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I went from 30ETH to .005 ETH in one week. Idk what to do anons..

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Buying BTC and stop gambling maybe?

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How'd you manage that one?

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buy sushi

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Couple rugs, & holding scam yf clones while they were dumping and ETH was mooning

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I literally have nothing left anon. Funny thing is I bought sushi and was farming at 6m market cap. Sold within the first day due to fud

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That's a rough one anon. The only thing you can do is learn what you did wrong. and try to go forward.

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go back in the wage cage and start over until you learn

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That’s the plan. Just gonna have to work my way up slowly and hope that the bullrun is postponed for 2021

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Damn bro, what exactly did you buy?

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buy hotdog i've heard it's going up

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Genuinelly impressive if not Larp. Like holy shit, how many of these were in shit with food names?

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lookin pretty bullish desu

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Degen gambling fuck, you deserved to lose all of it.

Should've dropped it into Lamden, feeling comfy as fuck right now

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That sounds about right.

It's definitely a blow but not an amount of money that will matter a huge amount in the big picture.

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Syfi, yffs, yfs, and couple more can’t remember the name

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stop buying pajeet defi scams retard

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True. I’ll take this as a lesson learned

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for brainlets like you yearn build a yeth vault

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Laugh all you want anon but this was all I had

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>there are people who bought the dip

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Thanks, but I don’t need your permission. I’ll laugh all I want and I am

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wakekek and try again

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You were obviously gambling.
With 30 ETH the absolute most you should gamble is 5 ETH.

Strategically invest 10, and HODL the remaining 15.

And if you manage to lose all of it, just hold the 15 forever, forget about trading, investing, or gambling crypto because you're not mean't for it.

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You’re 100% right anon. Hell I could’ve just bought two more ETH and gotten myself a node. But the more I lost, the more I thought I’d need to double down and “buy the dip”. Turns out there was no bottom.

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well at least now you know what not to do


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I’m currently developing my own DAO. Hoping to ride this defi wave and potentially make my losses back

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Put 90% of your folio into solid coins.
BTC/ETH and good altcoin projects hmthaf have a future.

Use the remaining 10% to gamble on new shitcoins but research them properly or you'll lose.

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Don’t trade leverage just hold the coins, dummy.

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it's going to be ok anon
imagine yield farming craze didn't start until next year - you would have lost more then

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Dude that sucks. I managed to lose like 20% of mine in a pump and dump, although I only had like 10k USD netwoth. Still feel fucking retarded. But it was hopefully a lesson of some value at least. I also learned that this kind of daytrading is fucking stressful and not for me. Will just be hodling some shit from now on.

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Have you tried not being retarded?

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how? i turned 2 eth in to 20 this week

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Pretty sure the bulk of it is spent on txn fee lol. Fucking ethereum and their crappy scaling solution. Unless a project is gueranteed 10x i am staying out of eth and just waiting for the launch of Radix

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I went from 40 ETH to 25 this week. DIdn't invest in defi food bullshit, just got regular greedy. I had most of my stack in ETH waiting for the dip which didn't come, and then fomod into an alt. Suddenly ETH went to 490 and my alts tanked 50%. I'm still holding my alt and I have long-term hope for the project so I know I'll make my 40 ETH back in a couple months, but it won't be the easy get in-get out I was hoping for. If you'e going to gamble on shitcoins, just make sure theres a reason for people to keep buying them when the music stops.

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