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If we have another dump like that and a token I am very interested in drops further in price I, am seriously considering getting a loan out for $5k and putting it all in there.

Has anyone ever taken out a loan for crypto purposes?

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you need to take out a 5k loan are you poor or something kek

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>has ever anyone lost more than he could affort to lose

Anon, thats a rope story. most start out like thaat

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shhh don’t say that I want to watch anon commit suicide in a few weeks

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Any comments from non street shitter IDs?

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no faggot stay poor

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Do it anon, stop being poor.

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>Has anyone ever taken out a loan for crypto purposes?
All those frens killed themselves in 2018 anon, this is a very insensitive thread. I doubt you get replies from dead frogs.

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don't do this anon. just don't.

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I mean it could pay off I guess or not who knows man but chainlink is not going lower

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The only reason I don't feel like investing in rope is that I'm still up 18x from LINK and that basically covers all of my losses from this dump and then some. Even if it dumps a lot more I won't lose more than a few grand so I bought the dip.

If I did all this on a loan I would actually not sleep until 2022 and even then it would probably be an OD on sleeping pills and whiskey.

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do you have any other debts? if not, then sure, go ahead, it's just $5k.

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Think I will

I'm going to do it for my dead brothers

Ok I'll do it

Could pay off, might not, I like those odds

I started investing a month ago with $900, got up to $3500, held during this crash, and now have $1000 left. Learnt a few lessons and I want to go further now.

Nope! None.

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The thing is, this isn't over, and when the next big one happens you won't just be down 50% in a week and recovering the month after but you'll be down 50% a week every week for a month and then crabbing for years.

It's certainly not impossible to make money but in something like crypto where it's still mostly speculative I would absolutely avoid using borrowed money.

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