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Tomorrow's forecast: 9600.

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>Tomorrow's forecast: 9600.
Or not, you don't know faggot

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Tuesday's forecast: 8200

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Now that's fucking retarded. But yeah no it will be 9600.

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>2hr chart

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not gonna happen

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serious question: do you faggots ACTUALLY believe you can predict this market? or do you just like to play pretend?

I bet your bitch ass has imaginary friends too, and you like to talk down to them and constantly belittle them. but all along you're just a bitch ass nigga who don't know shit.

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Seeing a lot of cope here fellas. I am not a bobo but its going to happen. I'm sorry to say.

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did you show mommy your colorful meme line drawing too? was she so proud of her little young man?

go back down to the basement and have sandwiches with your imaginary friends.

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here you go, you should check out this thread that was right below yours:

feel like this applies to you.

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You bought at 12,400 didn't ya fag

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It's impossible to predict perfectly, but anyone can predict at this point that BTC follows the stock market, and that the NASDAQ is going to implode some time over the next weeks. If you bought the dip yesterday to sell for a quick 5-25%, good job. If you bought today and hope to make a significant profit anytime soon, I hope you're patient.

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6600 at some point this month

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we too at our reddit community discussed this matter and we came to a conclusion that we will indeed visit $9600 and tuesday will me very bloody across the board. Kudos OP for getting this one right. strong HODL tho... (been in since 2018 so I have iron hands nowadays, lol)

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no boomer coin for me, newfag. haven't bought that shit since 2012, moved on to bigger and better things.

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who the fuck is buying right now? Im just holding on to fat stacks for dear life

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Like malt liquor and welfare

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futures dont mean shit, we had limit down futures after march crash at points and it turned green on open - i know cos i was short the whole time

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We are going to move up this week. Its so obvious at this point. Thank you for all the threads today.

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