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That's right goy.
it's all going to zero.
Sell while I'm still willing to buy before it all becomes worthless.
2 days of bleeding goy.
Everybody is selling everything.
Just sell your bags they've got to be getting heavy.
Take the loss goy this is the end.

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I wonder if the Jews behind crypto and stocks will ever realize we are playing them. That we are fudding this site and other places to drive the prices lower after selling at highs.

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Lmfao fuck you
You’re not suppose to expose the game
Low IQ move.

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at least most of the newfags are dead

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>Do not sell. Whatever happens do not ever convert your paper profits to real profits. Never cash out only hodl. Iron hands. Proud muhreens. If you see whales selling hodl. If you see the own team selling hodl-you know better than them after all. Are you up 1 million dollars? Never cash it out. 1 million is nothing. It puts you in the top 99.9% of mankind in terms of wealth but ITS NOTHING. YOU NEED MORE. Do not ever attempt to play our game. Just buy when we are buying and buy when we sell. We sell to you so buy it all up. Do not ever attempt to follow us and sell high and buy low. Never ever try to do that, just buy and ride it out even if it goes to zero. Trust me.

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t. kike

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