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I'll start
>he uses TA on crypto

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>Elliot Waves

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>Bollinger Bands

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>He falls for stale Link fud

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>Panics over a dip

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>he thinks it’s a woman

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God damn that poor kid.

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He writes this comment.

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>Buys meme coins

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>he uses TA on anything

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is that real?

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He uses more indicators than volume

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Yea unfortunately, the guy on the right has a Youtube channel where he goes and talks to these types of kids with rare conditions

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just let the kid die at that point
holy shit, a fate worse than death

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imagine the smell

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Why are so many normies obsessed with TA?

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Because they want to believe predicting markets is as simple as drawing lines on a chart. The irony is that they're the reason why TA serves as at the very least a guideline to knowing WHEN other traders will take action

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Makes sense. ty

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It does seem like whatever bullshit rule you could come up with will eventually become self-fulfilling when enough people believe it.

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What the fuck is a TA? Why do people pretend this isn’t gambling on the future technology

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that's the power of retardation my friend

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all of us are just sharing our results from our crystal balls of autism, and posting pictures of men on a taiwanese rugby forum

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is it really gambling though when the multiplier is x100 and the chances of winning are >90% though?

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>chances of winning
there i answered it for you

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Well biz, he's getting laid. whats your excuse?

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Im not miserable enough to get pity
Im in the gray zone where I am not desirable or pitiable.
Twilight zone

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It’s like that one twitter post of a flat earthed saying “all around the globe”

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they say hi first and i would shake their hand.
u have no fucking hand zombie.

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Taiwanese rugby forum kek

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Yes but then anything you do could be considered a gamble. Walking down the street you're gambling that you won't get ran over by a car or robbed by niggers. Chances are it won't happen but there's still a chance. There's a chance of anything happening including one of you having sex but it doesn't mean it will happen. If you want to call it gambling sure you're technically correct, but I don't see the point in calling it gambling at that point

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If chance is involved it is luck not skill so it’s gambling. Can you find patterns? Yes. Probability of what is most likely is big brain gambling. You’re not going to throw cash at a blatant scam but you are not certain if it is a scam unless it is an established project. If you’re early you never know. Right know I’m gambling on foresight IF it is legit, then it can be a game changer for crypto as the idea is it is an insurance policy for crypto. I may get rug pulled but is that likely?

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Good Catan players can win most of the time, but at the end of the day, victory depends on a dice roll.

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You talking about settlers of catan nigga?

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that's right my g
the most masonic game of them all

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I don’t even know where to start you’re dense as fuck. Yes there’s a chance XYZ happens but it’s not gambling since you’re not counting on the event happening. It’s gambling because you’re making the deliberate and conscious decision on the outcome of XYZ event. Such as the likelihood of you having sex is null

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Oooo shit

I will respectfully disagree good sir. A lot has to do with initial settlement placement. Your best bet is to either go first or last. It can’t all be luck though because I’m 3 for 3 in the last family games I’ve played.

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i see the scottish rite smiles on my words

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Yes, but can you guarantee a specific set of dice rolls in a game? You are gambling on an outcome, just as any other game of chance. (Risk, monopoly, etc). I conceded to your point in my statement
>Good Catan players can win most of the time

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Hmm fair enough gent I see your point
Good day

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So the only thing that makes something "gambling" is whether or not you expect a specific outcome? Okay, what's the point in bothering to specify investing as gambling then unless it's bait to make other people think of yourself as a boomer retard? That's what most people assume when they see someone call investing in crypto as "gambling"

So if the only difference between gambling or not is that you expect an outcome then shouldn't it go without saying that if you ASSUME an outcome as fact and don't expect it, it isn't gambling? That's the only difference between what you said and the scenario of any other event happening. I don't expect the thing I'm invested in to succeed, I know it will.

It's as certain as any other daily task, no gambling involved

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Damn it! I'm on the wrong forum again.

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You really won't let this one go, will you?

If you stake your own money in exchange for the probability of a positive outcome, you are gambling. Regardless if it's in a big building in Manhattan, or a big building in Las Vegas.

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No, I have a bad habit of not letting things go, there's no point in affixing gambling onto anything if the only thing that makes something a gamble is an expected outcome, at that point it's just a state of mind, the opposite of faith. I was just calling out how dumb it sounds to call things gambling as a gotcha. Going by this anyone who spends money with the intention of making money is by definition a gambler even if the success rate is 99%

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There’s gambling and then there is calculated probability which is still gambling but you use common sense and what ever tools to get an estimate of a result. I’m not shitting on crypto retard I’m just saying that we need to stop pretending this is more than just gambling. How many pink Wojack threads do we have a day? Exit scams, pump and dumps, and the like. We wouldn’t have these losers if they DID THEIR OWN RESEARCH. They gambled and lost. Others are lucky and win, but the chance of them winning again is independent from the fact that they have won in the past. Like honestly how many chromosomes do you have?

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Take my advice, lose the pride. Nobody is right 100% of the time. Including myself. I think we've done a fair-enough job here.

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Having pride is different from being stubborn this nigger is just retarded arguing on a Taiwanese basket weaving forum

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TA and those indicators made me 75K USD on this dump when I sold the top and then perfectly bought the bottom. So it doesn't really matter if you think it's just astrology for men, because it works pretty well. I'm not even talking about overcomplicated chart art like wyckoff distributions and batwing formations. All you need is volume bars to compare to price action and find liquidity regions, a plain RSI to spot divergences, and simple trendlines, horizontal s/r levels. Simple formations like head and shoulders or flag continuation patterns are also pretty reliable. Nothing fussy or complicated, and it works.

True, volume is the most deceptively simple but powerful indicator once you understand how it characterizes price action.

I actually wonder about this, because it's weird that TA does work so well. I've wondered if a lot of these techniques have simply been absorbed into market maker trading algorithms as well as perpetuated by crowd trading behavior. If you have enough people betting that price action will reverse at a support or resistance level, or that a bull flag signal a continuation of a rally, and they trade on those expectations, suddenly you have a self-fulfilling prophecy.

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None of what you said changed anything midwit, that's my entire point. When you call anything gambling you're associating yourself with people that don't understand crypto and simply refer to it as gambling. Congratulations, you just regurgitated what I said and felt smug about it

I don't get it, are you guys projecting? You're arguing too and worse you haven't proven anything.

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>there's gambling
>and there is gambling

lmao retard

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You’re retarded

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Sorry bruv, I'm done here.

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>You’re retarded

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lol for real, this guy literally cannot discuss anything without feeling like he has "won" in the end.

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Nigger, neither one of you actually disproved anything and when you see my point all you have to say is
>hurr retard
>im done!!!

Good job big brains. Probably samefagging too

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