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This is really it, huh?
I've been scammed to hell.
I knew I should have sold back at 430sats. What the hell was I thinking?
Time to die, I guess.

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Just hodl, buy more and be patient.

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-35% today, holy shit

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Trust biz to not be accumulating on the solid projects at this time and end up buying at the top.

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That's the issue. At least if I had a bit more to put in it.
The majority of my savings are in FTM.

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Great buy opportunity.

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Honesty bro you should just sell dawg

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Kek. I’ve been reading about this scam all week. After being silent for two years they come out with supposed defi scam. And you still fell for it! Get rekt faggot.

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I keep wanting to buy and then it goes lower, how the fuck do I cope?

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Omg this is too funny, I’ve been telling everyone fantom is a scam and it’s hilarious to see you cucks lose all your money. I am not kidding when I say it’s going to .005 - .01 you’ve been warned cucks

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Hahahah hahahah isn’t this common knowledge????

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listen, u think all about technology but FUCKING GAINZ is the thing, not technological lads, but MONEY!!!!

4 sure u buy fantom 2 get rich and do the gainz if u like the hard fuck, mate!!!!

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Negro, dinocoin shit the bed, ALL ALTS ARE IN THE FUCKING SHITTER

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buy high sell low is truly the /biz/ way
or you know you could just fill your bags at discount and stake and stop being a dumb faggot

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first time getting scammed by fantom huh? bizlets from at least 2018 will remember the previous iterations


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fill your bags, dont sell. What did you buy most of your FTM at? Also, fantom finance isnt out yet so if things dont turn around by then, you should feel concerned

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wow i thought you guys were exaggerating but goddam this shit dumped hard today (even in comparison to the rest of the bleeding market) jesus christ. was about to buy yesterday think ill wait a while now.

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Im just throwing money into it till it hits 1$ i give zero fucks if i lose all my cash

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I think there's no better time to buy than now, honestly.
I'm certain that we're rebouncing hard after this. FTM will shoot to at least 600sats if that happens.

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Hahaha u are a deluded idiot keep dreaming

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Stinky leave.

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>3 posts by this ID
kek did you buy the top anon? its okay go suckle on mothers tits and come back in a month.

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Probably came down harder than most because it has pumped harder than most

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You're not buying, OP? I'm here for the x100. Moon or bust, I don't give a fuck. Stop investing more than you can afford to lose.

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bought 11k more fanties during the dip boys. will i make it with 141k?

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>I'm here for the x100.
That's the name of the game.

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I bought ~115k at half a cent I don't give a damn about this dump

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4 dollaroos would put me to where i wanna be bros

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People who say Fantom is a scam are the same people who say Vote for Joe

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>says the fag with 2300 ftm thinking he gonna make it, kys

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Obviously. I was laughing yesterday when people were saying "what crash, I'm holding Fantom". Shit is always crashing during a market crash. If you're lucky to hold the one token that doesn't, you'd better get out that day because it's crashing tomorrow even harder if the market crash continues.

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