinks PE ratios matter for (good) tech?

>> No.22296259

Labour Day holiday

>> No.22296263

I'm hoping it was a euro larping as an ignorant American but I just don't know anymore.

>> No.22296265

that photo is more disgusting than any gore i've seen

>> No.22296270
File: 2.16 MB, 1920x1080, 1575669268023.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Boooring. We want to live high up in an apartment in the middle of a high-tech city, so we can look down on the active night life and drink ourselves to sleep. The fact that you believe people like us would enjoy walking around outside and enjoy the old buildings speaks for itself

>> No.22296280
File: 368 KB, 1668x969, 15984665165465456.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

uh, bobos...?

>> No.22296281
File: 101 KB, 600x842, 1597693043860.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Mich haben die damals auch zu einem "Gespräch" eingeladen.
War damals 17, Vater kam mit wegen Erziehungsberechtigter undso

Wir haben uns alles angehört was die Olle uns erzählt hat. Dann habe ich ihr nach ca 20 Minuten gesagt "Danke , aber ich wechsle zur ING"

Alter schwede die wollte mir ein Basic Giro Scheiß anbieten wo ich für jeden Furz Gebühren zahle.
Kontoführung: 10€
Ab 5 Überweisungen: 0,50€
Online nur auf Wunsch
Dauerauftrag ab 5x pro ausführung 0,80€!!

Willst du mich verarschen?

Was für Behinderte Hurensohn retard Boomer haben dort noch ein Konto?!?!?!!??!?! Alter das die Sparkasse überhaupt noch existiert ist ein Wunder , und jeder der dort ein Konto hat sollte mal nen Antrag auf Behindertenausweis stellen

>> No.22296295
File: 634 KB, 777x1100, 1595883972723.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How would you split your portfolio across different sectors? Based on the last few days it seems like banks moved separately from tech so im looking into actually paying attention to how diverse I am.

>> No.22296303
File: 366 KB, 370x429, 84DDB837-E0FA-465A-BE38-F2EE858CC667.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I’m from Atlanta.... DO NOT MOVE TO GEORGIA. It’s planet of the apes out here.

>> No.22296327


>> No.22296335
File: 254 KB, 1200x804, 8BA5A8E0-8181-483B-B8B6-0C68A10B7C39.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

SHLL chads how are we going to do this week?

>> No.22296336

ich hab keine ahnung von degiro oder trade republic, deswegen frage ich ja

>> No.22296340

I want to live in a dystopian cyberpunk future with no social justice left.

>> No.22296341

They have an Atlanta in the Caucasus Mountains too?

>> No.22296350

I'm grabbing tomorrow premarket

>> No.22296354

invest in anime tiddies

>> No.22296364

holy shit this pumping

>> No.22296365

Buy tech. Invest in tech. Trade to buy more tech. Treat banks like a penny stock pump n dump you ride only to sell

>> No.22296375

No it’s in georgia. Blue ridge mountains

>> No.22296385

Guys I need to make a serious decision about living in Canada vs the US. I have a shitload of crypto I want to cash out and diversify and I need to know which country I will get the least cucked by taxes in.

>> No.22296471

look up the capital gains tax and income tax for both yourself, there isn't a lot of difference as far as I know, i would pick the us over the leaf but i'm an euro so :))

>> No.22296476

You need a long term plan for this but the trend of tech eating everything will continue. Whether its tesla, google, or amazon. The name may change so some wont make it to 2040 but enough will and if you stay active and diverse in tech youll ride the secular trend to making it

>> No.22296499

Boi, listen to this:
He buys gold miners.
Then he buys so much gold the price goes insane.
Sells everything for max profit and goes out with a bang

>> No.22296506

Both are taxing it under capital gains, so US is obviously cheaper

>> No.22296511

Are there any tripfags worth listening to in smg? I have them all filtered

>> No.22296515

They put them under martial law for about 40 years and disappeared a few thousand people. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/White_Terror_(Taiwan)
So no they are not exactly China fans

>> No.22296523 [DELETED] 
File: 279 KB, 580x1500, 1597435623149.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the market is not open anyway so let's post tits and cunny

>> No.22296536

TQQQ chad is based and the only trip on 4chan worth a shit

>> No.22296543

so essentially what you're telling us to do is to buy tech stocks?

