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Hey /biz/
I'm looking to step up my crypto activity. I'm still a noob at this. I currently have a coinbase account, but the lack of monero is disappointing.

What's the best exchange? Lowest exchange rates, most cryptos, etc?

thanks in advance

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Yes you are. Here I'll save you the trouble of doing any real work.


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you've reduced the amount of real work I need to do dramatically

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I'm drunk and kinda pissed about some other shit, didnt mean to be a total dickhead but if you check the markets tab on the chart and daily volume you'll find where you can purchase.

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Also a hot babe.

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Monero is a fine choice.

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crypto.com if you're a eurofag

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its cool, you're not my mommy.
i was just hoping to be pointed in the right direction, which you did.
only 5 exchanges seem to support monero, but binance, and kraken, which are two that I've been considering look like they support it

seeing as I'm obviously uninformed, any general pointers you can give a noob? I've mostly been lurking here and am still familiarizing myself with everything.

If you were me, and needed to get fast tracked, what advice would you want to get?

>Monero is a fine choice.
that seems to be my opinion based on what is what, but it seems like it suppressed hard as it undermines government and by extension central bank control of the populace.
it looks like everything that people think bitcoin is, but isnt.

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Do you need to buy with fiat?

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>Do you need to buy with fiat?
i'm mining at work but thats slow going

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Try kraken or localmonero.co

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kraken looks like the winner at this point
any reason not to use it?
I have cex.io, uphold, and coinbase, and would like to consolidate
or is that a bad idea?

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For fiat to crypto I buy USDC on Goybase to protect against price swings while the assets are frozen. Use Coinbase Pro for lower fees. Then transfer to Binance, the biggest exchange, or a metamask wallet if im trading shitcoins on Uniswap.

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>protect against price swings while the assets are frozen
>assets are frozen
hmm are you talking about the 3 day settlement of ACH transfers, because it's now instant

it's starting to sound like I need to keep my other exchange accounts as they may have utility as my sophistication increases

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it's good to transfer some cash into litecoin or eth for the lower fees and then move your coins to another wallet to trade

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Some godd ones
Celsius Network

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any good channels on youtube to learn about these things? any channels you recommend?

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I personally have my crypto spread out on different exchanges. I still think it's a good idea to get a hardware wallet too

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It's best to have multiple exachanges.

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>hardware wallet
you ever had a usb drive go bad?
i'll print out on paper before I trust one of those things

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You get your SXP at Binance and make sure you don't forget that the Chinese did the Tiananmen Square Massacre.

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Coinmetro is the best exchange for Europoors, lowest fees and beat customer service.

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