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>just sold my silver stack to have more cash to buy up this dip in crypto
>mfw finally got those shitty boomer meme rocks out of my safe

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barbaric relict, good that you got rid of it

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bitcoin is better anyway

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You sold your silver before the golden bullrun? Ngmi

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srsly how do you sell physical metal? Like how much did you pay in commissions and stuff?
>inb4 just wait for economic collapse and exchange silver for led

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I mean, in the case of an economic collapse, PM's will be accepted everywhere by everyone, but right now you can just go to a gold dealer and they buy it at spot price. There's shit loads. A lot of pawn shops will even give you spot price for gold and silver (a lot of them get gold dealership licenses). They make their money by charging 1-5% higher than spot on PM sales, but they usually buy right at current spot price.

I know you were just asking an honest question, but I've never understood why people here think its so crazy hard to sell gold and silver. Its literally the most liquid asset you can own next to fiat.

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aight see you in january when your coin has crashed again and you're panic buying at 60/oz

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