>> No.22296545

literally just split your money 6 ways and buy every 5% it drops, and sell on a 100% retracement, it's not hard. TA is bullshit, all i know is that FAGMAANN is solid fundamentally for the foreseeable future, just keep buying the dips and selling the rips. i'll leave it to you to decide how you want to manage where you actually sell. one idea for example is to sell half when you get to break even in case it dips again and you can split half your money up 6 ways to buy potentially another 30% drop, and just wash rinse repeat. or you could just wait and a 30% drop will net you around 15% on your money.

the main issue is that major crashes happen once a decade (for example, past 20 years it's only been 2008 and covid), and those are like 50% drops. it's unlikely to ever dip that much like 99% of the time, if you work with 30% you'll be able to get in good with the bigger dips like this recent one and still be able to take advantage of the smaller dips that happen as stocks in general only go up in the long run. obviously you only do this with long positions not shorts.

im doing this with AMD right now. worst case scenario i hold for a year+ and get taxed less. if i make 15% in a year that's plenty and i don't even think it'll take nearly that long. you can do this with literally any company you know has solid fundamentals and will, eventually, make new ATH's. growth tech companies in particular are excellent for this. i'll consider cutting my losses if lisa su dies or some shit. the real key imho is "i believe this company will make new ATH's within a year or two" because if that is true it really doesn't matter where you buy, it'll eventually be profitable. the rest just comes down to how you manage your DCA'ing, and literally just waiting.

>> No.22296570

China is already a global superpower and dumps much more money in developing countries than the US.
It's just a matter of time until the US collapses because all the big money is going to their zoomer hands.

>> No.22296598

Buy tech you think will be around in 20 years

>> No.22296606

degiro ist in den niederlanden ansässig, dann müsstest du steuern selber machen (bei der steuererklärung anlage KAP)
trade republic ist deutsch, also gut, musst nix mit steuern machen, werden automatisch gemacht (wobei ich persönlich lieber degiro benutze)
für einmalige transaktionen ist es egal wo du hingehst, beide sind sehr billig, degiro hat aber eine größere auswahl an produkten

wenn du crypto auscashst muss man glaub ich auch 26,8% auf die gewinne bezahlen (kapitalertragssteuer + soli) aber hab sonst 0 ahnung von crypto
hab schon letztens mal auf den board gefragt aber nur der thread wurde nach 2 antworten archiviert: wie macht man geld mit crypto und wie funktioniert das so, gibts da nen guide den du empfehlen kannst? ich handle sonst nur mit optionen

>> No.22296616

SOXL shill is based and has made me lots of money

>> No.22296625

Complete retard here. I have some cash and want to get into the stock market, possibly in tech. What do you recommend?

>> No.22296632

>China is already a global superpower
Wang has arrived lel

>> No.22296652

You’re upset over 11 aircraft carriers

>> No.22296682

Extreme caution. We're in a recession and the stock market is skyrocketing. Figure that one out.

>> No.22296702
File: 30 KB, 508x472, 1597864042095.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Got rejected for a good job I was gunning for today, good pay and education. one of those useless jobs that companies pay lots for because they thin it matters. Why? because my current job only allows holidays during specific times of the year and the interview didn't fall in that time. I jumped through so many fucking hoops just to get to the interview and they reject me just because they can't move the interview by one hour to accommodate people with actual jobs.

>> No.22296705

SAP, ASML, Adyen

>> No.22296718
File: 547 KB, 498x398, original_237330614.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Good buy?


>> No.22296744


>> No.22296750

The crash is inevitable, right?

>> No.22296760


>> No.22296773

Not even asian. It's just a fact.
China is far ahead any european country in terms of growth, influence and military power.
Also asian countries are much more homogeneous both by race and mindset.
The future is yellow, you liking it or not.

>> No.22296777

>market crashes
>fed injects even more money
>new ath in two months

>> No.22296801

Let's short QQQ together

>> No.22296802

Because we pulled back two weeks of gains.

Look at the 1 year chart

>> No.22296810
File: 1.45 MB, 288x198, 1419927994611.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>The future is yellow, you liking it or not.

>> No.22296828

China doesn’t have military might. Just numbers of small naval vessels, unproven missiles, zero combat operations experience, no naval force projection beyond the first island chain, lack of aircraft carriers to name just a few.

>> No.22296839

of course a crash is inevitable
but we still have some rope left
dips are still being bought
we need to see true capitulation and a final powerful ramp up before a true crash comes


>> No.22296846

if you're gonna buy a meme /smg/ stock, at least buy the one where we've been sharing DD on for the entire weekend

GME hopefully to $50 soon oh fuck yeah. Just like TUP

>> No.22296871

Massive drop

>> No.22296879

idk if the future is yellow, but it's definitely not white and definitely not american
and I'm 100% sure about this

>> No.22296885

one tranny has been shilling that stock. its a penny stock. do what you will.

>> No.22296920

take all your money and buy spy calls expiring tomorrow

>> No.22296923

If you hold tech as ive said many times. There will be rotations and dips like this for the next 6 months. We didnt get one in august which probably increased the size of this early sep one.

They will happen. Some vaccine news. Cure news. Good case and death numbers in oct.

You have to know this and either stomach it or barbell with buying some boomer garbage to sell into the hype and buy more tech with.

The rotation play is wrong long term aka over 9 months people will look back and the tech play will have been correct.

>> No.22296935

Isn't that the guy that was spamming about TQQQ debit/credit spreads or some shit? I filtered him after getting annoyed of his spam.
I don't think I have him filtered, but I'll keep a look out for his posts thanks

>> No.22296938


>> No.22297028

Should I buy GOOGL today or tomorrow?

>> No.22297037

GME is not going to happen

>> No.22297038

After the elections

>> No.22297078

Boomer mindset
Strong Navy was important in the last century, not now
We long range missiles now between major powers and dronestrinkes for asymmetric warfare
Strong navy today means hard to spot small ships that can carry missles
Carriers are nothing but a massive waste of taxmoney

>> No.22297084

Fuck off tranny

>> No.22297110

>Carriers are nothing but a massive waste of taxmoney
Air superiority is a thing

>> No.22297150

Bio weapons will make them obsolete. Especially with a sissy captain

>> No.22297175

Because they are a fucking hyper producing country without bureaucracy and safety measures, it's proven time and time again that they are propping up their GDP with fake shit and literally everyone is expecting a chinese banking crisis to happen soon enough. It's the same thing with some of the poorer nations that secures tens of billions in loans, rapidly expands the economy, gets a massive GDP growth boost of like 10% annually and then just enters complete stagnant-mode.. that exact same thing will happen to China, obviously they will rapidly expand considering their size but that growth will slow soon enough and that's when shit will hit the fan.

After the tiny border dispute between them and India. Xi literally had to "shake-up" the chinese military and fire higher-ups because they weren't orginized enough to handle a fucking dispute. The chinese military is an empty shell, just like Saudi Arabia.. they have the best shit on the planet because they have the money to buy it, but their military personnel and commanders sucks absolute dick

>> No.22297192

You play too many video games

>> No.22297194


>> No.22297200
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>wake up
>futures climbed 1% since I went to bed

green tuesday

>> No.22297221

Carriers are obsolete. But so are most things in a great power war. Once the enemy is stone age though if you have a carrier group come in from across the world its pretty op

>> No.22297254

The ftse 100 is green and fuck today, along with a -1% shift in GBP/USD my account is actually green despite burger markets being closed.

>> No.22297266

you unironically better pray that you're wrong. you don't want China ruling the world.

imagine hong kong, but worldwide. they're basically the yellow jew, trying to enslave the rest of the world to work for the han mandarin.

>> No.22297298

im not denying that possibility but it's a decent gamble. It's so already so undervalued even after the Monday spike, it held its value through last week's bloodbath. Even the bulk of retail pussies aren't going to be satisfied with measly +50% profits with November coming up.

>> No.22297351

capitalism will 99.9% guarantee world peace between great powers. Everyone is too deep in each other's pockets to actually go to war (directly). We are saved by greed.

>> No.22297375

Ok I bought Alphabet A at an european se.
My plan is to sell tomorrow premarket for 2-4% profit.
If it drops premarket I am forced to baghold GOOGL for a week or so.
WIll this work out?

>> No.22297388

so what you're saying is, buy more tech?

>> No.22297389

this. just think of that poison the russians used against that alexi guy. imagine making that poison into a gas and just crop dusting your enemies.

>> No.22297456

Its more MAD than capitalism. You can see a clear trend of what conditions for war are needed.

>> No.22297459

Your Missiles are unproven. Current goat of cruise missiles is the JASSM. Only LO terrain hugging munition to penetrate an IADS under radar scrutiny

>> No.22297470
File: 659 KB, 2791x1997, 1159846513568465.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

they did that in WWI. it didn't work out so well.

>> No.22297507

Worked too well

>> No.22297516

>You can see a clear trend of what conditions for war are needed.
im curious, can you elaborate a bit?

I was a bit spooked honestly with increasing tensions when every country is isolated due to covid? I may have fallen for the FUD a bit (except when it comes to TSM) but some insight would be appreciated

>> No.22297545

They cant nuke your cities and dont really have wmd.

>> No.22297546

in a similar way to nukes working too well. it doesn't work out well for anyone when both parties involved have them. crop dusting your enemies sounds good until you're also getting crop dusted.

>> No.22297550





like the evening sun




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